Darkan Cemetery




Located 202 km south east of Perth, Darkan is a small settlement servicing an area of sheep, wheat, and cattle raising. It is a little town on the western edge of the wheatbelt characterised by the usual solitary pub, shire office and sleepy settlement.



Transcribed by Carol Riley & Jill Bickmore 1st June 2004

Thanks to Renee Gotts for  her help.

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All graves photographed. Free copies can be obtained by contacting  jilbic@iinet.net.au



SDA 12

ABBOTT, Paul Marjon Christopher

11-03-1974 – 28-07-1994

Dearly loved son of Lusia & Neil

Loved brother of Sonia & Nigel

Forever in our Hearts


Protestant 76

ABBOTT, Sylvie Allie

16-05-1978 aged 68 years.

Beloved wife of Bill. Loved mother of Tom, Colin and Neil.


Protestant 77

ABBOTT, William Giles

21-06-1973 aged 74 years.

Beloved husband of Sylvie. Loved father of Tom, Colin and Neil.


Non Denomination 23



Protestant 47

BEAVEN, E. J. (Jim)

05-09-1959 aged 67 years.

In Memory of a  Fine Gentleman. Erected by his friends.


Protestant 22

BENNESS, Charles

28-06-1930 aged 56 years.

Beloved husband of Hilda Benness. Loving father of Bethel, Edwin and Jim. At Rest.


RC 1 (photo on grave)

BERTONCINI, Umberto (Albert)

22-11-1988 aged 52 years.

Beloved husband of Raffaella. Loved father of Paul & Tania. Father-in-law of Michelle & Nonno of Sarah-Jane. Loved brother of Johnny & family.


Protestant 49

BRANDIS, Glen George

27-12-1964 aged 64 years.

Our loved husband & father.


ND 52

BROOME, Alfred James

31-05-1972 aged 45 years

Devoted father of Colleen Patricia


Protestant 107 with SOUTH

BROTHERS, Cynthia Margaret

Born 26-10-1932 died in Maryland, USA 07-08-2000


Protestant 71

BROWN, Pearl Ivy

20-06-1915 aged 24 years.

Dearly beloved wife of Henry Brown. “As the Ivy clings to the Oak, so our memory clings to thee.”


Protestant 40


16-04-1956 aged 56 years

Beloved husband of Violet

Loved father of Valma, Lyn and Garry



*Protestant 92 (see McLean-Campbell)


11-09-1947 aged 53 years.

1163 Lance Corporal 3 Machine Gun Squadron

Dearly loved and sadly missed by loving wife Dorothy and daughters.


Protestant 65

CHINNERY, Alice Mary

01-11-1929 aged 60 years.

At Rest.


RC 30

CLARKE, Letitia May (nee Pollard)

31/03/2006 aged 93 years

Burial: 05/04/2006

Funeral Director: Bowra & O’Dea

Place of Death: Mandurah

Spouse: Keith (dec)

Issue: Bill, Keith, Valerie & Julie


Niche Wall

COATES, Amy Violet Myrtle

06-04-1991 aged 76 years.


Niche Wall

COATES, Harold Walter

01/10/1983 aged 77 years.


Non Denominational 37

COCHRANE, Eric Douglas

21-01-1967 aged 71 years.

Beloved husband of Grace. Loved father of Marge, Doug, Louden, Bill, Alan (dec), Arthur, Gordon (dec) and Gwen.


Non Denominational 38

COCHRANE, Grace Mildred

12-07-1979 aged 79 years.

Beloved wife of Eric (dec’d). Loved mother of Marge, Doug, Louden, Bill, Alan (dec’d), Arthur, Gordon (dec’d) and Gwen.


Non Denominational 35


22-10-1966 aged 67 years.


COCHRANE, Sophie Amelia

09-04-1992 aged 85 years.

His beloved wife. Devoted Dad & Mum of Vi, Les, Dawn, Jack, Ray, Greg, Jessie, Peter, Betty, Irene & Lyn. Together in our Hearts.


Non Denominational 34


09-10-1973 aged 45 years.


Protestant 68

COCKCROFT, Graham Neil

09-09-1967 aged 24 years 11 months.

Our devoted son & brother accidentally killed.


Protestant 100 (photos on headstone)

COLES, Ada Mable

1929 – 1995

Loved wife of Aubrey. Mother of Valerie, Louise, Patricia, Sheryl, Beryl, Wayne, Lynette, Marion, Malcolm, Darryl (dec), Shane. Mother-in-law, Nanna and Great Nanna.


COLES, Aubrey Charles

1924 – 2000

Loving husband and our father, father-in-law, grandfather and great grandfather. Remembered Always.

154  (photo on headstone)

COLES, Darryl William

1966 – 1995

Loved father of Dana & Amee. Loving son, brother and Uncle. Too dearly loved to be forgotten.


RC 22


22-06-1926 aged 74 years.

Our dear father. At Rest.


Protestant end of row 6

CURNOW, David Henry AO

04-06-1921 Bunbury WA – 15-05-2004 Nedlands WA

Son of James and Sophia Curnow

Bother of Eleven

Beloved husband of Norma

Loving father of Roger, Philip, Michael & Andrew

Grandfather of James Matthew & Emily & Ben, Thomas, Olivia & Michaela, Sarah & Hayley.


Protestant 9


08-12-1949 aged 75 years.

Our loved husband & father. Rock of ages cleft for me. Let me hide myself in thee.


Protestant 8

CURNOW, Mary Ann

11-11-1921 aged 68 years @ Collie.

