Methodist Uniting B Section


Data compiled and gathered by Kerry Hall



SURNAME Given Names Date of Birth  Date of Death Age Remarks
AINSCOUGH John   11-Jan-1935 28  
ALBACK Frederick   19-Mar-1928 69  
ALBACK John Fraser   10-Feb-1918 19  
ALBACK Mary Ann   21-Nov-1948 83  
ALLEN Doris Kathleen   8-Jul-1901 4 yrs 6 mths Daughter of George & Margaret ALLEN
ALLEN Isabella   5-Jul-1928 60 Daughter of Margaret & Robert ALLEN
ALLEN Margaret   11-Jan-1913 75 Wife of Robert ALLEN
ALLEN Robert   11-May-1904 69 Husband of Margaret ALLEN
ANDREWS Harriett L.          16-Aug-1890 57  
ANDREWS Richard             7-Apr-1897 63  
ASPINALL John Squire   4-Jul-1934 64 Husband of Martha ASPINALL
ASPINALL Marcia   7-Aug-1934   Infant daughter of Sid & Queenie ASPINALL
ASPINALL Martha   30-Jul-1949 75 Wife of John Squire ASPINALL
AULD Winifred E.   2-Sep-1931 20 Nee HOUSTON
BAGSHAW Susannah   5-Feb-1968 94 Buried with Grace LADBROOK & Jane & Alex SMITH
BAILEY David C.   1919   20 yrs 10 mths  
BAILEY Math   1941 79  
BAMBLING Kayleen S.   31-Dec-1970 5 mths  
BAMBLING Steven B.   22-Jul-1959 6 mths  
BAMBURY Eliza   1879    
BAMBURY James   1877 43  
BARNARD M. B.   1919 25  
BARNES Marion Ida   27-Dec-1965 67 Buried with Frederick Jesse PAGE
BARNES Mary Sarah          17-Mar-1880 6 weeks Buried with James & James Agnew SLOAN
BARNETT John   3-Mar-1957 2 days  
BARRAM John Edwin   19-Jun-1961 83  
BARRAM Mary Ann   26-Aug-1953 69  
BARRETT Christopher   26-Jun-1939 81  
BARRETT Esther   9-Mar-1912 87  
BARRETT Thomas            3-Sep-1886 66  
BASHFORD Phillip     68 Son of and buried with Sarah Ann BASHFORD & Cissie & John PATERSON
BASHFORD Sarah Ann   3-Aug-1935 91 Mother of and buried with Phillip BASHFORD & Cissie & John PATERSON
BEASELY Elsie M. 1895 1897      
BEASELY Alice M. 1869 1937    
BEASELY Harry J. 1899 1921    
BEASELY Joseph 1864 1949    
BELL George   11-Jul-1915 82 Husband of Martha Jane BELL
BELL Martha Jane   14-Apr-1918 78 Wife of George BELL
BERRY Constance       Loose headstones on grave of Edwin Roma & Harry BROWN
BERRY Elizabeth   17-Nov-1909 65  
BERRY Florence Margaret   11-Nov-1948    
BERRY Ernest H.   5-Jul-1970 61 Buried with S. A. Maud BERRY & Charles & Elizabeth PALMER
BERRY  S. A. Maud   6-Mar-1964 81 Buried with Ernest H. BERRY & Charles & Elizabeth PALMER
BEVERLEY Fanny   23-Jan-1924 77  
BEVERLEY Fanny May   14-Feb-1904 22 yrs 4 mths 3rd Daughter of W. G. BEVERLEY
BIDDLE Timothy   20-Dec-1969    
BINNINGTON Charles   29-Apr-1929   Son of Sarah BINNINGTON
BINNINGTON Sarah    31-Mar-1841 6-Aug-1923   Mother of Charles BINNINGTON
BLAINE Francis T.   1907 42  
BLAINE Stanley F.   12-Jun-1937 34  
BOODY Norman Hunter (Toddler)   23-Sep-1932 27 Accidentally Killed at Marburg Buried with John Campbell HUNTER
BOOL Ernest C.   10-Dec-1895 21  
BOOL Mary A. E.   26-Jan-1929 78  
BOOL Walter James   16-Jul-1898 28  
BOULTER Hannah   3-Dec-1942 69  
BOULTER Norman      25-Oct-1902 4 mths  
BOYCE Lily   14-Sep-1907 28 Wife of A. BOYCE buried with Henry,Ann, Mary Louisa & G. A. Walter BURGESS
BOYD Mary   30-Jan-1952 79  
BOYD John   12-Nov-1934 59  
BRASSEY Elizabeth    1-Jun-1940 79 Wife of G. T. BRASSEY
BRASSEY George Thomas   1-Jan-1908 23 Son of George Thomas & Elizabeth BRASSEY
BRASSEY George Thomas   28-Sep-1941 80  
BRASSEY Richard   9-May-1914 82  
BRASSEY Sarah Ann   20-Feb-1913 81 yrs 6 mths  
BRENNAN Bill       Husband of Marian BRENNAN
BRENNAN David Russell 16-Jul-1964 14-Sep-1964    
BRENNAN Wilfred   10-Aug-1938 24  
BRENNAN Marian   25-Mar-1943 25 Wife of Bill BRENNAN
BROUGHTON Eliza E.   12-Jul-1932 74 Wife of John J. BROUGHTON
BROUGHTON John J.   20-Jul-1938 70 Husband of Eliza E. BROUGHTON
BROUGHTON Frank L.   1890 5 Son of John J. & Eliza E. BROUGHTON
BROWN Darren Paul   21-Aug-1969 1 hour  
BROWN Edwin Roma   1-Mar-1883 3-Oct-1903   Born at Sea Headstone loose sitting on grave of Constance BERRY
BROWN Harry     23-May-1901 25 Killed at Ipswich Station Headstone loose sitting on grave of Constance BERRY
BROWNING Robert   23-Apr-1880 27  
BUCKENHAM Clara A.   22-Sep-1946 49  
BURGESS Ann     20-Jun-1899 63 Wife of Henry BURGESS Buried with Lily BOYCE
BURGESS Bertha   7-Feb-1917 37 Wife of T. BURGESS
BURGESS G. A. Walter   9-Dec-1926 63 Son of Ann & Henry Husband of Laura L.BURGESS Died at Corinda
BURGESS Henry   27-Nov-1884 49 Husband of Ann BURGESS Buried with Lily BOYCE
BURGESS Mary Louisa   3-Mar-1892 26 Buried with Lily BOYCE
BURGESS T.   16-Jan-1946 79 Husband of Bertha BURGESS
BUXTON Mary   8-Jun-1927 87 Wife of Samuel BUXTON
BUXTON Samuel   4-Dec-1919 82 Husband of Mary BUXTON
BYTHEWAY Anna   4-Sep-1904 49 Wife of John T. BYTHEWAY
BYTHEWAY John T.   14-Jun-1909 81 Husband of Anna BYTHEWAY
CAFFERKY Agnes   3-Dec-1946 69  
CAFFERKY Colin A. S.   7-Oct-1914 3  
CAFFERKY George C.   7-Jun-1910 2  
CAFFERKY William G.   5-Apr-1938 67  
CAMPBELL Hazel Edna   5-Nov-1917 4 mths Buried with Johanna STEINKE & Thomas Bradley CLARK
CLARK Thomas Bradley   1-Apr-1939 12 Buried with Hazel Edna CAMPBELL & Johanna STEINKE
CLEM Alwyn   17-May-1922 4  
