Pioneer Section


Data compiled and gathered by Kerry Hall



Surname Given Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Remarks
ADAM John   22-Oct-1869 42 (Son of Alexander ADAM & Ann LIVINGSTONE)
ANDERSON Patrick Procter   26-Jan-1869 60 (Son of Patrick ANDERSON & Gleig)
ANDREW James   26-May-1869 68 (Son of Alexander ANDREW & Sarah)
ARMSTRONG Alexander   21-Jan-1885 39 Died at Brisbane (Seventh son of John ARMSTRONG of Bush Station, Geelong, Victoria & Vair SCOTT)
ATKINSON Henrietta P.   1874 32  
ATKINSON James R.   1919    
ATKINSON S. M.   1935    
ATTWOOD William H.   11-Sep-1866 20 (Son of John ATTWOOD)
AULD Charles   30-Sep-1886 18 (Son of John AULD & Margaret BELL)
AULD James   21-Aug-1890 27 (Son of John AULD & Margaret BELL)
BAILEY Mary A.   8-Jul-1871 35 (Daughter of Gavin)
BALLARD William A.       Infant (Possibly d: 27 Oct 1871 son of Henry Edward BALLARD & Bridget McHUGH)
BARCLAY Horatio Ross   16-Feb-1872 1 yr 8 mths (Son of Robert BARCLAY & Sarah WELLSTEAD)
BARR Elizabeth Edna   1879 3 mths  
BARR Walter   1876 9 mths  
BARR William Spiers   20-Mar-1877 30 (Son of James BARR & Janet SPIERS)
BATHO Henry   23-Mar-1872 48 (Son of George Best BATHO & Sarah BEST)
BAYS M. H. or H. A.   1857 24 (Possibly Henrietta Augusta BAYS d: 6 Jul 1857 Wife of Charles alfred BAYS Daughter of Hugh Hector NOBLE & Ann Eliza CHAPMAN)
BECKET Maria   7-May-1863 52 Wife of George BECKET
BEDFORD John William   20-Jul-1882 11 yrs 6 mths (Son of John William BEDFORD & Jane RODGERS)
BELL Isabella   21-Feb-1942 75 Wife of William BELL
BELL William   8-Sep-1924 59 Husband of Isabella BELL
BENNET Alexander   31-Aug-1890 8 yrs 6 mths Accidentally Drowned (Son of Alexander BENNET & Jane McPHERSON)
BENNET Jane   15-Oct-1920 73  
BENNET Alexander   31-Oct-1921 71  
BERRY Ellen   24-May-1875 27 Wife of W. BERRY (Daughter of Thomas WILSON & Jane EDGAR)
BERRY David Wilson   27-Feb-1876   Buried with Ellen BERRY (Son of William BERRY & Ellen WILSON)
BEVERLEY Dora 24-Aug-1877 7-Sep-1880   (Daughter of William George BEVERLEY & Fanny BUTLER)
BEVERLEY Ellen   12-Dec-1895   (Daughter of W. CROXTON) Passenger on S. S. Experiment 1846
BEVERLEY William George 8-Aug-1847 17-Mar-1885   (Son of William Turner BEVERLEY & Ellen CROCKSTON)
BEVERLEY William Turner   14-Mar-1870   Passenger on S. S. Experiment 1846 (Son of Thomas BEVERLEY & Mary Turner)
BEYNON Charles   13-Jan-1871 20 (Son of James BEYNON)
BLACKLOCK William E.   1-Jan-1891    
BLAINE Catherine   27-Jul-1907 65 (Daughter of Joseph FLEMING & Phoebe McGUINESS)
BLAINE Emma   18-Mar-1864 42 (Daughter of Joseph BEST & Maria ARROWSMITH)
BLAINE John   21-Nov-1908 85 (Son of John BLAINE & Marion MUIR)
BLAIR Jane   18-Nov-1882 82 Buried with Jane MARKS (Daughter of John BLAIR & Jane DUN)
BLOOM Anna C.   1929 51  
BLOOM Arthur   1894 5  
BLUNT Emily Agnes   9-Aug-1869 52 (Daughter of William HEADY)
BLUNT George   24-Jul-1873 62 (Son of John BLUNT & Clarridge)
BLUNT Mary   8-Nov-1873 28 Wife of George Albert BLUNT (Daughter of John Daniel FARLEY & Ann WARMAN)
BLUNT Mary Farley   20-Apr-1874   (Daughter of George Albert BLUNT & Mary FARLEY)
BOOTH Mary Anne   25-Oct-1896 21 Headstone erected by John FROST (Daughter of James WILCOX & Mary SUTTON)
BORTHWICK David   5-Apr-1889 31 (Son of John BORTHWICK & Ann ORR)
BORTHWICK John   27-Jun-1891 74 (Son of John BORTHWICK & Margaret BROWN)
BORTHWICK John   21-Aug-1909 53 (Son of John BOTHWICK & Ann ORR)
BOWERS William Henry   12-Jun-1867 25 days (Son of Morris BOWERS & Ellen LYDDON)
BRIGHTON James   12-Nov-1883 27 (Son of John WIlliam BRIGHTON & Janet SCOTT)
BRISBANE James   24-Jun-1913 69 Husband of Mary BRISBANE (Son of William BRISBANE & Elizabeth McAUSLAND)
BRISBANE Mary   1913   Wife of James BRISBANE
BRODERICK Catherine Selina   21-Feb-1911 16 (Daughter of Patrick BRODERICK & Selina STEVENS)
BRODERICK Eveline Annie   28-Mar-1893 16 (Daughter of Patrick BRODERICK & Selina STEVENS)
BRODERICK James Stevens   26-Jan-1876 11 mths (Son of Patrick BRODERICK & Selina STEVENS)
BRODERICK John Joseph   24-Oct-1900 22 (Son of Patrick BRODERICK & Selina STEVENS)
BRODERICK Patrick   21-Oct-1905 64 (Son of John BRODERICK & Mary MOORE)
BRODERICK Robert Stevens   1-Nov-1912 28 (Son of Patrick BRODERICK & Selina STEVENS)
BRODERICK Selina   27-Aug-1909 60 (Daughter of Robert STEVENS & Esther BUSHNELL)
BRODERICK Bartie H.   1906 23  
BRODIE Daniel   17-Jul-1874 39 (Son of John BRODIE & Agnes McFARLANE)
BROUGHTON Mary Clemence Lamonnerie   19-Nov-1862 11 mths Only daughter of Alfred Clemence Delves BROUGHTON & (Clemence Lamonnone di FATTORINI)
BROWN Annie Patterson   24-Oct-1867   Daughter of Peter BROWN & Jessie DEWAR
BROWN Charlotte Bell   22-Apr-1866 42 Wife of John BROWN (Daughter of George BELL & Mary FORCETT)
BROWN Jane Hunter   9-Jan-1874   Daughter of Peter BROWN & Jessie DEWAR
BROWN Jane   1873 26 (Possible date of death 5 Dec 1873)
BROWN Jessie D.   6-Jun-1913   (Daughter of Peter DEWAR & Margaret ROBERTSON) Buried with Peter BROWN Margaret ROBERTSON Annie PATTERSON Jane HUNTER
BROWN John   20-Oct-1895 72 Died at Lanton Park Husband of Charlotte BROWN (Son of John BROWN & Alison PATTERSON)
BROWN Margaret Robertson   5-Nov-1867   Daughter of Peter BROWN & Jessie DEWAR