Dearly beloved wife of the late John Curnow of Shepparton, Victoria.

Oh for the touch of a vanished hand and the sound of a voice that is still.


Protestant 54

CURNOW, Richard George (Dick)

16-07-1988 aged 72 years.

Much loved husband of Viv. Loving father of Peter, Heather & April.


CURNOW, Vivian June



M Denominational 144  

CURNOW, Rodney Walter

19-12-2003 aged 48 years

Burial date: 30-12-2003

Beloved husband of Wendy

Loving father of Jillian, Steven & Dannielle

So Dearly Loved, So Sadly Missed


Protestant 52

CURNOW, Sophia Ellen

14-03-1960 aged 72 years.

Our Beloved wife and mother.  Abide with Me.


Uniting 152 

CURNOW, Victor Albert

16-07-2004 aged 81 years

Burial: 23-07-2004

Beloved husband of Sheila

Father of Jane and Mandy

Grandfather of James, Hamish Caila


M Denomination   142

CURNOW, Walter Stanley

Burial: 20-03-2008 aged 83 years


Protestant 106

CUTHBERT, George Upton

16-12-1987 aged 73 years.

Beloved husband of Kathleen Rosemary. Loved father of Kaye & George. R.I.P.


RC 6

CUTHBERT, Kathleen


Loved wife of George, loved mother of Pat, Kaye & George.


 Multi Denominational 118 


29-11-1995 aged 79 years.

29082 Warrant Officer Royal Australian Air Force. Dearly loved husband of Pat. Father of Ann, Robert and Chris.


RC 23


01-01-1928 aged 77 years.

Erected by Candido. R.I.P.


Methodist 76

DELLA VEDOVA, Andi Guerino (Tric)

01-03-1909 – 16-09-1994


DELLA VEDOVA, Eva Elizabeth

05-08-1911 – 28-09-1995

Loved parents of Ron & Phillip. R.I.P.


Methodist 6

DOUDLE, Philip Henry

03-01-1979 aged 69 years.

Beloved husband of Win. Loving father of Peter, Paul & Christine. Resting.


RC 33

DRAPER, Robert Oliver

14-11-1966 aged 78 years.

Dearly loved husband of Gertrude. Fond father of Alvin, Gloria & Shirley.


DRAPER, Gertrude M.


Loved mother of Alvin, Gloria & Shirley.


Protestant 62


14-02-1967 aged 62 years.

Beloved husband of Margaret. Loved father of Kay, Kelly, Noel, Noela, Lorraine & Sandra. R.I.P.


DUFFIELD, Margaret Lily

01-11-1998 aged 88 years.

Beloved wife of Samuel. Loved mother of Kay, Kelly, Noel, Noela, Lorraine & Sandra. R.I.P.


Multi Denominational 129

EARNSHAW, Charles Kenneth

15-09-2002 aged 90 years.

Beloved husband of Marian. Loved father of Delma, Beryl, Dennis, Ross and Jean. In God’s Care.


Multi Denominational 127

EARNSHAW, Ronald George

Burial date: 03-03-2004


EARNSHAW, Marie Hyacinthe

Burial: 12-07-2005 aged 80 years

Funeral Director: Dawsons Graveside service

Residence:  Bokal.



EARNSHAW, Sarah Ann (nee Gibbs)

27-04-1973 aged 90 years.   

Beloved wife of Edwin W. Devoted mother of five.


Multi Denominational 131

EARNSHAW, Thomas Edwin

07-02-1915 – 13-06-2o02

Burial date: 19-06-2002

Dearly loved husband of Cecilia

Loved father & Mother of Pearl, Nola, Sally & John

The Lord is My Shepherd



12-09-1932 – 23-11-2003

Burial  date: 28-11-2003

Dearly loved wife of Eddie


RC 5

ENGLISH, Ivan Ronald (Ron)

14-07-1934 – 01-02-1993 aged 58 years.

Beloved husband of Sadie. Dearly loved father of Susan, Linda (dec) & Adrian. Forever in our hearts.


RC 7


31-12-1985 aged 74 years.

Loved husband of Cathy. Loved father of Bruce, Peter, Mary, Joan & Rita.


Protestant 43

FEWSTER, Robert 

23-09-1930 aged 45 years.

Beloved  husband of Ruby. Loved father of Robert. R.I.P.


Protestant  42 

FEWSTER, Ruby Lavinia

20-06-1969 aged 77 years.

Loved mother of Robert.


Protestant 93

FISHER, Charles Simon

1871 – 1955

In Loving Memory of Our Uncle.


Protestant 13

FISHER, Sophia

21-01-1933 aged 84 years.

In Loving Memory of our dear Aunt.

To think we could not say goodbye

Will always bring regret;

But the hearts that loved you, Auntie dear,

Are the ones that won’t forget.


Protestant 3

FISHER, Thomas

16-06-1916 aged 75 years.

The dearly beloved husband of Sophia Fisher.

 “His end was Peace.”  “

A precious one from us has gone, a voice we loved is stilled,

a place is vacant in our midst, which never can be filled.”


Methodist 28



FITZPATRICK, Melba Mabel May


29-06-1981 aged 77 years


Niche Wall

FITZPATRICK, Francis George

25/04/1991 aged 70 years.


Non Denominational 30


20-11-1965 aged 42 years.

Beloved wife of Frank Fitzpatrick. Devoted mother of Lorraine. R.I.P.


Non Denominational 22


17-11-1959 aged 63 years.

Beloved wife of Tom. Mother of Hazel, Thelma, Addie & Norma. At Rest.