CLEM Donald   20-Mar-1940 17  
CLEM Frederick Wilhelm   18-Aug-1967 82  
CLEM Sophie Therese   20-Feb-1970 84  
CLOWES Bessie   26-Jul-1919 70  
CLOWES J. Stanfell   3-Feb-1921 70  
CLOWES Norman   12-Nov-1896 19  
COOK Elizabeth   16-Sep-1923 71 Wife of John COOK
COOK John   14-Aug-1922 82 Husband of Elizabeth COOK
COOPER Beatrice L. B.   7-Jun-1947   Buried with William & Ann HODGES
COOPER Claris N. B.   18-Aug-1949   Buried with William & Ann HODGES
COOPER Edgar J. B.   18-Sep-1947   Buried with William & Ann HODGES
COOPER Herbert J. W. B.   2-May-1938 65 Buried with William & Ann HODGES
CUFFE George           20-Jul-1898 66 Buried with grandson James HURLEY & daughter Bessie Annie PLAYFORD
CUFFE Jane   3-Feb-1922 87  
CUFFE Mary            10-Jul-1888 79  
CUFFE Matilda   1906 53 Buried with grandson James HURLEY & daughter Bessie Annie F338PLAYFORD
CUFFE Richard   1891 16  
CUFFE William      1907 69  
CULLEY Elizabeth   1889 27  
CULLEY James   1898 65  
CULLEY Mary   1911 73  
CULLUM Cecil A.   1929 33  
CULLUM Moses   1908 37  
CULLUM Sarah   1951 76  
CULLUM Victory Maurice 4-Nov-1902 19-Jul-1991    
CURPHEY Mary   28-Sep-1913 74 Sister of and buried with John MUNCASTER
CURRY Jane   1902 72 Buried with Robert CURRY & Emily PHEBEY
CURRY Robert   1916 85 Buried with Jane CURRY & Emily PHEBEY
DALTON Annie   10-Jul-1956 89 Buried with James William DALTON & Agnes & James PETTIGREW
DALTON James William   2-May-1946 81 Buried with Annie DALTON & Agnes & James PETTIGREW
DANIELLS George   18-Jan-1950 91  
DANIELLS Mary Jane   4-Sep-1953 88  
DANN George C.        
DANN Maria    19-Aug-1937 72  
DANN Maria W.        
DANN Mary        
DANN W. David   18-Aug-1927 72  
DARKER A. H.   15-Nov-1931    
DARKER C. M.   30-Nov-1937    
DARKER Edith M.   2-Mar-1919    
DARKER F. G.   26-Aug-1940    
DARKER George Richard   12-Apr-1925    
DARKER John William   8-Jul-1925    
DARKER Richard T.   5-Jul-1921 84  
DARKER T. A. F.   9-Sep-1953    
DARKER W.     20-Jul-1936 89  
DARKER W. B.   23-Mar-1950    
DARKER Williamina L.   29-Jan-1877    
DAWES Ann   24-Jan-1922 64 Died at Dinmore
DAWES William   16-Oct-1951 92 yrs 10 mths  
DEE Louisa   28-Mar-1915 75 Wife of W. L. DEE
DEE William Lloyd   15-Apr-1924 83 Husband of Louisa DEE
DENNING Ellen   24-Jan-1930 74 Wife of James DENNING
DENNING James   29-Nov-1933 78 Husband of Ellen DENNING
DOBBIE Mary J.   27-Feb-1919 2 yrs 7 mths Buried with Albert J. WOOLARD & Infant son UNKNOWN
DOBBIE Archibald   1-Oct-1970 91  
DOBBIE George   5-Aug-1979 57 Son of Grace L. & Archibald DOBBIE
DOBBIE Grace L.   7-Dec-1956 73  
DOBBIE Jane   4-Jun-1896 51 Wife of Robert DOBBIE
DOBBIE Robert   19-Jun-1918 77  
DOBBIE Subyna M.   18-Feb-1954 61 Wife of William Adams DOBBIE
DOBBIE William Adams   30-Mar-1964 72 Husband of Subyna M. DOBBIE
DOBBIE William   16-Apr-1905 39  
DODDS John   20-Oct-1950 75 Husband of Margaret Jane DODDS
DODDS Margaret Jane   22-Dec-1915 41 Wife of John DODDS
DOIDGE Elizabeth        
DOIDGE Jack   16-Jun-1904 28 Son of Richard & Elizabeth DOIDGE
DOIDGE Richard        
DONNELLY Harriett     15-Jul-1954 84 Buried with John DONNELLY & Ann & George MILLER
DONNELLY John   14-Apr-1936 68 Buried with Harriett DONNELLY & Ann & George MILLER
DUNN George Henry   22-Jan-1920 61  
DUNSDON Emma   21-Jan-1900 50 Wife of R. J. DUNSDON
DUNSDON Richard George   29-Apr-1915 35 Son of Emma & R. J. DUNSDON Killed in Action at the Dardanelles
DUNSDON Richard James   14-Aug-1925 75 Husband of Emma Father of Richard George DUNSDON
ELLIOTT Mary Anna   2-Dec-1913 73 Wife of R. W. ELLIOTT
ELLIOTT Robert W.   24-Nov-1922 80 Husband of Mary Anna ELLIOTT
ELLIS Colin Edward 19-Apr-1959 6-Jun-1959    
ELMS William   5-Mar-1895 52  
ERB Johann C.   7-Jul-1955 80  
ERB William   13-Mar-1954 73  
EVANS Emily   19-Nov-1933   Wife of Harry EVANS
EVANS Father        
EVANS Harry 17-Mar-1861 28-Nov-1901   Born at Ipswich Died at Rosemount, Sherwood Headston erected by The Queensland Railway Department
EVANS Jane Ann   25-Sep-1893 35 Wife of George EVANS Eldest daughter of John Baker HOOPER Buried with George Alfred HOOPER
EVANS Ralph   19-Dec-1966    
EVANS Mother        
FEATHERSTONE Hannah 5-May-1860 14-Mar-1912 51 Wife of Thomas FEATHERSTONE Buried with Jean TELFER
FITZGERALD Alice     1885 21  
FITZGERALD Laura   1884 12 yrs 9 mths  
FITZGERALD Mary A.      1909 72  
FITZGERALD Robert   1878 62  
FITZGERALD Walter Vesey 1865 1955    
FLEISCHMANN Alfred   3-Jul-1895 25 Son of Johann & Jacobina FLEISCHMANN
FLEISCHMANN Arthur Ernest   16-Jun-1896 24 Son of Johann & Jacobina FLEISCHMANN
FLEISCHMANN Arthur E.     70  
FLEISCHMANN C. Olive     21  
FLEISCHMANN Charles H.     80  
FLEISCHMANN Hilda N.     50  
FLEISCHMANN Jacobina   6-Dec-1917 84 Wife of Johann FLEISCHMANN
FLEISCHMANN Johann   4-Aug-1897   Husband of Jacobina FLEISCHMANN
FLEISCHMANN Mary M.     69  
FLEISCHMANN Mary     74  
FOOTE Hilda  Blanche   9-Oct-1915 21 Wife of Fred A. FOOTE
FOOTE Sarah Ann   2-Jan-1913 60  
FRANCIS A. C.       Daughter of Ada F. FRANCIS
FRANCIS Ada F.        
