Roman Catholic B Section


Data compiled and gathered by Kerry Hall

Updates by Michael O'Reilly marked in bold text



Surname Given Name Birth Date Death Date Age Remarks
AHEARN Catherine   24-Jun-1926 69  
AHEARN Patrick   16-Jan-1915 75 Buried with Patrick & Susannah AHEARN & John HUGHES
AHEARN Susannah   13-Feb-1889 37 at Mount Walker Buried with Patrick & Patrick AHERN & John HUGHES
AHEARN Patrick Hugh       Infant son and buried with Patrick & Susannah AHERN & John HUGHES
ALWYN Kerry   22-Feb-1953 4 1/2  
ATKINSON George   28-Aug-1882 46 Native of Kendal Westmoreland England (Son of George ATKINSON and Anne FALLOWFIELD)
BALAAM Mabel   17-Nov-1967 80 Buried with Catherine WARREN and John O'BRIEN
BARLOW Catherine   12-Apr-1923 53 Daughter of Denis BARLOW and Mary NOONAN
BARLOW Denis   22-Feb-1885 52 Late of Peak Mountains and Native of Tipperary Ireland Father of Catherine and Ellen
BARLOW Ellen   16-May-1893 20 Daughter of Denis BARLOW and Mary NOONAN
BARLOW Ellen        
BARLOW James Aloysius        
BARLOW Margaret Ellen   24-Dec-1918 49  
BARLOW Mary Irene   21-Feb-1976    
BARLOW Patrick Joseph        
BARLOW Thomas Edward        
BARRETT Annie   30-Sep-1888 15 Of Churchill, Daughter of Patrick & Margaret BARRETT
BARRETT Elizabeth   29-Mar-1898 44  
BARRETT John T.   7-Jul-1943 61 Buried with Mary KAVANAGH
BARRETT Margaret   14-Dec-1923   Wife of Patrick BARRETT
BARRETT Patrick   29-Dec-1898 63 Husband of Margaret BARRETT
BARRY Catherine   7-Dec-1891 56 Wife of Patrick BARRY
BARRY Ellen Oct-1860 5-Dec-1937    
BARRY Patrick   14-Nov-1909   Husband of Catherine BARRY
BARTLETT Johanna   21-May-1894 27 Buried with and sister of John Rice, Mother of May BARTLETT
BARTLETT May     7weeks Daughter of Johanna BARTLETT
BEHAN Mary   8-Oct-1890 70  
BEHAN Michael   8-Nov-1905 86 Died at Ipswich Husband of Mary BEHAN
BENNETT Mary   6-Nov-1896 49 Wife of Henry BENNETT
BEVERLEY Elizabeth   29-Dec-1896 21 Daughter of Frederick Augustus BEVERLEY & Rose McANALEN
BEVERLEY Frederick Augustus   15-Jan-1902 50 Son of William Turner BEVERLEY & Ellen CROXTEN
BEVERLEY Mary Jane   21-Aug-1897   Daughter of Frederick Augustus BEVERLEY & Rose McANALEN
BEVERLEY Rose   5-Sep-1911 61 Daughter of Michael McANALLEN & Julia McANNALEN
BILTOFT Henry Peter   0-Jun-1939   Lost on the "Nerita" Husband of Maud Agnes BILTOFT
BILTOFT Maud Agnes   7-Jan-1945 47 Wife of Henry Peter BILTOFT
BOOTHMAN Edwin   22-Apr-1959 77  
BOYLE Annie Jane   17-Dec-1887 16 Daughter of Patrick & Elizabeth BOYLE
BOYLE Catherine       Infant, Daughter of Patrick & Elizabeth BOYLE
BOYLE Mary       Infant, Daughter of Patrick & Elizabeth BOYLE
BOYLE Patrick   24-May-1903 70 Died at Tivoli Husband of Elizabeth BOYLE
BRADLEY Alice   1-Apr-1920 70  
BRADLEY Daniel   5-Oct-1918 77  
BRADLEY John Thomas   4-Jul-1948 67  
BRADLEY Mary Ann   29-May-1966 85  
BRENNAN Lee   18-Oct-1900 3 Son of John & Mary BRENNAN
BRENNAN Mary Ann        
BRENNAN Patrick        
BRENNAN William Thomas        
BROOM Ann   19-Sep-1909 44  
BROOM James J.   10-Jul-1962 70  
BROOM John   2-Jul-1928 44  
BROOM Margaret   5-Jun-1878 26  
BROOM William   17-Jun-1897 38  
BURKE Catherine   21-Aug-1891 24  
BURKE Johanna   6-Dec-1887 90 Widow of Edmund BURKE Native of Pallasgreen Limerick Ireland Headstone erected by her son-in-law James PORTLEY
BURKE John   18-Feb-1896 73 Buried with his sister Margaret KIDNER
BURKE Margaret   1-Aug-1891 48  
BURKE Margaret Bridget   25-Jun-1969 86 Buried with Patrick, Patrick & Patrica BURKE & John REDMOND
BURKE Patricia Mary       Infant Buried with Patrick, Margaret & Patrick BURKE & John REDMOND
BURKE Patrick Joseph   19-Sep-1911 2 1/2 Buried with Patrick, Margaret & Patrica BURKE & John REDMOND
BURKE Patrick Joseph   29-Jun-1964 86 Buried with Patrick, Margaret & Patrica BURKE & John REDMOND
BURROWS Annie   25-Oct-1970 78 Buried with Michael & Mary O'BRIEN, Gertrude Mary SHIPPERLEY
BUTLER Bridget   7-Feb-1879 18 Only daughter of Johanna & John BUTLER of Redbank Buried with Mary RYAN d: 20 Mar 1887
BYRNE Hanora   20-Jun-1941   Wife of Michael H. BYRNE
BYRNE Mary Josephine   21-Jan-1979    
BYRNE Michael H.   3-Mar-1938   Husband of Hanora BYRNE
CAHILL Jane   21-Aug-1945   Buried with Ellen, James & Nicholas MADDEN
CALDER Isabella   1906 37  
CALDER James   1897 62  
CALDER Julia   1903 70  
CALLAGHAN Daniel   13-Mar-1911 65 Son of John CALLAGHAN
