Bowling Alley Cemetery


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Surname Given Name Born Died Age Remarks
Ah Choo     23 October 1895 58years  
Ah Sam     13-Jul-04 72years  
Ah See     8-Oct-04 72years  
Ah Why     14-Nov-02 75years  
Ah Yen     26-Dec-02 72years  
Bailey William Henry   22April 1886 70 years  
Blake Elizabeth   4 August 1887 3years  
Blake William   4 August 1887 44years  
Brann Thomas   14-Aug-13 61 years Gone but not forgotten
Brann Thomas   22 April 1874 55years  
Brown Charles   26-Jul-24    
Brown Mary Ann   28-Dec-23    
Chapman Maria Jane   14-Sep-48 65 years Buried with William Thomas Chapman and Ronald Chapman
Chapman Ronald   11-Jun-45 1yr 5months Buried with grandparents,William Thomas and Maria Chapman
Chapman William John Thomas   20-Nov-10 2years  
Chapman William Thomas   15-Nov-39 84years  
Cognet Marie Esme   2-Dec-36 7years Beloved daughter of William and Gladys Fond sister of William,Reginald.Verlie and Beverley
Cognet William Pierre 24 Dec 1894 4-Jun-44 62years Beloved husband os Gladys,Loved father of William,Marie(dec) Reginald,Verlie and Beverley.A Soldier at Rest.RIP
Cole Joyce Daphne   12-Aug-49 33years In Sad and Loving Memory.May her soul rest in peace
Collier Alexander   10 July 1894 2 days  
Corbett Amelia   5-Apr-12 52years  
Corbett Dorothy May   17-Mar-12 8 months  
Corbett Frances   16-Nov-41 64years Erected by her loving family
Corbett Gordon Joseph   13-Dec-02 1 month  
Corbett Isobel   29-Jan-51 45years At Rest.Erected by her loving family
Corbett James   31 Dec 1894 5hours  
Corbett James   28-May-10 76years  
Corbett Lesley James   22-Mar-14 2yr2months  
Corbett Leslie Allan   12-Dec-11 3months  
Corbett Lily May   20Jan 1892 4weeks  
Corbett Mary   21-Nov-46 84years  
Corbett Michael   16-Oct-44 71 years  
Corbett Patrick   18-Dec-12 77years  
Corbett Patrick   6-May-40 75years  
Corbett Richard   10-Dec-07 14hours  
Corbett Richard Charles   27-Jan-11 3yrs6months  
Corbett Thomas John   28-Apr-56 71years  
Couley James Joseph   5-Sep-32 73years  
Couley Mary Ann   20-Jun-64 92years  
Davis Charles Vincent   18 April 1894 4 days  
Delmore Sarah   5 May 1887 74years  
Dowdell Francis   16-Sep-28 64years  
Dowdell Henry   24 August 1890 21years  
Dowdell James   21 November 1883 60years  
Dowdell William Henry   23-Nov-00 2months  
Epps Ellen   15-Jul-11 79years  
Fouracre Charles   28-May-52 81years  
Fouracre Thomas Alfred   28-Jun-00 15years  
Goss Henry Ernest   15 September 1895 3months  
Hickling John   4 May 1888 49years  
Hilbert Samuel   3-Aug-07 82years  
Jenson Elizabeth   29-Oct-23 82years  
Jenson Peter   7-May-11 76years  
Jones Annie Lititia   17-Jul-02 4months  
King Arthur   15-Apr-58 72years  
King Arthur Ronald   15-Jan-17 3weeks  
King  Charles   19-Jan-16 83years  
King Ellen   19-Oct-00 72years  
King Emma Banks   10 July 1873 2mths6days  
King George Scarborough   18-Oct-28 74years  
King Hannah Martha   3-Nov-45 84years  
King Joseph        
King Mary Adeline   16 December 1871 9weeks  
King Nancy   6-Oct-00 68years  
King Ronald     3months  
King Rosetta   29-Mar-52 89years  
King Thomas Hadley   14 November 1890 2yrs10mths  
King Tom        
King William   1909 53years  