FRANCIS Annie M.   30-Aug-1929    
FRANCIS D. M.       Daughter of Ada F. FRANCIS
FRANCIS Elizabeth   25-Mar-1910 79 Wife of Josiah FRANCIS
FRANCIS G. A.          Son of Henry A. FRANCIS
FRANCIS Henry A.        
FRANCIS Henry Maxwell Llewellyn   May-1886 11 mths Son of Joseph & Annie FRANCIS
FRANCIS H. W.       Son of Henry A. FRANCIS
FRANCIS Joseph   27-Feb-1936    
FRANCIS Josiah   11-May-1891 66 Husband of Elizabeth FRANCIS
FREEMAN Annie K.   22-Jun-1905 33  
FREEMAN Edwin     31-Dec-1900 4  
FREEMAN Frederick 31 Oct 2-Nov-1904    
FREEMAN Henry W.   29-Sep-1905 15  
FREEMAN C. William   21-Aug-1935 69  
FULLELOVE Margaret   1913   Buried with Thomas FULLELOVE & A. E. McCABE
FULLELOVE Sarah   13-Feb-1898 70 Wife of Thomas FULLELOVE
FULLELOVE Thomas   30-Dec-1891 68 Husband of Sarah FULLELOVE
FULLELOVE Thomas   13-Dec-1912   Buried with Margaret FULLELOVE & A. E. McCABE
FULLER Edward   15-Jul-1895 60 Husband of Mary FULLER
FULLER Mary   13-Mar-1918 77 Wife of Edward FULLER
GADD Albert      14-Aug-1920    
GADD Arthur E.   16-Oct-1917   Killed in Action
GADD Leslie L.   28-Feb-1929 28 Husband of Jessie GADD
GLEDSON W. A.   18-Aug-1960 48 QX50714 Lance Sergeant 7 Field Company R. A. E. Husband of Dorothy and father of John
GOUGH Hannah   20-Feb-1884 63  
GRAY James   14-Dec-1900 37  
GRAY Thirza Jane   10-Aug-1935 68  
GREEN Sarah   30-Nov-1918   Wife of Thomas GREEN
GREEN Thomas   24-Apr-1905   Husband of Sarah GREEN
GREENHAM C. E.        
GREENHAM E.        
GREENHAM J.           
GREENHAM M.        
GRIFFITHS Alfred Ernest   4-Mar-1929 58 yrs 11 mths  
GRIFFITHS Florence Evelyn (Florrie)   13-Jan-1923 21 Eldest daughter of A. & M. GRIFFITHS of Redbank Plains
GRIFFITHS Margaret M. J.   27-May-1962 88  
HAINES Charles   22-Mar-1883 44  
HALLETT Henry H.   9-Jul-1951 91 Husband of Rebecca Jane HALLETT
HALLETT Rebecca Jane   30-Aug-1912 47 Wife of Henry H. HALLETT
HALLEWELL Annie   29-Oct-1967 91  
HALLEWELL Sam     31-Jan-1936 60  
HAM Jeannette Cranmer       Infant daughter of Sarah & Isaac HAM
HAM Sarah  16-Jul-1859 22-May-1909   Wife of Isaac HAM Mother of Jeannette Cranmer HAM Born at Allendale, Northumberland, England
HAMILTON Henry   1-Dec-1895 46  
HANSELL Ellen   2-Nov-1938 88  
HANSELL Frankland   26-Jun-1903 22 Son of M. & E. HANSELL
HANSELL Martin   30-Oct-1922 71  
HANSEN Jacob  16-Aug-1828 1904 75 yrs 7 mths  
HARPENG Robert F.   12-Nov-1952   Buried with Stanley SEIDEL
HARPER Alfred     18  
HARPER Charlotte     79  
HARPER James     18  
HARPER Richard     81  
HARPER Robert     8 days  
HARPER Rosina     67  
HARRIS Elizabeth Jane   25-Jul-1933 71 Born Zennor, Cornwall
HARRIS Kenneth James   6-Sep-1941 43 Father of Kenneth John HARRIS
HARRIS Kenneth John     10 mths Son of Kenneth James HARRIS
HARRIS Lily E. L.   5-Jun-1998 98  
HARRIS Noah   20-Aug-1941 77 Born Cradley Heath, England
HAUGHTON Henry   28-Dec-1887 8 days Buried with Irene Dorothy McKENZIE Son of Richard & Harriett HAUGHTON
HAYES Cathrine   4-Apr-1919 65  
HAYES Harold M.   20-May-1930 38  
HAYES James   7-Jan-1922 70  
HAYES James Arthur   5-Mar-1919 2 yrs 6 mths  
HEINER Adeline   28-Mar-1945   Buried with C. W. Louis HEINER & Florence Beatrice HUMPHREYS
HEINER C. W. Louis   14-May-1919 51 Buried with Adeline HEINER & Florence Beatrice HUMPHREYS
HEWLETT Jane   6-Feb-1900 71 Wife of Robert HEWLETT
HEWLETT Mary Jane   21-Sep-1931 67 Wife of William Henry HEWLETT
HEWLETT Robert   7-Jan-1892 67 Husband of Jane HEWLETT
HEWLETT Robert John (Bert)   29-Dec-1906 14 yrs 8 mths Son of W. H. & M. J. HEWLETT Accidentally drowned
HEWLETT William Henry   8-Dec-1926 63 Husband of Mary Jane HEWLETT
HILLIER Charles Herbert   30-Sep-1892 3 weeks  
HILLIER George E.   1918 28  
HILLIER Jesse   8-Aug-1910 72  
HILLIER Joseph   1918    
HILLIER Margaret   25-Jul-1943 87  
HILLIER Martha Ann   31-Dec-1884 9 mths  
HILLIER Thomas   21-Jun-1896 18  
HINGSTON Marion Brown   12-Oct-1936 70  
HINGSTON Walter   24-Jul-1947 85  
HOARE Amy       Daughter of Robert & Eliza HOARE
HOARE Annie       Daughter of Robert & Eliza HOARE
HOARE Edna May       Granddaughter of Robert & Eliza HOARE
HOARE Eliza       Daughter of Robert & Eliza HOARE
HOARE Eliza       Wife of Robert HOARE
HOARE Robert       Husband of Eliza HOARE
HODGES Ann   3-Aug-1886 71 Wife of and buried with William HODGES & Beatrice L. B. & Edgar J. B & Claris N. B. & Herbert J. W. B. COOPER
HODGES William   21-Sep-1892 86 Husband of and buried with Ann HODGES & Beatrice L. B. & Edgar J. B & Claris N. B. & Herbert J. W. B. COOPER
HODGSON Charlotte Fanny 28-Jul-1862 19-Jan-1917   Born Conisholme, Lincolnshire, England Buried with Miraim Jane POCOCK
HODGSON James   4-Oct-1928 73 Yorkshire, England Buried with Miriam Jane POCOCK
HOLLAND Josephine   15-Feb-1929 50  
HOLT A. M.   24-Jul-1918 88  