Non Denominational 32


1891 – 1970

Our beloved husband and father. At Rest.


Protestant 78

FLEAY, William Edward  

05-08-1972 aged 55 years.

Loved husband of Marion, loving father of Lloyd & Glenice. At Rest.


FLEAY, Marion Adelaide

Burial: 15-01-2008 aged 84 years


Methodist 65

FLUGGE, Ivan William

29-01-1917 – 20-10-1989

Beloved husband of Shirley. Loved father of Leanne, Greg & Carolyn. Dear Pop of Matthew & Luke.


RC 31

GAFFI, Pietro

14-11-1941 aged 56 years.

Accidently killed R.I.P.   (spelling as read on inscription)


Protestant 5

GIBBS, Alfred George

14-02-1920 stillborn.

Safe in the arms of Jesus.


Protestant 74  (photos on headstone)

GIBBS, Doris Leonora

20-05-2002 aged 95 years.


GIBBS, Yvonne Dulcie

30-07-2000 aged 63 years.

Loved wife & daughter of Burt. Fond mum & sister of Cliff, Howard, Ron & Trevor. Too Dearly loved to be forgotten.


Protestant 30

GIBBS, Eleanor Catherine 

08-03-1955 aged 79 years.

Beloved wife of Henry Gibbs. Rest in Peace. Erected by her loving family.


Protestant 110

GIBBS, Elena Patricia (Pat)

27-02-1987 aged 58 years.

Beloved wife of Fred. Dearly loved mum of Brett & Mark. Forever in our Hearts.


Protestant 35

GIBBS, Elizabeth Georgina

18-01-1984 aged 85 years.

Beloved wife of Thomas H. Gibbs. Dearly loved mother of Ivy, Alice, Bill, Edna, Fred, Ethel, Ernie, Herbert, Marie & Eunice.


Protestant 32

GIBBS, Ernest Aubrey

01-03-1910 – 16-08-1966

Sacred to the memory of our dear brother. Pax Vobiscum.


Protestant 87

GIBBS, Eunice Margory.

04-06-1977 aged 35 years.

Loved daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Gibbs.


Protestant  111

GIBBS, Frederick James

29/01/2005 aged 78 years

Burial: 02/02/2005

Funeral Director: William Barrett & Sons

Beloved husband of Pat. Dearly loved dad of Brett & Mark. Forever in our Hearts.

Formerly from Bowelling.

Obit: Beloved husband of Patricia (dec). Loving father & father-in-law of Brett & Alicia and Mark. Grandad to Emily & Isobell, Gavin & Claire.


Protestant 29

GIBBS, Henry

1858 - 18-05-1938

Our loving husband and Dad. Loved by all.


Protestant 83

GIBBS, Henry George

06-02-1908 – 23-07-1975


GIBBS, Elvira O’linda May

17-11-1915 – 25-08-1996

Loved father & Mother of Donald & Stewart (dec), Frances & Heather. Devoted grandparents of  Kerry, Catherine, Narelle, Nicola & Jason. Too dearly loved to be forgotten.


Protestant 80

GIBBS, Herbert John

20-09-1973 aged 43 years.

Son of T.H. & E.G. Gibbs.


Protestant 23

GIBBS, Howard M.

09-01-1937 aged 8 years 6 months.

Second son of Bert & Dorrie Gibbs. Loving brother of Cliff, Ron, Yvonne & Trevor. Safe in the arms of Jesus.


Protestant 14

GIBBS, Ivy Maud

29-01-1938 aged 16 years.

Beloved daughter of Thomas Henry and Elizabeth Georgina Gibbs.


Protestant 33

GIBBS, Marie Lillian

21-07-1956 aged 15 years.

Beloved daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth. loved sister of Ivy, Alice, William, Edna, Freddy, Ethel, Ernie, Herbert & Eunice.


Protestant 31

GIBBS, Ronald Bert

10-04-1950 aged 17 years.

Our Dearly loved son & brother passed away result of accident. Too dearly loved to be forgotten.


Protestant 1

GIBBS, Sara Ann

30-07-1946 aged 92 years.

Wife of the late William Gibbs. A wonderfull mother & friend. (spelling as per inscription)


Protestant 82

GIBBS, Stewart Dudley

24-10-1987 aged 46 

Dearly loved husband of Heather. Loved father of Nicola & Jason. He was ours and we loved him so.


Protestant 34

GIBBS, Thomas Henry

02-07-1958 aged 65 years.

Beloved husband of Elizabeth. Loved mother of Ivy, Alice, William, Edna, Freddy, Ethel, Ernie, Herbert, Marie & Eunice.


Protestant 2

GIBBS, William

25-09-1921 aged 71 years.

Beloved husband of Sarah A. Gibbs. Peacefully sleeping, resting @ last, earth’s weary pains suffering past. A good husband, kind father & true friend. Erected by his widow & family.


Protestant 75

GIBBS, William Burt

12-01-1974 aged 73 years. (photo on headstone)

Devoted husband of Dorrie. Fond dad of Cliff, Howard, Ron, Yvonne & Trevor.  Too dearly loved to be forgotten.


Protestant 7

GIBBS, William James

06-02-1921  - 06-02-1921

Jesus will ………..a child unto him.


Methodist 73

GOSS, Richard Henry (Dick)

26-10-1906 – 07-01-1988

Beloved husband of Win. Dearly loved father of Rosalie & Graham. At Rest.