Lahz Jacob   4-Sep-32 78years  
Lahz Mary Jane   23-Nov-55 89years  
Lamey Frederick   14-Sep-66 81years  
Lamey Lynton James   4-Sep-53 31years  
Lawrence George   3 April 1891 3hours  
Letcher William   2 April 1894 3weeks  
Logan Adeline   7 September 1896 2years  
Logan Elizabeth        
Logan John   12-Jan-11 1 day  
Logan Matthew   1-Sep-28 77years  
Logan Nancy   21-Oct-00 10days  
Marr Thomas   11-Oct-37 85years  
Mason Isabella   3 November 1888 67years  
Mason  Thomas   7-Jun-36 94years  
McArthur Alexander   12 October 1883 40years  
McDevitt William   10-Oct-05 75years  
McDonald Murdoch   18 September 1886 97years  
McIntyre David   13-Oct-09 54years  
Mee John   8 July 1882 55years  
Mills Louisa Rhoda   25 October 1888 54years  
Mills Mark Dicks   12 June 1898 75years  
Morrison Louisa Faith   25-Feb-04 4days  
Moss Mary Jane   5-Sep-30 17years  
Mullins William John    28 December 1895 3months  
Mylea James   5-Aug-06 87years  
Newman Rosina Beatrice   5-Nov-15 13years  
Osmar John   11 November 1889 64years  
Page Ruth Mavis   26-Mar-34 7years  
Passfield Martha   16-Sep-06 2days  
Philips James   12 February 1891 3hours  
Price John Henry   8-Sep-07 68years  
Prisk Eliza Lillian   25-Sep-55 54years  
Prisk John Parkins   12-Oct-19 58years  
Pyrke Annie    19-Oct-32 86years  
Pyrke Horace   14 June 1898 11yrs4mnths  
Pyrke Samuel Charles   5-Apr-11 74years  
Reichel Christina Louisa   12-Aug-06 64years  
Reichel Christina Miller   28 February 1896 2months  
Reichel Francis Darley   27-Aug-02 1month  
Reichel John Henry   8 July 1892 10years  
Reichel Louisa   27 October 1894 25years  
Robertson JP   5 October 1894 82years  
Saunders Ellen   17 August 1890 48 years  
Saunders Eva Ellen   17 August 1884 2yrs3months  
Saunders John   25-May-11 79years  
Sh kea     4 July 1899 65years  
Simcock Matthew   9 August 1896 63years  
Sippel Charles   8-Feb-35 88years  
Sippel Mary Jane   6-Feb-33 75years  
Sipple Charles Herbert   7-Aug-48 72years  
Sipple Elizabeth Jane   15-Nov-35 56years  
Sipple Mary Leard   5-Mar-37 56years  
Sipple Thomas Charles   6-Jan-10 1year  
Smith Eliza   26-Sep-12 81years  
Smith Isabella Caroline   17-Sep-02 17years  
Smith James   6 August 1871 55years  
Stratton Mary   28 October 1891 39years  
Tanner William   2 October 1892 78years  
Teaster William   20-Aug-05 34years  
Shuekee     5 July 1899 65years  
Tongue Lilian Louisa   11-Aug-00 2yrs3months Accidentally drowned
Trevena Elizabeth Ellen   2 March 1885 41years  
Trevena Josie        
Trevena William        
Trevena William Charles   19 August 1875 6months  
Trinks Sidney Clarence   7-Dec-13 3years  
Up Lane William   16 August 1888 65years  
Wakelin John   11-Jun-07 stillborn  
Westaway Margaret   23-Mar-38 88years  
Westaway William   13-Oct-24    
White James   1 March 1899 65years In loving memory of James White At Rest
White Maria    4-Aug-19 89years In loving memory of Maria White At Rest
White Mary Margaret   25 September 1884 16years  
Wolfenden Elizabeth   22-Dec-05 26years  
Wright Sarah Ann   3 April 1889    
Yates Mary   22-Nov-06 38years In loving memory of our dear mother.R.I.P.

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