Isolated Graves Bungendore


Data compiled and gathered by Barry Stephenson


Surname Given Name Maiden Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Date of Death Place of Death Age Father Mother Buried Marking
Bruce Ellen   3 May 1869 Molonglo 6 May 1869 Molonglo 3 days William Bruce Mary Jane Hayes Wildcattle Flat Unmarked
Cunningham Llyod Kevan     Murrumburrah 17-Jul-1996   84 Edward J Cunningham Elizabeth M Pope Family Property  
Daniel Margaret     near Foxlow 29 Apr 1858 Foxlow 11 Thomas Daniel Margaret Garrett Neils Creek Unmarked
Hume David     Scotland 7 Mar 1882 Black Range 62     Forbes Creek Unmarked
Jermyn Mary Ann       2 Jul 1863   9 Benjamin Jerymn Mary A Cooper Bellalaba Creek Unmarked
Kennedy James       2 Mar 1840   65     Molonglo River Unmarked
Masters Kevin Francis (Ted)       19-Apr-2001         Bellona Plaque
Morgan Mary Greenfield   Drummiler Ireland 15-Aug-1915 Forbes Creek 52 Samuel Greenfield Mary Forbes Creek Headstone
Readon Stephen James   16-Dec-79   28-Apr-1999 Wambion 19 Terence Readon Kim Family Property  
Taylor Charles     Bungendore 12-Aug-1921 Mathews Lane 6 hrs Hamilton Isaac Beatrice Lee Cnr Matthews Lane Headstone
Wark unnamed Male     Gidleigh 16-Dec-1903 Gidleigh 1/2 hour John Wark Ann Jane Bradley Gidleigh Unmarked
Whealon Jeremiah     Cullen Ireland 1 Nov 1880 Molonglo River 49 James Whealon Bridget Hayes Box Flat Unmarked
Williams Emma     Queanbeyan 24 Dec 1867 Molonglo 63 days John Williams Ellen Buckley Black Range Unmarked
Williams Mary     near Foxlow 22 Aug 1866 near Foxlow 1 hour John Williams Ellen Buckley Foxlow Unmarked

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