GOSS, Winnie Daisy

03-12-1904 – 9-06-1993

His beloved wife and our dear mother. Loved grandparents of Raymond, Sharon, Michael, Dianne, Steven & Jeremy. Together in our Hearts.


Protestant 94

GREAVES, Mary Alice

03-08-1954 aged 75 years.


Protestant 95

GREAVES, Richard Brogdin

26-08-1951 aged 64 years.


Niche Wall

HALL, Patricia

10/05/1983 aged 49 years.


Protestant 17

HIBBLE, Guy Victor

31-03-1925 aged 40 years

Dearly beloved husband of Ella Hibble. Loving father of Bessie, Lloyd & Ian.

“There shall be no more pain or shadow of parting.”


RC 41

HIGGINSON, Bernadette A.

07-03-1959 aged 9 months


Protestant 101

HOBBS, Fredrick Roland

07-04-1983 aged 72 years

Husband of Lil. Father of Fred, Bob, Vic, Ray & Peter.


HOBBS, Frances Lillian

31-05-1996 aged 78 years.

His beloved wife and our dear mother.  Reunited.


Protestant 50

HORLEY, Alfred George

26-06-1928 aged 79 years.

Beloved husband of Eliza Horley. Rest in Peace.


Non Denominational 40

HORLEY, Alfred Mitchell

11-06-1986 aged 65 years.

Loved husband of Dawn (dec) R.I.P.


Non Denominational 43

HORLEY, Dawn Isobel

1968 R.I.P.

Interned 08-06-1968 aged 46 years.


RC 11


20-02-1944 aged 83 years.

Beloved wife of A. G. Horley. Loved mother of John and Ruby. R.I.P.


Protestant 48 

HORLEY, Elizabeth

31-10-1967 aged 80 years. Our loved mother.  At Rest.


Protestant 102

HORLEY, George Charles

29-07-1913 – 22-12-1981

Loved by Dot Graeme & Kaye. Lyn & Trevor. Dear grandpa of seven.


Protestant 86

HORLEY, John Frederick.

11-06-1915 – 16-10-1990

Beloved husband of Ethel. Loved father of Peter and Jan. dear Grandad of Tracey and Peter. A kind and gentle man at rest.


Protestant 44

HORLEY, John Henry

16-12-1944 aged 60 years.

Our loved husband and father. At Rest.


Non Denominational 43 

HUGHES, Craig Terrance

Infant son of Terry & Kerry

aged 3 months 3 days.

(interned 15-09-1973)


Non Denominational 17 

HUGHES, Marinus M.

04-05-1956 aged 65 years.

Our beloved husband and father.


Non Denominational 18 

HUGHES, Prentice William Gregory (Bill)

01-09-1972 aged 57 years


HUGHES, Gwenneth Jean

24-01-1989 aged 64 years.

Loved father and mother of Colin, Kelvin, Shirley, Jeanette and Barry. Father & mother-in-law of Cherryl, Lorraine, Cliff, Keith and Julie. Grandparents of Greg, Mark, Roxanne, Jennie, Fiona, Tania, Natalie, Amanda, Selene, Joanne, Katherine.


Non Denominational 8

JACK, James

22-11-1956 aged 83 years

Third son of the late William Jack. Craigmill, Stirling.


Non Denominational 13


31-12-1957 aged 76 years.

Beloved wife of Thomas Henry James. Fond mother of Joyce, Kathleen, May, Florence, Grace & Marjorie.


Non Denominational 12

JAMES, Thomas Henry

20-07-1950 aged 82 years.

Beloved husband of Mary. fond dad of Joyce, Kathleen, May, Florence, Grace & Marjorie.


Protestant 56

KELLIHER, Isabella (nee Marsh)

02-11-1891 – 29-10-1968.

Beloved wife of William John (dec’d). Loved mother of Norma, James, Eileen (dec’d) & Robert.

At Rest.


Methodist 60

KELLY, Eric John

1913 – 1979

Dearly loved husband of Marjorie.


Protestant 46

KEVERN, Minnie Maud

 25-10-1956 aged 83 years.

Our Beloved Mother.


Protestant 63

KEVERN, Reginald Ralph

12-06-1973 aged 69 years.


Protestant 24

KIDD, Melva Jesson

12-08-1937 aged 3 years 3 months.

Beloved daughter of Beryl and Jim.


Methodist 74

KING, Arthur Michael 

02-02-1994 aged 73 years.

Beloved husband of Syliva. Loved father of Michael, Russell, Trevor, Sue & Greg. Peacefully Sleeping.


Protestant 109

KING, Clarence William

04-12-1986 aged 78 years.

Beloved husband of Maud. Loved father of Kevin & Maureen. Stepfather of Gloria, Phyllis, Neville & Graham. Dearest Pop of eighteen.


Protestant 64

KING, James Rex

04-01-1927 aged 12 years 4 months

Our Dear son. At Rest.


Non-Denomination 6

KING, John Frederick

Burial: 13-05-2008


Protestant 66

KING, Michael Joseph

02-03-1948 aged 68 years


KING, Maude Elizabeth

13-07-1992 aged 103 years.


Non Denominational 6 

KING, Thelma Vera (nee Strickland)

04-12-1924 – 08-07-2001.

Loved wife of Jack. Loving mother of John, Bruce (dec), Rhonda and Gary.


KING, Bruce


Infant son of Thelma and Jack. Lived 3 hours. R.I.P.


