Presbyterian B Section


Data compiled and gathered by Kerry Hall



Surname Given Names Date of Birth Date of Death Age Remarks
ANDERSON Hannah   9-Jul-1941 45  
ANDERSON James H.   26-Jan-1927 78  
ANDERSON Janet   21-Jun-1918   of "Echo Bank"
ANDERSON Lily Matilda   24-Jul-1923 63 Wife of J. H. ANDERSON
ANGELL Winnie Maryborough 14-Jan-1922 26 died at Booval Wife of W. ANGELL
ARCHIBALD George   20-Aug-1926 71 Buried with Lucinda ARCHIBALD & James LITTLE
ARCHIBALD Lucinda   7-Jul-1930 71 Buried with George ARCHIBALD & James LITTLE
ARMSTRONG Harriet   3-Jun-1922 54 Wife of G. N. ARMSTRONG
ARMSTRONG Allan James   4-Mar-1906    
ARMSTRONG George Nelson   10-Aug-1934 71 Husband of Elizabeth ARMSTRONG
ARMSTRONG Harriet   3-Jun-1922 54 Wife of G. N. ARMSTRONG
ARMSTRONG Helen M.   11-Dec-1975 78 Buried with James ARMSTRONG & James & Thomas FELIX
ARMSTRONG James A.   19-Feb-1958 60 Buried with Helen ARMSTRONG & James & Thomas FELIX
ARMSTRONG Robert John   9-Jul-1919 18  
AULD Elizabeth   19-Mar-1942 82  
AULD James   13-Aug-1926 66  
BALLARD Isabella   28-Mar-1944 58 Buried with William, Susanna & Annie PERRY
BAND Marjorie   26-Jun-1924 1yr 5 mths  
BARCLAY AllanJ.   29-Jan-1957 63  
BARCLAY Edward N.   23-Jun-1939 35  
BARCLAY Eliza M.   18-Mar-1934 62  
BARCLAY James G.   30-Sep-1936 34  
BARCLAY John M.   7-Sep-1939 70  
BARCLAY Robert   17-Sep-1902 17  
BARCLAY T.   22-Nov-1954 63 6710 Private 15 Battalion Brother of Allan John BARCLAY
BARKER Thomas   9-Aug-1918 55  
BARRETT Charles Christopher   15-Dec-1926 42 yrs 10 mths Accidentally killed at Wanora
BARRETT Pauline Ernstene   20-May-1947 83 Buried with Ernstene SCHUBERT
BELL Elizabeth   20-Jan-1926 83 Buried with John & Margaret BELL & Diana HOWER
BELL John Coltman   18-Jun-1905 63 Buried with Elizabeth & Margaret BELL & Diana HOWER
BELL Margaret   11-Jan-1945 79 Buried with Elizabeth & John BELL & Diana HOWER
BLAKE Anna Maria 1881 1949    
BLAKE James (Rev) 1883 1951    
BLAKE Muriel Dorothy 18-Jun-1911 14-Feb-1994    
BLAKE Ruby Gertrude 1906 1922    
BOUGHEN Cecil William   23-Apr-1967 81  
BOUGHEN Myrtle Agnes   15-Oct-1983 88  
BRAY Gladys Myra   20-Sep-1970 55  
BRINDLEY Agnes White   23-Apr-1926 67  
BROWN Isabella   11-Sep-1959 71 Buried with James & John BROWN & Andrew MOLLOY Wife of John BROWN
BROWN James   23-Aug-1916 1 yr 7 mths Buried with Isabella & John BROWN & Andrew MOLLOY
BROWN Jane   30-May-1922 52 Buried with Maggie COWPER
BROWN John   14-Apr-1977 91 Buried with Isabella & James BROWN & Andrew MOLLOY Husband of Isabella BROWN
BROWNING John        
BROWNING Mary Jane   30-Sep-1922 59 Wife of John BROWNING
BROWNING John   28-Dec-1932 68 Husband of Mary Jane BROWNING
BRYCE Roy Bryce     7 mths  
BRYCE Sarah M.   17-Feb-1915 39  
BUCKENHAM David   10-Mar-1922    
BUCKENHAM Jane Elizabeth   23-Jun-1941    
BULL Alice   15-Mar-1931 35 Wife of James BULL Buried with parents Janet and George WILKINSON
BUNGEY William Nicholas   23-Jun-1906 72 Buried with Philip & Ann HATCHER
BUTCHART J. S.   15-Jul-1925   7688 Private 15 Battalion
BYERS Alexander   8-Mar-1920 58  
BYERS Elizabeth   16-Mar-1898 64 Wife of John BYERS
BYERS John   7-Jan-1908 75  
CALVERT Susan 1844 1925   Buried with George & Sarah SIMPSON
CAMPBELL Peter B.   2-Jun-1946 68  
CAMPBELL Cathy       Infant
CAMPBELL Tom       Infant
CAMPBELL Alice   14-Jan-1982   Buried with Jack, Elizabeth & Thomas SALISBURY & George CAMPBELL
CAMPBELL George (Captain)   13-Jun-1989 87 Buried with Jack, Elizabeth & Thomas SALISBURY & Alice CAMPBELL
CHRISTISON Alice   19-Aug-1981 85  
CHRISTISON John   27-Sep-1943 49  
CHRISTISON Phyllis 10-Jun-1923 30-Jul-2005   Daughter of John & Alice CHRISTISON
CLARK Alexander   29-Oct-1935 57  
CONNOLLY Frances Esther   12-Aug-1986 93  
CONNOLLY John   10-Dec-1959 68  
CONNOLLY John Martin   2-Mar-1921 4 days  
COOPER Ada   6 ??? 1933    
COOPER Alfred   4-Apr-1929 70  
COOPER Charlotte   3-May-1925 66  
COOPER James   9-Jan-1924    
COOPER Martha   7-Nov-1923    
COWPER Maggie   5-Aug-1931 33 Died in Manly N. S. W.