BROWN Peter   27-Jun-1900 64 Husband of Jessie BROWN nee DEWAR (Son of James BROWN & Annie PATTERSON) Buried with Margaret ROBERTSON Annie PATTERSON Jane HUNTER & Jessie Dewar BROWN
BROWN Annie L.   1875    
BROWN Frederick John   22-Feb-1881 10 mths (Son of George BROWN & Mary Jane HOOPER)
BROWN George   1882 34 or 84  
BUNTING Annie   8-Apr-1881 28 (Daughter of Peter EGAN & Mary JONES)
BURNETT Maud Moore   30-Mar-1881 1 yr 4 mths (Daughter of James Thomas BURNETT & Fanny Elizabeth MOORE)
BURNS Hannah   29-Sep-1882 44 Died at Helidon (Daughter of Michael LYNCH & Margaret BURNS)
BURNS Owen   14-Aug-1873 29 Of Helidon in the Colony of Queensland and of Yard Field, County Clare, Ireland
BURNS Robert   3-Dec-1890 50  
BURRELL George Albert   8-Sep-1864 8 days (Son of Thomas BURRELL & Isabella MATCHETT)
BURRELL Isabella   1892    
BURRELL John Edward   23-Sep-1886 26 (Son of Thomas BURRELL & Isabella MATCHETT)
BURRELL Thomas   1-Apr-1874 41 (Son of Thomas BURRELL & Mary Ann)
BURRELL Richard   13-Oct-1915 63 Husband of Susan BURRELL
BURRELL Susan   17-Nov-1932 76 Wife of Richard BURRELL
BURTON Mary   1864 15  
BYRNE Catherine   1922    
BYRNE Denis Francis   26-Feb-1941    
BYRNE Ellen   25-Feb-1878 25 (Daughter of John BYRNE & Mary TYRE)
BYRNE Ellen   16-Feb-1933    
BYRNE James   1931    
BYRNE John   25-Aug-1890 57 Native of ????????County Wexford Ireland (Son of Joseph BYRNE & Bridget KEARNS)
BYRNE John   16-Sep-1906 108 yrs 3 mths Husband of Mary
BYRNE Joseph Christopher   26-Jun-1875 3 (Son of John BYRNE & Catherine CROWLEY)
BYRNE Mary   24-May-1874 50 Wife of John BYRNE (Daughter of John TYRE & Mary MURPHY)
BYTHEWAY Jessie McDonald   13-Dec-1868 27 (Daughter of John McDONALD & Mary MENZIES)
BYTHEWAY John Alexander   16-May-1869 6 mths (Son of John Thomas BYTHEWAY & Ellen McDONALD)
CALLAGHAN Martin   2-Dec-1884   Died at Ipswich
CAMERON Gordon   16-Sep-1870 5 (Son of Gordon CAMERON & Sarah O'BRIEN)
CAMERON Sarah   26-Jan-1873 33 (Daughter of Daniel O'BRIEN)
CAMERON Sarah   7-Jun-1870 1 (Daughter of Gordon CAMERON & Sarah O'BRIEN)
CAMPBELL Donald   2-Apr-1857 57  
CAMPBELL Hugh James   30-Nov-1866   (Son of Hugh CAMPBELL & Christina McLEAN)
CAMPBELL Malcolm Lachlan   11-Jan-1866 1 (Son of Hugh CAMPBELL & Christina McLEAN)
CAMPBELL Lachlan   13-Aug-1854 29 Burial date is 13 Aug 1854
CAMPBELL William   1854 5 mths  
CANNAN Catherine   1867 49  
CANNAN Mary A.   1866 22  
CANNAN Patrick   1865 46  
CANNAN Thomas   1855 1 yr 11 mths  
CHALK Thomas   22-Jan-1876 63 Native of Essex, England Buried with William CHALK , Joseph HORTON & William GEORGE (Son of John CHALK & Ann SHUNK)
CHALK William   21-Jul-1872 1 yr 3 mths Grandson of and buried with Thomas CHALK, Joseph HORTON & William GEORGE (Son of Thomas CHALK & Mary Ann RULPH/ROLFE)
CHALK William   9-Jun-1919    
CHALLINOR George Miles 6-Jun-1832 26-May-1888 55 (Son of James & Mary CHALLINOR)
CHALLINOR Mary 20-Dec-1807 23-Apr-1869 61 (Daughter of Thomas CHALLINOR & Mary)
CHEETHAM Betsy   17-Aug-1910   Buried with husband Charles CHEETHAM & Mary TELFER (Daughter of Robert CROSTHEAITE & Elizabeth)
CHEETHAM Charles   13-Feb-1893 67 Buried with wife Betsy CHEETHAM & Mary TELFER (Son of Thomas CHEETHAM & Mary WOOLETT)
CHEETHAM Eliza   23-Oct-1871 42 (Son of Josiah INGLEDOW & Mary Ann SHARMAN)
CHEETHAM James       (d: 13 Nov 1865 Son of Charles CHEETHAM Eliza ENGLEWOOD)
CHRISTIE Francis   21-May-1862   Infant son of Michael CHRISTIE (& Cecilia MORAN)
CHRISTIE Joseph       Infant son of Michael CHRISTIE
CHRISTIE Michael   22-May-1884 78 (Son of Michael CHRISTIE & Ann LOUGHRIDGE)
CHRISTIE Patrick       Infant son of Michael CHRISTIE
CHUBB Charles Frederick   13 mar 1891   (Son of Thomas CHUBB & Ann RICHARDS)
CHUBB Sarah   14-Jan-1866 41 (Daughter of Robert BENNETT & Elizabeth JENNINGS)
CHUBB Sarah Playne   30-Jul-1901 80 (Daughter of Maurice WASHBOURNE & Susannah PLAYNE)
CHUBB Walter Henry Lyttelton   27-May-1879   (Son of Charles Frederick CHUBB)
CLEM Elizabeth   3-Sep-1877 63 (Anna Elizabeth CLEM Daughter of Henry KESSEL)
COLLINS Johanna   29-Mar-1901 83 Wife of Matthew COLLINS (Daughter of Patrick CROWE)
COLLINS John   24-Jan-1880 36 (Son of Matthew COLLINS & Johanna CROUGH)
COLLINS Matthew   18-Apr-1866 58 Husband of Johanna COLLINS (Son of Timothy COLLINS & Mary)
COLLINS Thomas   21-May-1864 8 (Son of Mathew COLLINS & Johannah CROW)
COLLINS Timothy   28-Nov-1869 29 (Son of Matthew COLLINS & Johannah CROAGH)
COLLINS William   14-Mar-1929    
CONOHAN Mary   5-Nov-1872   (Daughter of John BYRNE & Mary TYRE)
COOGAN Andrew   1883 48  
COOGAN Dolina   20 mar 1895 58 (nee ROSS)
COOGAN Martin Joseph   11-Sep-1873 1 yr 10 mths (Son of Andrew COOGAN & Dolina ROSS)
COOGAN Thomas John   25-Oct-1900 37 (Son of Andrew COOGAN & Dolina ROSS
CORNELL George   1867    
CRABB Samuel   29-May-1863 45 (Son of William CRABB)
CRADDOCK Agnes   27-Jul-1911 51 (Daughter of Thomas BOWLING & Agnes SINCLAIR)
CRADDOCK Janet       Infant daughter of Thomas & Janet CRADDOCK
CRADDOCK Janet   6-Jan-1898 38 (Daughter of Thomas BOWLING & Agnes SINCLAIR)
CRADDOCK Stanley   14-Nov-1916 21 Late A. I. F. Killed in Action in France
CRADDOCK Thomas   10-Jul-1925 68  
CROOKSTON James   14-Aug-1907 78 Husband of Mary CROOKSTON (Son of James CROOKSTON & Jane CRAWFORD)
