Presbyterian B New Section


Data compiled and gathered by Kerry Hall



AGNEW David   10-Jul-1936   Father of Jean & Muriel Husband of Jane C. AGNEW
AGNEW Jane C.   8-Jul-1959   Wife of David AGNEW
ARMSTRONG Elizabeth   30-Mar-1933 72  
ARMSTRONG James   30-May-1932 75  
BALLANTYNE Alexina   22-May-1932 46 Wife of W. BALLANTYNE
BALLANTYNE William   12-Jul-1963 82  
BARBER Bernard Charles   19-Aug-1933 39 Died at Sherwood
BASTICK Lillian C.   May 1936 49  
BEITZEL Ann Butchart   8-Jul-1979 77  
BEITZEL August Wilhelm L.   9-Sep-1988 90  
BEITZEL Daphne   10-Jul-1934 11 yrs 6 mths  
BERTRAM Janet   8-Mar-1932    
BLACK Hugh   19-Jan-1939 73  
BOOTH Margaret R.   4-Aug-1956 83 Wife of Robert BOOTH
BOOTH Robert   22-Nov-1935 63 Husband of Margaret BOOTH
BOOTH William   4-Jun-1943 45 Son of Robert & Margaret R. BOOTH
BROWN Christina Annie   21-May-1979    
BROWN George   27-May-1944 75 Husband of Janet BROWN
BROWN Janet   15-Jun-1932 63 Wife of George BROWN
BUTLER Agnes F.   25-Sep-1963 86  
BUTLER Thomas E. C.   27-May-1936 70  
CARR Mary   4-Jan-1938 52 Mother of Peggy & Jean
CHRISTENSEN Alexander   20-Sep-1931 64 Husband of Mary CHRISTENSEN
CHRISTENSEN Mary   5-Sep-1955 86 Wife of Alexander CHRISTENSEN
CONROY Adam William     56  
CONROY Alexander Edward     47  
CONROY Katherine Thompson     71  
CONROY Thomas James     52  
COUTTS Mary   8-Jun-1932 54  
CRAIK Charles H.   16-Dec-1958 79  
CRAIK Hilda M.   17-Jun-1939 23  
CRAIK Robena   17-Feb-1963 80  
CRAWFORD Lillian A. V.   4-Apr-1936 32  
CRAWFORD Viti   4-Apr-1936 33  
CUMMING Alexander (Sandy)   25-Oct-1942 71 Buried with Margaret McLEOD
CUMMING Bob   25-Apr-1930 40 Husband of Elsie CUMMING
CUMMING Elsie   3-Oct-1968 77  
CUMMING Jean   14-Feb-1928 71 Wife of John CUMMING
CUMMING John   9-Jul-1942 84 Husband of Jean CUMMING
CUMMING John     2 mths Child of Jean & John CUMMING Buried with Margaret McLEOD
CUMMING Peter Herbert     1 Child of Jean & John CUMMING Buried with Margaret McLEOD
DANCER Isabella M. E.    23-Jan-1974    
DANCER J.   12-Nov-1938 48 4866 Sapper 1 Tunnelling Company
DAVIS Mary T.   13-May-1938 72  
DICKIE James   7-Jun-1957 85  
DICKIE Mary Ann   14-Apr-1940 67  
DOBBIE James   2-Oct-1950 74  
DOBBIE Rosetta W.   1-Apr-1947 69  
DRYSDALE George Robert   21-Dec-1963 93 Buried with Isabel FAWDRY
DRYSDALE Marion   12-Dec-1953 84 Buried with Isabel FAWDRY
EDWARD G. E.   16-May-1936 46 Husband of M. TURNER
EDWARD Mary   16-Jul-1960 68 Wife of G. E. EDWARD
FAWDRY Isabel       26-Sep-1939 27 Buried with George Robert & Marion DRYSDALE
FERGUSON Hugh   20-Jun-1955 81  
FERGUSON Margaret Owen   13-Nov-1934 57  
FORSYTH James   4-Jul-1940 74  