HOLT John   5-Mar-1902 73  
HOOPER George Alfred   27-Apr-1898 58 Third son of John Baker HOOPER buried with Jane Ann EVANS
HOOPER Agnes Mary   17-Nov-1887 21 Third daughter of John Baker HOOPER
HOOPER Alberta Ann   7-Dec-1956    
HOOPER Charlotte Ann   26-Jan-1923 83 Wife of Harry HOOPER
HOOPER Constance Vera   2 Nov 1888 9 mths  
HOOPER Esther A.   7-Jul-1918 66  
HOOPER Evelyn Maude   9-Nov-1885 5 mths  
HOOPER Florence   16-Sep-1941    
HOOPER Harry   26-Dec-1896 64  
HOOPER Harry Wescott   14-Apr-1889 33 Second son of John Baker HOOPER
HOOPER Hazel Violet   17-Dec-1916 9 mths Daughter of Mabel Violet HOOPER
HOOPER Herbert Fassifern   12-Dec-1881 18 Son of John Baker HOOPER
HOOPER Ida Mary   24-Jan-1954    
HOOPER John Baker   28-Sep-1878 52  
HOOPER John Herbert James   16-Oct-1880 2 yrs 8mths Eldest son of J. H. & E. A. HOOPER
HOOPER John H.   22-Jul-1918 64  
HOOPER Mabel Violet   25-Mar-1916 31 Wife of C. D. HOOPER
HOOPER Roy Alexander          10-Dec-1887 10 mths 16 days  
HOPKINS Charles Joseph 1849 8-Jun-1929 79 Born Tasmania Died Ipswich
HORSLEY Talbot 30-Jan-1861 21-Jul-1913    
HOSKING Alice Eveline   19-Sep-1936 56  
HOSKING Elizabeth F.   27-Sep-1965 78  
HOSKING Jean   15-Sep-1915   Infant
HOSKING Richard (Dick)   25-Oct-1940 60  
HOUSTON Ellen   3-Jun-1976 90  
HOUSTON Samuel   12-Jul-1946 68  
HUMPHREYS Florence Beatrice   18-Oct-1937   Buried with Adeline & C. W. Louis HEINER Wife of M. T. HUMPHREYS Mother of Judith
HUMPHREYS Frances Letitia   29-Feb-1892 19 Wife of George HUMPHREYS Buried with parents Joseph & Martha ROSE
HUNTER John Campbell   21-Apr-1916 38 Buried with Norman Hunter (Toddler) BOODY
HURLEY James Lenard   4-Apr-1915 6 yrs 4 mths Buried with Bessie Annie PLAYFORD & grandparents George & Matilda CUFFE
HUSTWICK Emilie   4-Dec-1886 22 Daughter of J. & M. HUSTWICK of Shilden, England
IBBOTSON Mary Jane   12-Sep-1867 36 Wife of Benjamin IBBOTSON
IBBOTSON Benjamin   20-Oct-1891 26 Youngest son of Mary Jane & Benjamin IBBOTSON
JACKSON Ada     4-Feb-1893 3 Drowned in the flood Child of Elizabeth & Peter JACKSON
JACKSON Cissie   4-Feb-1893 5 Drowned in the flood Child of Elizabeth & Peter JACKSON
JACKSON Elizabeth   8-Apr-1918 68 Wife of Peter JACKSON
JACKSON Harry   4-Feb-1893 8 Drowned in the flood Child of Elizabeth & Peter JACKSON
JACKSON Kate   4-Feb-1893 17 Drowned in the flood Child of Elizabeth & Peter JACKSON
JACKSON Mary Ann   24-Apr-1952 87  
JACKSON Peter   19-Jan-1915 72 Husband of Elizabeth JACKSON
JACKSON Thomas   30-Dec-1904 38  
JOHNS Alfred   13-Apr-1914 8 mths  
JOHNS Jane T.   1972 83  
JOHNS Margaret   1911 52  
JOHNS Mary Louisa   14-Feb-1890 45 Wife of William Henry JOHNS
JOHNS Thomas E.   1973 82  
JOHNSON Mary   23-Aug-1906 46  
JOHNSTON Ben     28-Aug-1955   Child of William George JOHNSTON
JOHNSTON Jane       Child of William George JOHNSTON
JOHNSTON Joseph Baines   22-Jun-1968 82  
JOHNSTON Lois   21-Apr-1929 38  
JOHNSTON Lucinda       Child of William George JOHNSTON
JOHNSTON William George   2-Oct-1917 80  
JOHNSTON Willie       Child of William George JOHNSTON
JOICE John   14-Jan-1918 73 Husband of and buried with Mary JOICE & eldest daughter Mary her husband Harry & daughter Vada REESON Top section of headstone lying on STEPHENS gravesite
JOICE Mary   2-May-1900 55 Wife of and buried with John JOICE & eldest daughter Mary her husband Harry & daughter Vada REESON Top section of headstone lying on STEPHENS gravesite
JONES Caroline   22-Dec-1953 92 Wife of George JONES
JONES Cyril   1-Feb-1955 63  
JONES Derby   10-Aug-1933    
JONES Edward   4-Jul-1947 88 Husband of Jane JONES
JONES Frances      21-Nov-1958 75  
JONES George   18-Jan-1916 63 Died at Dinmore Husband of Caroline JONES
JONES Ivy Constance   9-May-1925 30 Wife of W. H. JONES Buried with Estelle Muriel & George F. & Anna E. S. & Edna A SIEMON
JONES Jane   20-Dec-1919 61 Wife of Edward JONES
JONES Mary   5-Nov-1898 66 Died at Southport
JORDAN Elizabeth   1897 71  
KEIDGE Ernest W.   15-Sep-1945 66  
KEIDGE Eva E.   4-Jul-1974 89  
KEIDGE Ida     8-Nov-1912 13 mths  
KISSACK Catherine Mary   22-Dec-1889 53 Late of the Isle of Man Buried with Thomas Brew LYONS
KNOWLES George H.   12-Aug-1933 78 Died at Gladstone Buried with Elizabeth S. A. & Lizzie Rose Maud LALE
KNOWLES Mary   24-Jul-1915 58 Wife of G. H. KNOWLES buried with Elizabeth S. A. & Lizzie Rose Maud LALE
KROGER Christina   Nov-1933 92  
KROGER Friederick M.   29-Jan-1911 71  
KURTH Charlotte 1-Dec-1835 23-Jan-1915    
KURTH F. W. 27-Mar-1872 29-Jan-1908    
KURTH Ludwig   31-Jan-1936 102  
LADBROOK Grace     27-Apr-1891 21 Buried with Jane & Alex SMITH & Susannah BAGSHAW
LADLEY Clara   18-Dec-1966 97  
LADLEY Ethel May   21-Jan-1980 79  
LADLEY Mark   18-Oct-1911 44  
LADLEY Martha Charlotte 6-Mar-1893 30-Apr-1993    
LADLEY William James   2-Dec-1974 71  