CROOKSTON Jane   13-Jun-1884 24 Died at Ipswich Wife of George CROOKSTON (Daughter of James MACKEREL & Charlotte SERERD)
CROOKSTON Mary   11-Jan-1919 86 Wife of James CROOKSTON
CROSS Patrick   12-Sep-1876 50 yrs 6 mths (Son of James CROSS & Ellen CONNORS)
CROSS Edmund   1874 1 mth (An Edward Patrick died 22 Jan 1874 Son of Patrick CROSS & Margaret RYAN)
CROSS Ellen       Infant
CROSS Margaret   26-Feb-1870 1 mth (Daughter of Patrick CROSS & Margaret RYAN)
CROSS Michael       Infant
CROSS Patrick   14-Dec-1868 2 mths (Daughter of Patrick CROSS & Margaret RYAN)
CROSS Margaret O'Brien   Sep 1894 53 Wife of Patrick CROSS
CUMMINGS Judith   22-Jun-1875 64 (Daughter of Martin LANNAN & HANLAN)
DAISEY Elizabeth   5-Dec-1865 51 (Daughter of William Murray BORTHWICK & Ellen PATTERSON)
DAISEY Jane Elizabeth   10-May-1879 13 yrs 2 mths (Daughter of John William DAISEY & Sarah Jane HODGSON)
DAISEY John Fletcher   22-Jan-1882   Infant(Son of John William DAISEY & Sarah Jane HODGSON)
DAISEY John William   18-Jun-1890   (Son of Michael DAISEY & Elizabeth BOOTHWICK)
DAISEY Michael   28-May-1881 65 (Son of John DAISEY & Mary KENNIGEN)
DAISEY Sarah Jane   15-Sep-1905   (Daughter of William HODGSON & Jane KIRKHAUGH)
DAISEY Thomas J.   18?6 11 mths  
DALY Mary   1873 26  
DAVIDSON Eion Duncan Reginald   4-Mar-1880 29 (Son of Duncan DAVIDSON & Mary MacKENZIE)
DAVIE Jean McKinlay   23-Jan-1883 66 Wife of John DAVIE of Glasgow (Daughter of William McKINLAY & Jean)
DAVIES Ernest George Gregory   8-Oct-1866 1 yr 2 mths Only son of Henry Richard DAVIES & Penelope Ann WILKINSON
DAVIS Rachael Sarah   13-Jun-1864 1 yr 3 days Daughter of Coleman DAVIS & Aelcey SALMON
DENMAN Elizabeth   8-Jun-1862 57 (Daughter of James MATRAVES & Mary ELLIOT)
DEVINE Edward   4-Jun-1871 21 (Son of John DEVINE & Margaret JESS)
DEVINE Ellen Murphy   31-Mar-1853 1 yr 3 mths Sister of George DEVINE
DEVINE George   12-Apr-1857 19 (Son of John DEVINE & Margaret MURPHY)
DINNEEN James   5-Jul-1878 47 (Son of John DINNEEN & Julia McCARTHY)
DINNEEN John   15-Oct-1868 8 mths (Son of James DINNEEN & Margaret CARROLL)
DOHERTY Thomas   25-Mar-1885 47 (Son of John DOHERTY & Isabella HEALY)
DONALD Andrew   15-Jan-1899 46 (Son of James DONALD & Elizabeth HIRLING) Buried with Elizabeth HENDERSON William, Janet, Elizabeth & John SIMPSON
DOONAR Michael   2-Feb-1872 38 Native of Ballymon, County Longford, Ireland Fatherof James Husband of Ellen DOONAR
DOONAR Ellen   18-Sep-1877 40 Wife of Michael DOONAR
DOYLE James   26-Mar-1866 23 (Son of Michael DOYLE & Ellen COLEMAN) buried with Michael & John DOYLE & Ellen HINDS
DOYLE John   3-Jan-1889 12 (Son of Michael DOYLE & Ellen COLEMAN) Buried with Michael & James DOYLE & Ellen HINDS
DOYLE Michael   19-Dec-1850 33 Buried with James & John DOYLE & Ellen HINDS
DUTTON Edward       with HOURIGAN family
DUTTON Eileen       with HOURIGAN family
DWYER Ann   23-May-1899 69 (Daughter of John RYAN & Ann)
DWYER John     8 mths Son of Peter DWYER
DWYER Mary   16-Nov-1879 48 Native of Tipperary, Ireland Wife of Patrick DWYER
DWYER Mary   20-Feb-1873 60 (Daughter of Darby HURLY & Alice DWYER)
DWYER Michael   1914 73  
DWYER Patrick   11-Jun-1878 65 (Son of Edward DWYER & Eliza HICKEY)
DWYER Patrick   15-May-1864 46 (Son of Patrick DWYER & Julia BRAIN) Native of Tipperary, Ireland
DWYER Patrick     12 mths Son of Peter DWYER
DWYER Patrick 30-Dec-1887 10-Oct-1898   (Son of Patrick DWYER & Isabella McDONALD)
DWYER Peter   6-Jul-1862 43 (Son of John DWYER & Ellen RYAN)
DWYER Stephen Joseph   22-Feb-1884 25 (Son of Peter DWYER & Ann RYAN)
DWYER Winifred 11-Dec-1893 18-Feb-1894   (Daughter of Patrick DWYER & Isabella McDONALD)
EASTWOOD Leonora   24-Mar-1872 49 (Daughter of William JENKINS & Dorothea MATTHEWS)
EDWARDS Jane   9-Dec-1889 73  
EDWARDS Thomas   1899 80  
FERGUSON Emma   23-Aug-1864 55 (Daughter of Job DAWE & Amelia)
FERGUSON Mary J.   1905 93  
FERGUSON William L.   1866 60  
FLETCHER Sydney Gerald   19-Oct-1874 32 (Son of William FLETCHER & Hannah HONE)
FORD James   1873 15 yrs 10 mths  
FRANCIS William   28-Dec-1873 42 (Son of Michael FRANCIS & Dorah McDERMOTT)
FRASER Janet   1863 40  
FRASER John   11-Mar-1906 82  
FREESE Charthrine   18-Jan-1891   (Daughter of SWENE)
FREESE Johann J.   1962    
FREIERT Ferdinand   10-Nov-1885   (Son of Ferdinand FREIERT & Caroline)
FREIERT Wilhemine   12-Feb-1900   Minnie(Daughter of Frederick REICHER & Johanna SCHMIDT)
FRITZ August   26-Oct-1887   (Son of Gottlieb FRITZ & Wilhelmina)
GALL Ellen E.   28-Apr-1923 57  
GALL Robert   29-Jun-1930 89  
GALLIERS Edward   25-Jul-1860 44 (Son of John GALIERS & Eliza EVANS)
GEE Hephzibah   4-Feb-1884 48 (Daughter of Henry ROBINSON & Rhoda STERNE)
GEHRMANN August   3-Jul-1873 12 yrs 4 mths (Son of August GEHRMANN & Christiana LOW)
GEHRMANN August   18-Apr-1879 48 (Son of August GEHRMANN & Henrietta)
GEHRMANN Christina   1923    
GEHRMANN Henry   27-Apr-1886 27 (Son of August Frederick GEHRMANN & Christina Sophia LAW)
GEHRMANN Mary Ann   18-Nov-1864 7 yrs 6 mths  
GEORGE Maria   27-Apr-1909 81 (Daughter of GALLY)
GEORGE William   28-Sep-1914 91 (Buried with Thomas & William CHALK & Joseph HORTON)
GERMAIN John   18-Feb-1898   (Son of John GERMAIN & Elizabeth GERMAIN)
