Langmeil Lutheran

Curator: Mr. Raymond Rozenzweig,
24 Barossa Valley Way,



Established 1866 as Mission for the Dieri Tribe of Aboriginals, Burial place of Pastor Ludwig Kavel founder of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Australia.

Pastor Ludwig Christian August Kavel
Born 3rd September 1798 in Berlin
From 1826 to 1835 he served as Pastor at Klemzig near Zuluchau, Germany, in 1838 he emigrated with his congregation to South Australia for conscience sake to preserve the true Lutheran faith and confession. he fulfilled his duties in his congregations with singular devotion, until his death on the 12th February 1860, following a stoke. He entered into the joy of his lord and rests until he shall stand in his allotted place at the end of the days.

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