FORSYTH Mary Jane   22-Apr-1948 81  
FORSYTH Prudence   21-Dec-1943 72  
FORSYTH Samuel   1-Dec-1938 80  
FOX Caroline   10-Sep-1936 69  
FOX William   30-Mar-1952 91  
GILMOUR Bella        
GILMOUR James M.   10-Jan-1940    
GILMOUR Mary Mc. K.   11-Feb-1943    
GILMOUR Mary        
GORDON Agnes Lydia   13-Jul-1942 68  
GORDON William   20-Jan-1940 68  
GORMLEY Samuel 1884 1937    
GRAY Alexander   12-Dec-1935 3 Son of Hugh & Lottie GRAY
GRAY Charlotte Ross   21-Jul-1970 75  
GRAY Hugh   12-Feb-1969 78  
GRAY Sarah Millar   27-Nov-1940 79  
GRAY William   17-Jul-1947 83  
GREASLEY Margaret McDonald   25-Jul-1977 82 Buried with Janet McDonald STEWART
GREASLEY Thomas Arthur   3-Dec-1973 78 Buried with Janet McDonald STEWART
GREISBACH Clarence J.   21-Nov-1937 36 Buried with Edith R. RICE & Esther S. PASCOE
HARDIE John Stodart   3-Mar-1939 69  
HARDY Catherine   26-Jan-1946 86  
HARDY George   2-Feb-1931 72  
HARRISON Clifford W.   17-Jan-1972 62 Buried with William, Harry & Edith M. WINDSOR
HARRISON Esther F.   29-Jun-1984 72 Buried with William, Harry & Edith M. WINDSOR
HEADRIDGE Janet Lindsay   10-Nov-1931    
HENDRY Adam T.   27-Jun-1935 65  
HENDRY Jane C.   29-Apr-1959 80  
HUNTER Margaret Maria   19-Sep-1933 57 Wife of Richard HUNTER
JOHNSTONE Eva M.   16-Oct-1941    
KEDDIE Ethel Norma   23-Aug-1940 55 Wife of T. KEDDIE
KEDDIE Thomas   14-Feb-1968 81  
KRUGER Desmond Noel   5-Mar-1930 4 Son of D. & N. KRUGER Buried with Sandra Kay MILLS
KRUGER Dorothy A.   20-Apr-1970 62 Wife of N. W. KRUGER Buried with Sandra Kay MILLS
KRUGER Norman W.   21-Oct-1988 86 Buried with Sandra Kay MILLS
MACKAY Norman     6-Oct-1936 64  
McCULLAGH Faye Lois 10-Sep-1954 22-Apr-1999   Nee MERCER Buried with Hector C. MERCER
McCULLOUGH Joy B.   26-May-1938 15  
McCULLOUGH Mabel M.   20-Sep-1959 60  
McCULLOUGH Shaw F.   23-Mar-1974 74  
McDONALD Barclay William   27-Oct-1928 25 yrs 7 mths  Son of J. A. & E. A. McDONALD Accidentally Drowned
McDONALD Betty Lynette   7-Jan-1930 2 yrs 6 mths  
McDONALD Elizabeth Ann   22-Apr-1949 77 Wife of James A. McDONALD
McDONALD James A.   25-Feb-1954 86  
McDONALD Thompson William   27-Oct-1901 11 mths   
McELWAINE Kate   5-Nov-1950 71  
McELWAINE William   1-Apr-1929 53  
McEWAN Agnes   16-Nov-1941 62 Wife of Thomas McEWAN Buried with Agnes Owen STALLARD
McEWAN Thomas   4-Aug-1955 78 Buried with Agnes Owen STALLARD
McINNESS Hugh Campbell   6-Sep-1932 67  
McINNESS Hugh Campbell   19-May-1940 28  
McINNESS Ian   21-Feb-1999 89  
McINNESS Margaret   24-Feb-1942 60  
McLEARY Joseph   24-Mar-1936    
McLEARY Mary C. 20-Jul-1875 12-Feb-1970    
McLEOD Margaret     2-Apr-1952 69 Wife of Fred McLEOD of New Zealand Buried with John, John, Jean & Peter Herbert CUMMING