CRANE Constance Rebecca   28-Jun-1974 77 Buried with Henry CRANE & Richard & Emily MASON
CRANE Henry H.   18-Apr-1974 77 Buried with Constance CRANE & Richard & Emily MASON
CRICHTON Elizabeth Hutton   15-Jun-1935 64  
CRICHTON Lawson   20-Jun-1921 50  
CROSS Ellen Ann   12-Aug-1909 61  
CROSS Croxford   1-Jun-1925 84  
CULLUM Myrtle   29-Jan-1942 29 yrs 6 mths Wife of R. P. CULLUM
CULLUM Robert Pacey   21-Sep-1978 73  
CUMMING Colin   16-Oct-1915 4 yrs 6 mths Son of W. W. & E. CUMMING
CUMMING Eric   23-Jun-1940 24 Son of W. W. & E. CUMMING
CUMMING Ellen   8-Jul-1954 79  
CUMMING William W.   6-May-1955 78  
DALE Mary Campbell   1971 86 Buried with sister Jessie FLETCHER & brother Archie HUNTER
DALLAS Margaret   7-Jan-1907 70 Buried with John & Jane SCHALE
DAWSON John   1945 64  
DAWSON Agnes   1975 87  
DAWSON John   1916 2  
DAWSON Ian   1922 6 mths  
DENMAN Colin Neville   14-Oct-1992 79 Son of Jane & Emmanuel DENMAN
DENMAN Emanuel   3-Jul-1956 83  
DENMAN Jane   8-Aug-1925 55  
DICK Clara May   31-May-1953 70 Buried with Malcolm & Stanley DICK & Dorothy STEVENS
DICK Malcolm   6-Aug-1956 71 Buried with Clara & Stanley DICK & Dorothy STEVENS
DICK Stanley   7-Jan-1914   Buried with Malcolm & Clara DICK & Dorothy STEVENSPresbyterian B
DICK James   15-May-1931 87  
DICK Isabella   10-Jul-1939 84  
DICK John   1964   Buried with Lily, John & Margaret RAMSEY & Isabella DICK
DICK Isabella   1982   Buried with Lily, John & Margaret RAMSEY & John DICK
DICK Margaret Hamilton   11-Mar-1969 79 Buried with Robert, Robert& Ronald DICK & Grace GARNER
DICK Robert Gordon   17-Jul-1922 14 hours Son of R. & M. DICK Buried with Robert, Margaret & Ronald DICK & Grace GARNER
DICK Robert   27-Sep-1946 59 Buried with Margaret, Robert& Ronald DICK & Grace GARNER
DICK Ronald J.   10-Dec-1966 41 Buried with Robert, Robert&DICK Margaret & Grace GARNER
DICK Edith   7-Nov-1968 86 yrs 9 mths  
DICK William   7-Jul-1964 81  
DICKSON Robert   10-Oct-1934 24 Killed, Son of J. & M. DICKSON Buried with Charmaine E. RYAN
DIXON Annie   5-Aug-1913 48 Wife of John DIXON
DIXON John   28-Dec-1945 83  
DOBBIE Jessie   26-Oct-1889 13 Buried with Fred & Margaret FEHLBERG & Lizzie, Margaret, Tean & William DOBBIE
DOBBIE Lizzie   3-Jan-1884 6 mths Buried with Fred & Margaret FEHLBERG & Jessie, Margaret, Tean & William DOBBIE
DOBBIE Margaret   1926 74 Buried with Fred & Margaret FEHLBERG & Jessie, Lizzie, Tean & William DOBBIE
DOBBIE Tean   26-May-1914 23 Buried with Fred & Margaret FEHLBERG & Jessie, Lizzie, Margaret & William DOBBIE
DOBBIE William   1924 70 Buried with Fred & Margaret FEHLBERG & Jessie, Lizzie, Margaret & Tean DOBBIE
DOBBIE Alexander   14-Apr-1931 57 Husband of Elizabeth DOBBIE
DOBBIE Margaret Marion   4-Nov-1944 33 Daughter of Alexander & Elizabeth DOBBIE
DOBBIN Jessie   26-Oct-1937 87  
DOBBIN Marion   27-May-1968 85 Buried with Mary HAWSON
DONALD Arthur Kennedy   11-Dec-1911 20 Accidentally Shot at Redbank, Eldest son of William & B. M. DONALD
DONALD William Kennedy   25-Dec-1937 79  
DONALD Bridget Mary   12-Mar-1952 91  
DONALDSON Annie   4-Mar-1925 10 Accidentally killed at Silkstone State School Daughter of J. & A. DONALDSON
DONALDSON Annie E.   20-Nov-1984 92  
DONALDSON James   24-Jul-1964 80  
DOUGLAS Ruby   1-Mar-1916 27  
DUNCAN Helen   30-May-1919 53  
ELLISON John   2-Jun-1937 66  
ELLISON Emily M. J.   12-Nov-1927 55  
ELLISON Sarah   9-Nov-1920 74 of Hillside Wife of William ELLISON
ELLISON William   4-Jul-1928 85  
ELLISON William   31-Jan-1932 56 Son of William & Sarah ELLISON
ERSKINE Ellen M.        
ERSKINE Francis R.   20-Nov-1960 73  
ERSKINE John A.        
