Baptist B Section


Data compiled and gathered by Kerry Hall



Surname Given Names Date of Birth Date of Death Age Remarks
ALCORN Ernest P.   8-Sep-1944 58  
ALCORN Isabel   28-Aug-1961 75  
ARGOW Earle   19-Sep-1943 3  
BAILEY Dulcie M.   11-Oct-1983 73 Buried with Louisa TAIT
BALKE Paul Ernest   23-Aug-1948 68 Buried with Emma M. BLAKE
BEAN Violet   26-Jul-1934 14 Buried with her sister Lorna Agnes KNOX
BINNIE Robert   16-May-1936   Accidetally Killed Husband of Bessie BINNIE
BLAKE Emma M.    7-Feb-1963 72 Buried with Paul Ernest BALKE
CARTER Arthur C. R.   15-Nov-1949 61  
CARTER Sarah   11-Dec-1964 74  
COCHRANE Anna   10-Sep-1946 79  
COCHRANE David Wright   12-Sep-1951 91  
COLTHUP James Barnett   19-Jul-1944 70  
COLTHUP Mary Alice   12-Sep-1948 76  
DAVEY Beatrice Ann Cooper   19-Dec-1940 57 Wife of Fredrk mother of Lloyd DAVEY
DAVEY Frederick   15-Jan-1962 72  
DAVIS Mary J.                   1936    
EDWARDS Dorothy Edna   1-May-1954 38  
ELSHOLZ Mary 1883 1947   Daughter of William F. & Ottiliea ELSHOLZ
ELSHOLZ Mathilde 1885 1958   Daughter of William F. & Ottiliea ELSHOLZ
ELSHOLZ Ottiliea H. 1863 1948    
ELSHOLZ William F. C.  1860 1945    
FAULKNER Georgina May     70 Buried with John W. & Rose L. INGRAM 
FAULKNER Thomas Stanley     71 Buried with John W. & Rose L. INGRAM 
FISHER Eustace   22-Jul-1971 78 Nee LINNIGAN Buried with husband William Alexander FISHER
FISHER Jean Glen   22-Mar-1924 8 mths Intr. At Toowoomba on Eustace & William ALEXANDER FISHER's headstone
FOSTER Eric Kingsmill   16-Dec-1972 58 Buried with in-laws Isabella Chalmers & Samuel WILSON
FRANCIS Johanna   10-Jun-1949 58  
FRANCIS Stanley Roy   9-Nov-1977 87  
FREEMAN Alfred Charles   24-Apr-1964 74  
FREEMAN Margaret   27-Jul-1962 72  
FREEMAN Martha   29-Aug-1957 75  
FREEMAN Moses J.   25-Mar-1962 85  
GREEN Douglas   24-Jul-1951 19 Accidetally Killed 
HENDERSON Elizabeth   27-Jun-1951 62  
HENDERSON James      6-Sep-1941 60  
HENDERSON John      30-Jul-1957 84  
HERRON Thomas John 13-Apr-1875 27-Sep-1936   5036 Pte 14/31st Battalion
HUGHES Alexa   1-Nov-1966 80  
HUGHES Walter F.   28-Oct-1958 73  
HUMPHREYS Elizabeth Thann   9-Jan-1941 78  
HUMPHREYS Henry William   22-Jul-1943 79  
INGRAM John Woodward   14-Jan-1950 81 Buried with Georgina May & Thomas STANLEY FAULKNER
INGRAM Rose Lucy    8-Aug-1930 52 Wife of J. W. INGRAM Buried with Georgina May & Thomas STANLEY FAULKNER
JEFFREY Joseph B.   12-Nov-1937 66  
JEFFREY Sarah E.   13-Feb-1967 91  
JENNER Alice M.   2-Sep-1950 72  
JENNER John J.   9-Apr-1949 69  
JONES Helen   24-May-1968    
JONES William      7-Oct-1946    
KEIDGE Yvonne Mildred   18-Jul-1943 2 yrs 2 mths  
KNOX Lorna Agnes   11-Oct-1947 32 Buried with her sister Violet BEAN
KOWALTZKE Carl   4-Jun-1966    
KOWALTZKE Martha Mary   2-May-1968    
KOWALTZKE Rosie   25-Nov-1936   Daughter of C. & M. KOWALTZKE
KRUGER A. W.   8-Mar-1950 71  
KRUGER Ferdinand F. W.   7-Sep-1945 88  
LEWIS Florrie   8-Aug-1944 55 Wife of S. T. LEWIS
MARTIN James Frederick   5-Jul-1951 48  
McCALE Lilian Harriett   21-Oct-1950 73 Buried with daughter Lilian Josephine WALSOE
McCALE William   27-Aug-1953 80 Buried with daughter Lilian Josephine WALSOE
MEIER Alma A.   4-Aug-1981   Wife of J. F. W. (Bill) MEIER
MEIER J. F. W. (Bill)   1-Sep-1969   Husband of Alma A. MEIER
MILLS Leslie David Morris   18-Oct-1949 36  
MORRIS Jonathan   5-Apr-1941 78  
MORRIS Maud   14-Dec-1940 63  
MORTIMER Arthur      14-Mar-1939 53  
MORTIMER Jennett   4-May-1972 83  