McMURDO David Ferguson   27-Sep-1939 63  
McNEILL Betty M.   14-Feb-1957 33  
McNEILL Heather Y.   19-Aug-1940 15  
McTAGGART Jean Millar   23-Feb-1934 57 Wife of Jas. A. McTAGGART
McTAGGART John   21-Jan-1929 23 Son of Jas. A. & Jean M. McTAGGART
MELVILLE William   14-Nov-1930 34  
MERCER Donald   21-Dec-1933 3  
MERCER Hector C.   6-Dec-1958 40 Buried with Faye Lois McCULLAGH nee MERCER
MERCER Jeanie   11-Feb-1975 80  
MERCER Thomas T.   4-Jul-1951 61  
MESSENGER Edward P.   17-Dec-1928 30 9th Btn. A. I. F. Buried with Phyllis Gail VEIVERS
MESSENGER Margaret Phyllis   11-Oct-1929 30 Nee WILSON Buried with Phyllis Gail VEIVERS
MILLER James   23-Nov-1930 57 Written below headstone from daughter Jean and Grandchildren Valmai, Jean & Frankie
MILLER Margaret Gordon   27-Oct-1947 71 Written below headstone from daughter Jean and Grandchildren Valmai, Jean & Frankie
MILLS Sandra Kay   12-Jul-1970 18 Accidentally Killed Buried with Dorothy A., Desmond Noel & Norman W. KRUGER
MOORE Alfred Thomas   30-May-1932 60 1st Petty Officer H.M. Navy
MUIR Jane Emily   18-Nov-1930 62 Wife of David MUIR
NASH M. A.   15-Jul-1938 62  
NASH Elizabeth   12-Aug-1945 70  
NIXON George Hamilton   16-Aug-1931   Late A. I. F.
PASCOE Esther S.   20-Dec-1983 82 Buried with Clarence J. GREISBACH & Edith R. RICE
PASCOE Francis   15-Feb-1938    
PASCOE Lydia   17-Jan-1940    
PATERSON Robert Donald Matheson   10-Nov-1939 65  
PATTERSON Annie   2-Dec-1968 91  
PATTERSON Thomas G.   9-Jan-1938 62  
REA Anna L.   16-May-1974   Nee WELLINGS Buried with David G., Sarah Jane & William James WELLINGS
REID Ann Weir       Wife of Robert Lauder REID
REID Jane   15-Jul-1934 62 Wife of D. REID
REID Robert Lauder       Husband of Ann Weir REID
RICE Edith R.   12-Jan-1956 57 Buried with Clarence J. GREISBACH & Esther S. PASCOE
RICHARDSON John H. 1853 1934    
RODGER Caroline   30-Jun-1965 83  
RODGER David   30-Sep-1931 52  
SAMPSON Agnes   21-Apr-1932 44  
SAMPSON Agnes   29-Apr-1953 65  
SHARP Robert W. F.   22-Jul-1971 85  
SHELTON Herbert Beresford   30-May-1934 24 Buried with Eleanor Williams STARK
SHIRREFFS George Lawson 13-Nov-1871 1-Apr-1932   Born at Peterculter, Scotland Died at Booval Manse Husband of Elizabeth SHIRREFFS
SMITH Bill   24-Feb-1932 34 Son of Margaret & George SMITH
SMITH Margaret   12-Mar-1928 56 Wife of George SMITH
SMITH Margaret 8-Aug-1865 17-Mar-1934   Nee HAIG Born at The Gortons, Bute, Scotland 
SMITH William   26-Mar-1928 40 Fatally injured at Box Flat Colliery
STAFFORD Jane Gordon   18-Feb-1976 86 Wife of Percival STAFFORD
STAFFORD Percival   24-Jul-1956 77 Husband of Jane Gordon STAFFORD