KING, John Frederick (Jack)

20-01-1913 – 06-05-2008

Burial: 13-05-2008

Funeral Director: Dawsons

Residence: Mandurah, formerly Darkan

 2/11 Battalion

Service: St Mary’s Church, Darkan followed by burial

Spouse: Thelma

Issue: John, Bruce (dec), Rhonda & Gary


Non Denominational 10 

KIRK, Aileen Melba

16-06-1948 aged 4 years.

Our darling daughter. Always in memory, Mumu, Dadu & Sister Rosiland. In Silence we remember.  Nannie, Grandad, Auntie & Uncles. Always in our Memories Love.


Non Denominational 29 

KIRK, William Ernest

17-05-1914 – 15-05-1980

Beloved husband of Vi. Beloved father and father-in-law of Aileen (dec), Rosiland  – Evan, Cheryl – Jim,

Ken – Bernadette. Loved grandfather of 6.


KIRK, Violet Elizabeth

17-08-1925 – 17-02-1982.

Beloved wife of William. Beloved mother and mother-in-law of Aileen (dec), Rosiland - Evan, Cheryl – Jim, Ken – Bernadette. Beloved grandmother of 6.


Non Denominational 19

LEWIS, Albert Edward (Bert)


Devoted husband of May Lewis. A fond father and true friend. Loved by all.


Non Denominational 1&2  (one plaque between the two graves)


28-02-1928 aged 11 years 2 months @ Darkan


LEWIS, Raymond

25-10-1923 aged 9 years 4 months @ Darkan.

The dearly beloved son and daughter of Bert and May Lewis. “Safe in the Arms of Jesus”


Non Denominational 20

LEWIS, Annie Foster (May)

07-09-1964 aged 84 years.

Beloved wife of Bert (dec’d). Loved mother of Wilfred, Albert, Melba, Maude, Livinia & Lloyd. Ever Remembered.


Protestant 25

LILLY, Bevan John

16-08-1940 aged 2 years 4 months.

Beloved infant son of George & Elizabeth Lilly. Safe in the arms of Jesus.


Protestant 26

LILLY, George



LILLY, Charlotte


In Loving Memory of our devoted parents & grandparents. Too dearly loved to be forgotten.


Protestant 90

LLOYD, Alison Jean

24-01-1989 aged 53 years.

Beloved wife of Jack.


Non Denominational 36

LLOYD, Desmond Allen

26-11-1964 aged 16 years.

Loving son of Allen & Joyce. Loved brother of Coral, Irene, Trevor, Robert, Shirley & Fay. Always remembered Des.


RC 40

LLOYD, Eileen Mary

05-10-1968 aged 50 years.

Mother of Greg, Gail & Gloria. –Ever Loved- R.I.P.


Protestant 97

LLOYD, Eva Gladys

13-04-1969 aged 73 years.

Loved wife of Herbert Oliver. Mother of Marion, Eva, Allan, George, June & Jim.


Protestant 81

LLOYD, George William

08-02-1926 – 12-02-1975

Fourth child of Eva Gladys & Herbert Oliver Lloyd. Brother of Marion, Eva, Allen, June, Jim. Husband of Daisy. Dad of Elaine, Bruce, Robyn, Michael, Steven. We loved you. So sadly missed – but always proudly remembered.


Protestant 96

LLOYD, Herbert Oliver

15-02-1964 aged 69 years.

Beloved husband of Eva. Father of Marie, Eva, Allen, George, June & Jim. At Rest.


Methodist 59

LLOYD, Herbert Victor (Bert) 19-10-1976 aged 58 years.

Beloved son of Sam & May Lloyd.


Non Denominational 45 

LLOYD, Samuel Robe.

23-06-1968 aged 85 years.

“Rest in Peace”.


LLOYD, Marion Helene

24-02-1984 aged 86 years.

Fond mother of 5.


Methodist 62 (photo on headstone)

LUBCKE, Arthur Ernest

14-07-1978 aged 69 years.

Beloved husband of Eva. Loving father of Les, Bob & Val. At Rest.


Methodist 63 (photo on headstone)

LUBCKE, Evelyn Blanche

04-09-1995 aged 84 years.

Beloved wife of Arthur (dec). Loving mother and cherished nanna of Les, Bob, Val and families. A great mum and nanna gone to rest, for each and all she did her best. Always gentle, loving and kind, beautiful memories you leave behind.


Protestant 11

MARSH, Charles

19-06-1923 aged 68 years.

“Peace Perfect Peace”


Methodist 64

MARSH, Edward Joseph

15-07-1986 aged 60 years.

Beloved husband of Joyce. Loved father of Susan and Alan.


Protestant 16

MARSH, William Charles

aged 66 years. (no dates)

Beloved father of Irene & Charles. Ever remembered.

Interned 28-01-1951


Non Denominational 132 

McINERNEY, Kenneth Malcolm (Ken)

22-08-1923 – 11-07-2003 aged 80 years

Beloved husband of Thelma

Loving father & granddad of Gavin, Zita (dec), Sharyn, Steven & families

Happy Memories


Protestant 6



Beloved wife of William.


*Protestant 92


11-09-1947 aged 53 years. 

1163 Lance Corporal 3 Machine Gun Squadron

Dearly loved and sadly missed by loving wife Dorothy and daughters.


RC 38



Remembered by his loved ones.


RC 34


08-10-1967 aged 82 years.

Beloved father of Eileen. –Fond Memories-


RC 35

McWHINNEY, Mary Jane

19-11-1967 aged 83 years.

Beloved mother of Eileen. –Fond Memories-


Protestant 51


14-12-1935 aged 84 years.

Erected by Mrs. E. Horley.