GERMAIN Susan   18-Apr-1889   (Daughter of John GERMAIN & Elizabeth GORRELL)
GERMAIN Victor   9-Jan-1876   (Son of John GERMAIN & Elizabeth GORRELL)
GILL Infant        
GILL Hanora   19-Dec-1873   (Daughter of John HOWARD & DONNOLLY)
GILLIS Frank Noel 1917 1926    
GILLIS Robert Walter Ernest 1874 1942    
GILLIVER Catherine 7-Dec-1824 7-Dec-1874 50 Born England (Daughter of William BROOKS & Sarah MOSS)
GILLIVER James   20-Dec-1900 81 (Son of Joseph GILLIVER & Mary STONY)
GILLIVER Sarah M.   1904 75  
GOAN Elizabeth   10-Jun-1901 84 Buried with Terrence & Hugh GOWAN James MURPHY
GORRY Mary   2-Jun-1879 57 (Daughter of McBURGESS & CAVANAGH)
GORRY Sarah Agnes   31-Aug-1877 10 (Daughter of Christopher GORRY & Mary McBURGESS)
GORRY Thomas Joseph Vincent   3-Sep-1871 19 (Daughter of Christopher GORRY & Mary McBURGESS)
GOWAN Hugh   31-Aug-1874 2 yrs 7 mths Buried with Terrence GOWAN James MURPHY & Elizabeth GOAN Nephew of James & Elizabeth GOWEN
GOWAN Terrence   17-Mar-1865 6 Buried with Hugh GOWAN James MURPHY & Elizabeth GOAN Son of James & Elizabeth GOWEN
GRAHAM Jane   18-May-1898 96 Buried with her adopted daughter Mary MACDONALD
GRAHAM R. D.   1918 84  
GRAHAM Rebecca   1895 56  
GRAHAM Children       Buried with R. D. & Rebecca GRAHAM
GRAWE Ida Louise Emilie 15-Jun-1879 11-Mar-1885   (Daughter of Carl GRAWE & Ferdinande LENZKE)
GRAY Charles G.   1870 86 Father of Mary Catherine Leith HAY
GRAY Jane   27-Oct-1870 69 Mother of Mary Catherine Leith HAY (Daughter of George GROGAN & Jane BENSON)
GREENBERG Lucille A.   1970 11  
GRIEVE Andrew   1911    
GRIEVE Jane   1921 80 yrs 7 mths  
GRIEVE Salvina   1970 92  
GUNN William   10-May-1878 54 Buried with brother-in-law Alexander MORRISON (Son of Donald GUNN & Eliza McLEOD)
HACKETT Ethel   5-Nov-1906   (Daughter of Thomas HACKETT & Annie KELLY)
HACKETT John   24-Apr-1875 63 Native of Tiperary, Ireland (Son of John HACKETT)
HACKETT Thomas   6-Oct-1884 8 mths Grandson of John HACKETT (Son of Thomas HACKETT & Annie KELLY)
HAMILL David        
HAMILTON Andrew Ballantine   20-Oct-1871 1 yr 1 mth (Son of Thomas HAMILTON & Jane BALLANTINE)
HAMILTON Thomas   22-Feb-1870 1 yr 6 mths (Son of Thomas HAMILTON & Jane BALLANTINE)
HAMMOND Frederick G.   1925 62  
HAMMOND James William   28-Jul-1871 3 yrs 10 mths (Son of Samuel HAMMOND & Maria GARNISH)
HANCOCK Jane   16-Oct-1901 81 (Daughter of John DAWSON & Sarah KESTRICK)
HANCOCK Josias   1879 25 Who lost his life by his horse running him against a tree near Stanthorp Son of William & Jane HANCOCK
HANCOCK Mary Hannah   2-Aug-1875 24 (Daughter of John HINE & Mary TRICKEY)
HANCOCK Mary Hannah Hine   16-Sep-1875 1 mth (Daughter of Thomas HANCOCK & Mary Hannah HINE)
HANCOCK William   23-Aug-1892 69 Father of Josias HANCOCK (Son of Josias HANCOCK & Jane REID)
HARDING E. M. 2-Jan-1838 30-Oct-1892   (Daughter of John Bowden SIMPER & Anna JAMES)
HARGREAVES Sarah   25-Aug-1870   (Daughter of Joseph HORN & Susannah TETLEY)
HARGREAVES Ebenezer Watson   1918    
HARGREAVES Mary A.       nee HENNESSEY (married Ebenezer Watson HARGREAVES 17 Oct  1871)
HARLIN Elizabeth   13-Jul-1914 79 (Daughter of William HARLIN & Sarah KENNEDY)
HASWELL Robert   16-Nov-1878 38 yrs 11mths 13 days (Son of Archibald HASWELL & Mary MacKENZIE)
HAY Alexander Christian Andrew Leith   31-Jan-1871   (Son of James Leith HAY & Maria Catherine GRAY)
HAY Elspit   25-Jan-1880 49 (Daughter of George KNIGHT & Ann LESLIE)
HAY Mary Catherine Leith   7-Jun-1875 47 (Daughter of Chas Geo GRAY & Jane GROGAN)
HEITZ Louis   2-Dec-1876 63  
HENDERSON Elizabeth   15-Dec-1893 37 (Daughter of William SIMPSON & Janet DONALD) Buried with Andrew DONALD Janet, Elizabeth, William & John SIMPSON
HENDERSON Jane   21-Sep-1901 91 (Daughter of John BERRY)
HENDERSON Thomas   30-Apr-1892 76 (Son of William HENDERSON & Mary WHITE)
HENDERSON Joan   28-Apr-1877 57 (Daughter of John HENDERSON & Joan GORDON)
HENDERSON William   28-Nov-1877 58 (Son of William HENDERSON & Mary WHITE)
HENDERSON Janet 7-Feb-1876 1-Jun-1876   Daughter of Robert HENDERSON & Elizabeth SIMPSON
HENDERSON Joan   23-Apr-1866 4 mths Daughter of Fanny HENDERSON
HENDERSON Ellen   11-Jun-1875 2 yrs 6 mths Second daughter of John HENDERSON & Frances RAPER
HINDMARSH Laura   1861 3  
HINDMARSH Mary Frances   1861 2 Third daughter of W. H. & M. F. HINDMARSH
HINDS Ellen   14-Apr-1898   (Daughter of David COLEMAN & Ellen) Buried with Michael James & John DOYLE
HINE Mary   1861 41  
HODGES Frances   3-Aug-1877 65 (Child of Richard WARR & Ann)
HODGES John   2-Nov-1861 42 (Son of Thomas HODGES & Charity)
HODGSON Henry   23-Oct-1877 5 mths (Son of Samuel HODGSON & Margaret Lucinda FORBES)
HODGSON Samuel Aldersey   16-Dec-1868 3 mths (Son of Samuel HODGSON & Margaret Lucinda FORBES)
HOOK Elizabeth        
HOOK James   11-Mar-1876 1 yr 4 mths (Son of Thomas HOOK & Isabella TULLY)
HOOK Thomas   31-May-1897 14 (Son of Thomas HOOK & Isabella TULLY)
HOOK Thomas   15-May-1909 65 (Son of Thomas HOOK & Thomasinie BROWN)
HOOK Thomas   23-Aug-1877 7 (Son of Thomas HOOK & Isabella TULLY)
HORTON Joseph   25-Jun-1878 3 weeks Grandson of and buried with Thomas & William CHALK & William GEORGE
HOURIGAN Family       with Edward & Eileen DUTTON
HUBAND Simeon J.   1855 9 mths  