ERSKINE Martha J.   31-May-1953 72  
ERSKINE Peter   11-Jul-1945 64  
ERSKINE Ronald   15-Nov-1920 2  
ERSKINE Rose   26-Oct-1966 73  
EWING Ruby 9-Dec-1896 9-May-1914    
FAIRWEATHER Robina   27-Dec-1947 83  
FEATHERBY D.   23-May-1929 93 Buried with M. L. FEATHERBY & Alfred & Ada GOODALL
FEATHERBY M. L.   25-Nov-1927 87 Buried with D. FEATHERBY & Alfred & Ada GOODALL
FEHLBERG Fred   9-Sep-1919 34 Husband of and buried with Margaret FEHLBERG & Jessie, Lizzie, Margaret, Tean & William DOBBIE
FEHLBERG Margaret   9-Mar-1928 40 Mother of M. & F. FEHLBERG Buried with Fred FEHLBERG & Jessie, Lizzie, Margaret, Tean & William DOBBIE
FELIX James S.   4-Feb-1922 3 1/2 mths Buried with Thomas FELIX & James & Helen ARMSTRONG
FELIX Thomas H.   5-Apr-1922 32 Buried with James FELIX & James & Helen ARMSTRONG
FERGUSON Isabella   28-Jul-1946 59  
FERGUSON Thomas G.   28-Nov-1920 35  
FERGUSON Grace   24-Apr-1948 70 Buried with Grace MURPHY
FINLAY Florence L.   29-Aug-1933 39 Buried with Agnes HARPER
FLEISCHMANN Allan        
FLEISCHMANN Augusta A.   6-Mar-1955    
FLEISCHMANN Evelyn M.   15-Apr-1998 85  
FLEISCHMANN Frederick W.   21-Nov-1944    
FLEISCHMANN Harold V.   22-Feb-1961 67  
FLEISCHMANN Mary E.   11-Aug-1937 39  
FLETCHER Jessie H.   12-Oct-1915 39 Buried with brother Archie HUNTER & sister Mary DALE
FORBES Mary   8-Jan-1916 73 Born Nr. Portadown Co. Armagh, Ireland
FORBES William John   10-Nov-1925 58 Son of Mary FORBES
FORREST Isabella   15-May-1933 89 Buried with Richard & Ann WRIGHT
FORSYTH Jean B.   14-Jun-1950 85  
FORSYTH William Easton   2-Sep-1912 9  
FORSYTH William   21-Jun-1931 78  
FOSTER Esther   3-Jun-1966 97 Buried with Robert FOSTER James LINDSAY & Elizabeth SHUTTLEWOOD
FOSTER Robert   18-Aug-1942 67 Buried with Esther FOSTER James LINDSAY & Elizabeth SHUTTLEWOOD
FOTHERINGHAM Susan   20-Feb-1911 60 Wife of William FOTHERINGHAM
FOTHERINGHAM William   2-Nov-1923 71 Husband of Susan FOTHERINGHAM
FRANKLING Elizabeth M.   5-Jul-1929 85  
FRANKLING Eric   22-Feb-1926 19 Buried with James, Evelyn & Merle WHITE
FRANKLING James   10-Sep-1920 76  
FRASER Jane Hassan   14-Nov-1963 89  
FRASER Robert   12-Jun-1922   8908 Private 10th Field Ambulance
FRASER Robert Johnston   29-Jan-1955 82  
GALL Alexander   22-Nov-1922 71  
GALL George James   15-Nov-1966 52  
GALL Rosina L.   24-Jun-1948 77  
GARNER Grace Margaret   10-Aug-1983 50 Buried with Robert, Ronald, Margaret & Robert DICK
GEHRMANN Norman   10-Aug-1927 42  
GEHRMANN Florence   10-Oct-1972 86  
GEMMELL Elizabeth   18-Dec-1938 89  
GEMMELL George   11-Nov-1924 76  
GEMMELL James   23-Nov-1909   Husband of Mary Shaw GEMMELL
GEMMELL Mary Shaw   6-Mar-1939   Wife of James GEMMELL
GEORGE Jean Mavis   11-Jun-1924 3  
GLEDSON Mary Jane   20-Mar-1935 83  
GLEDSON William   13-May-1924 78  
GOODAIR Donald   17-Oct-1914 36  
GOODAIR Christina   15-Sep-1957 86  
GOODALL Ada   21-May-1933 60 Buried with D. & M. L. FEATHERBY & AlfredGOODALL
GOODALL Alfred   28-Jan-1931 64 Buried with M. L. & D. FEATHERBY & Ada GOODALL
GORDON John P.   27-Aug-1916 53  
GORDON Eliza   20-Jun-1927    
GRAHAM Charlotte Dimond   24-Apr-1946 66 Buried with Gertrude, John, Catherine & Minnie HALLEY
GRAINGER Margaret   10-Jul-1930    
GRAINGER Henry   10-May-1920    
GRAINGER Robert   30-Jun-1933    
GRAINGER Edith   22-Jan-1959    
GRAINGER William   20-Dec-1966    
GRAINGER Doris   22-Feb-1940    
GREENHILL James   22-Oct-1919   Husband of Jane GREENHILL
GREENHILL Jane   20-Mar-1945 91 Wife of James GREENHILL
GRIEVE Eliza Henderson   22-Apr-1900 70 Wife of William GRIEVE buried at Gladsmuir, Scotland. Buried with her eldest daughter Christina PENMAN
GRIEVE Gordon William   23-Apr-1934 6 yrs 11 mths Killed, Down St. Nth. Ipswich
GRIEVE Mary Evelyn   11-Sep-1984 81  
GRIEVE Ronald Gordon   13-Oct-1984 85  
GRIEVE James H.   26-Oct-1907 45  
GRIFFITHS David   1965    
GRIFFITHS Janet   1966    
HALLEY Gertrude Katherine   14-Jul-1952 65 Buried with John, Catherine & Minnie HALLEY & Charlotte GRAHAM
HALLEY John   12-Aug-1920 72 Buried with Gertrude, Catherine & Minnie HALLEY & Charlotte GRAHAM
HALLEY Catherine   2-May-1931 76 Buried with Gertrude, John, & Minnie HALLEY & Charlotte GRAHAM
HALLEY Minnie Olivia   26-Mar-1931 48 Buried with Gertrude, John& Catherine HALLEY & Charlotte GRAHAM
HANSON David   16-Jan-1936 73 Husband of Jeane HANSON
HANSON Jeanie   3-Aug-1928 63 Wife of David HANSON
HANSON William   7-Jun-1917 24 Eldest son of David & Jeanie HANSON
HANSON John   8-Feb-1950   Husband of Mary White Houston HANSON
HANSON Mary White Houston   1-Nov-1939   Wife of John HANSON
HARDIE Margaret   1-Jan-1924 64 Wife of William HARDIE
HARDIE Pearl   22-Oct-1926 36  