RC 24

MORCK, Thomas William

29-03-1929 aged 66 years.

Beloved husband of Leah and father of William and Leo.  “May he rest in peace”


Protestant 98

MOULE, Rachel 

30-10-1985 aged 90 years.

Beloved wife of Reuben. At Rest.


Protestant 99

MOULE, Reuben

30-07-1958 aged 62 years.

Beloved husband of Rachel At Rest.


Non Denominational 9 


10-08-1952 aged 81 years.

6116 Private Late 28th Batt. 7 Brigade 1st A.I.F.


Non Denominational 5

NESS, Robert Esau

12-09-1940 aged 60 years.

Beloved husband of I. S. Ness. Loved by all. Loving father of Jack, Laural, Grace, Dick, Alan.


Non Denominational 33

NORDSTROM, Charles Edward

16-10-1961 aged 77 years.



22-02-1971 aged 82 years.

His beloved wife.


Non Denominational 24 

NORDSTROM, Clifford John

(appox. Internment 1958)


Non Denominational 15

NORDSTROM, Ethel Winifred

02-02-1956 aged 44 years.

Dearly loved daughter of Charles and Ethel. R.I.P.


Multi-Denominational 148

NORDSTROM, Joyce Lydia

Burial: 09-05-2008 aged 87 years

Funeral Director: William Barrett

Service: Graveside


Non Denominational 14 

NORDSTROM, Leonard George

25-09-1926 – 27-11-1948

Our dear son and brother. At Rest.


RC 43

O’CONNELL, Dorothy Annie

08-01-1908 – 09-03-1993

Beloved wife of John.


RC 42

O’CONNELL, John Patrick Shanley

25-11-1898 – 05-10-1970



RC 28

O’LEARY, Agnes Gertrude

24-06-1947 aged 61 years.

Beloved wife of Michael Patrick O’Leary. R.I.P.


Niche Wall

O’ROURKE, Bertha May

23/07/1988 aged 84 years.


RC 36

PERRY, Charles Leonard

31-05-1949 aged 86 years.

Fond Memories.


Seventh Day Adventist 2

PERRY, Kathleen Jean


Beloved wife of Robert (dec’d). In God’s Keeping.


Non Denominational 21

PERRY, Lillian Cunningham

29-11-1952 aged 77 years.

Beloved wife of Charles. Loved mother of Tom and Bob.


Seventh Day Adventist 1

PERRY, Robert Leonard

04-10-1915 – 04-12-1969.

Dear husband of Kathleen. Loved father of Glenys and Laurel. Sleep not forever. Await his glorious dawn.


Methodist 55

PERRY, Thomas Oswald

17-01-1914 – 08-03-1998.

Loved husband & companion of Maggie for 58 years.


PERRY, Maggie Joan

23-12-1913 – 06-09-2006

06/09/2006 aged 92 years @ Narrogin Regional Hospital

Burial: 13/09/2006

Funeral Director: Dawsons

Reunited with her loving husband & companion, Tom

Loved Father & Mother

Of Janice, Camille & Ross.

There is a past that has gone forever.

But there is a future which is still our own.


RC 45

POLLARD, Hubert Roland

05-08-1972 aged 69 years 11 months.

Beloved husband of Agnes Ann. Father of Shirley & Laurel.


POLLARD, Agnes Ann

03-11-1973 aged 70 years 9 months

His loving wife. Loving Memories Always.


RC 44

POLLARD, Katherine Ruth (Kit)


Loved daughter of Clarence and Margaret Pollard. R.I.P.


RC 49


22-05-1986 aged 70 years.

Beloved husband of Roma.

RC 30

POLLARD, Letitia May

31-03-2006 aged 93 years

Darling wife of Keith and Dearest Mum of Bill, Keitho, Valerie & Julie

Forever in our Hearts


RC 49

POLLARD, Roma Jean

Burial: 30/10/2007 aged 84 years

Funeral Director: Dawsons

Service: St. Mary’s Roman RC Church, Darkan



RC 29

POLLARD, William “Keith”

30-08-1965 aged 61 years.

Darling husband of Lett and dearest dad of Bill, Keith’o, Valerie & Julie. Too dearly loved to be forgotten.


Niche Wall

PRESTON, Albert Joseph

08/08/1993 aged 90 years.


Methodist 57

PUTLAND, Esther Erskine

21-05-1893 – 02-11-1988

Wife of Arthur James Putland (Victoria) died 13-06-1952 . Mother of John, Jim, Ken & Allan.


RC 16



Our loved husband and father. R.I.P.



QUILL, John (Jack)

18-05-1989 aged 65 years.

Loved husband of Marjorie and father of Brian, Lois, Kevin, Martin & Thomas. Lifes work well done.

(interned 25-05-1989)


RC 17

QUILL, John T.

26-081959 aged 68 years

Loving husband of Ellen. Father of John.


RC 12

QUILL, Joseph Edward

05-02-1962 aged 74 years.


RC 18


29-03-1943 aged 80 years.



RC 21

QUILL, Michael

25-12-1922 aged 24 years.



Non Denominational 25



Protestant 166

RICETTI, Jack Joseph

10-02-1991 aged 70 years

16 Infantry Battalion

Jack Joseph, Loved husband of Rosemary

Father of Greg, Fred and Jane


Methodist 75


26-02-1910 – 02-03-1994

Dearly beloved husband of Sheila. Loved father of Jean, Fraser, John, Duncan and Douglas. Loved and remembered always.


RC 32


20-12-1954 aged 34 years.