STAFFORD Thelma   28-Jan-1934 23 Daughter of Percival & Jean STAFFORD
STALLARD Agnes Owen     9 Daughter of L. & I. STALLARD Buried with Thomas & Agnes McEWAN
STARK Eleanor Williams   6-Aug-1972 90 Buried with Herbert Beresford SHELTON
STEVENS Henry George   18-Oct-1936 43 Husband of Jane Isabella STEVENS
STEVENS Jane Isabella   2-Jul-1979 78 Wife of Henry George STEVENS
STEVENSON Jane   4-Feb-1943 76  
STEVENSON John   15-Nov-1941 80  
STEVENSON John   25-Jan-1946 53 Son of John & Jane STEVENSON
STEWART Janet McDonald   23-Dec-1940 74 Buried with Thomas Arthur & Margaret McDonald GREASLEY 
STEWART Edith Frazer   28-Sep-1934 59 Wife of S. STEWART
STEWART Elizabeth   30-Mar-1928    
STEWART Helen   14-Sep-1969    
STEWART John   27-May-1929    
STEWART Samuel   29-Dec-1938 64 Husband of Edith Frazer STEWART
STEWART William (Jock)   2-Mar-1961    
STOKES Albert D.   11-Aug-1928 33  
STOKES Lillian B.   18-Nov-1979 87  
TAIT William Russell   14-Jun-1939 54  
TALLON Agnes   13-Mar-1951 85  
TALLON Robert   29-Apr-1939 74  
TALLON Elizabeth   1952 57  
TARBIT Isaac   15-Jul-1951 79  
TARBIT Jessie Jane   1-Sep-1934 61 Wife of Isaac TARBIT
TEALL Catherine   19-Aug-1933 15 mths Daughter of Arnold & Annie TEALL
THOMAS Joyce E. 1918 1933   Daughter of R. E. & R. THOMAS
TREVIS Ada   21-Dec-1939 60  
TREVIS Francis Louis   1-Feb-1945 66  
TREVIS Theo   26-Aug-1972 84  
TREVIS William Owen   17-Aug-1928 24  
TREVORROW Emily Maria   19-Sep-1966 77  
TREVORROW Ronald Thomas   7-Oct-1941 59  
UNKNOWN Scotty       A loving tribute from his best Pal Anne
VEIVERS Phyllis Gail 2-Dec-1925 21-Apr-1995   Nee MESSENGER Buried with Edward P. & Margaret Phyllis MESSENGER
WALKER George Alexander   8-Jan-1936 19 Son of J. & A. WALKER
WALKER Henry      14-Jun-1938 74  
WALKER Margaret   2-Mar-1955 90  
WELLINGS David G.   19-Oct-1956 45 Buried with Anna L. REA
WELLINGS Sarah Jane   27-Mar-1939 56 Buried with Anna L. REA
WELLINGS William James   27-Mar-1937 66 Buried with Anna L. REA
WILD Benjamin   7-Aug-1930 72  
WILD Annie E.   6-Jun-1973 83  
WILD Eliza   13-Apr-1941 84  
WILD Peter      26-Jul-1964 75  
WILLIAMS Kenneth   25-Mar-1939 17 Killed Cnr. Gordon & South Sts.
WINDSOR Edith M.   5-Aug-1954 72 Buried with Clifford W. Edith F. HARRISON
WINDSOR Harry   23-May-1939 58 Buried with Clifford W. Edith F. HARRISON
WINDSOR William   1-May-1932 24 Buried with Clifford W. Edith F. HARRISON
YOUNG John   9-Feb-1932 81  
YOUNG Mary   21-Feb-1940 85  
YULE Helen Allen   8-Dec-1945 75  
YULE Robert   8-Apr-1952 87  
YULE Robert A. D.   29-May-1931 38  
ZILLMANN Jane M.   10-Mar-1948 65  
ZILLMANN William E.   3-Apr-1937 52  

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