The Oaks Burial Ground

Oaks Estate
Australian Capital Territory

Lat: -35° 21'S, Lon: 149° 14'E

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The Oaks Burial Ground was the first burial ground of Queanbeyan. Early information on the burial ground states the earliest burial took place in a paddock adjacent to “The Oaks” homestead. It would also appear that no headstones existed in the burial ground. The site was used for burials from 1838 to 1846 when the Queanbeyan Riverside Cemetery was established. However one burial took place after 1846 when an unknown Indian juggler was buried on 8 Apr 1863 .

When burials took place in this burial ground, Oaks Estate was part of New South Wales . In 1912 Oaks Estate was acquired by the Commonwealth and became a part of the Australian Capital Territory .

Over the years the burial ground's exact location had been forgotten. However, on 21 April 1991 a back-hoe operator, digging a storm-water trench in a drive way of 9 Florence Street Oaks Estate unearthed skeletal remains. An anthropologist from the Australian National University confirmed the bones to be 150 years old. It was then established the site was The Oaks Burial Ground.

The following names of burials at The Oaks Burial Ground have been extracted from a publication by the Queanbeyan City Council in conjunction with the Queanbeyan and District Historical Society (1982). ‘Queanbeyan Pioneer Cemeteries'.

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