Mount Olive Cemetery
off Honeysuckle Falls Road

Mount Olive

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The site once contained a church and burial ground I have not been able to find any records of this cemetery.

From Oberon take the Tarana turn off and travel to end of the road and turn right then turn left into Hazelgrove Road Drive 6.2ks and turn right into Meadows Road. 3.6 ks down the road turn left onto Mt Olive Road and drive for 4.6ks then turn right into Phills Falls Road and drive for 1km then turn left onto Honeysuckle Falls Road the cemetery is 1.1ks down the road on the left about 200 meters back. The site is not maintained and on the last visit was overgrown.

The area is enclosed. Four of the graves are in a picket fence inside the fenced area.

Digital images are free on request.


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