HUBAND William James   18 Feb 1857 17 days (Son of James HUBAND & Emma RUBY)
HUNN Rev.F. G. E.   30-May-1949 35 Buried with Thomas & Joseph PHEBEY
HUNTER Mary   28-Mar-1885 73 (Daughter of William McCULLOUGH & Penelope DOWD)
HUNTER Infant   1878    
HUNTER Jane       (Daughter of Peter BROWN & Jessie DEWAR) Buried with Peter BROWN Margaret ROBERTSON Annie PATTERSON & Jessie DEWAR
HUTCHINSON Eliza   29-Jul-1871 49 (Daughter of John HILL)
HUTCHINSON James   12-Jun-1875 60  
HYLAND Samuel   29-Dec-1869 49 (Son of Thomas HYLAND & Maria)
INGRAM Christina   15-Nov-1891 33 (Daughter of Robert ARCHIBALD & Jennette HENDERSON)
INGRAM Enoch E.   9-Jan-1893 38 (Son of John Henry INGRAM & Jane WOODWARD)
IRWIN Annie Jane   19-Sep-1893   (Daughter of Robert IRWIN & Elizabeth GIVEN)
IRWIN Elizabeth   26-Apr-1878   (Daughter of James GIVEN & Jane MORNE)
IRWIN George   22-Jan-1879 32 (Son of Robert IRWIN & Elizabeth GIVEN)
IRWIN John   18-Nov-1891   (Son of Robert IRWIN & Elizabeth GIVEN)
IRWIN Robert   22-Dec-1870 59 (Son of John IRWIN & Mary RUSSELL)
IRWIN Robert   6-Jun-1882 37 (Son of Robert IRWIN & Elizabeth GIVEN)
JEFFREY Agnes Black   9-Jan-1882 11 (Daughter of Robert JEFFREY & Margaret MacDONALD)
JEFFREY Margaret   9-Jan-1866 38 (Daughter of Hugh McDONALD & Agnes McCOL)
JEFFREY Margaret Steen   25-Dec-1882 15 (Daughter of Robert JEFFREY & Margaret MacDONALD)
JEFFREY Robert   13-May-1883 59 (Son of John JEFFREY & Margaret STEAN)
JEFFREY Donald   1916    
JEFFREY John   1923 77  
JEFFREY Mary   20-Nov-1908 38 (Daughter of Donald McDONALD & Agnes BLACK)
JEFFREY Isabella 25-Jul-1875 29-Dec-1875   (Daughter of Robert JEFFREY & Margaret McDONALD)
JEFFRIES John   9-Nov-1915 28 Husband of Ellen Father of May & Jack
JENKINS David   12 -Sep-1872 49 (Son of Daniel JENKINS & Ann BENJAMIN)
JOHNSON William   2-Jun-1857 33 Native of Sydney
KELLY Elizabeth   14-Apr-1896 24 (Daughter of Robert JEFFREY & Margaret McDONALD)
KERSHAW Jane   26-Apr-1871 28 (Daughter of Samuel SUMMERVILLE & Elizabeth THOMPSON)
LANE James   21-Aug-1856 43 (Son of James LANE & Ann ALICE)
LARSEN George   1914 24  
LARSEN Mary   29-Dec-1881 25 (Daughter of James GEE & Mary DWYER)
LEWIS Alfred William   21-Feb-1879 28 (Son of Alfred LEWIS & Jane HANDS)
LEWIS Sarah Jane   16-Jan-1881 32 (Daughter of William HANCOCK & Jane DAWSON)
LEWIS William   3-Jul-1869 17 Buried with Susan RENNO (Son of Joseph LEWIS & Sarah BUDGING)
LOVEGROVE Thomas   24-Aug-1880 2 days (Son of John LOVEGROVE & Elizabeth OWENS)
LOVELY Arthur Patrick   26-Feb-1879 1 (Son of William LOVELY & Bridget AUSTIN)
LOVELY Bridget   6-Aug-1918 76  
LOVELY John Robert 23-Oct-1871 23-Jun-1908    
LOVELY Mary Anne   10-May-1872 30 (Daughter of Robert HEWITT & Jane HAMILTON)
LOVELY Mary Ann   19-Oct-1952 85  
LOVELY William   17-Dec-1893 58  
LOVELY William George   1-Apr-1876 1 yr 1 mth (Son of William LOVELY & Bridget AUSTIN)
LUCKING James   24-Sep-1875 40 (Son of John LUCKING & Elizabeth CREISY)
LUDGATE Eliza   17-Jan-1866 25 Wife of Henry Died At Ipswich (Daughter of Thomas DALY & Catherine FEY)
LUMSDEN John   4-Feb-1865 35 (Son of Geo LUMSDEN & Elizabeth Mary)
LYDDON William J.   23-Jul-1873 62 (Son of William Job LYDDON)
LYNCH Catherine   12-Jun-1887 50 (Daughter of Michael McCARTHY & Margaret POWER)
LYNCH John   3-Dec-1891 33 (Son of William LYNCH & Catherine MACARTHY)
LYNCH Margaret   27-Mar-1879 77 (Daughter of Michael LYNCH & Margaret MURPHY)
LYNCH Michael   7-Nov-1852 56  
MACALLISTER Alexander John   3-Jul-1869 31 Died at Ipswich of Glasgow(Son of John MACALLISTER & Ivie CAMPBELL)
MACARTHUR Maria   1-Sep-1852 59 Died at Woodend
MacDONALD Mary Jane   3-Mar-1869 22 Buried with her adoptive mother Jane GRAHAM (Daughter of John MacDONALD & Anne WALKER)
MACGREGOR Alexander   18-Dec-1927    
MACGREGOR Fanny 15-Nov-1880 19-Nov-1880   (Daughter of Alexander MACGREGOR & Frances Elizabeth EVES)
MACGREGOR Fanny Elizabeth Eves   27-Jan-1904   Wife of Alexander MACGREGOR (Daughter of John EVES & Charlotte Sarah DEMOTT)
MACGREGOR John Archibald 12-Jul-1868 11-Jun-1875   (Son of Alexander MACGREGOR & Frances Elizabeth EVES)
MACKIE Mary Fraser   24-Sep-1927 92  
MACKIE William   22-Feb-1861 24 (Son of David MACKIE & Margaret SPEARS)
MAGEE Ellen   20-Mar-1909   (Daughter of James MAGEE) Buried with Catherine WHYBIRD
MAIDEN Frank Alfred   28-May-2000 80  
MAJOR John   19-Dec-1867 1 mth (Son of Edward MAJOR & Margaret ATCHENSON)
MAJOR Margaret   20-Nov-1867 23 (Daughter of John ATCHENSON & Sarah NICHOLSON)
MARKS Jane   25-May-1897 78 Buried with Jane BLAIR (Daughter of BLAIR & Jane)
MAUGHAN George   22-Nov-1862 32 (Son of George MAUGHAN & Margaret LANDALE)
MAUGHAN Norman Louis   18-Aug-1863 3 yrs 6 mths (Son of George MAUGHAN & Frances Elizabeth LUKIN)
McANALEN Catherine   29-Oct-1911 61 Wife of Michael McANALEN
McANALEN Catherine   1903 22  
McANALEN Henry Ernest   26-Oct-1914 26 Accidentally Killed Son of Michael McANALEN & Catherine DOYLE
McANALEN John   8-Apr-1883 4 (Son of Michael McANALEN & Catherine DOYLE)
McANALEN Julia   1863 12  
McANALEN Michael   27-Aug-1878 6 (Son of Michael McANALEN & Kate DOYLE)
McANALEN Michael   10-Jul-1871 70 (Son of Michael McANALEN)
McANALEN Michael   22-Jun-1925 78  
McANALEN Maud C.        
