Drew Family Private Cemetery

496 Portrush Road
St. Georges

On Tuesday, 14 June 2005 during the course of undertaking earthworks, a crypt containing three coffins was discovered at 496 Portrush Road, St Georges. The remains found within the crypt are believed to be that of Edward Drew, his sister Sophia and brother-in-law Joseph Dauncey. It is believed the crypt is around 145 years old.

Edward Drew died 21 Sep 1863 Aged 58 Years Residence Glen Osmond

Sophia Dauncey died 29 Feb 1864, aged 73 Years, Widow

Joseph Dauncey died 4 Jul 1860 Aged 67 Years

DREW Edward, wife, son, dau (Eliz Monica?) arrived in SA 1840-08-11 on Lalla Rookh from London, Occupation Iron Monger

Cemetery Site in 2011




Edward Drew built Highfield House


The cemetery was orginally part of the same property.


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