Tarnma Combined Lutheran Cemetery


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A brief history of Tarnma Cemetery:

The first settlement was called Little Plains.  It's name was changed to Friedrichswalde in the 1870s by the early Wendish & German settlers.  In 1917, as part of the  recommendation of the Nonenclature Committee it was changed to Tarnma, which it is known by today. There is only one cemetery in Tarnma, even though there were two churches, both Lutheran.  The first recorded burial (as per the handwritten burial list) was carried out in 1861.  The first church to be built was the Immanuel Ev. Lutheran Church, which had its foundation stone laid in 1871 with the church being dedicated in 1872.  A division within the congregation occurred in 1872 producing two congregations, namely Immanuel & Redeemer.  The members of the Redeemer Church held services in private homes as well as travelling to Point Pass & Bethel.  Occasionally the two congregations would hold services in the Immanuel Church.  The Redeemer Church was built in 1910 & dedicated in 1911.  (the two churches are on opposite sides of the road & diagonal to each other, and are still there today, although neither are used as churches anymore, the Immanuel congregation being dissolved in 1957 & the Redeemer in 1965).




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