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Situated in same area as the "Old" cemetery.  The first Burial was undertaken in 1966 and it is understood the Quorn Council allowed the cemetery to be run by the "Stirling North Cemetery Trust" which was made up of members of the public of Port Augusta/Stirling North and a member of the Quorn Council. The township of Stirling North was governed by the District Council of Quorn until approximately 1980. Stirling North then came under the control of the Port Augusta City Council but the Stirling North Cemetery Trust still ran the cemetery until 1988, the cemetery was then taken over the the Port Augusta Council. There are three sections of the Stirling North Cemetery which are :Lawned Section, Un-Lawned (Crusherdust) Section and Cremated Remains Section. This section is kept uniformly with set headstones and bronze plaques which are ordered through Council. This cemetery is looked after by a full time contractor employed by Council.  The contractor undertakes digging of plots, and maintains the lawns, roses, watering, general maintenance and also installs the bronze plaques.



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