HARDIE Thomas P.   10-Jul-1948 58  
HARDING Donald R.   26-Aug-1926 18  
HARDING George   6-Aug-1940 78  
HARDING Hannah Healy   10-Apr-1935 66  
HARDING Joseph   27-Feb-1918 82  
HARDING Margaret Wilson   26-Jul-1924 86  
HARDING William   27-Aug-1931 66  
HARGREAVES Margaret W.   30-Nov-1890 24 Interred at Winton Daughter of Robert & Sarah G. S. MENZIES
HARPER Agnes   29-Mar-1926 57 Buried with Florence FINLAY
HASTIE Cecelia Elizabeth   25-Aug-1968 79 Wife of Walter HASTIE
HASTIE John   4-Sep-1950 71  
HASTIE Walter Scott   25-Jun-1982 97 Husband of Cecelia HASTIE
HASTIE William   26-Oct-1918 1 yr 8 mths Son of Walter & Cecelia HASTIE
HATCHER Philip   24-Feb-1904 76 Buried with Ann HATCHER & William BUNGEY
HATCHER Ann   23-May-1918 83 Buried with Philip HATCHER & William BUNGEY
HAWSON Mary Thomson   4-Aug-1971 95 Buried with Marion DOBBIN
HAWSON C. Ernest   11-Oct-1916 37  
HERON Jack   1915 23  
HERON Leonora   21-Jun-1955 88  
HERON Walter   25-Feb-1932 69  
HEY William J.   28-May-1964 45  
HIGGINS Frank Clifford   11-Jun-1911 20  
HINDELL John James   26-Jul-1926 70  
HOLMES Margaret Templeton   1-Feb-1957   Buried with Mary & John ROSSITER
HORNE Jocelyn Jean   17-Aug-1960    
HORSFALL Caroline   14-Jul-1927   Wife of J. W. HORSFALL
HOWARD Emily   29-Apr-1945 80 Buried with John & Squire HOWARD & Frederick & Emily PRICE
HOWARD John William   29-Mar-1923 22 Buried with Emily & Squire HOWARD & Frederick & Emily PRICE Son of S. & E. HOWARD
HOWARD Squire   25-Mar-1940 73 Buried with John & Emily HOWARD & Frederick & Emily PRICE
HOWER Diana Margaret   18-Jan-1948   Infant daughter of H. D. & A. R. HOWER Buried with John, Elizabeth & Margaret BELL
HOWES Annie Florence   2-Aug-1951 74  
HOWES Horace   21-Apr-1924 25  
HUDSON Elizabeth   19-Sep-1924    
HUDSON George   17-Aug-1927    
HUNTER Archie   9-Sep-1915 33 Died at Hughenden Buried with sister Jessie FLETCHER & sister Mary DALE
HUNTER James   18-Aug-1917 64  
HUNTER Isabel E.   27-Nov-1938 19  
HUNTER John   3-Dec-1955 66  
HUTCHISON Christina Mary   6-Feb-1946 66  
HUTCHISON John   25-Oct-1925 48  
IRVING Agnes   8-Jun-1917 60  
IRVING William   20-Nov-1907 59  
IRWIN James   16-Aug-1941 82  
IRWIN Mary Jane   10-Aug-1926 26 Daughter of James & Rebecca IRWIN
IRWIN Robert George   27-May-1919 22 Son of James & Rebecca IRWIN
IRWIN Rebecca   13-Jun-1930 67  
JACOBS Harold James   11-Apr-1947 57  
JACOBS Maggie   23-May-1947 57  
JEFFREY Catherine   1-Apr-1904 64  
JEFFREY Hugh   17-Jul-1909 81  
JEFFREY Myrle C.   19-Apr-1937 31  
JEFFREY Robert        
JOHNSTON Margaret   9-Jan-1934 4  
JOHNSTON Mary Jane   11-Jan-1964 79  
JOHNSTON Thomas   3-Nov-1955 74  
KELLY Andrew   30-Oct-1948 96  
KELLY Catherine   20-May-1935 75  
KELLY Doris Emily   24-Jun-1910 2 mths 3 days  
KELLY Emily Ada   6-Jan-1972 84  
KELLY James   3-Dec-1905 23  
KELLY Mary   7-Mar-1911 5 hours  
KELLY Mervyn (John)   26-Nov-1953 68  
KELLY William John   11-Nov-1953 68  
KILPATRICK Charles Mc.K.   29-May-1935 63  
KILPATRICK Marion R.   16-Aug-1956 81  
KLATT Mildred F.   Mar 1961 54  
KROLL Louisa   5-Nov-1925 58  
LARSEN Margaret Ellen   28-Nov-1904 33 Buried with her daughter Phyllis SMITH
LESLIE Catherine   1951 86  
LESLIE John C.   8-May-1923 74 Husband of Catherine LESLIE
LESLIE Mary 1870 1934   Buried with William LESLIE & William MONAGHAN
LESLIE William 1872 1918   Buried with Mary LESLIE & William MONAGHAN
LESLIE William   7-Feb-1942 42  
LINDSAY Robert Burnett   13-Oct-1913 26 Accidentally Killed at Hexham, N. S. W. Son of Robert & Sarah LINDSAY
LINDSAY Alexander James   20-Sep-1917 25 Killed in Action France, Private
LINDSAY Robert   12-Jun-1935 79  
LINDSAY Edgar Ronald   5-Jul-1918 27 Killed in Action France, Private
LINDSAY James   11-Oct-1898 35 Buried with Robert & Esther FOSTER & Elizabeth SHUTTLEWOOD
LINGARD Grace   1923 21 Daughter of Thomas LINGARD
LINGARD Thomas Henry   15-Mar-1934 67  
LINGARD Matilda   14-May-1934 70 Wife of Thomas Henry LINGARD (nee SLOAN)
LITTLE Elizabeth   4-Sep-1926 85  
LITTLE George D.   17-Sep-1928 57  
LITTLE James   24-Jun-1920 80  
LITTLE James J. R.   7-Dec-1946   Buried with George & Lucinda ARCHIBALD
LITTLE Margaret   29-May-1957 87  
LITTLE S. T.   23-Mar-1945 64  
LUCAS Annie Fredricka   28-Jan-1951 62  
LUCAS James Ferguson   28-Aug-1957 78  
MacAULAY Archibald Smith   15-Apr-1916 34  
MacAULAY Jeanie Isabel   18-Aug-1973 88  
MacEWAN Donald Macintosh   26-May-1859 44 Husband of Isabella Gilbert Common MacEWAN
MacEWAN Isabella Gilbert Common   27-Nov-1903 83 Wife of Donald Macintosh MacEWAN
MACFARLANE Andrew   14-May-1936 57  
MACKENZIE David   10-Sep-1931 41 Corp. 4 Railway Unit A. I. F.
