"Old" Stirling North Cemetery

French Drive
Stirling North


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This cemetery is in two distinct sections. 

The older section contains very few headstones.

One of the graves is that of  Sister Mary Laurentia Honner. Nineteen year old Laurentia Honner, died at Port Augusta, as the result of burns received when a kerosene lamp she was tending exploded in her hands.  She was born at sea between June and September 1858 to Richard Honner and his wife Mary nee Sweeney.  She entered the institute of the Order of the Sisters of St. Josephs on Christmas Day 1874, was professed in July 1877 and died tragically less than a year later. 

The town of Stirling North was governed by the District Council of Quorn.  Not many details are available about this cemetery but it was 'gazetted' as a cemetery  reserve on 15th November 1877.

Burial records were held by the Quorn Council, but many were lost in a fire in the Quorn Town Hall.

The Port Augusta Council only hold a few records for this cemetery, but there is no burial plan showing position of graves. There are however, some headstones still existing in this section.



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