The Bible Christian Church in South Australia.

Formally started as a Denomination in 1850, origins were in Cornwall and Devon and originally founded by William O'Bryan, and brought to Australia by Cornish miners at Burra. An off-shoot of Methodism it spread quickly across the Adelaide and Wakefield Plains. In 1850 Rev's Way and Rowe arrived from England, closely followed by Samuel Keen. It was these men that established the church in South Australia.

Many of their little chapels still exist, including the attached cemeteries. Some are gone for for ever, some are now Methodist churches are now live on. The Bible Christians along with the Primitive Methodists, become Methodists in 1900 as part of the Methodist Union. Which later was to become part of todays Uniting Church.

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Some of their Chapels, Virginia, Kangaroo Flat.

Were your ancestors Bible Christians?


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