MACKENZIE Ellen   8-May-1932 77  
MACKENZIE James Hogarth   23-Jun-1921 29 Lieut. 49 Batt. A. I. F.
MACKENZIE William Webster   6-Nov-1910 62 Husband of Ellen MACKENZIE
MAITLAND Wallace   15-Sep-1924 2 yrs 6 mths  
MARTIN George Henry   8-Jul-1922 38  
MARTIN Lily Eliza   4-Feb-1958 72  
MASON Richard   13-Sep-1933 67 Buried with Emily MASON & Henry & Constance CRANE
MASON Emily   26-Jan-1945 76 Buried with Richard MASON & Henry & Constance CRANE
MASON Elizabeth Rebecca   12-Feb-1972 78  
MASON Richard E.   20-Nov-1921 1 yr 4 mths  
MASON Richard E.   11-Feb-1960 67  
MASTERTON Janet   16-Sep-1922 48  
MASTERTON William   3-Jul-1939 64  
MATHESON Annie   28-Jul-1938 85  
MATHESON William   15-Jul-1926 74  
MAYLON Charles H.   29-Aug-1947 53  
MAYLON Charles   28-Nov-1964 92  
MAYLON Louisa   8-May-1921 47 Wife of Charles MALYON
McALPINE Jane Edith   11-Jan-1928 42  
McALPINE Edith May   8-Jun-1926 2  
McBEAN Graham   10-Oct-1924 93 Buried with Catherine McLUCAS
McCAMEY David   5-Mar-1928 39  
McCAMEY James   14-Mar-1919 38  
McCAMEY Mary Jane (Memie)   17-Aug-1934 58  
McCAMEY Thomas Alexander   28-Aug-1940 58  
McCAMEY William Robert   8-Nov-1930 56  
McDOUGALL James   31-Jan-1927 59  
McDOUGALL Fanny   16-May-1967 92  
McFEETER Jane   10-Dec-1930 69  
McFEETER William W.   14-Jan-1930 65  
McKENZIE Alice Maud   26-Nov-1967 83  
McKENZIE Peter   15-Mar-1916 2 Son of Peter & Alice McKENZIE
McKENZIE Peter Dawson   10-Dec-1965 82  
McLAUCHLAN Ann Young   3-Jul-1898 82 Says 1898 on Headstone but registered 1891 Wife of William McLAUGHLAN
McLAUCHLAN William   13-Mar-1910 82  
McLAUGHLIN David Edward   8-Mar-1909 44  
McLAUGHLIN Margaret   21-Jul-1915 70 Sister of Rebecca McLAUGHLIN
McLAUGHLIN Rebecca   2-Jun-1910 83  
McLUCAS Catherine   12-Dec-1919 65 Buried with Graham McBEAN Wife of William McLUCAS
McLUCAS William   11-Jun-1905 30 Buried with Catherine McLUCAS & Graham McBEAN
McQUEEN Janet   28-Aug-1912 53  
McQUEEN Jennie Grey     3  
McQUEEN William   10-Jan-1928 70 Died at Melbourne
McQUEEN Willie     12  
McQUITTY Colin   8-May-1931 32 Husband of Alice May and father of David McQUITTY
McQUITTY David   31-Dec-1920 54  
MEALEY Margaret   26-Jul-1956 75  
MENZIES Robert   14-Aug-1924 87 Husband of Sarah G. S. MENZIES Father of Margaret W. HARGREAVES
MENZIES Sarah G. S.   9-Jul-1922 87 Wife of Robert MENZIES Mother of Margaret W. HARGREAVES
MENZIES Ivy Matilda   16-Dec-1965 67  
MENZIES James (Dick)   1925 40  
MENZIES Janet Chalmers   18-Apr-1959 87  
MENZIES Janet Heather   1931 13 days  
MENZIES Margaret W.   28-Mar-1918 18  
MENZIES Robert Leckie   3-May-1933 62  
MILL Euphemia   1-Sep-1932 82 Wife of William MILL
MILL W. G.   25-Aug-1956 73 1690 Private 26 Battalion
MILL William   13-Sep-1911 64 Husband of Euphemia MILL
MILLAR John Craig   9-Oct-1928 6 days Buried with Emily, James, Edward & Janet WHYTE
MILLER Eliza   29-Sep-1956 80  
MILLER Jessie Wark   24-May-2003 95  
MILLER Reginald F.   22-Jun-1958 51  
MILLER Thomas R.   28-May-1951 52  
MILLER William   7-Aug-1955 83  
MILLER William George   5-Feb-1935 35 Died at Kingaroy Late A. I. F.