McCANN Ann   9-Apr-1885 51 (Daughter of William NEILL & Ann O'NEILL)
McCANN Henry   18-Feb-1868 1 (Son of Francis McCANN & Ann NEILL)
McCANN Thomas   9-Aug-1866 9 (Son of Francis McCANN & Ann NEILL)
McCLELLAND Bernard   27-Jun-1870 50 (Son of William McCLELLAND & Mary TURLEY)
McCLELLAND Sarah   10-Dec-1865 14 (Daughter of Bernard McCLELLAND & Sarah CARR)
McCLELLAND Sarah   1881 67  
McDONALD Archibald   1924 85  
McDONALD Donald   1892 78  
McDONALD Jane   1933 80  
McDONALD Jessie   16-May-1907 86 (Daughter of Ronald McDOUGALL & Sarah CONNELL)
McDONALD Jessie Jane Cameron   20-Dec-1853 2  
McDONALD Macquarie   1-Apr-1855 38  
McDONALD Mary   1-Dec-1864 28 Buried with Richard McDONALD & John RYAN
McDONALD Richard   1864 16 days Buried with Mary McDONALD & John RYAN
McELWAINE James   20-May-1883 40 Husband of Mary McELWAINE (Son of McELWAINE & Jane WHITE)
McGILP Catherine   16-Apr-1903 68 Buried with Flora & John NOBLE (Daughter of Daniel McGILP & Margaret HALL)
McGRATH James   3-May-1866   (Son of John McGRATH & Anna KELLY)
McGRATH John   1865    
McGRATH Margaret   1871 80  
McGUIRE Ellen   1903 65  
McGUIRE James   12-Aug-1875 7 mths (Son of Thomas McGUIRE & Ellen RYAN)
McGUIRE John   6-May-1872 1 yr 7 mths (Son of Thomas McGUIRE & Bridget RYAN)
McGUIRE May   31-Dec-1886 7 mths (Daughter of Michael McGUIRE & Bridget WARD)
McGUIRE Thomas   20-Nov-1877 40 (Son of Patrick McGUIRE & Ann McALMICK)
McHUGH Ellen Gertrude   1-Nov-1881 29 (Daughter of James McHUGH & Margaret McCABE)
McHUGH James   1871 60  
McLEAN Malcolm   19-Aug-1853 49  
McLEAN Margaret   7-Jan-1868   (Daughter of John McDONALD & Christina McCRA)
McMILLAN Jean   17-Oct-1872 59 (Daughter of Alexander WILKIE & Euphemia JOHNSTON)
McMILLAN William   1915    
McMILLAN Infant        
McMILLAN Infant        
McMILLAN Infant        
McMILLAN Infant        
McNAMARA Margaret   30-Oct-1880 43 of Ireland Wife of Michael McNAMARA (Daughter of John SPELLISSEY & MArgaret MALONE)
McNAMARA Patrick     1 yr 6 mths  
McNAMARA Martin   1877    
McNAMARA Mary   25-Jun-1876   (Daughter of Michael HALLINAN & Ann NOLAN)
McNAMARA Michael John   17-Nov-1872 2 mths (Son of Martin McNAMARA & Mary HALLINAN)
McNAMARA Mary   30-Sep-1910 85 (Daughter of James BROWNE & Bridget CAHILL)
McNAMARA Michael   7-Jul-1875   (Son of Patrick McNAMARA & Mary BROWN)
McNAMARA Patrick   31-Dec-1885 60 (Son of William McNAMARA & Ann McMAHON)
McQUAKER Elisabeth   25-May-1875 19 (Daughter of Hugh McQUAKER & Elizabeth TURNER)
McQUAKER Elisabeth   20-Jan-1908 80 (Daughter of William TURNER & Elizabeth GRAHAM)
McQUAKER Hugh   20-Jun-1884 54 (Son of William McQUAKER & Elizabeth WALLACE)
MEYER Anna Margarette 2-Jun-1849 8-Oct-1878   (Daughter of Peter KRUSE & Anna Margarette SCHLUTER)
MEYER Anna Pauline 21-Apr-1875 18-Jan-1896   (Daughter of Edward MEYER & Anna Margretta KRUSE)
MEYER Charles George   30-Sep-1875   (Son of Edwward MEYER & Anna KRUSE)
MEYER Gustav Edward 26-Aug-1827 23-Sep-1913   (Son of Frederick William MEYER & Johanna GUENTHER)
MITCHELL Julian   1-Jun-1864 8 (Son of David MITCHELL & Julia DAVIS)
MOLONEY Esther        
MOLONEY Sara        
MOLONEY Sara        
MOLONEY Thomas        
MOLONEY William        
MOLONEY Ellen        
MONAGHAN Catherine   24-Aug-1874 35 (Daughter of NELLIGAN)
MONAGHAN James   24-Nov-1874 3 mths (Son of Patrick MONAGHAN & Catherine NELLIGAN)
MOORE Alexander   22-Apr-1888 76 (Son of Charles MOORE & Agnes RATTRAY)
MOORE Alice        
MOORE Thomas   1-Oct-1858 47 (Son of William MOORE & Ellen MacGREGGOR)
MOORE William   18-May-1863 31 (Son of Thos MOORE & Ellen McGREGGOR)
MOORE William        
MORGAN Henry Richard   1900 15  
MORGAN John   27-Oct-1885 4 (Son of Richard MORGAN & Mary GRIFFITHS)
MORGAN Mary   1944 94  
MORGAN William   1956 76  
MORGAN William   1886 25  
MORRISON Alexander   9-Apr-1869 25 Buried with brother-in-law William GUNN
MULLER Christine Louise 25-Feb-1811 20-Sep-1885   (Daughter of Christian BARLLO & Luise WILKE)
MULLER Johann Gottfried 3-Nov-1812 1-Sep-1893   (Son of Christopher MULLER & Charlotte SACHS)
MULLINS Elizabeth   14-Apr-1883   (Daughter of Robert MULLINS & Ellen CLEER)
MULLINS Patrick   27-Jul-1872 40 (Son of Robert MULLINS & Ellen CLEAR)
MULLINS Robert        
MURPHY James   13-Mar-1885 23 Buried with Hugh & Terrence GOWAN & Elizabeth GOAN Son of William & CatherineMURPHY of Ipswich
MURPHY Catherine   24-Feb-1870 51 (Daughter of John MURPHY & Catherien LYNCH)
MURPHY Nora        
MURPHY Margaret   6-Oct-1881 82 (Daughter of Maurice DOYLE & Mary THORNTON)
MURPHY Patrick   24-Jul-1872 80 (Son of Michael MURPHY & Bridget CONNOR)
MURPHY Mary Ann 16-May-1837 6-Jun-1880   (Daughter of William POTTER & Elizabeth MARTIN)
MURRAY Agness   5-Mar-1891 68 (Daughter of William LUCAS & Janet MOORE)
MURRAY David   29-Jun-1882 21 (Son of Robert MURRAY & Agnes LUCAS)
MURRAY Robert   13-Dec-1896 85 (Son of MURRAY & Barbara)
NOBLE Flora   22-Mar-1889 54 Buried with John NOBLE & Catherine McGILP (Daughter of Daniel McGILP & Margaret HALL)
NOBLE John   1905 71 Buried with Flora NOBLE & Catherine McGILP
NOONAN Catherine   25-Feb-1867 23 (Daughter of Patrick NOONAN & Ellen HEELAN)
NOONAN Ellen   21-Feb-1870 54 (Daughter of John HYLAND & Catherine FAHEY)
NOONAN Patrick   24-Sep-1870 62 (Son of William NOONAN & Margaret BAIREG)