Loving cousin of Mrs. Livia Biagioni. Erected by his employers G or C. Coli and employees of Coli Saw Mills. Sadly missed by his relatives in Italy. Ever remembered by his loving nephew E. Pellicioni.


RC 51

SAUNDERS, Carmen Marie

04-01-1967 – 08-12-1996

Dearly loved daughter of Janet & Bob. Cherished sister of Paul, Sharon, Janine and Vanessa. Bold, brave, beautiful Carmie. Forever in our hearts. Rest in Peace.

RC 52

SAUNDERS, Robert Kingsford

10-0-2-1936 – 01-01-2004

Interned 01-01-2004 aged 67 years

Loving husband of Janet

Loving father of Paul, Sharon, Janine, Carmen and Vanessa

To us he was the world.


Mult-Denom 134

SCHINZIG, Harriet Irene

03-12-1913 – 27-01-2006 aged 92 years

Burial: 02/02/2006

Funeral Director: Dawsons

Notice in West Australian 30/01/2006

SCHINZIG Harriet Irene (nee Marsh)

Beloved wife of Rudy (dec), loving sister of Charles, sister-in-law of Irene, nephews Peter and Terry, sister-in-law of Theresa (dec), Lee (dec), Bill (dec), Laura, Betty, John, Nancy and Henry and their families.


SCHINZIG, Rudolf Frederick

22-06-1911 – 30-11-2005

Burial: 08-12-2005

Lovingly Remembered by brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews



In Loving memory of dear Rene. From John, Gillian, Mark, Richard, Kylie, Adam and Tamia.


Protestant 113 (photos on headstone)

SCHINZIG, William Herman

29-06-1987 aged 74 years.



29-05-1992 aged 77 years.

Loved father & mother of Colin. Father & mother-in-law of Glenice. Much loved grandparents of Tony & Diane.


Niche Wall

SCOTT, Harold Wakeford

06-12-1985 aged 74 years


Protestant 45


11-04-1952 aged 63 years.

Lieutenant 16th Batt. 1st A.I.F. R.I.P.


Protestant 53


04-07-1978 aged 88 years.

Beloved wife of Jack.


Protestant 117

SILVEY, June Irene (nee Lloyd)

15-06-1927 – 06-07-2001

Loved wife of Keith. mother of Rodney, John, Steven & Kerrie. The love and care you gave us will forever be in our hearts.


Protestant 19

SMITH, Frank Herbert

02-11-1933 aged 55 years

11th Batt. A.I.F. “Lest we Forget”.


SMITH, Jan  


Burial: 08/11/2007

Funeral Director: Dawsons

Residence: Darkan

Spouse: Bob

Service: St. Mary’s Anglican/RC Church, Darkan


Niche Wall

SMITH, Terrence Edward

09/08/1984 aged 74 years


Niche Wall

SMITH, Violet Mary

25/03/1986 aged 71 years.


Protestant 67

SMYTH, James Herbert

30-10-1960 aged 82 years

Uncle Jim.


Protestant 58

SOUTH, Alfred

31-12-1933 aged 72 years.

Our Dear Husband and Father


SOUTH, Margaret Annetta

17-08-1948 aged 83 years

His wife. Buried Karoonda South Australia.


Protestant 107

SOUTH, Archie Malcolm

27-11-1904 – 09-12-1974


SOUTH, Erica Jean

03-10-1908 – 18-12-1989

Beloved parents of David Morton and Cynthia Margaret


RC 27

SOUTH, Denis Martin

13-03-1935 aged 3 days.

Loved infant son of Tom and Agatha South.



Niche Wall

SOUTH, Florence Isabel

14-07-2006 aged 84 years


Multi Denominational 123 

SPENCER, John Herbert

13-09-1899 – 15-10-1993

Beloved husband of Ida. Loved father and father-in-law of Margaret and Colin. Dear grandpa of Elizabeth, Reid and Anthea. Son of Herbert and Adelaide. “Well done thou good and faithful servant” A Pioneer at Rest.


SPENCER, Ida May (nee Christie)

03-04-1900 – 14-04-1982

Cremated ashes at Karrakatta. A dear wife and Mother.


Non Denominational 53

STANTON, Mary Grace

16-05-1976 aged 78 years.

Beloved wife of Jack. Loved mother of Laurie.


Non Denominational 54

STANTON, Richard John

20-06-1978 aged 80 years.

Beloved husband of Mary. Loved father of Laurie.


Non Denominational 4

STEDDY, Albert

21-11-1951 aged 59 years.


Protestant 18

STEDDY, Edward W. (Ted)

17-12-1926 aged 62 years. At Rest.


Protestant 88

STEDDY, Vida Grace

03-10-1905 – 16-12-1977


STEDDY, Walter Thomas

09-03-1905 – 16-08-1980

Loved parents of Fay, Wal, Sadie & Janet.


Multi Denominational 124

STEDDY, Walter Grant

20-08-1991 aged 56 years.

Beloved husband of Delys. Loved father of Debi, David, Colin and Murray.


Multi Denominational 119 (photo on headstone)

STEVENS, Eileen Agnes

11-06-1996 aged 73 years.

Loved mother of Edwin & Cherryl. Mother in law of Kerry & Colin. Grandparents of Fiona, Natalie, Travis & Blair. Great grandparents of Tayla. Adoptive parent of Philip, Roslyn, Paul & Rodney.


STEVENS, Graham Vincent

Burial: 29-02-2008 aged 86 years


Niche Wall


15/06/1988 aged 73 years.