LAIDLAW John   17-Dec-1916 82  
LAIDLAW Susan   1-Dec-1907 79  
LALE Elizabeth S. A.   24-Jul-1888 26 Wife of William LALE Buried with George H. & Mary KNOWLES
LALE Lizzie Rose Maud   9-Dec-1888 5 1/2 mths Infant daughter of William & Elizabeth S. A LALE Buried with George H. & Mary KNOWLES
LANCASTER Jane   25-Jun-1923 89  
LANCASTER William   1-May-1914 84  
LARCOMBE John   20-Jul-1933 64  
LARTER Edwin Thomas   19-Jun-1898 28 Son of W. F. & E. LARTER
LARTER William Frederick   31-Mar-1903 74  
LEVETT Charles I.   10-Jan-1949 80  
LEVETT William   24-Jul-1911 67  
LEWIS Annie   20-Dec-1942    
LEWIS George Murray   15-May-1960 58  
LEWIS William Norman   28-Apr-1913    
LLEWELLYN Llewellyn   21-Nov-1918 22 yrs 7 mths Accidentally Killed   
LLEWELLYN Margaret   29-Jan-1938 67  
LLEWELLYN Morgan Samuel   10-Jan-1918 3  
LLEWELLYN Thomas Benjamin   20-Jul-1942 81  
LOBLEY Elizabeth Morton   14-Jul-1941 78  
LOBLEY John W.    22-Dec-1940 74  
LOBLEY Robert G.   26-Feb-1899 10 Son of John W. LOBLEY
LOBLEY Mary Hannah   30-Jun-1914 74 Mother of Sarah Ann LOBLEY
LOBLEY Sarah Ann   1-Jul-1897 24 Daughter of Mary Hannah LOBLEY
LOWE Alfred A.   27-May-1962 86 Buried with Lucy, Henry E., Olive B. & Lucy M. WYMAN
LOWE Eva Maud   11-Nov-1929 48 Wife of and buried with Alfred A. LOWE & Lucy, Henry E., Olive B. & Lucy M. WYMAN
LOWE James   6-Aug-1903 66 Husband of Harriet LOWE
LOWE Harriet    28-May-1917 82 Wife of James LOWE
LOWE Jane   21-Feb-1903 72 Wife of Thomas LOWE
LUDGATER Elizabeth   21-Feb-1919 51  
LYONS Thomas Brew   15-Jul-1895 76 Buried with Catherine Mary KISSACK
MACARTNEY Ann   6-Sep-1950 70 Buried with Stella WATERS
MACARTNEY John   19-Mar-1927 86 Buried with Rose Edith & James WALTON
MACARTNEY John H. D.   25-Apr-1914 4 Buried with Stella WATERS
MACARTNEY Maude   4-Sep-1997 93 Buried with Stella WATERS
MACARTNEY Rosanna   25-Apr-1918 76  Wife of John MACARTNEY Buried with Rose Edith & James WALTON
MACARTNEY Samuel H.   16-Aug-1961 84 Buried with Stella WATERS
MARSH Daisy Irene   16-Feb-1910 8  
MARSH William   25-Feb-1934 75 Husband of Martha MARSH
MARSH  Martha   18-Aug-1938 76 Wife of William MARSH
MARSHALL William 29-Apr-1889 22-Apr-1908   Headstone erected by his swimming club mates & friends
MARTIN Ellen   27-Oct-1939 80  
MARTIN Joseph Edward   24-Aug-1909 13  
MASSEY Delilah   18-Nov-1943 77  
MASSEY Samuel   22-Aug-1954 90  
MASSEY Victor Edward   24-May-1918 11  
MAY Alfred   Jan 1905 73 Husband of Sarah Ann MAY
MAY Sarah Ann   10-Dec-1889 50 Wife of Alfred MAY
McCABE A. E.   18-Jun-1975 64 QX534 Private Army Medical Corps Buried with Margaret & Thomas FULLELOVE
McDONALD Samuel   1-Jun-1903 58  
McKELVIE Daniel   6-Nov-1962 89 Born at Cambusbarron, Scotland Husband of Janet Condie McKELVIE
McKELVIE Janet Condie 10-Oct-1870 10-Oct-1917   Born at Cambusbarron, Scotland Wife of Daniel McKELVIE
McKELVIE Mary Condie   27-Jun-1972 90 Born at Cambusbarron, Scotland
McKENZIE Irene Dorothy   29-Apr-1914 2 Buried with Henry HAUGHTON Grandaughter of Richard & Harriett HAUGHTON
McPHAIL Fanny   1941 84 Wife of Robert L. McPHAIL
McPHAIL Jane   25-Mar-1891 77  
McPHAIL Robert L.   31-Jul-1894 54 Husband of Fanny McPHAIL
MENSFORTH George   11-Jun-1891 16 Buried with Elizabeth MENSFORTH Julia PRICE & Lynette PEACHEY
MENSFORTH Elizabeth   11-Aug-1911 73 Buried with George MENSFORTH Julia PRICE & Lynette PEACHEY
MILLER Ann   1961 62 Buried with John & Harriett DONNELLY & Geroge MILLER
MILLER George   1983 90 Buried with John & Harriett DONNELLY & Ann MILLER
MITCHELL Caroline   28-Dec-1903 73  
MITCHELL Elsie Clara   3-Jun-1930 35  
MITCHELL George   2-Dec-1905 81  
MITCHELL H. Valentine   15-Oct-1915 23  
MITCHELL Jane E.   6-Apr-1901 34  
MITCHELL John W.    31-Oct-1948 76  
MITCHELL T. Charles   12-Feb-1915 30  
MOCKER Glen J.   6-Feb-1955 2 days  
MORGAN Catherine   1858 1918   nee SUTHERS
MORGAN John 1855 1919    
MULLER Darcy S. George   6-Feb-1937 54  
MULLER Harriet Maude   13-May-1952    
MUNCASTER John J.   25-Mar-1905 56 Jeweller, late of Douglas Isle of Man Brother of and buried with Mary CURPHEY
MUNDT Carl August Heinrich   11-Aug-1927 64 Buried with Mary Ann MUNDT & Ann & Joseph SPARKS
MUNDT Mary Ann   1-Aug-1963 90 Buried with Carl August Heinrich MUNDT & Ann & Joseph SPARKS
MURPHY Henry Gustav 4-Jan-1907 18-Nov-1991    
MURPHY Joyce Evelyn 2-Dec-1927 7-Jun-1931   Daughter of Henry Gustav & Mabel Edith MURPHY
MURPHY Mabel Edith 26-Mar-1907 16-Jul-1996    
NEILSON James   21-Sep-1941 78  
NEILSON Mary Kerr   14-Aug-1904 40  
NEWTON Peter C.   26-Mar-1960 2 days  
NIELSEN Lars   5-Jan-1922 83  
NIELSEN Thora   13-Jul-1919    
NOSWORTHY Clarice Annie   2-Jul-1912 22 Wife of Samuel NOSWORTHY Buried with Victoria E. PHILLIPS
OCKSENKOPF Caroline Wilhelmine     65 Native of Germany Headstone erected by Mrs. BOOL