NORRIS Caroline   22-May-1868 62 (Daughter of Thomas WILLIAMS & Charlotte WHITE)
O'BRIEN Margaret   1894 53  
O'DOHERTY Esther   11-Dec-1895 55 (Daughter of Dennis O'CONNOR & Esther McGOURNICAN)
O'DOHERTY John   20-Dec-1875 38 (Son of Donald O'DOHERTY & Sarah MARLONE)
O'DOHERTY John   12-May-1876 6 (Son of John O'DOHERTY & Easter CONNOR)
OLSON Ellen   9-Jun-1938 74  
OLSON Henry   21-Sep-1932 68  
OWENS Ann   22-Mar-1883 20 (Daughter of John OWENS & Ann DAVIS)
PALMER Annie Eliza   21-Jan-1886 10 mths (Daughter of Horace PALMER & Ann STANILAND)
PALMER John   19-Nov-1865 45 (Son of Thomas PALMER & Mary)
PARKER Sarah      
PARR Amy Jane        
PARR Bertha Mitchell        
PARR Jane   1885 84  
PARR Frederick Charles   21-Sep-1878 39 Native of Petersfield, Hampshire, England (Son of Charles PARR & Jane BERRIMAN)
PARR Harriet Mitchell   21-Jun-1871   (Daughter of Frederick Charles PARR & Ellen Jane MITCHELL)
PATTERSON Annie       (Daughter of Peter BROWN & Jessie DEWAR) Buried with Peter BROWN Margaret ROBERTSON Jane HUNTER Jessie DEWAR
PEACOCK Collin   13-Jul-1866 67 Native of Yorkshire, England Death Registered as 13 Dec 1866
PEACOCK Jane   19-Jun-1896 79  
PETTIGREW Annie Mary   4-Apr-1908 45 (Daughter of John PETTIGREW & Elizabeth Ann TWINE)
PETTIGREW Elizabeth Ann 8-Aug-1836 8-May-1868   (Daughter of Job TWINE & Ann CUMBERLAND)
PETTIGREW John   10-Nov-1878   Merchant Ipswich (Son of Robert PETTIGREW & Mary McWHINNIE)
PETTIGREW Robert 26-May-1856 1-Jul-1857   (Son of John PETTIGREW & Elizabeth Ann TWINE)
PETTIGREW William 27-Apr-1866 12-Jun-1866   (Son of John PETTIGREW & Elizabeth Ann TWINE)
PETTIGREW William R.   27-Feb-1876   (Son of John PETTIGREW & Grace Marcella BOYD)
PFEFFER Josef Michael   11-Oct-1877 70  
PHEBEY Joseph T.   5-Sep-1906 35 Buried with Thomas PHEBEY & Rev. F. G. E. HUNN (Son of Thomas PHEBEY & Caroline PEARCE)
PHEBEY Thomas   27-Feb-1910 81 Buried with Joseph PHEBEY & Rev. F. G. E. HUNN (Son of Henry PHEBEY & Margaret)
PHILLIPS George   1882    
PHILLIPS Rachel   1919    
PHILLIPS William James   2-Jul-1904 29 (Son of George PHILLIPS & Rachel TULLY)
PICKERING Annie Elizabeth        
PICKERING Elizabeth   1-Feb-1866 53 (Daughter of Thomas ALLEN & Sarah AVENALL)
PICKERING George Frederick Watson   25-Aug-1897 21 Eldest son of Thomas Allen PICKERING & Annie Elizabeth WATSON
PICKERING Thomas Allen   5-Nov-1900   (Son of John PICKERING & Elizabeth ALLEN)
PORTER James   30-Mar-1859 47 (Son of James PORTER)
POWELL Crispina Eliza   17-Feb-1877 1 yr 10 mths (Daughter of Edward POWELL & Chrispina SMITH)
PRICE David Phillip   26-Dec-1888 12 (Son of William PRICE & Margaret JONES)
PURTELL Mary   18-Jan-1887 62 (Daughter of Patrick RYAN & Ellen FAHEY)
PURTELL William   24-Jan-1866 56 (Son of John PURTELL & Bridget GLEESON)
QUINLAN Ellen   8-Sep-1874 53 (Daughter of Cornelius SULLIVAN & Mary)
RAABE Catharina   25-Oct-1871   (Daughter of John DETCH & Elizabeth GIMBEL)
RAABE Johannes   1871   (May have died as John RAABE 16 Oct 1871 Son of Henry RAABE & Eve BRIEL)
RAMM Henry Lawson   2-Feb-1870   (Son of William RAMM & Clara LAWSON)
RAMSBOTHAM Cecilia Mary   25-May-1866 1 yr 5 mths (Daughter of William RAMSBOTHAM & Mary CAMERON)
RAMSBOTHAM William   21-May-1882 49 (Son of James RAMSBOTHAM & Cecilia RYCALL)
REED James   22-Jun-1874 63 (Son of James REED & Ann)
REED Mary   1891 79  
REED Mary Ann   1931 85  
REILLY Francis   10-Jan-1901 63  
RENNO Susan   11-Jun-1875   Buried with William LEWIS
ROBERTSON Margaret       (Daughter of Peter BROWN & Jessie DEWAR) Buried with Peter BROWN Jane HUNTER Annie PATTERSON & Jessie DEWAR
RODGER Janet   22-Sep-1864 41  
RODGER Unknown        
RODGER David   1905 81  
ROSS Catherine   15-Nov-1865 20 yrs 4 mths Wife of George C. ROSS (Daughter of Malcolm McLEAN & Margaret McDONALD)
ROSS George Campbell   30-Apr-1866   (Son of Donald ROSS & Isabelle CAMPBELL)
ROSS Malcolm Donald   8-Jan-1864 3 mths (Son of George Campbell ROSS & Catherine McLEAN)
RUDD Elizabeth Ann   15-Aug-1874 33 Wife of Joseph Bewsher RUDD (Daughter of Robert DALZIEL & Sarah SANDERSON)
RYAN John   15-Feb-1865 74 Buried with Mary & Richard McDONALD
SCHORBACH Catharine 1-Jan-1808 9-May-1880   (Daughter of Johann WASSMUTH & Elizabeth SCHMICK)
SCHORBACH Justus 21-Jan-1810 30-Oct-1873   (Reg as John Jost SCHORBACH Son of Johann SCHORBACH & Anna Maria FISCHER)
SCOURFIELD Ann   1873 33 (Death reg as 26 Mar 1874 Daughter of David SCOURFIELD & Sophia PHILLIPS)
SHANKS Ann Jane   27-Dec-1884 39 (Daughter of Ralph BLACK & Agnes ARNOTT)
SHANKS Annie E.   1956 78  
SHANKS Mary Martha   17-Jun-1875 9 mths (Daughter of Hugh SHANKS & Ann Jane BLACK)
SHANKS William John   23-Apr-1871   (Son of Hugh SHANKS & Ann Jane BLACK)
SIMPSON William   14-Nov-1885 56 (Son of John SIMPSON & Elizabeth RANKIN) Buried with Elizabeth HENDERSON Andrew DONALD Janet, Elizabeth & John SIMPSON
SIMPSON Janet   1-Mar-1908 82 (Daughter of John DONALD & Catherine BURNS) Buried with Elizabeth HENDERSON Andrew DONALD William, Elizabeth & John SIMPSON
SIMPSON Elizabeth   26-Mar-1912 61 (Daughter of Robert BLAIR & Ann BLAIR) Buried with Elizabeth HENDERSON Andrew DONALD Janet, William & John SIMPSON
SIMPSON John   21-Nov-1930 82 Buried with Elizabeth HENDERSON Andrew DONALD Janet, William & John SIMPSON
