Mannus Cemetery
Mannus Creek Road
Left off Jingellic Road,


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The McMicking family grave are located 1 kilometre for the crossroads at Mannus. They are the only surviving link with a very good and very involved man who came to Tumbarumba......... and stayed too long.

The small McMicking family cemetery is located on the ridge overlooking the Mannus Valley. The grave include those of family members who died overseas.  The plaques and headstones tell the story of this interesting and one prominent family.

In 1856 Robert McMicking came to Mannus Station, where he stayed until he died in 1908. During the intervening fifty two years he dominated the affairs of the community and did much to improve the facilities in the district. However he was very much an establishment figure, and his role against the shearers in the great strikes of the 1890's saw him hated and reviled by many of the working class community.

McMicking came from Aberdeen University where he was regarded as an expert on trade relations with the Philippines before he settled in Australia.

At Mannus he established a system of share farming, developed a cheese factory, established a racecourse and picnic races, encouraged Aussie Rules football and established the Presbyterian Church in Tumbarumba in 1884.





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