OLDHAM Fred   14-Sep-1911 23 Accidentally Killed Buried with Joe & Joseph Sealey PERRETT   
OLDHAM Sybil   27-Apr-1911 25 Buried with Joe & Joseph Sealey PERRETT
OLDHAM Will   8-Jan-1920 37 Buried with Joe & Joseph Sealey PERRETT
OWEN John   3-Feb-1949 87  
OWEN Louisa Emily   10-Jul-1941 76  
OWEN Thomas   20-Jun-1907 78  
OWEN William   20-Apr-1947 47  
PAGE Frederick Jesse   4-Apr-1964 84 Buried with Marion Ida BARNES
PAGE Mary Ann   23-Mar-1938 76 Wife of William PAGE
PAGE William   1-Oct-1924 67 Husband of Mary Ann PAGE
PALMER Charles   18-Apr-1932 93 Buried with S. A. Maud & Ernest H. BERRY & Elizabeth PALMER
PALMER Elizabeth   18-Mar-1909 70 Buried with S. A. Maud & Ernest H. BERRY & Charles PALMER
PALMER Frances   18-May-1935 92 Wife of Richard PALMER
PALMER Harriett     25-Dec-1902 61 Wife of Henry PALMER
PALMER Henrietta     6  
PALMER Henry   30-Apr-1907 71  
PALMER Richard   10-Jul-1896 57 Husband of Frances PALMER
PALMER Robert   19-Sep-1934 74  
PALMER Robert     3  
PALMER Sarah   24-May-1930 70  
PAMPLING Charlotte   17-Aug-1911 32  
PAMPLING Joseph H.   9-Feb-1916 39  
PAMPLING Olive J.   3-Oct-1910  7 mths  
PARKER Daisy      15-Nov-1911 25 Daughter of William & Ellen Lavinia PARKER
PARKER Ephriam   8-Nov-1907 58 Was Accidentally Killed at The Junction, Brisbane River Husband of Ellen PARKER
PARKER Ellen   1917 68  
PASMORE  Charlotte Amelia   30-Jun-1921 84 Wife of James PASMORE
PASMORE  James   28-Apr-1909 74 Husband of Charlotte Amelia PASMORE
PATERSON Cissie Bashford   28-Nov-1889 22 Wife of David Mc. K. PATERSON Buried with John PATERSON & Sarah Ann & Phillip BASHFORD 
PATERSON John          11-Dec-1889       10 weeks Son of Cissie Bashford & David Mc. K. PATERSON Buried with Cissie PATERSON & Sarah Ann & Phillip BASHFORD
PATRICK Albert Charles   22-Jul-1943 57 Husband of Pauline PATRICK
PATRICK Pauline   10-Nov-1948 63 Wife of Albert Charles PATRICK
PEACHEY Lynette   10-Mar-1947   Infant Buried with George & Elizabeth MENSFORTH & Julia PRICE
PEDLEY Ephraim   30-May-1897 77 Husband of Isabel PEDLEY
PEDLEY Isabel   25-May-1910 81 Wife of Ephraim PEDLEY
PEDLEY William   26-Aug-1935 60  
PERRETT Joe   3-Aug-1924 31 Buried with Fred, Sybil & Will OLDHAM & Joseph Sealey PERRETT
PERRETT Joseph Sealey   15-Jan-1929 60 Buried with Fred, Sybil & Will OLDHAM & Joe PERRETT
PERRETT Adam   9-Mar-1894 64 Husband of Louisa PERRETT
PERRETT Louisa     11-Jul-1890 62 Wife of Adam PERRETT
PETERS Elizabeth Mary   26-Dec-1962 88  
PETERS Elmslie   30-Mar-1909 8 mths Son of Elizabeth Mary & John Thomas PETERS
PETERS John Thomas   16-Mar-1964 91  
PETFORD Elizabeth   1-Jun-1899 64  
PETTIGREW Agnes    22-Jan-1883 43 Buried with James PETTIGREW & Annie & James William DALTON
PETTIGREW James   24-Jun-1901 60 Buried with Agnes PETTIGREW & Annie & James William DALTON
PHEBEY Emily   9-Jul-1907 39 Buried with parents Jane & Robert CURRY
PHIE Jean Florence   20-Mar-1920 4 yrs 6 mths  
PHILLIPS Victoria E.   4-Dec-1932 80 Buried with Clarice Annie NOSWORTHY
PHILLIPS Caroline   11-Jan-1934   Wife of R. G. PHILLIPS
PHILLIPS Graham   15-Jan-1916 12 Son of Caroline & R. G. PHILLIPS
PICKARD Jemima   16-Feb-1908 76 Wife of Joseph PICKARD
PICKARD Joseph   7-Sep-1903 69 Husband of Jemima PICKARD
PLAYFORD Bessie Annie   19-Jun-1926 31 Buried with James Lenard HURLEY & parents George & Matilda CUFFE 
POCOCK  Miriam Jane 8-Oct-1888 18-Mar-1932 44 Buried with Charlotte Fanny & James HODGSON
POCOCK  Annie   12-Apr-1901 54 Mother of Edith Olive Lucy POCOCK
POCOCK  Edith Olive Lucy   10-Jul-1905 21 Daughter of Annie POCOCK
POCOCK  Martha   28-May-1950 85  
POCOCK  Reta   14-May-1907 3 yrs 6 mths  
POND Elizabeth E.   2-Nov-1947 95 Wife of Phillip John POND
POND Phillip John   3-Dec-1914 69 Husband of Elizabeth E. POND
POWELL Elizabeth   18-Aug-1882 33 Wife of Rev. W. POWELL Primitive Methodist Minister, died at Ipswich
PRASSER Emily E.   1-Jan-1959 75  
PRASSER Frederich Edward Leslie   21-Aug-1936 32  
PRASSER Frederick   24-Jun-1965 87  
PRATT Louisa S.   22-Nov-1937 58  
PRATT Mary Jane   25-Aug-1909 52 Wife of W. R. PRATT
PRATT William   5-Jul-1948 71  
PREUSS Eugen   6-Nov-1918 43  
PRICE Julia   22-Apr-1924 55 Buried with George& Elizabeth MENSFORTH & Lynette PEACHEY
RAYMOND Elizabeth 1838 1915    
RAYMOND Ellen E. 1864 1898   Child of John & Elizabeth RAYMOND
RAYMOND Jack T. 1878 1899   Child of John & Elizabeth RAYMOND
RAYMOND Jane E. 1868 1946   Child of John & Elizabeth RAYMOND
RAYMOND John 1836 1897    
RAYMOND Lily B. 1880 1947   Child of John & Elizabeth RAYMOND
RAYMOND Maria L. 1874 1935   Child of John & Elizabeth RAYMOND
RAYMOND Richard A. 1871 1898   Child of John & Elizabeth RAYMOND
REESON Harry    14-Nov-1893 28 Husband of and buried with Mary REESON & In laws John & Mary JOICE Top section of headstone lying on STEPHENS gravesite
