Invicta (Historical) Cemetery

Boughtons Road





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LAT: -24.809894

LONG: 152.124222


The cemetery was in close proximity to the Invicta sugar mill. The cemetery contains two graves, of Herbert James Wigzell and Thomas Newell. Wigzell was a labourer, and he drowned in the Kolan River in 1907. Newell was a fireman employed at the mill and he also drowned in the river in 1913.

The Invicta Cemetery is located towards the eastern end of Boughtons Road in lightly forested terrain. A small portion of the 0.5 hectare levelled site on the northeast corner has been cleared and contains two grave sites, approximately two metres apart, with decorative concrete surrounds and upright concrete headstones with engraved inscription and ornamentation. The graves have been restored by the Invicta community and a paved border has been added. The site is enclosed by a timber pole barrier and an interpretive panel provides information about the history of Invicta. It is unknown, whether there are any more unmarked graves in the cemetery reserve.








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