Torrens Island Quarantime Station Cemetery



Data compiled by Robby Cummins. This is an ongoing project.

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Surname Given Names Birth date Death Date Burial Date Age Remarks
ABBAS Mohammed   13.02.1898   45  
BERRY David   12.06.1901      
CARTER Albert E.   08.06.1919   32 occ: 1st Cook SS Sarosof of Whitby YKS & Sydney NSW
DICKINSON Leonard 1890 24.06.1919   29 occ: Chief Steward SS Cootcha of Liverpool LAN
EARNSHAW Robert   07.04.1919   31 occ: 2nd Engineer HMS Manica of South Avenue Harton South Shields YKS
EPPSTEIN William   12.01.1900   18  
GRUBB Joseph Rilstone   18.03.1900      
HUNTER Thomas   09.01.1887     Refer Note 1
MEAH  Sadoo   22.06.1919   24 occ: Fireman - Coal trimmer SS Nowshera of Nook Hali, India
MORRISON George.   22.06.1919   36 occ: Able Seaman SS Cootcha late of North Fitzroy VIC
MUNDY George Harold   21.03.1919   35 occ: capenter & munition worker of Gloucester or Goona Goona NSW
NOBLE Allen 1884 19.12.1887   3  
O'SULLIVAN John   12.06.1900     of Prospect, SA
PAYNE George   10.06.1900     of Richmond SA f: George James PAYNE 
SMITH Frederick Charles   21.06.1885   47  
STILL Rev. Alexander   30.05.1898   27 occ: Clergyman, Church of England, India CS
WRIGHT C W 1840 08.05.1887   47  
Note 1: Deceased was a passenger on the steamer Pruessen which arrived Semaphore anchorage December 19th 1889, with smallpox on board. He was placed in quarantine with the other passengers and shortly afterwards took the disease. His body was buried on the Island.


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