MOSES Amelia   13-Jul-1975 91  
MOSES David     2-Aug-1980 61  
MOSES Ethel   26-Aug-1980 61  
MOSES Margaret   13-Sep-1933 26 Daughter of David & Amelia MOSES
MULLER Hugo   15-Nov-1945 65  
MULLER Margaretha C.   12-Mar-1965 74  
NEWELL Emily E.   9-Sep-1969 88  
NEWELL Samuel   2-Mar-1952 70 Rev.
NEWTON Cyril   21-Dec-1949 56  
PAYNE Edmund C.   5-Nov-1969 57  
PAYNE Hannah   27-Jan-1961 90  
PAYNE Margaret   10-Oct-1989 70  
PAYNE Thomas   14-Aug-1941 83  
PAYNE Thomas   8-May-1962 57  
PETIE Barry W. W.   22-Jul-1943 5 yrs 11 1/2 mths  
PETIE Clara   9-Sep-1946 97  
PETIE Clara   10-May-1971 83  
PETIE Joseph     4-Apr-1939 52 Late 25th Batt. A. I. F.
PETIE Matilda   31-Jan-1956 70  
PETIE Wilfred   9-Sep-1951 75  
PETIE William   8-Dec-1935 85  
PUSCHEL Elfrida    14-May-1987 93  
PUSCHEL Fredrich   25-Feb-1946 47  
RISSON Ada Banks   31-Oct-1958 76  
RISSON Cecil Dudley   25-Apr-1965 55  
RISSON Charles   1-Oct-1951 75  
ROBINSON Charlotte S.   23-Sep-1962 77  
ROBINSON Oldine Fredrikke   12-Mar-1952 70  
ROBINSON William R.   8-Sep-1947 59  
SABINE Edward William   20-Jan-1950 5 yrs 9 mths Accidetally Drowned Buried with Bertha P. & Thomas WILLIAMS
SCHULZ Dorothy May   9-Sep-1987 72  
SCHULZ Elisabeth   29-May-1938 67  
SCHULZ Ruby   26-Mar-1975 69  
SCHULZ Welhelm   30-Apr-1942 87  
SCRIVEN  Agnes 1858 1946    
SCRIVEN  Charles 1860 1939    
SMITH Jane   25-Jul-1930 75 Wife of Zachariah SMITH
SMITH Zachariah   21-Jun-1933 82 Husband of Jane SMITH
STATHAM Basil   2-Nov-1936 24  
STIRLING James Hunter 31-Jan-1889 2-Feb-1933   1440 Pte. 2nd Field Ambulance (Anzac Cove)
TAIT Louisa   11-May-1934   Wife of Adam TAIT Buried with Dulcie M. BAILEY
TAYLOR Jabez (Jack)   21-Sep-1952 71  
TAYLOR Naomi   22-Oct-1944 60  
WAITE Charlotte      17-Jun-1947 79 Wife of William Henry WAITE
WAITE Edith   28-Aug-1935 46 Wife of W. A. WAITE
WAITE William Henry   28-Aug-1942 84 Husband of Charlotte WAITE
WALSOE Lilian Josephine   14-Jun-1959 56 Buried with parents Lilian Harriett & William McCALE
WARD Mary Elizabeth   25-Oct-1935 51 Buried with Elizabeth Ann & Theophilus WATSON
WARD Thomas Lot   30-Mar-1962 75 Buried with Elizabeth Ann & Theophilus WATSON
WATSON Alice Jane   25-Jan-1975 86  
WATSON Elizabeth Ann   12-Oct-1949 83 Buried with Mary Elizabeth & Thomas Lot WARD
WATSON Jean Alice   21-Apr-1991 74  
WATSON Matthew   12-Aug-1933 51  
WATSON Theophilus   24-Oct-1936 78 Buried with Mary Elizabeth & Thomas Lot WARD
WEIMER Annie Ellen   12-Nov-1955 74  
WEIMER Henry Gustav   5-Jul-1934 59  
WILDEY Jenny   6-Jul-1936 44 Buried with Kate WILLIAMS
WILDEY Joseph Horace   25-Sep-1964 78 Buried with Kate WILLIAMS
WILDEY Olwyn   14-May-1963 45 Buried with Kate WILLIAMS
WILLIAMS Bertha P.   14-Jul-1968 85 Buried with Edward William SABINE
WILLIAMS Thomas   1-Feb-1955 76 Buried with Edward William SABINE
WILLIAMS Kate   14-Aug-1936 86 Buried with Jenny, Joseph Horace & Olwyn WILDEY
WILLIAMS Mary   12-Jul-1931 74 Wife of David WILLIAMS
WILSON Isabella Chalmers   1-Jul-1951 69 Buried with son-in-law Eric Kingsmill FOSTER
WILSON Samuel   27-Jun-1960 73 Buried with son-in-law Eric Kingsmill FOSTER
WINDOLF Ada     3-Aug-1959 79  
WINDOLF Paul      10-Jun-1958 80  
WISEMAN Gladys M.   4-Apr-2004 84  
WISEMAN Gordon S.   14-Aug-1986 66  
WISEMAN Robert W.   11-Feb-1951 6  
WOOLLEY Eric W.   10-Oct-1969 62  
WOOLLEY Joseph   20-May-1948 78  
WOOLLEY Margaret Newlands   30-Oct-1959 80  
WOOLLEY Mary Irene   26-Jun-1996 88  

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