The Briars Private Cemetery


Data compiled and gathered by Barry Stephenson


Surname Given name Maiden Name Place of Birth Date of Death Place of Death Age Father Mother Buried Marking
Shanahan Ellen Margaret Cranney Parramatta 6 Jul 1920 Mosman 67 James Jane Kennedy Parramatta Headstone
Cranney Jane Josephine   Parramatta 01 Feb 1932 Bungendore 77 James Jane Kennedy The Briars Headstone
Johnson unnamed child     25 Oct 1873 The Briars 8 days William Mary Cuneen The Briars Unmarked
Shanahan Catherine Rourke Tipperary Ireland 12 Mar 1882 The Briars 97 William Catherine Burke The Briars Headstone
Shanahan Mary Fellon   5 Dec 1853   35     The Briars Headstone
Shanahan Sydney James   Bungendore 2 Mar 1930 Lewisham 80 Thomas Mary Fellon The Briars Headstone
Shanahan Thomas Valentine   Molonglo 30 Aug 1866 Molonglo 7 Thomas Mary Carroll The Briars Headstone
Shanahan Valerie Irene   The Briars 3 Oct 1881 The Briars 20 mths Thomas Mary Mulcahy The Briars Headstone

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