CALLAGHAN John   20-May-1888 78 Father of Daniel CALLAGHAN
CAMERON Alexander Joseph   12-Dec-1899 2yr 9mths Buried with Grandparents Margaret & Patrick REEDY & Thomas REEDY
CANNON Joseph   19-Jun-1899 3 Nephew of John & Johanna QUINN
CARMODY Agnes   24-Jun-1972 85  
CARMODY John   10-Oct-1955 68  
CARMODY Patrick   7-Jan-1946    
CARMODY William John   29-Dec-1969 54  
CARROLL Agnes Winifred   30-Dec-1950 57  
CARROLL Francis Martin   2-Sep-1972 84  
CARROLL Hannah Maria   30-Aug-1934 64  
CARROLL Harry   13-Jul-1900 30  
CARROLL Jack       Infant
CARROLL John   8-Jun-1910 68 Husband of Mary CARROLL
CARROLL Mary   9-Aug-1935 89 Wife of John CARROLL
CARROLL Patricia Agnes   17-Jul-1994 73  
CARROLL Tom   6-Jan-1913 30 Died at Sydney
CASEY Bridget   8-Jun-1886 79 Buried with John & William CASEY & Ann DWYER (Daughter of Edmond NAYLON & Mary CALAHAN)
CASEY Bridget   24-Jul-1929 86 Died at Milbong
CASEY Bridget   1937 73  
CASEY John   25-May-1911 70 Buried with Bridget & William CASEY & Ann DWYER (Son of Charles CASEY & Bridget NAYLON)
CASEY Patrick 17-Mar-1813 29-May-1898 85 Husband of Rosanna CASEY and father of Rosanna O'SULLIVAN (Son of Dominic & Catherine CASEY)
CASEY Rosanna     81yrs 6mths (Possibly d: 10 Sep 1911 daughter of McDONNELL & Rosanna) Wife of Patrick CASEY Mother of Rosanna O'SULLIVAN
CASEY William   26-Oct-1901 67 Native of Tower Hill, Co. Limerick, Ireland buried with Bridget & John CASEY & Ann DWYER (Possibly d: 26 Oct Son of Charles CASEY & Bridget NAYLON)
CASEY William Patrick   23-May-1942 70 Of Milbong
CLEARY James   13-Jul-1885 41 (Son of Hugh CLEARY & Mary MONOGHAN)
CLEMENTS Joseph   27-Apr-1880   Brother of Bridget DOWNES (Son of Thomas CLEMENTS & Alice O'BRIEN)
CLIFFORD Norah   2-Aug-1888   Accidentally Burnt Buried with her sisters Johannah Mary RODGERSand Deborah DEVEREUX (Daughter of Michael & Mary CLIFFORD)
COLE Ellen   15-Jul-1945 75  
COLE Margaret   26-Jun-1938 64  
COLE Mary   20-Dec-1897 62 Wife of Thomas COLE
COLE Michael   16-Aug-1958 83  
COLE Thomas   21-Apr-1905 74 Died on Good Friday
COLE William   15-Nov-1925 59 1/2 Son of Thomas COLE
COLLIE John S.   17-Jan-1937    
CONDON John   9-Nov-1913 88  
CONDON Mary   14-Mar-1919 85  
CONDON Nellie       Infant daughter of John & Mary CONDON
CONOHAN Ellen   19-Aug-1932 80 Wife of Peter CONOHAN
CONOHAN Peter   16-Jul-1897 49 Husband of Ellen CONOHAN
COONEY John        
COONEY Mary        
CORBETT Mary   20-Apr-1889 21 Sister of Thos. J. CORBETT Died at Ipswich
COSTELLO Catherine   27-Sep-1896 2 Daughter of Michael & Catherine COSTELLO
COSTELLO Catherine 1-Oct-1860 20-Jul-1927    
COSTELLO Michael 30-Nov-1859 18-Aug-1927    
COSTELLO Lucy   11-Feb-1928 50  
COSTELLO Maria   8-May-1927 86  
COSTELLO Sinon   17-Oct-1895 65  
CRANE Bridget   29-Sep-1890 28 Wife of Michael CRANE
CREEDY Anastasia   17-Sep-1890 38 Wife of Denis J. CREEDY
CREEDY Imeldia     9 weeks Infant daughter of Denis J. & Anastasia CREEDY
CROSS Edward   23-Jan-1889 6  
CROSS Elizabeth E.   25-Dec-1910 41  
CROSS James E.   26-Feb-1883 5  
CROSS Julia E.   21-Nov-1885 14  
CROSS Margaret   4-Apr-1917 69 Wife of Walter CROSS
CULLA Hanora   26-Apr-1889 56 Wife of Thomas CULLA
CULLA Margaret   17-Nov-1910 54 Daughter of Thomas & Hanora CULLA
CULLA Thomas   10-Apr-1890 58 Husband of Hanora CULLA
CULLEN Simon   28 Nov 1881 50 From Ireland, Died at Ipswich (Son of Peter CULLEN & Mary O'ROURKE)
CUMMINS Irene May 18-Nov-1913 16-Dec-1934    
CUMMINS Lloyd William 6-Feb-1917 6-May-1924    
CUTHBERT Margaret   1-Feb-1916 82  
CUTHBERT Robert   27-Nov-1899   (Son of Robert Lloyd CUTHBERT & Hannah DAVIS)
DALE Daniel   8-Sep-1898 28 (Son of James DALE & Sarah Jane GILLESPIE)
DALE James Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland 9-Nov-1908 78 (Son of Patrick DALE & Mary McGIVERAN)
DALE Patrick   2-May-1941 71 Buried with Ellen KEYS
DALE Sarah Jane   28-May-1928 86 Died at Rosewood
DALTON Elizabeth   24-Dec-1919    
DALTON Elizabeth       Daughter of Michael & Elizabeth DALTON
DALTON Michael   30-Apr-1916    
DALTON Michael       Son of Michael& Elizabeth DALTON
DALY Daniel   15-Aug-1886 22 Nephew of Eugene & Julia DALY
DALY Eugene   29-Oct-1915 83 Husband of Julia DALY
DALY Evelyn E.   28-Oct-1994 81 Mother of Marie, Brian, Basil, Terry, Maureen, Leon & Teresa Buried with Emma Adlington MANION