REESON Mary    18-Jun-1893 28 Wife of and buried with Harry REESON & parents John & Mary JOICE Top section of headstone lying on STEPHENS gravesite
REESON Vada       Daughter of and buried with Mary & Harry REESON & grandparents John & Mary JOICE
RICE Annie   10-Jun-1919 37 Mother of Reg RICE
RICE Joseph   8-Jul-1904 75  
RICE Mary Ann   8-May-1913 84  
RICE Reg   11-Oct-1917   Son of Annie RICE
RICHARDS William   9-Oct-1888 25 Late of Eglwyseach, Cardiganshire, Wales
RICHEY James   18-May-1937 94 Husband of Sarah Jane RICHEY
RICHEY Sarah Jane   15-Jul-1926   Wife of James RICHEY
ROLLS  Mary    18-May-1910 47  
ROSE Joseph   6-Jul-1932 82 Husband of and buried with Martha ROSE & daughter Frances Letitia HUMPHREYS
ROSE Martha   24-Jul-1924 73 Wife of and buried with Jospeh ROSE & daughter Frances Letitia HUMPHREYS
RUSH Emily Martha   3-Jul-1999    
RUSH John William   28-May-2000    
RUSH Sarah Ann   7-Feb-1921    
RUSH Thomas Henry   19-Mar-1934    
SAWATZKI Sydney Mervyn        
SCARBOROUGH Charles    27-Oct-1897 74  
SCELLS Alfred 9-Jul-1839 18-Feb-1924   Buried with John SELLS
SCELLS Maria     4-Feb-1900   Buried with John SELLS
SCELLS Melinda   5-Aug-1901 58 Wife of Alfred SCELLS buried with John SELLS
SCHOFIELD Elizabeth Ann   2-Aug-1947    
SCHOOTH Edith          Infant
SCHOOTH Henry A.   12-Aug-1921 46  
SCHUBEL George W.   12-Aug-1922 24  
SCHWETJE Carl     1840 18-Nov-1911    
SCOTT Gertrude   25-Jun-1929 78 Wife of Herbert SCOTT
SEIDEL Stanley Robert 30-Jan-1919 19-Mar-1922   Buried with Robert F. HARPENG
SELLS  John   10-Dec-1867   Buried with Alfred, Melinda & Maria SCELLS
SEYMOUR Elizabeth Ann   2-Nov-1960 84  
SHARP Elizabeth J.    6-May-1966 79  
SHARP Thomas   7-Sep-1958 76  
SHELTON Alfred   13-Mar-1910 38  
SHELTON Lucy Ann   27-Aug-1920 70 Wife of W. SHELTON
SHELTON Samuel   31-Aug-1919 49  
SHELTON William   20-Jan-1916  70 yrs 3 mths  
SHENTON Clarence W. B. (Clarrie)   13-Dec-1934 33  
SHENTON Rev. W.   1-Apr-1944    
SIEMON Estelle Muriel     29 Eldest daughter of George F. & Anna SIEMON Buried with Ivy Constance JONES
SIEMON George F.   20-Jan-1924 57 Husband of Anna E. S. SIEMON Buried with Ivy Constance JONES
SIEMON Anna E. S.   17-Jul-1938 70 Wife of George F. SIEMON Buried with Ivy Constance JONES
SIEMON Edna A.  22-Aug-1909 27-Jul-1976   Buried with Ivy Constance JONES
SIEMON Alfred Joseph   20-Jun-1888 2 yrs 7 mths Child of William & Catherine SIEMON
SIEMON Harold Stanley   2-Jul-1893 2 yrs 8 mths Child of William & Catherine SIEMON
SKELLERN Joseph   10-Mar-1917 71  
SKELLERN Sarah   29-Jul-1924 76  
SLOAN James   18-May-1887 53 Father of James Agnew SLOAN Buried with Mary Sarah BARNES
SLOAN James Agnew    7-May-1877 19 Son of James SLOAN Buried with Mary Sarah BARNES
SMALL William H.   5-Mar-1918 3  
SMALL Winifred M.   5-Mar-1918 2  
SMALL Winifred     28-Jul-1970 78  
SMITH Alex   1948 86 Buried with Grace LADBROOK & Susannah BAGSHAW
SMITH Jane   1919   Buried with Grace LADBROOK & Susannah BAGSHAW
SMITH Alex   1948 86 Buried with Grace LADBROOK & Susannah BAGSHAW
SMITH Annie   20-Jun-1888 14 Daughter of Zachariah & Jane SMITH Died at Dinmore
SMITH Annie   1940 81  
SMITH Fred   27-Jun-1908 23 Accidentally Killed
SMITH Jane   1919   Buried with Grace LADBROOK & Susannah BAGSHAW
SMITH John Edward   12-Jun-1939 81  
SPANN Johanna     3-Mar-1889 62  
SPARKS Ann   26-Mar-1890 52 Buried with husband Joseph SPARKS & Carl August Heinrich & Mary Ann MUNDT
SPARKS Joseph   10-Aug-1919 83 Buried with wife Ann SPARKS & Carl August Heinrich & Mary Ann MUNDT
SPARROW Richard R.   23-Mar-1907    
SPENCE Julia 29-Sep-1850 18-Jun-1887   Wife of Rev. Joseph SPENCE Born in Guernsey, Channel Island Died at Ipswich
SPRESSER Ben   30-Sep-1968 80  
SPRESSER Christina Rosina   16-Jul-1898 76 Wife of Gottlieb SPRESSER
SPRESSER Clifford W.   13-Oct-1962 39  
SPRESSER Gottlieb   25-Oct-1904 84  
SPRESSER James O.   12-Nov-1927 9  
SPRESSER May   14-Aug-1938 46  
SPRESSER Raymond I.   22-May-1929  8 mths  
SPRIGGS Dick   22-Jul-1908 58 Husband of Sarah Ann SPRIGGS
SPRIGGS Sarah Ann   15-Jun-1931 81 Wife of Dick SPRIGGS
STANLEY Oliver   20-May-1921 29  
STEENSEN Wilhelmina   22-Apr-1914 65 Wife of Hans STEENSEN
STEINKE Johanna    30-Sep-1923 67 Buried with Hazel Edna CAMPBELL & Thomas Bradley CLARK
STEPHENS Claude Sydney Aitken   9-Aug-1898 10 mths   Son of Lucy Gertrude & Sydney Aitken STEPHENS
STEPHENS Lucy Gertrude   15-Jun-1921 52 Wife of Sydney Aitken STEPHENS
STEPHENS Sydney Aitken   18-Feb-1953 85 Husband of Lucy Gertrude STEPHENS
STEPTOE Minnie   13-Jul-1912 36 Wife of Arthur STEPTOE Daughter of James & Mary Jane TERRILL
STIDSTON Geogina   3-Sep-1929 70 Wife of William STIDSTON
STIDSTON William   17-May-1940 81 Husband of Geogina STIDSTON
STITZ Eva   31-Aug-1933 40  