MITCHELL Clarice   9-Jun-1923 28 Daughter of Edward & Sarah MITCHELL
MITCHELL Edward   3-Oct-1957 87  
MITCHELL Iris Mavis   24-May-1919 5 mths  
MITCHELL Ruth R. R.   22-Jun-1932 40  
MITCHELL Sarah A.   23-Mar-1935 64  
MOFFAT David   19-Mar-1948 86  
MOFFAT Mary Grahame   3-Jun-1914 51  
MOLLOY Andrew   23-Nov-1918 1 yr 9 mths Buried with Isabella John & James BROWN
MONAGHAN William 1920 1921   Buried with William & Mary LESLIE
MORRIS Annie   1-May-1913 42 Wife of John MORRIS
MORRIS Humphrey Gray   3-Oct-2004    
MORRIS Mary MacDonald   17-Aug-1975 79 Wife of and buried with Richard MORRIS & Elizabeth & Andrew ROBB
MORRIS Richard   4-May-1962 70 Husband of and buried with Mary MacDonald MORRIS & Elizabeth & Andrew ROBB
MORRISON Catherine   27-Mar-1953 78  
MORRISON Walter   6-May-1927 55  
MUIR George B. 1894 1940    
MUIR James Paterson   4-Apr-1927 73  
MUIR Jane A. 1862 1936    
MUIR John 1851 1904    
MUIR John 9-Apr-1824 5-May-1904    
MUIR Mary Paterson 5-Jan-1820 13-Sep-1911   Born Maughline, Scotland, Died at Ipswich
MUIR Victor W. 1887 1955    
MUIR Edith   20-Mar-1980 87 Wife of Frank Paterson MUIR
MUIR Frank Paterson   6-Oct-1932 43 Husband of Edith MUIR
MUNDT August   1-Feb-1985 84 yrs 7 mths  
MUNDT Mary (May)   3-Jun-1993 83 yrs 9 mths  
MUNDT Violet Emily   7-Nov-1940 7  
MUNDT Violet Emily   21-May-1956 51  
MUNRO Alexander   23-Jun-1923 87  
MUNRO Catherine 1839 1922   Born Inverness, Died Ipswich
MUNRO Donald 1834 1914   Born Ross Shire, Died Ipswich
MUNRO Mary Ann   25-Jun-1912 70  
MURPHY Grace   27-Aug-1938 32 nee FERGUSON Mother of Shirley, buried with Grace FERGUSON
NEIL John   18-Jun-1926 26 Accidentally Killed at Darra
NEIL Mary Anne   8-Mar-1956 78  
NEIL James   12-Mar-1956 78  
NEILL Isabella Kidd   7-Mar-1916 84 Wife of John NEILL
NEILSON Henry   3-May-1922 55 Husband of Mary Ann NEILSON
NEILSON Mary Ann   18-Jun-1940 80 Wife of Henry NEILSON
NIJP Marianne Louise   24-Sep-1965 3 mths  
NIMMO Agnes   26-Nov-1926 69  
NUFER Hugo August   28-Dec-1902 17  
OBOOHOFF Hannah   22-Jan-1929 38  
O'KEEFFE Dorothy May   27-Nov-1946 26 Buried with Elizabeth & J. G. PEARCE
PALMER Eliza   21-Oct-1940    
PALMER George   10-Mar-1932    
PALMER Loftus James   10-Jan-1931   8891 Private A. A. M. C.
PALMER Sarah E.   8-Apr-1920 66  
PARKES Alexander   14-Nov-1941 76 Husband of Margaret Perry PARKES
PARKES Margaret Perry   5-Jun-1935 75 Wife of Alexander PARKES
PARSONS Albert H.   4-Apr-1925 26  
PARSONS Albert   25-Jan-1939 75  
PARSONS Laura Jane   15-Oct-1940 77  
PARSONS Lillian   13-Feb-1961 68  
PARSONS May   20-Sep-1973 78  
PARTRIDGE AliceJ.   25-Jun-1971 78  
PARTRIDGE George   14-Nov-1938 51  
PEARCE Mary Jane   19-Jul-1923 55 Wife of William PEARCE
PEARCE William   14-Nov-1942 76 Husband of Mary Jane PEARCE
PEARCE Elizabeth 12-Aug-1896 3-Apr-1978   Buried with Dorothy O'KEEFFE & J. G. PEARCE
PEARCE J. G.   7-Nov-1965 70 25464 Bombardier 11 Fld. Artillery Brigade Buried with Dorothy O'KEEFFE & Elizabeth PEARCE
PENMAN Christina D.   25-Jan-1894 31 Buried with her mother Eliza GRIEVE
PENMAN Jean Mina   10-Mar-1924 4 yrs 11 mths Daughter of S. & M. PENMAN
PERRY Annie Stafford   13-Jul-1984 91 Buried with William & Susanna PERRY & Isabella BALLARD
PERRY Susanna   18-Nov-1917 69 Buried with William & Annie PERRY & Isabella BALLARD
PERRY William   13-Jul-1915 76 Buried with Susanna & Annie PERRY & Isabella BALLARD
PETERSON Dudley Keith   30-Sep-1935 13  
PETERSON Sven Reginhold   27-Sep-1960 70  
PHILLIPS Lorna Joan 20-Dec-1931 2-Oct-1951    
PHILLIPS Percy 14-Jul-1883 14-Apr-1950    
POWELL Crispina   1932 80  
POWELL Edward   23-Jan-1919 73 Husband of Crispina POWELL
PRICE Emily   3-Jul-1970 80 Buried with John, Squire & Emily HOWARD & Frederick PRICE
PRICE Frederick   31-Mar-1949 63 Buried with John, Squire & Emily HOWARD & Emily PRICE
PROVAN David 15-Jan-1841 24-Aug-1925   Born Kirkintullock, Scotland died at Ipswich
RAMSEY Lily   1910   Buried with John & Margaret RAMSEY & John & Isabella DICK
RAMSEY John   1927   Buried with Lily & Margaret RAMSEY & John & Isabella DICK
RAMSEY Margaret   1919   Buried with Lily & John RAMSEY & John & Isabella DICK
RANKEN Agnes Jessie   5-Apr-1923 82  
REID James   12-Apr-1919 53 Husband of Selina REID
REID Selina   17-Feb-1936 73 Wife of James REID
REID Margaret   11-Sep-1939 26  
REID Victor S.   3-Sep-1946 47 Husband of Annie REID
REID Annie F.   28-Sep-1968 64 Wife of Victor REID
REILLY Ada       Daughter of Francis & Louisa REILLY
REILLY Catherine       Daughter of Francis & Louisa REILLY
REILLY Francis E.        