DALY Julia   14-Sep-1886 58 Wife of Eugene DALY
DALY Margaret   25-May-1892 26  
DEVEREUX Deborah   11-May-1930 62 Buried with her sisters Norah CLIFFORD & Johannah Mary RODGERS
DEVEREUX John   11-Dec-1952 87  
DONALDSON Grace E. 1884 1899   Buried with Caroline McGUIRE
DONIGAN Cecilia   18-Sep-1895 65 Wife of Patrick DONIGAN Died at Bowen Hills Brisbane Buried with Patrick DONIGAN, George PAVITT & Mary Jane PROFFIT oma
DONIGAN Patrick   22-Jul-1890 65 Husband of Cecilia DONIGAN Died at North Ipswich Buried with Cecilia DONIGAN, George PAVITT & Mary Jane PROFFIT
DOONAN Catherine   22-Jun-1895 52 Buried with Ellen, James & James DOONAN & Mary MARSHALL
DOONAN Ellen   1-Feb-1875 29 Died at Greenmount Buried with Catherine, James & James DOONAN & Mary MARSHALL
DOONAN James   17-Apr-1904 29 Buried with Ellen, Catherine & James DOONAN & Mary MARSHALL
DOONAN James   17-Apr-1922 80 Buried with Ellen, Catherine & James DOONAN & Mary MARSHALL
DOONAN John   13-Jul-1893 56  
DOONAN Mary   21-Oct-1891 53  
DORAN Margaret Agnes   4-Dec-1940   Buried with Denis Thomas KEOGH
DOWNES Bridget   3-May-1885 58 Wife of Patrick DOWNS/DOWNES Sister of Joseph CLEMENTS (Daughter of Thomas CLEMENTS & Alice O'BRIEN)
DOWNES Joseph   27-Jan-1884 21 Son of Catherine & Stephen DOWNES Buried with Stephen & Catherine DOWNS
DOWNS Catherine   19-Aug-1912   Buried with Joseph DOWNES
DOWNS Stephen   28-Dec-1910   Buried with Joseph DOWNES
DOYLE Family       Buried with Mary S. LEBLER
DURACK Bridget     1yr 3 mths  
DURACK Bridget   4-Aug-1886   Native of County Clare, Ireland
DURACK Jane Anne     5 yr 2 mths  
DURACK John   24-Oct-1886   Who was killed by the blacks in Western Australia
DWYER Ann   1924 85 Buried with Bridget, John and William CASEY
DWYER John   26-May-1913 74 Husband of Mary DWYER Father of James, John & William
DWYER Mary   9-Mar-1892 48 Wife ofJohn DWYER Father of James, John & William
DYER Nicholas   3-Jun-1932 19 Brother of Willie DYER
DYER Willie   18-Feb-1915 17 Brother of Nicholas DYER
EGAN Eileen   25-Jan-1970   Buried with James, Winnifred & Ellen FITZGERALD
EGAN Ann       Daughter of John & Annie EGAN
EGAN Annie       Wife of John & mother of Ann & Mary EGAN
EGAN James       Son of Mary EGAN
EGAN John       Husband of Annie & father of Ann & Mary EGAN
EGAN Mary       Daughter of John & Annie EGAN
EGAN Mary       Mother of James & Peter EGAN
EGAN Peter       Son of Mary EGAN
ERBACHER Frances   1-Jul-1913   Mrs. Embrey Buried with John ERBACHER & Anna RATZ
ERBACHER John   3-Sep-1965   Buried with Frances ERBACHER & Anna RATZ
FAHEY Bridget Gort Galway, Ireland 27-Jul-1899 60 Died in St Marys P??ry Ipswich where she was ?use?? for 27 years
FALVEY Ellen   21-May-1907 83 Native of County Cork, Ireland
FALVEY John   1-Mar-1886 40 Native of County Cork, Ireland. Died at Purga Creek. Brother of Richard FALVEY
FALVEY John   23-Aug-1899 82 Died at Purga. Native of County Cork, Ireland. Husband of Ellen FALVEY
FALVEY Kathleen   23-Dec-1931 38  
FALVEY Mary Ellen   12-Oct-1950 91  
FALVEY Patrick   19-Aug-1937 75  
FALVEY Richard   9-Aug-1862 20 Accidentally Drowned at Sea Brother of John FALVEY
FARRELL John   22-Dec-1918 82 of Rosewood Husband of Margaret FARRELL
FARRELL Margaret   19-Nov-1925 81 Wife of John FARRELL
FARRELL Patrick James   21-May-1896 15  
FERGUSON Catherine (Kate)   19-Oct-1923 69 Wife of George Given FERGUSON
FERGUSON Mary Ellenor   26-Feb-1912 23 Niece of Patrick & Mary FERGUSON (Daughter of John FERGUSON & Jane Ann GRANT)
FERGUSON Patrick   15-Oct-1881 25 at Ipswich Native of Crumlin County Antrim Ireland Bro of Mary McCUSKER (Son of James FERGUSON & Darthey/Dolwina KELLY)
FINN Mary Ann   22-Mar-1892 73  
FINN Mary Anne   13-Sep-1923 73  
FITZGERALD James   29-Jul-1907 96 Husband of Winnifred FITZGERALD Buried with Eileen EGAN
FITZGERALD Winnifred   2-Mar-1886 63 Wife of James FITZGERALD Buried with Eileen EGAN
FITZGERALD Ellen   20-Aug-1932 74 Daughter of James & Winnifred FITZGERALD Buried with Eileen EGAN
FITZGERALD Elizabeth   17-Aug-1927 64  
FITZGERALD Patrick   16-Apr-1921 65  
FITZGERALD John   2-Sep-1904 49  
FITZGERALD Bernard   21-Mar-1899 39 Interred at Mitchell
FLANAGAN Michael   5-Aug-1899 43 Native of McORNALLY Co. Roscummon Ireland Brother of Bridget FLANAGAN of Brisbane (Son of Patrick Bartholomew FLANAGAN & Mary Ann DIGMAN)
FLYNN John   6-Jun-1919 49 M. D., F. R. C. S. E.
