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The oldest Burial ground in the area is that of St. Mary's on the South Road , the first burial being that of James Penn, the father-in-law of Captain Ray Boucant, and from whom Sir James Penn Boucaut derived his Christian names. This burial took place on 18 th November 1847 . It is possible that there were earlier burials than this, but if so they would probably have been in the ground of the first church, which afterwards became the schoolhouse, and no record exists of them.

The second burial was that of the eight year old daughter of the Rector Rev. W J Woodcock, on 3 rd May 1848 . A perusal of the burial register is appalling. Out of the first 80 burials there are 44 infants no over two years old, and the average age of the whole 80 is approximately 13 ½ years. These are all burials prior to September 1854, after which the ghastly record of infant deaths begins to improve.


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