REILLY Louisa        
RICHARDS Edward   25-Sep-1915 25 Son of Henry Robert RICHARDS
RICHARDS Henry Robert   3-May-1928 70  
RICHARDS Jeanett Frances   1-Dec-1932 72  
ROBB Elizabeth   17-Apr-1919 44 Husband of and buried Andrew ROBB & Mary MacDonald & Richard MORRIS
ROBB Andrew   10-Oct-1932 59 Wife of and buried Elizabeth ROBB & Mary MacDonald & Richard MORRIS
ROBERTSON John   16-Nov-1920 66 Late of Townsville
ROBIN James   22-Apr-1914 37  
ROBINSON Grace Constance   24-Aug-1919 15  
ROBINSON Grace   3-Oct-1953 78  
ROSSITER John Thomas   10-Sep-1950 67 Husband of and buried with Mary ROSSITER & Margaret HOLMES
ROSSITER Margaret Shaw   27-Sep-1935 54 Wife of W. A. ROSSITER
ROSSITER Mary Macpherson   9-Jun-1935 52 Wife of and buried with J. T. ROSSITER & Margaret HOLMES
ROULSTON Andrew Thomas   3-May-1868 21 Son of Margaret ROULSTON
ROULSTON John   19-Jun-1929 86 Of Calkill, Fernvale
ROULSTON Margaret   11-Nov-1894 96 Mother of Andrew Thomas ROULSTON
ROULSTON Mary Jane   30-Apr-1919 76  
ROY Christina 14-Jul-1900 7-Apr-1987    
ROY James   12-Oct-1939    
RUSSELL Isabella L.   14-Jul-1945 85  
RUSSELL John   10-Apr-1916 63  
RUSSELL John B.   12-Dec-1947 55  
RYAN Charmaine E.   14-Jun-1952 5 yrs 10 mths Buried with Robert DICKSON
SALISBURY Elizabeth S.   3-Sep-1955   Buried with Jack & Thomas SALISBURY & Alice & George CAMPBELL
SALISBURY Jack   8-Sep-1924 19 Accidentally Killed Buried with Elizabeth & Thomas SALISBURY & Alice & George CAMPBELL
SALISBURY Thomas   12-Aug-1957   Buried with Jack & Elizabeth SALISBURY & Alice & George CAMPBELL
SALISBURY Elizabeth   2-Sep-1913 55 Buried with Richard & Alice SMITH
SCHALE Jane Dallas   6-Oct-1924 65 Buried with John SCHALE & Margaret DALLAS
SCHALE John   1926 67 Buried with Jane SCHALE & Margaret DALLAS
SCHUBERT Ernstene   11-Aug-1921 82 Buried with Pauline BARRETT Wife of J. F. SCHUBERT
SEYMOUR Edred 1866 1948    
SEYMOUR Edred Matthew 1907 1922    
SEYMOUR Lilian 1900 1998    
SEYMOUR Margaret Jane 1873 1958    
SHAND John   2-Aug-1924 69  
SHANKS Ada Jane   7-Oct-1961 82 Buried with Thomas SHANKS & Norma TRELOUR
SHANKS Thomas   20-Apr-1925 52 Buried with Ada SHANKS & Norma TRELOUR
SHUTTLEWOOD Elizabeth E.   13-Jun-1931 5 mths Buried with Robert & Esther FOSTER & James LINDSAY
SIMPSON George 1864 1926   Buried with Sarah SIMPSON & Susan CALVERT
SIMPSON Sarah 1869 1953   Buried with George SIMPSON & Susan CALVERT
SIMPSON George J.   31-Oct-1934 46 Coy. Sgt. Major Black Watch. B. I. F. Husband of Annie SIMPSON
SIMPSON John   8-Jan-1928 46 Husband of A. SIMPSON
SIMPSON Meredith L.   22-Jan-1965 5 weeks  
SMALL John Taylor   22-Oct-1904 32 Son of Robert SMALL
SMALL Robert   1-May-1906 54 Died at Perth, Scotland.Father of John Taylor SMALL
SMITH Phyllis Adeline   28-Oct-1930 37 Buried with her mother Margaret LARSEN
SMITH Richard   5-Sep-1926 71 Buried with Elizabeth SALISBURY & Alice SMITH
SMITH Alice   25-Apr-1935 54 Buried with Elizabeth SALISBURY & Richard SMITH
SMITH Alice   5-Nov-1921 61 Wife of Thomas W. SMITH
SMITH Bessie E.   9-Feb-1922 15 mths  
SMITH Thomas   10-Sep-1953 71  
SMITH Ellen   6-Nov-1957 72  
SMITH Florence E. H.   20-Jun-1926 31  
SMITH Arthur G.   2-Jun-1952 58  
SMITH George   28-May-1924 1 yr 6 mths  
SMITH Margaret   21-Sep-1937 49  
SMITH George   28-Nov-1952 65  
SMITH Millicent   29-Sep-1929 18  
SMITH Cecil   13-Sep-1939    
SMITH Mary   24-Nov-1935 55 Wife of William A. SMITH
SMITH Norman M.   6-Sep-1962 86  
SMITH Jane   17-Dec-1963 83  
SMITH Norman   14-Dec-1921 14 Son of Norman M. & Jane SMITH
SMITH William   30-Nov-1907 30  
SMITH William A.   2-May-1938 58 Husband of Mary SMITH
SPENCE Annie   16-Mar-1914 56  
SPENCE Isabella   2-Mar-1919 66  
SPIERS Anne   29-Jan-1899 66  
SPIERS Ann E.   16-Dec-1965 89  
SPIERS Frederick John   31-Aug-1928 56  
SPIERS William   11-Jul-1910 81  
SQUARE Chrispian Marion        
SQUARE John        
STEPHENS Agnes   2-Aug-1948 81  
STEPHENS Benjamin T.   30-Aug-1942 75  
STEVENS Dorothy Mavis 13-Feb-1918 21-Oct-2003   nee DICK Buried with Clara, Malcolm & Stanley DICK
STEWART Arthur   20-Feb-1898 75 Husband of Margaret STEWART
STEWART Margaret   23-Sep-1908 77 Wife of Arthur STEWART
STEWART Catherine   23-Feb-1946 64  
STEWART Joseph   23-Feb-1948 35  
STEWART James   25-Feb-1926 48  
STEWART Donald   24-Mar-1942 20  
STEWART Kevin Francis   1-Jul-1940 4 mths  
TAIT James   7-Mar-1914 72  
TAIT Margaret   8-Apr-1927 84  
TALLON Elizabeth   1-Oct-1915 82 Wife of Robert TALLON
TALLON Mary Jane   20-Oct-1936    
TALLON Robert   2-Aug-1921 86 Husband of Elizabeth TALLON
THOMSON Jeanie 1874 1936    