FLYNN Bridget Agatha   1911   Infant child of John FLYNN
FLYNN Leonard Patrick   1908   Infant child of John FLYNN
FLYNN Margaret   25-Jan-1919 73 Wife of Thomas FLYNN
FLYNN Patrick Joseph   4-Mar-1897 25 Son of Margaret FLYNN
GEE James   18-Jan-1917 81 Husband of Mary GEE
GEE Mary   10-May-1898 63 Wife of James GEE
GEIGER Elda Louisa Clara   15-Dec-1889 1yr 5mths  
GEIGER Anslem Xaviour   19-Sep-1894 4 mths  
GEIGER Baby Girl   18-Feb-1906   Stillborn
GEIGER Theresa Mary   4-Jun-1910 43  
GEIGER John   15-May-1937 77  
GEIGER John Adam   16-Feb-1898 84 Husband of Mary Barbara GEIGER
GEIGER Mary Barbara   9-Nov-1911 90 Wife of John Adam GEIGER
GLYNN Jane   4-May-1912   Wife of Thomas GLYNN
GLYNN John     10mths 7days Son of Thomas & Jane GLYNN
GLYNN Thomas   19-Oct-1899   Native of County Clare, Ireland Husband of Jane GLYNN
GREEN Anastacia E.   1-Apr-1955 63  
GREEN George   17-Feb-1946 77  
HALE Thomas   25-Mar-1896 39 (Son of John HALE & Bridget FINLAY)
HALEY Mary   29-May-1894   Died at Walloon Buried with Patrick HALEY & William HARDIE
HALEY Patrick Joseph   27-Aug-1901   Killed at Walloon Buried with Mary HALEY & William HARDIE
HALEY William   3-Oct-1942 67  
HALL Alec Boyne   8-Aug-1896 35 Buried with Thadeus O'KANE
HALL Charles H.   27-Jan-1899 53  
HARDIE William John   6-Aug-1920 20 Killed at Walloon Buried with Patrick & Mary HALEY
HEALY Ellen   17-May-1886 45 Wife of John HEALY
HEALY John   25-Jan-1906 73 Husband of Ellen HEALY
HEHIR Michael   1881   Buried with Joseph, Ann & John McCARTHY (Died 22 Mar 1881 Son of Andrew HEHIR & Mary CROW)
HENNESSY Eleanor M.   24-Mar-1963 5 mths  
HENNESSY Abigail        
HENNESSY John        
HENNESSY Children        
HENNESSY Nora        
HENNESSY Mary        
HENNESSY John        
HENNESSY Margaret        
HICKEY John   25-Sep-1885 29 Of County Tipperary, Ireland
HOARE Jack   25-Aug-1926 6 Son of T. & M. HOARE Buried with Sarah Ellen McGREEVY
HOGAN Edward   14-Jun-1919 71  
HOGAN Mary Ann   7-May-1932 73  
HOGAN Francis   21-Aug-1960 58  
HOGAN Ileen   14-Jan-1973 75  
HOGAN Mary Winifred   1-Aug-1987 91  
HOGAN Harriet   9-Nov-1894 73  
HOGAN Rody   19-Dec-1953 85  
HOGAN Ellen   12-Feb-1972 103  
HOOLAHAN Catherine   8-Jan-1891 35 Buried with Thomas HOOLAHAN & Thomas & Theresa WRATTEN
HOOLAHAN Thomas   3-May-1935 73 Buried with Catherine HOOLAHAN & Thomas & Theresa WRATTEN
HUGHES John   15-Nov-1882 78 Buried with Patrick, Susannah & Patrick AHEARN
HULL Bridget   2-Aug-1898   Buried with Mary Veronica NEE
JOHNSON Margaret   22-Dec-1891 55 Wife of James JOHNSON Late of Dugandan
JOHNSON William   5-Jun-1885 1 week Son of George Michael JOHNSON & Lucy Agnes McMAHON
JOHNSON George Michael   10-Jun-1887 13 mths Son of George Michael JOHNSON & Lucy Agnes McMAHON
KAVANAGH Mary   25-Nov-1949 75 Buried with John T. BARRETT
KEANE Ann Jane   30-Sep-1949 45 Buried with Patrick & Annie McANANY
KELLEHER Denis   23-Apr-1942    
KELLEHER Eliza       Daughter of and buried with John & Mary McCUSKER and brother Arthur McCUSKER
KELLEHER Margaret   3-Jun-1898 66 Wife of John KELLEHER and Native of Co. Kerry Ireland
KELLEHER John   1-May-1880 53 Husband of Margaret KELLEHER and died in Co. Kerry Ireland
KELLY Bridget   11-May-1910 74  
KELLY Bridget       Wife of and buried with James KELLY & Margaret McNAB
KELLY James   29-May-1893   Husband of and buried with Bridget KELLY & Margaret McNAB
KELLY James Joseph   12-Apr-1930 62  
KELLY John J.   2-Apr-1914 24 Buried with Annie & James KELLY & Mary J. McPHERSON
KELLY Annie   14-Apr-1936 73 Buried with John J. & James KELLY & Mary J. McPHERSON
KELLY May   23-Mar-1912    
KELLY Patrick   10-Mar-1893 61  
KELLY Simon   30-Apr-1898 68 Died at Goodna Husband of Bridget KELLY
KELLY Ann Jane   9-Apr-1900 35 Wife of Edward KELLY Buried with Alice, Annie, Ellen, Patrick & Patrick McANANY & Ann KEANE
KELLY James   21-Sep-1943 81 Buried with John J. & Annie KELLY & Mary J. McPHERSON
KELLY Bridget   13-Nov-1920 84 Wife of Simon KELLY
KENDRICK Patrick   21-Nov-1917 75  
KENDRICK Thomas   19-Apr-1891 90  
KENNEDY John   15-Sep-1890 50  
KENNEDY John   23-Aug-1889 2 (Son of John KENNEDY & Bridget Jane SMITH)
KENNY Mary   24-Jul-1899 48 (Daughter of John GORMAN & Catherine McGRATH)
KENNY Mary Ann   8-Mar-1910 30 (Daughter of John KENNY & Mary GORMAN)
KENNY Theresa   12-Nov-1911 24 Accidentally drowned at Bundanba Buried with Patrick MURRAY
KENT Anne Catherine   7-Dec-1933 38 Wife of E. R. KENT
KENT E. R.   19-Apr-1951 68 238 Corporal 31 Battalion
KENT Leonard John   19-Jan-1976 50 Buried with W. J. & Mary Josephine SAUNDERS
