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In 1920 following representation from the Cheer-up Hut Society and the Soldier's Welfare Combined Recommendation Committee the Government agreed to set aside a portion of the West Terrace Cemetery as an AIF Garden of Memory Cemetery. Funds were raised from the public by the sponsoring organisations to lay out the new Cemetery, which would be matched by the State Government on a pound for pound basis up to 2500 pounds. The primary purpose of the Cemetery was contained in its name; so only those people who served in the First Australian Imperial Forces were eligible for burial.  Gravestones were of the standard tablet design providing name, rank, unit and serial number and the date of death. If required details of family could be placed on the stone, but family members would have to be buried elsewhere. The Commonwealth Government decided that, as this was the first Cemetery to be established on these lines, it would supply a Cross of Sacrifice as the central focus for the section. The Cemetery was managed by the IF Cemetery Trust which held its first meeting on 16 February 1921. The first burial occurred on 23 May 1920, of Private J G J Hannan. By the 1940's the Section was full and representation was made to the Government for the Cemetery to be extended. An Act was presented to Parliament in 1944 to extend the Cemetery by a further two acres from part of the Parklands.  The Act formalized the eligibility arrangement that the Cemetery was to be 'used for the burial of ex-members of the Australian Imperial Forces of the 1914-1918 War' (Sect. 2(c), and 'be managed and maintained in accordance with arrangements made between the Commissioner of Public Works and the body known as the AIF Cemetery Trust Incorporate' (Sect. 2(e)). Graves of ex-servicemen and women of the Second AIF are to be found in other Adelaide cemeteries, particularly Centennial Park and Enfield. A request was later made to the Adelaide City Council for an extension but this was declined. The Cemetery is now full and burials of ex-servicemen and women take place elsewhere. 4155 Burials have taken place within the Cemetery.



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