STITZ Iris B.   26-Sep-1938 23  
STITZ Wilhelm     14-Oct-1922 30  
SULLIVAN Claudia I. J.   17-Dec-1976 78  
SULLIVAN William E.   3-Jan-1956 63  
SYMMONDS Alice   21-Apr-1940 75  
SYMMONDS William   2-Jan-1916 53  
TELFER Jean   9-Jul-1920 29 Wife of John TELFER Buried Hannah FEATHERSTONE
TERRILL Mary Jane 28-Dec-1843 19-Dec-1912   Wife of James TERRILL Born at Camborne, Cornwall, England Died at Ipswich Buried with daughter Minnie STEPTOE
TERRILL James 28-Feb-1845 8-May-1916   Husband of Mary Jane TERRILL
THORNE Alfred   16-Feb-1910 70 Husband of Elizabeth THORNE
THORNE Elizabeth   29-Aug-1926 88 Wife of Alfred THORNE
TUNSTALL John Charles   20-Jul-1910 63 of Coochin - Coochin Husband of S. A. TUNSTALL 
TUNSTALL S. A.    7-Oct-1933 86 Wife of John Charles TUNSTALL
TYLER Frederick W.   30-Jul-1887 14 Son of William TYLER
TYLER William H.   14-Sep-1892 13 Son of William TYLER
TYLER William   26-Jan-1920 72 Husband of Harriett TYLER
UNKNOWN Infant Son   16-Mar-1914   Buried with Albert J. WOOLARD & Mary J. DOBBIE
UNKNOWN Floria   1888    
UNKNOWN Murray   1890    
UNKNOWN Elma Sylvia        
UNKNOWN Jessie        
UNKNOWN Sid        
VERCOE Henry   5-Mar-1913   Husband of Sarah Ann VERCOE
VERCOE Sarah Ann   9-Jun-1913   Wife of Henry VERCOE
VERRALL Alfred   24-Oct-1918 45 Husband of Ethel VERRALL
VERRALL Percy   1-Jan-1929 12  
VERRALL Ethel     12-Oct-1962 78 Wife of Alfred VERRALL
WALKER Alexander   2-Sep-1918 48 (A tribute to the Memory by the Officials of the Aberdare Colleries) 
WALKER Charles Thomas   12-Dec-1909 6 mths Child of Robert & Florence WALKER
WALKER Margaret Jane   27-Jun-1961 86  
WALKER Robert William   13-Dec-1905 2 yrs 1 mth Child of Robert & Florence WALKER
WALL Jane   22-Mar-1893 58  
WALL Thomas   29-Oct-1910 79  
WALLACE Ann   3-Sep-1927    
WALLACE John   9-Sep-1920    
WALLIS Alfred E.   22-Dec-1947 66  
WALLIS C. G.        
WALLIS Elizabeth        
WALLIS J. M.        
WALLIS Lily     2-Aug-1947 65  
WALTON Rose Edith   28-Sep-1936 56 Wife of and buried with James WALTON & John & Rosanna MACARTNEY
WALTON James   1953   Husband of and buried with Rosanna WALTON & John & Rosanna MACARTNEY
WATERS Stella   11-Jan-1944 86 Buried with Ann, Samuel H. Maude & John H. D. MACARTNEY
WATERS Alfred Z.   25-Ma?-1915 64 Of Ipswich formerly of Pentre, Rhondda, Wales Husband of Mary WATERS
WATERS Sarah Ann   15-Oct-1924 70 Wife of William WATERS
WATERS William   2-Jun-1917 71 Husband of Sarah Ann WATERS
WEATHERHOG Elizabeth E. B.   5-Nov-1953 86  
WEATHERHOG Malcolm   24-Mar-1909 2  
WEATHERHOG Tom   5-Feb-1947 82  
WEBB Henry Robert   3-Feb-1948 68  
WEBB John        
WEBB Sarah   2-May-1962 82  
WIGHTMAN Caroline Maude   16-Dec-1919 36  
WIGHTMAN Thomas James   1-Jul-1965 82  
WILDEY Mary A. 1862 1949    
WILDEY Thomas E. 1890 1894    
WILDEY William 1855 1937    
WILLIAMS Gertrude   28-Apr-1913   Found drowned at Bundamba
WILLIAMS Albert John 1904 1972    
WILLIAMS Andrew 1912 1987    
WILLIAMS Arthur Clarence 1902 1983    
WILLIAMS Dorothy Elizabeth 19-Feb-1898 26-Mar-1923    
WILLIAMS Edith Gladys 28-Jan-1894 1-Jul-1920    
WILLIAMS Emma   9-Jun-1903 77 Wife of H. C. WILLIAMS
WILLIAMS Florence     12-Aug-1906 23 Daughter of John Barnett & Jane WILLIAMS 
WILLIAMS Gertrude   28-Apr-1913   Found drowned at Bundamba
WILLIAMS Hector Frederick 1900 1948    
WILLIAMS Henry Albert 24-Sep-1865 11-Apr-1944    
WILLIAMS Jane   10-Sep-1917 71 Wif eof John Barnett WILLIAMS
WILLIAMS John Barnett   26-Jan-1917 69 Husband of Jane WILLIAMS
WILLIAMS Kathleen Emma 1891 1981    
WILLIAMS Lily   3-Jan-1893 15-Dec-1912    
WILLIAMS Richard Henry 1906 1997    
WILLIAMS Samuel   23-Dec-1902 55  
WILLIAMS Sarah 1-Aug-1869 12-Jul-1935    
WOODHEAD Bertha   23-Jun-1923 54  
WOODHEAD John Edgar   9-Aug-1920 49  
WOODS Charles          24-Nov-1888 55 Born at Milton, Cambridge, England 
WOODS Charlie   25-Feb-1948 83  
WOODS Emma L.   17-Jan-1951 85  
WOOLARD Albert J. 1885 1921   Buried with Mary J. DOBBIE & Infant son UNKNOWN
WORTHINGTON Bertha   2-Nov-1911 27 Daughter of John & E. A. WORTHINGTON
WYMAN Lucy   10-Mar-1913 53 Wife of and buried with Henry E. WYMAN & Eva Maud & Alfred A. LOWE
WYMAN Henry E.   20-Jul-1918 69 Husband of and buried with Lucy WYMAN & Eva Maud & Alfred A. LOWE
WYMAN Olive B.   7-Oct-1959 76 Buried with Eva Maud & Alfred A. LOWE
WYMAN Lucy M.   19-Oct-1964 80 Buried with Eva Maud & Alfred A. LOWE
WYMAN Charles Thomas   17-Oct-1889 38  
WYMAN Sarah   12-Feb-1896 77  
YARROW Charles   1-May-1892 64 Husband of Jane YARROW
YARROW Frances   25-Oct-1946 81  
YARROW Jane   10-Jun-1915 84 Wife of Charles YARROW
YARROW Richard   2-Oct-1944 81  
YARROW Ruby A.   5-Feb-1995 92  
YARROW Violet   28-Jan-1912 19  
YOUNGMAN Julia   8-Aug-1898   Wife of Rev. Henry YOUNGMAN

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