KEOGH Denis Thomas   25-Aug-1911   Buried with Margaret Agnes DORAN
KEOGH Agnes Amelia   27-Nov-1899 58 Wife of Denis Thomas KEOGH
KEOGH Martin Joseph   9-Nov-1872 41  
KERWIN Mary   18-Apr-1898 62 Wife of Matthew KERWIN
KERWIN Mary (Manie) 1871 1954    
KERWIN William (Bill) 1881 1959    
KERWIN Matthew   21-Aug-1923 90 Husband of Mary KERWIN
KERWIN Thomas   23-Oct-1898 54 Husband of Jane KERWIN
KERWIN Jane   27-Oct-1925 83 Wife of Thomas KERWIN
KEYS Ellen   2-Sep-1949 73 Buried with Patrick DALE
KIDNER Margaret Teresa   28-Jul-1897 66 Buried with her brother John BURKE
KING C. A. M.   22-Jun-1956   576 Private 2 Field Ambulance
KING William Joseph 24-May-1882 23-Mar-1900    
KING Mary 1-May-1893 14-May-1895    
KING Mary 23-Mar-1856 6-Dec-1933   Wife of J. M. KING
KING John M.   12-Dec-1939 84 Husband of Mary KING
KINNANE Susannah   13-Sep-1881 34 Wife of James KINNANE
LACKEY Bridget   21-Sep-1881 54 Wife of John LACKEY
LACKEY John   6-Dec-1914 39  
LARTER Dorothy Julia   23-Feb-1945 31  
LARTER Mary Irene   26-Feb-1986 72  
LARTER Julia M.   22-Jun-1913 7  
LARTER Frederick H.   9-Nov-1940 60 Husband of Ellen LARTER
LARTER Ellen   15-Apr-1953 73 Wife of Frederick H. LARTER
LEBETER James Joseph   27-Feb-1969 59  
LEBETER Joseph   18-Jul-1946    
LEBETER Catherine   12-Jan-1968    
LEBLER Mary S.   15-Nov-1965   Buried with DOYLE family
LENEHAN Patrick John   1938 42 Buried with Patrick, Patrick John & Ann McQUADE
LINNEHAN Patrick   23-Dec-1899 35  
LITTLE Mary   31-Jan-1889 56  
LITTLE Dominick   6-Jun-1899 66  
LOUGHRAN John   5-Mar-1895 52 Husband of Mary LOUGHRAN
LOUGHRAN Mary   28-Mar-1916 80 Wife of John LOUGHRAN
MacPHERSON Elizabeth       Buried with Edward, Catherine & Richard McDONALD
MADDEN Ellen   1-Sep-1897 54 Native of Pallasgreen, Co.Limerick, Ireland. Buried with Jane CAHILL
MADDEN James   26-Mar-1926 84 Buried with Jane CAHILL
MADDEN Nicholas   10-Oct-1936   Buried with Jane CAHILL
MADDEN Charles Wyndham   8-Jul-1901   Of Mount Black, Townsville
MADDEN Patrick   19-Jul-1877 66 Of County Limerick, Ireland (Son of James MADDEN & Mary COGHLANE) Husband of Margaret MADDEN
MADDEN Margaret   15-Nov-1882 57 Wife of Patrick MADDEN (Daughter of Michael & Mary BURK)
MAHONEY Marianne   9-Jul-1898 61 Wife of James MAHONEY
MALONEY Bridget   3-Feb-1908    
MANION Emma Adlington Nov 1884 11-Dec-1913 29yrs 1mth Mother of John, Denis & Evelyn Buried with Evelyn E. DALY Roman Catholic B
MARSHALL Mary   8-Apr-1917 49 Buried with Ellen, Catherine, James & James DOONAN
MATTHEWS Julia Agnes   28-Feb-1890 35 Wife of P. MATTHEWS
MATTHEWS Peter   17-Dec-1915 66 Husband of Julia Agnes MATTHEWS
MATTHEWS Monica Eileen   23-Nov-1923 9  
MATTHEWS Annie C.   6-Aug-1961 80  
MAYES Alicia Catherine   23-Apr-1953 46  
MAYES William Aubrey   20-Aug-1948 40  
McANALLEN Ann   20-May-1900 67 Wife of James McANALLEN, Late of North Ipswich Native of Co. Clare, Ireland
McANALLEN James   11-Oct-1892 62 Of Aughataragh, Co. Armagh; Ireland Husband of Ann McANALLEN
McANANY Patrick Joseph   23-May-1952 82 Buried Anne Jane KELLY & Annie, Ellen, Alice & Patrick McANANY & Ann KEANE
McANANY Annie   20-Jan-1956 75 Buried Anne Jane KELLY & Ellen, Alice, Patrick & Patrick McANANY & Ann KEANE
McANANY Alice   7-Jan-1907 72 (Nee SCHOLES) Buried Anne Jane KELLY & Annie, Ellen, Patrick & Patrick McANANY & Ann KEANE
McANANY Ellen Hanorah   1-Dec-1884 19 Buried Anne Jane KELLY & Annie, Alice, Patrick & Patrick McANANY & Ann KEANE
McANANY Patrick   26-Mar-1916 85 Buried Anne Jane KELLY & Annie, Ellen, Alice & Patrick McANANY & Ann KEANE
McANANY Johanna 24-Jun-1866 14-Oct-1942    
McANANY Francis 9-Mar-1909 14-Sep-1993    
McAULIFFE James   3-Mar-1888 60  
McCARTHY Joseph 11-Nov-1837 20-Jan-1914   Husband of Maria McCARTHY Buried with Ann & John McCARTHY & Michael HEHIR
McCARTHY Ann Jane 6-May-1869 12-Sep-1900   Buried with Joseph & John McCARTHY & Michael HEHIR (Surname reg at death as RIORDAN)
McCARTHY John Joseph 25-Sep-1876 29-Apr-1893   Buried with Joseph & Ann McCARTHY & Michael HEHIR
McCARTHY Edward       Buried with Hanora McCARTHY & Catherine, Hanora, Thomas & Edward J. SHERMAN
McCARTHY Hanora       Buried with Edward McCARTHY & Catherine, Hanora, Thomas & Edward J. SHERMAN
McCARTHY Edward       Son of William & Bridget McCARTHY
McCARTHY Michael       Son of William & Bridget McCARTHY
McCARTHY Patrick       Son of William & Bridget McCARTHY
McCARTHY Bridget       Wife of William McCARTHY
McCARTHY William       Husband of Bridget McCARTHY
McCLELLAND Johanna   15-Aug-1909 70 (Daughter of Robert MULLINS & Ellen CLEAR)
McCLELLAND John   5-Jun-1886 23 (Son of John McCLELLAND & Johanna MULLINS)
