St Andrew's Anglican Church Cemetery

43 Church Terrace
   Forever Remembered
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This cemetery at the rear of the church, appears to be closed. Only two graves are visible and only one has a headstone that is unreadable .

In 1847 meetings were held at the Sussex Hotel, Walkerville Terrace to plan the building of a church in this area.

The local brewer, William Williams gave the land and enthusiastic support was given by his friends.

St Andrew's was built and dedicated in 1848.

All the windows in this historic church are of stained glass and there are many other interesting features to engross the visitor.


(Information supplied by the church)

The two graves at the rear of the church are as follows

Maria Adelaide THOMAS

The only daughter of William Rudolf and Maria Caroline Thomas

who died on March 16, 1853 aged 2 years and 6 months


Wife of Mr. James Williams. Died December 8, 1852 aged 35 years.

Her funeral service and burial took place at St. Andrews on 10th December 1852.

The original gravesite was on the west side of the church building where the Parish Centre now stands. Assured by the authorities of the State Cemeteries Board in 1999 that after 150 years there would be nothing Left of the body, but they were wrong, and the Church had to get approval of the State Attorney General for the exhumation and reburial at the current position. The headstone is to be reinstated with a refurbished inscription, or an attached Plaque.

James Williams was the son of the donor of the land on which St. Andrew's now stands.

Two other graves are mentioned in the church records, but no evidence exists and it is believed that the remains were transferred, probably to North Road Cemetery, Medindie Gardens when the churchyard burials ceased in the 1850's.

The graves were those of

Mark, infant child of Robert and Sarah Williams, born 24 September 1853 died 17 January, 1854, aged 4 months

Mrs. Margaret Gorton died March 28, 1853 aged 73 years.

These details were mentioned in Mr. F Halcomb's book ôSt. Andrew's Walkerville 1847-1914."







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