Murderers Mound


Norfolk Island


'The Cooking Pot Riot'

Twenty-six convicts implicated in the revolt were placed on trial; twelve were hanged in two groups of six each on 13 October 1846. They were buried in an old sawpit on the eastern side of the Cemetery in what is now known as ‘Murderers' Mound'. The men were purposely buried in unconsecrated ground in a mass grave just outside the Eastern Fence of Kingston Cemetery.

The Executions. — The following are the names, not hitherto published of the twelve men who were executed at Norfolk Island, on the 13th of October 1846, for tho murder of John Morris, Stephen Smith and Polce Officers Dinon and Saxton.

William Westwood, alias Jackey Jackey

John Davis

Samuel Kenyon

Dennis Pendergast

Owen Cummingsky

Henry Whiting

William Pearson

James Cairnes

William Pickthorne

Lawrence Cavenagh

William Scrimshaw

Edward McGinniss


and on the 19th of October 1846

William Brown


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