McCLELLAND John   12-Aug-1882 43 (Son of Bernard McCLELLAND & Sarah CARR)
McCLELLAND Robert   11-Sep 1893 35 (Son of John McCLELLAND & Johanna MULLINS)
McCLELLAND Johanna   15-Aug-1909 70 (Daughter of Robert MULLINS & Ellen CLEAR)
McCLELLAND John   12-Aug-1882 43 (Son of Bernard McCLELLAND & Sarah CARR)
McCLELLAND John   5-Jun-1886 23 (Son of John McCLELLAND & Johanna MULLINS)
McCLELLAND Robert   11-Sep-1893 35 (Son of John McCLELLAND & Johanna MULLENS)
McCUSKER Mary   16-Mar-1884   Sister of Patrick FERGUSON Wife of Arthur McCUSKER (Daughter of James FERGUSON & Dolwina/Darthey KELLY)
McCUSKER Arthur       Son of and buried with John & Mary McCUSKER & Sister Eliza KELLEHER
McCUSKER John       Husband of and buried with Mary McCUSKER son Arthur McCUSKER and daughter Eliza KELLEHER
McCUSKER Mary       Wife of and buried with John McCUSKER son Arthur McCUSKER and daughter Eliza KELLEHER
McCUSKER Sarah A.   1930 83  
McDONALD Catherine   6-Nov-1899 60 Buried with Elizabeth MacPHERSON
McDONALD Edward   16-Sep-1899 57 Late of Esk Buried with Elizabeth MacPHERSON
McDONALD Richard   31-Dec-1894 26 Buried with Elizabeth MacPHERSON
McGINLEY Amelia   13-Feb-1890 42 Wife of M. H. McGINLEY
McGINLEY Michael Henry 6-Jan-1832 15-Jun-1909   Born in Donegal, Ireland Died at Ipswich Husband of Amelia McGINLEY
McGRATH Daniel   11-Jun-1894 82yrs 10mths  
McGRATH William Patrick   1-Jul-1885 3 mths Grandson of Daniel McGRATH
McGRATH Thyrza   21-Feb-1900 78 Wife of Daniel McGRATH
McGREEVY Sarah Ellen   7-May-1897 8 Daughter of P. & M. McGREEVY Buried with Jack HOARE
McGRORY Arthur 1795 1878   Who sailed in 1851 on the "Maria Somes" from Pettigo, County Fermanagh, Ireland
McGRORY Elizabeth 1802 1880    
McGRORY Bernard        
McGRORY Arthur        
McGRORY Robert        
McGRORY Elizabeth        
McGRORY Isabella        
McGRORY Ellen        
McGRORY Mary        
McGRORY Catherine        
McGUIRE Caroline 1863 1937   Buried with Grace E. DONALDSON
McGUIRE Catherine   28-Dec-1941 67  
McGUIRE Ellen Irene (Nell) 14-Feb-1909 21-Feb-2005    
McGUIRE John   6-May-1946 73  
McGUIRE Michael   2-Sep-1930 68  
McGUIRE Patrick   26-Jun-1891 36  
McGUIRE Thomas Kevin   18-Jul-1987 80  
McINALLY Mary   18-Aug-1935    
McLEAN Alexandrer   23-Sep-1886 53  
McLEAN Alexandrer   19-Aug-1957 94  
McLEAN Ellen   25-Jul-1921 83  
McLEAN James Douglas   20-Nov-1947 68  
McLEAN Mark John 10-Jul-1965 26-Sep-1965    
McMAHON Michael John   22-Apr-1946 63 Son of Ellen McMAHON
McMAHON Ellen   4-Feb-1884 21 Mother of Michael John McMAHON
McMAHON Selina   14-Aug-1965 79  
McNAB Margaret Mary   10-Nov-1949   Buried with James & Bridget KELLY
McNAMARA Daniel   3-Mar-1901   Husband of Mary McNAMARA
McNAMARA Mary   15-Sep-1934   Wife of Daniel McNAMARA
McNAMARA Harry P.   24-Jun-1914   Son of Daniel & Mary McNAMARA
McNAMARA Daniel P.   1-Nov-1916   Son of Daniel & Mary McNAMARA
McNAMARA Michael F.   1-Dec-1918   Son of Daniel & Mary McNAMARA
McNAMARA John Cilcullane Co. Limerick Ireland   46  
McNAMARA Leo F.   14-Jun-1972    
McNAMEE Hugh Denis   1-Jul-1898 17  
McNEIL Henry   20-Apr-1914 27 Husband of Hilda McNEIL
McPHERSON Mary J.   17-Feb-1983 89 Buried with John J., Annie & James KELLY
McQUADE Patrick   4-Feb-1893 49 Father of and buried with Patrick John McQUADE Who lost their live in the Eclipse Colliery Disasteralso buried with Ann McQUADE & Patrick John LENEHAN
McQUADE Patrick John   4-Feb-1893 23 Son of Patrick McQUADE Who lost their live in the Eclipse Colliery Disaster Buried with Patrick, Ann McQUADE & Patrick John LENEHAN
McQUADE Ann   26-Apr-1921 76 Wife of and buried with Patrick McQUADE, Patrick John McQUADE & Patrick John LENEHAN
MINERS Mary   23-Sep-1896 60 Wife of Thomas MINERS
MINERS Thomas   4-Oct-1896 77 Husband of Mary MINERS
MITCHELL John   15-Sep-1899 68  
MORAN James   22-Jul-1896 60 of Rosewood Husband of Mary MORAN
MORAN Mary   25-Oct-1916 78 Wife of James MORAN
MORGAN Johanna   8-May-1946    
MORGAN Mary Jane   11-Jul-1965    
MORGAN Richard Thomas   17-Mar-1971    
MORIARTY Dave   5-Apr-1936    
MORIARTY Timothy   20-Jan-1910    
MORIARTY Hannah   20-Aug-1948    
MORRIS Mary   22-Dec-1879 39  
MOYNIHAN Francis N.   9-Dec-1889 30 Railway Guard Accidentally Killed
MOYNIHAN Mary   3-Nov-1937 74  
MULKERIN Anastasia   9-Feb-1956 78  
MULKERIN James P.   19-Apr-1928 16  
MULKERIN Joseph   7-Sep-1950 85  
MULLANS Robert   23-Apr-1959 76 Buried with Mathew, Mary & James MULLINS
MULLINS John P.   8-Oct-1919 23 4730 Private 25 Battalion buried with Gustav RICHTER (John has 2 Headstones 1 beside the other . 1 with Gustav and 1 millitary.)