Protestant 38

STEWART, Catherine Maud

02-09-1953 aged 69 years.

Devoted wife & mother.


Protestant 91

STEWART, Donald Albert

19-10-1925 – 25-09-1976

My dear husband. Loved father of Vikki, Wendy & Julie.


STEWART, Ross Donald

Son of Donald Albert Stewart

Born 21-05-1968 –died 19-01-1969 aged 7 months


Protestant 41

STEWART, Frederick W.

11-10-1966 aged 47

Dearest husband of Audrey & dad of Anne, Linda & Kaye.


Protestant 39

STEWART, James William

31-03-1954 aged 72 years.

Devoted husband & father.


Non Denominational 7 

STRICKLAND, Keith Harold

14-05-1941 aged 18 ½ years.

Dearly beloved son of W. & V. Strickland. Safe in the arms of Jesus. No mother was there to kiss his brow. No brother or sister to say goodbye. No father to take him by the hand, when death was drawing  nigh.


Non Denominational 48 

STRICKLAND, Raymond Linnett

25-09-1920 – 22-11-2002

Served in A.I.F. Middle East and New Guinea 1941 – 1945

Loving husband of Thelma. Cherished father of Lynette, Raymond (dec), Jeffrey and Barry. Too dearly loved to be forgotten.


Non Denominational 46

STRICKLAND, Raymond William James

03-08-1969 aged 19 years.

In Everlasting Remembrance of Raymond. Dearly loved son of Thelma & Ray and brother of Lyn, Geoff & Barry. Accidentally Killed.


Multi Denominational 126 

STRICKLAND, Ronald James

10-03-1927 – 30-09-2002

Dearly loved husband of Jennie. Loving father of Kathie, Paul (dec’d), Annette, Dean, Jamie & Belinda. R.I.P.


Non Denominational 26


04-07-1976 aged 88 years.

Dearly loved mum of Letitia, Sylvia, Jean, Willie, Ray, Keith, Thelma, Ron & Valma. Weep not for me my loved ones, I am not dead but sleeping near.


Non Denominational 27


08-11-1958 aged 76 years.

Dearest husband of Vera. Darling dad of Lettie, Sylvia, Jean, Willie, Ray, Keith, Thelma, Ron & Val.  He is not dead, who lives in the hearts, of those who love him. Au Revoir Dad.


Multi Denominational 125

SUCHANEK, Jeroslav



Niche Wall

THOMPSON, Archibald

09-08-1992 aged 84 years.


Niche Wall


18-04-1992 aged 84 years.


Protestant 27 surround only



Methodist 54

TRIGWELL, Annie Isabella

1879 – 1971.

Wife of Walter. Loved mother of Leila, Ronald, Richard, Maggie & Ernie. Because he lives we to shall live.


Protestant 57

WALKER, John Wylie

08-10-1929 aged 72 years.


Protestant 105



Protestant 105


23-01-1982 aged 93 years.

Loving mother of Mick & Ada.


Niche Wall

WEBB, Joseph Henry

06-10-1912 – 03-10-2001

Beloved husband of Elva. Loved father of Richard, Mark (dec), Thomas.


Niche Wall

WEBB, Richard Joseph (Richie)

17-11-1939 – 30-06-2007

Service: Bunbury Crematorium 04-07-2007

Funeral Director: Dawsons of Narrogin

Residence: Darkan

Beloved son of Joseph (dec) & Elva

Loved brother of Mark (dec) & Thomas

A True Man of the Land


Protestant 37

WHITE Gweneth Madeline


Treasured Memories of our beloved mother

Beloved wife of Walter

Loved mother of Joy, Joan and Jim

Remembered Always


Protestant 69

WHITE, Ian Gerald

29-10-1970 aged 34 years.

Loving husband of Mabel. Loved father of Craig, Glenn & Kerry.


WHITE, Gerald Edwin

16-01-1972 aged 75 years.

Devoted husband of Rene. Loved father of Ian & Fay.


Protestant 36

WHITE, Walter

05-07-1950 aged 66 years.

A loving husband and father. Loved husband of Gwyneth. Loved father of Joy, Joan and Jim. Remembered always.


Multi Denominational 122

WHITE, Walter James

07-10-1929 – 12-06-1994 aged 64 years

Burial: 16-06-1994

Beloved husband of Lynette

Loved father of Michael, Jody, Robyn and Naomi

In our hearts forever


Non Denominational 3 

WILD, Edward (Ted)

20-05-1940 aged 67 years.

Devoted and most dearly beloved husband of Mab. Who died suddenly. Kind and generous to all. My hearts beloved safe home.

& his wife

WILD, Mabel Fanny

18-01-1969 aged 92 years.


Non Denominational 138

WOODRUFF, Jean Olive

19-10-1926 – 24-08-2002 aged 75 years.

Beloved wife of Walter. Dearly loved mum of Ian, Pam & Judith. Adored by their grandchildren & great grandchildren. “Forever in our hearts”


Seventh Day Adventist 3 (photo of couple on headstone)

WUNNENBERG, Elizabeth May

08-12-1920 – 02-12-1985

Beloved wife of Joseph Stanley. Loved sister of Joyce, Kath, Flo, Grace & Marj.


WUNNENBERG, Joseph Stanley

20-09-1911 – 10-06-2002

Beloved husband of May. He farmed all his life at “Range View” Boolading.


Methodist 6


13-04-1986 aged 82 years.

Beloved husband of Grace. Loved father of Lynette, Beverley, Lesley, Cheryl & Robyn.



© Jill Bickmore