THOMSON Robert 1874 1920    
THOMSON Annie   4-Nov-1928   Wife of James THOMSON
THOMSON James   13-Sep-1947 77 Husband of Annie THOMSON
TRELOUR Norma Winifred   19-Dec-1963 53 Buried with Thomas & Ada SHANKS
TUNSTALL Elizabeth A.   5-Dec-1963 67  
TUNSTALL Norman O.   3-Sep-1974 78  
TURNER Doris   10-Oct-1934 20 Killed daughter fo J. & ? TURNER
TURNER John   15-Aug-1926 75  
TURNER Joseph     81  
TURNER Sarah   1915 59  
UNKNOWN Margaret       Buried with Jim
UNKNOWN Jim       Buried with Margaret
UNKNOWN Margaret       Buried with Jim
UNKNOWN Jim       Buried with Margaret
UNKNOWN Gwen   21-Apr-1912 13 (Could be Constance Gwendoline Pampling WILLIAMS daughter of Edward WILLIAMS & Jessie Mariam PAMPLING)
UNKNOWN Merle        
Van BRUGGEN Barend Johan 19-Apr-1923 15-Aug-2000    
Van BRUGGEN Johan William        
Van BRUGGEN Natalie        
VERGOTIS Beryl Dorothy Joan   8-Apr-1999 80 Daughter of Alice & William VERGOTIS
VIZE Dora Constance   24-Apr-1929 22  
VIZE Grace Delia   22-Oct-1943 63  
WALL William   22-Jul-1924    
WALL Joseph   22-Oct-1932    
WALTON Thomas   30-Jun-1927 66  
WALTON Elizabeth M.   25-Oct-1954 73  
WALTON Rodah   22-Oct-1921 3 yrs 9 mths Daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth M. WALTON
WATSON Mary   25-Dec-1961 79 Wife of Percy WATSON
WATSON Percy   15-Mar-1934 50 Husband of Mary WATSON
WEBB Alice A.   9-Sep-1963 79  
WEBB William   3-May-1964 84  
WEBB Isabel A. R.   21-Jan-1928 13 yrs 6 mths  
WEBB Lloyd Edgar Thomas   4-Jun-2000 78  
WEBSTER Colin A.   13-May-1965 54  
WELSH Elizabeth   28-Dec-1925 73 Wife of Hugh WELSH
WELSH Hugh   10-Aug-1935 88 Husband of Elizabeth WELSH
WELSH Eugene F.   30-Apr-1936 16 yrs 7 mths  
WHITE Evelyn A.   1-May-1967 79 Buried with James & Merle WHITE & Eric FRANKLING
WHITE James R.   26-May-1965 85 Buried with Evelyn & Merle WHITE & Eric FRANKLING
WHITE Merle   6-May-1919   Daughter of and buried with James & Evelyn WHITE & Eric FRANKLING
WHITEHEAD James       Husband of Jessie WHITEHEAD
WHITEHEAD Jessie       Wife of James WHITEHEAD
WHITEHEAD Mary       Daughter of James & Jessie WHITEHEAD
WHITEHEAD John   26-Dec-1930 66 Husband of Beatrice WHITEHEAD
WHITEHEAD Beatrice B.   20-Nov-1949 76 Wife of John WHITEHEAD
WHITEHEAD James   21-Jul-1928 32 Son of John & Beatrice WHITEHEAD
WHYTE Emily Jane   23-Feb-1927 61 Buried with James, Edward & Janet WHYTE & John Craig MILLAR
WHYTE James   25-Oct-1948 82 Buried with Emily, Edward & Janet WHYTE & John Craig MILLAR
WHYTE Edward   16-Jul-1945 51 Buried with James, Emily & Janet WHYTE & John Craig MILLAR
WHYTE Henry Mollison   24-Mar-1909 54 Husband of Margaret WHYTE
WHYTE George   29-Oct-1918 34 Corporal, died at Abbiville, France Son of Henry Mollison & Margaret WHYTE
WHYTE Margaret Hutchinson   31-Jan-1925 70  
WHYTE James   19-Nov-1950 55  
WHYTE Thomas   26-Mar-1955 85  
WHYTE Benjamin   1-Mar-1958 79  
WILKINSON Janet   2-Jul-1928 58 Wife of and buried with George WILKINSON and daughter Alice BULL
WILKINSON George   14-Aug-1942 74 Husband of and buried with Janet WILKINSON and daughter Alice BULL
WILLEY Martha E.   31-Jul-1923 56  
WILLEY Thomas R.   6-Jan-1946 79  
WILLIAMS Susan   11-Jun-1919 28 Wife of Gwilym WILLIAMS
WILLIAMS Thomas   14-Aug-1924    
WILLIAMS Diana   19-Jan-1926    
WILSON Charles Albert   2-Aug-1915 51  
WILSON Charles   2-Oct-1950 85  
WILSON Francis Elizabeth   14-Oct-1914 8 Daughter of Margaret B. & Charles WILSON
WILSON Margaret B.   19-Aug-1942 75 Wife of Charles WILSON
WILSON John   28-Mar-1906 43  
WILSON John Gordon   4-Jul-1943 52  
WILSON Mary   10-Jun-1923 36 Wife of William WILSON
WILSON Robert   12-Apr-1926 68 Husband of Jane WILSON
WILSON Jane   22-May-1944 84 Wife of Robert WILSON
WILSON Adeline   28-Sep-1943   Daughter of Robert & Jane WILSON
WILSON Thomas   16-Aug-1941 72  
WILSON Mary P.   27-Jun-1960 84  
WILTON C.   23-Jul-1938 67  
WILTON Joseph   1-Jul-1928 88  
WILTON Margaret   16-Oct-1920 88  
WILTON Joseph   1938 67  
WITHEROW Annie   27-May-1923 49 Wife of Alex WITHEROW
WITHEROW Hugh Samuel   12-Mar-1910 17 Died from the result of an accident at Taromeo Saw Mill Son of Alexander & Annie Elizabeth WITHEROW
WOODS Valma   3-Aug-1937 24  
WRIGHT Ann   20-Aug-1900 80 Buried with Richard WRIGHT & Isabella FORREST
WRIGHT Richard   10-Dec-1895 83 Buried with Ann WRIGHT & Isabella FORREST
WRIGHT Catherine   19-Dec-1954 67  
WRIGHT Frank C.   23-Jul-1967 83  
WRIGHT Elizabeth Gault   24-Feb-1926 14 yrs 5 mths Died at Redcliffe, Q. Daughter of F. C. & C. WRIGHT
WRIGHT Frank Claude   27-Apr-1958 47  

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