MULLINS Mathew   28-Jun-1923 84 Buried with James & Mary MULLINS & Robert MULLINS
MULLINS Mary   20-Aug-1934 79 Buried with Mathew & James MULLINS & Robert MULLINS
MULLINS James   1-Nov-1909 16 Buried with Mathew & Mary MULLINS & Robert MULLINS
MULRONEY Anna   15-Jun-1899 60 Wife of James MULRONEY
MULRONEY James   28-Jan-1889 52 Husband of Anna MULRONEY
MURPHY Bridget   11-Aug-1933 75 Wife of James MURPHY
MURPHY Denis       Husband of Margaret MURPHY
MURPHY Margaret       Wife of Denis MURPHY
MURPHY Bridget       Child of Denis & Margaret MURPHY
MURPHY Denis       Child of Denis & Margaret MURPHY
MURPHY Margaret       Child of Denis & Margaret MURPHY
MURPHY Grace   12-Dec-1971 85  
MURPHY James 1848 13-May-1899   Husband of Bridget MURPHY
MURRAY Patrick   6-Jan-1912 52 Accidentally killed at Bundanba Buried with Theresa KENNY
NEE Mary Veronica   24-May-1957   Buried with Bridget HULL
NEE Mary   12-Jan-1952   Buried with Michael & Plaque of Jack NEE
NEE Michael   14-Nov-1928   Buried with Mary & Plaque of Jack NEE
NEE Jack   1952   Interred at Lutwyche Plaque with Michael & Mary NEE
NOLAN Bridget   4-Apr-1894 58 Wife of James NOLAN
NOLAN James County Carlow, Ireland 27-Apr-1901 83 Husband of Bridget NOLAN
NOONAN Catherine   26-Dec-1914 75 Wife of John NOONAN
NOONAN John   28-Jun-1909 75 Of Roseborough Died at Ipswich
O'BRIEN John   27-Mar-1888   Infant buried with Mabel BALAAM and Catherine WARREN
O'BRIEN Mary   21-May-1951 87 Buried with Michael O'BRIEN, Gertrude Mary SHIPPERLEY & Annie BURROWS
O'BRIEN Michael   9-Oct-1951 87 Buried with Mary O'BRIEN, Gertrude Mary SHIPPERLEY & Annie BURROWS
O'BRIEN Daniel   4-Jun-1884 83  
O'BRIEN Winifred   10-Aug-1885 79  
O'BRIEN Catherine   10-Feb-1880 26 Daughter of Daniel & Winifred O'BRIEN
O'BRIEN Daniel   8-Jul-1918 68 Husband of Maria O'BRIEN
O'BRIEN Maria   12-Mar-1922 69 Wife of Daniel O'BRIEN
O'CARROLL James   25-May-1892 55 Late Sergeant of Police Ipswich Native of Kings County Ireland
O'CARROLL Mary   29-Oct-1896 56 Wife of James O'CARROLL
O'CONNOR Mary Ann Agnes   17-Sep-1899 48  
O'CONNOR John   22-Jan-1916 75  
O'CONNOR Kathleen   30-Sep-1966 74  
O'DONNELL Michael Crane   7-Oct-44 30 Accidentally Killed at Lowfield No. 2 Colliery
O'FARRELL Margaret   20-May-1886 28  
O'HANLON John   1951 90  
O'HANLON Mary   1893 29  
O'HANLON Minnie   1938 63  
O'HANLON William        
O'KANE Thadeus   17-May-1890 70 Buried with Alec Boyne HALL (Son of Gregory O'KANE & Johanna TRAIRNES)
O'KEARNEY Catherine Mary   31-May-1900 26 Daughter of James & Mary O'CARROLL Wife of Charles O'KEARNEY
O'KEARNEY Charles   16-Sep-1904 40 Native of Rockmills Co. Cork Ireland Died at Laidley Husband of Catherine Mary O'KEARNEY
O'KEARNEY Charles Francis   24-Oct-1908 7 Son of Charles & Catherine Mary O'KEARNEY
O'KEEFE Ellen   20-Apr-1895 72 (Daughter of Edward WELSH/WALSH & Mary COLLINS)
O'KEEFE John County Cork, Ireland 30-Aug-1898 75  
O'NEILL R.   10-Feb-1950 52 2720A Private 52 Battalion
O'REILLY Michael Born in County Caven Ireland 14-May-1910 63  
O'REILLY Elizabeth Born in County Wicklow Ireland 21-Feb-1919 65  
O'REILLY Peter   13-Nov-1907 64  
O'REILLY Catherine   23/9/1886 5d Daughter of Michael & Elizabeth O'REILLY
O'REILLY John   ??/??/1883 2 Son of Michael& Elizabeth O'REILLY
O'SHEA Mary   6-Jan-1894 86 of Co. Limmerick Ireland
O'SHEA Matthew   8-Apr-1930    
O'SHEA Mrs Patrick   Nov 1921 79 of Ireland
O'SHEA Patrick   26-Aug-1928    
O'SULLIVAN Rosanna   13-Aug-1905 45 Buried with and daughter of Patrick CASEY
O'SULLIVAN John   1923 60  
O'SULLIVAN Margaret   1904 70  
O'SULLIVAN Michael   4-Sep-1894 67 Of Co. Limerick Ireland
PAVITT George Joseph   24-Jul 1891 24 Grandson of Patrick DONIGAN Buried with Patrick & Cecilia DONIGAN & Mary Jane PROFFIT
PENDER Edward   27-May-1895 57 Of Grandchester Husband of Mary PENDER
PENDER Ellen   22-May-1941   Daughter of Edward & Mary PENDER
PENDER Mary   8-Nov-1935 89 Wife of Edward PENDER
PENDER Nora   31-Jul-1936   Daughter of Edward & Mary PENDER
PHEBEY George A.   20-Aug-1947 82  
PIERCE Hanora   25-Jan-1937 87  
PIERCE James   20-May-1919 31 203 Private 25 Battalion Son of Patrick PIERCE
PIERCE Leona Frances   16-Mar-1966 48  
PIERCE Patrick   9-Dec-1898 15  
PIERCE Patrick   5-Nov-1925 73 Father of James PIERCE
PORTLEY James   26-Nov-1900 12 Accidentally Drowned Grandson of James & Catherine QUINN Buried with James & Catherine QUINN Margaret & Mary PORTLEY
PORTLEY James In parish of Doon Limerick Ireland 22-Jun-1904 80 Husband of Margaret PORTLEY
PORTLEY Margaret   11-Apr-1907 78 Died at Grandchester Wife of James PORTLEY
PORTLEY Margaret   27-Feb-1920 35 Buried with James & Catherine QUINN James & Mary PORTLEY
PORTLEY Mary   23-Jun-1931 71 Buried with James & Catherine QUINN Margaret & James PORTLEY
PORTLEY Michael   13-Dec-1897 70 Native of Limerick Ireland
PORTLEY Patrick   14-Nov-1946 87  
PROFFIT Mary Jane   20-Mar-1929   Died at Bowen Hills, Brisbane. Daughter of Patrick & Cecilia DONIGAN Buried with Patrick & Cecilia DONIGAN & George PAVITT
QUINLAN Edward       Infant son of Kate QUINLAN
QUINLAN Kate   10-Feb-1920 64 Mother of Edward QUINLAN
QUINN Catherine   10-Jun-1925 86 Buried with James QUINN James, Margaret & Mary PORTLEY