SLOMAN Archibald Josiah   2-Jan-1865   (Son of Josiah Bowring SLOMAN & Jane McKinley BAWDEN)
SLOMAN Caroline Mary   15-Mar-1868   (Daughter of Josiah Bowring SLOMAN & Jane McKinley BAWDEN)
SLOMAN Josiah Bowring   8-Nov-1866   (Son of Josiah Bowring SLOMAN & Jane McKinley BAWDEN)
SLOMAN Thomas John   24-Oct-1870   (Son of Josiah Bowring SLOMAN & Jane McKinley BAWDEN)
SMITH John   5-Sep-1917 77  
SMITH Frances   4-Mar-1929 83  
SMITH Crispina   1890 80 (There is a death reg for Crispin SMITH 10 Jul 1899 Daughter of William SMITH & Susan DAW which could be her)
SMITH Peter Young   8-Oct-1876 71 (Son of Matthew SMITH & Janet YOUNG)
SMITH Elizabeth   1871 32  
SMITH James   1916 84  
SMITH Patrick   1866 6  
SMITH Emily   27-Jun-1866 76 (Daughter of Joseph DENMANN & Elizabeth CUMMINS)
SPARKS Unknown   1859 19 (Possibly John SPARKS d: 17 Dec 1856 Son of John SPARKS & Anna HOOLEY Reg in 1859)
SPEERING Catherine   13-Jul-1888 34 (Daughter of John McPHEE & Ann CAMERON)
SPEERING LillianEva   21-Nov-1882 17 mths (Daughter of Thomas SPEERING & Catherine McPHEE)
SPENCER James Sturtevant   13-Apr-1873   (Son of Charles SPENCER & Sarah CHEETHAM)
STANFORD William       Buried with Michael TEARNEY
STEPHENS Annie Maria Susan   28-Jul-1902   (Daughter of David HODGKINS & Mary)
STEPHENS Francis Burke   20-Nov-1881 54 (Child of Robert STEPHENS & Mary Ann)
STEWART Cunningham   17-Sep-1870 46 (Son of Alexander STEWART & Anne Page AGNEW)
STEWART Fanny   1891 62  
STRINGFELLOW Joseph   30-Dec-1874 70 (Son of Henry STRINGFELLOW & Mary TYLER)
STUPART Jane   3-Dec-1864 26 (Daughter of Wm HEPBURN & Margaret CLOUSTON)
SUMMERVILLE Samuel   19-Jan-1875 68  
TAYLOR Alfred William   27-Apr-1868 3 yrs 10 mths (Son of William John TAYLOR & Mary WILLIS)
TAYLOR Mary Elizabeth   1-Dec-1875 3 mths (Daughter of William John TAYLOR & Mary WILLIS)
TAYLOR Caroline M.   1866 9 mths  
TEARNEY Michael       Buried with William STANFORD
TELFER Mary   11-Feb-1871   Buried with Charles & Betsy CHEETHAM
THOMPSON Clara Georgiana   24-Oct-1864 26 (Daughter of Frederick BEDWELL & Susanna WARD)
THOMPSON Elizabeth   26-Jun-1872 25 Wife of Thomas THOMPSON (Daughter of Richard HAMILTON & Catharine TUCKER)
THOMPSON Mary Catherine   20-Apr-1872 3 mths (Daughter of Thomas THOMPSON & Elizabeth HAMILTON) Pioneer Section
TOOHEY Catherine   22-Nov-1889 82 (Daughter of Morgan HOUGH)
TOOHEY Matthew   25-Aug-1875 32 (Son of James TOOHEY & Bridget KILLKARY)
TOOHEY Patrick   1875 89 (May be Patrick TOOHEY d: 12 Jan 1873 Son of James TOOHEY & Bridget KILLKARY)
TOOMEY Anne County Wicklow Ireland c1835 17-Jul-1873 38 p/Andrew KENNEDY & Bridget WALDRUM
TOOMEY James County Wicklow Ireland c1828 17-Jul-1919 93 p/Edward Toomey and Bridget Curran
TOWELL Eliza   17-Dec-1872 47 Wife of Thomas TOWELL Died from the effects of Sun Stroke (Daughter of John PENN & Eliza)
TROLLOPE Francis Henry   9-Jun-1875 28 (Child of Frederick TROLLOPE & Mary Victoria FRANCIS)
TURNBULL Adam Bane   17-Oct-1876 41 (Son of Francis Moir TURNBULL & Elizabeth CAMERON)
URQUHART Alexander   1-Jan-1887 36 0f Old Deer Aberdeenshire Scotland Died at Ipswich (Son of Alexander URQUHART & Mary TAYLOR)
VON LOSSBERG Albert 20-Mar-1884 3-Jan-1914    
VON LOSSBERG Emilie 30-Mar-1841 29-Nov-1899    
VON LOSSBERG Emma 12-Feb-1868 13-Feb-1890    
VON VULTEE Louis   7-Oct-1883   (Son of Edward VON VULTEE & Matilda VON LOSSBERG)
WALSH Kyran 1812 14-Apr-1870 58 Born in Ireland
WALSH Mary 1827 30-Nov-1864 37 (Daughter of John McCABE)
WATERS Amy   1884 18  
WATERS Mary C.   1892 28  
WATERS Thomas   1872 1  
WEST John Timothy Kirby   28-Feb-1868 26 (Son of George WEST & Jane Rose KIRBY)
WHITE William Thomas   8-Nov-1877 41 Native of Ballymon, Ireland (Son of William Thomas WHITE & Mary McNEILAGE)
WHITE William   187?    
WHITE     1873   Wife of William Thomas WHITE
WHITEHOUSE Albert Humphrey   4-Apr-1886   (Son of Frederick William WHITEHOUSE)
WHITEHOUSE Florence   1-Feb-1874   (Daughter of Frederick William WHITEHOUSE & Marion SHAW)
WHITEHOUSE Frederick W.   5-Aug-1894 56  
WHYBIRD Catherine   30-Dec-1873 40 Buried with Ellen MAGEE Wife of John WHYBIRD (Daughter of James McGEE & Elizabeth AMBERSON)
WILSON Betsy Louie   2-Jun-1879 55 (Daughter of William ANNAN & Catherine MITCHELL)
WILSON Charles        
WILSON Charles   17-Dec-1861   (Son of Charles WILSON & Betsy AMAND)
WILSON David Patterson   30-Jan-1873 23 Buried with Ellen BERRY (Son of Thomas WILSON & Jane EDGAR)
WILSON Francis   14-Jul-1869 27 Buried with Ellen BERRY (Son of Thomas WILSON & Jane EDGAR)
WILSON Jacob Affriatt   6-Feb-1867 31 (Son of Charles Abraham WILSON & Lydia AFFRIATT)
WILSON John   18-Dec-1871 41 Husband of Mary BEARD (Son of Thomas WILSON & Jane EDGAR)
WILSON Mary B.   17-Feb-1866 28 Wife of John WILSON Buried with Ellen BERRY (Daughter of James BAIRD/BEARD & ARMSTRONG)
WILSON Samuel Edgar   13-Apr-1866 31 Minister of the Scotch Church Ipswich Buried with Ellen BERRY (Son of Thomas WILSON & Jane EDGAR)
WILSON Thomas McKnight   18-Jan-1876 76 Buried with Ellen BERRY (Son of Thomas McKnight WILSON & Fanny McKNIGHT)
WILSON John D.   1873 44  
WOHLGEMUTH Julius   22-Mar-1902 59 (Son of Samuel WOHLGEMUTH & Elizabeth HEIN)

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