QUINN James Kilfenora County Clare Ireland 1-Jan-1909 71 Buried with Catherine QUINN James, Margaret & Mary PORTLEY
QUINN Johanna   19-Jun-1899 36 Wife of John QUINN
QUINN John       Infant son of John & Johanna QUINN
RAFTER Bridget   3-Jun-1938 74  
RAFTER Hugh   7-Jul-1896 8  
RAFTER Veronica   21-Sep-1943    
RAFTER William   29-Aug-1942 79  
RATZ Anna Maria Heddesheim, Germany 22-Jan-1889 73  
RATZ Michael Heddesheim Germany 7-Oct-1883 68 Arrived Australia on "Aurora" 1855
REDMOND John   29-Aug-1997 83 Buried with Patrick Joseph & Margaret Bridget BURKE
REEDY Margaret   24-Oct-1912 89 Wife of Patrick REEDY Buried with Patrick & Thomas REEDY & Grandson Alexander CAMERON
REEDY Patrick   31-Aug-1892 66 Husband of Margaret REEDY Buried with Margaret & Thomas REEDY & Grandson Alexander CAMERON
REEDY Thomas   13-Apr-1913 61 Son of and buried with Patrick & Margaret REEDY & Alexander CAMERON
REMILTON Annie   30-Oct-1906 87  
REMILTON James   12-Jan-1890 69  
RICE John   30-Aug-1916 48 Brother of Johanna BARTLETT
RICHTER Gustav   1-Feb-1893 29 Buried with John MULLINS
RINGELSTEIN Clara Ann   18-Feb-1958 86  
RINGELSTEIN Conrad   30-Jan-1895 65  
RINGELSTEIN Rosalie   19-Jan-1919 75  
ROBERTS Adelaide 12-Aug-1902 31-Jan-1903    
ROBERTS Catherine 29-Jun-1863 11-Dec-1928   Buried with Ellen BARRY
RODGERS Johannah Mary   6-Aug-1923 60 Buried with her sisters Norah CLIFFORD & Deborah DEVEREUX
ROGAN Eugene   18-Oct-1898 33  
ROGAN George   16-Apr-1917 50  
ROGAN Joseph   28-Jun-1898 25  
ROGAN Mary Ann   22-Jan-1899 67  
ROGAN Mary Agnes   21-Nov-1927 17  
ROGAN William   20-Jan-1920 84  
ROHLEDER Catherine   17-Mar-1902 88 Wife of Nichlaus ROHLEDER Buried daughter Kate FERGUSON
ROHLEDER Nichlaus   24-Jun-1898 75 Husband of Catherine ROHLEDER Buried with daughter Kate FERGUSON
RONAN Margaret   10-Jun-1894 58 Wife of Timothy RONAN
RONAN Mary   29-Jan-1930 70 Daughter of Timothy & Margaret RONAN
RONAN Timothy   17-Feb-1905 73 Husband of Margaret RONAN
RONAN Winifred   4-Dec-1929 60  
RYAN Darcy   20-Jun-1916 28 Killed in France
RYAN Johanah   3-Jul-1903 52 Wife of Patrick RYAN
RYAN Johanna   15-Mar-1889 77 Wife of Timothy RYAN Native of Parish of S???head, Ireland
RYAN Mary   23-May-1902 82 Wife of Richard RYAN
RYAN Mary   20-Mar-1887 31 Buried with Bridget BUTLER, Wife of Michael RYAN, Daughter of Patrick WALTERS & Bridget CROKE
RYAN Mary Ann   16-Nov-1907 25 Daughter of Patrick & Johannah RYAN
RYAN Michael   2-Sep-1894 47  
RYAN Patrick   1-Jul-1890 25 Died at Ipswich
RYAN Richard   23-May-1891 84 Husband of Mary RYAN
RYAN John Benedict   13-Mar-1961 81  
SAILER Clifford Gordon   21-Mar-1912 8 mths Twin brother of Stanley SAILER
SAILER Francis J.   22-Feb-1953 81  
SAILER Maud M.   26-May-1957 80  
SAILER Stanley Joseph   12-May-1913 22 mths Twin brother of Clifford SAILER
SAILER Violet Maud   27-Mar-1945 41  
SALISBURY Ernest Joseph   24-Dec-1885 4yrs 7 mths Son of John & Julia SALISBURY
SAUNDERS W. J.   25-May-1899 33 Father of and buried with Mary Josephine SAUNDERS & Leonard John KENT
SAUNDERS Mary Josephine   25-Jul-1915 18 Daughter of and buried  with W. J. SAUNDERS & Leonard John KENT
SAUNDERS Ellen Winifred   11-Feb-1935 70  
SAUNDERS Margaret   18-Sep-1963 73  
SAUNDERS William   3-Nov-1963 73  
SCANLON Annie   3-Apr-1956    
SCANLON Daniel   4-Feb-1892 57  
SCANLON John Joseph   15-Apr-1898 19 mths Brother of Mary Ellen son of John & Annie SCANLON
SCANLON John Michael   19-Sep-1948 83  
SCANLON Mary   8-Feb-1893 54  
SCANLON Mary Ellen   30-Jun-1898 3 Sister of John Joseph daughter of John & Annie SCANLON
SCHMITT Anna Margaret Elizabeth   4-Jan-1934 72  
SCHMITT George 6-Nov-1835 14-Mar-1912 77 Born Laubenheim Germany Husband of Katharina SCHMITT
SCHMITT George   13-Nov-1924 61 Son of George & Katharina SCHMITT
SCHMITT Johann Laubenheim, Germany 23-Jun-1882 22 Son of George & Katharina SCHMITT
SCHMITT Katharina   16-Oct-1916 79 Wife of George SCHMITT
SCHOSTAKOWSKI Agnes Mary   25-Jun-1971 80  
SCHOSTAKOWSKI Anton   31-Mar-1928 86  
SCHOSTAKOWSKI Frederick   22-Jan-1964 84  
SCHOSTAKOWSKI Juliana 5-Jul-1840 13-Nov-1894    
SELBY Elizabeth   19-Oct-1934 67  
SELBY George   20-Sep-1893 25  
SELBY James   27-Feb-1892 10 mths  
SELBY Mabel G.   19-Nov-1976    
SHANAHAN Rebecca   28-Oct-1881 37 Native of County Cork, Ireland Wife of Garrett SHANAHAN (Daughter of William COPPINGER & Mary FOX)
SHEA James   10-Jan-1883 55 Of Walloon
SHEPPARD Denis Francis       Son of Francis & Hanora SHEPPARD
SHEPPARD Francis Michael 24-Nov-1924 3-Jan-1996    
SHEPPARD Francis Thomas   13-Mar-1922 78  
SHEPPARD George Thomas 8-May-1884 8-May-1975    
SHEPPARD Hanora   6-Feb-1917 75  
SHEPPARD Mary Isobel   11-Aug-1952 66  
SHEPPARD Patricia Mary   15-Sep-1942 20  
SHEPPARD William John       Son of Francis & Hanora SHEPPARD
SHERMAN Catherine       Buried with Edward & Hanora McCARTHY & Hanora, Thomas & Edward J. SHERMAN
SHERMAN Hanora   4-Oct-1929   Buried with Edward & Hanora McCARTHY & Catherine, Thomas & Edward J. SHERMAN
SHERMAN Thomas   11-Oct-1902 65 Buried with Edward & Hanora McCARTHY & Catherine, Hanora,& Edward J. SHERMAN
SHERMAN Edward J.       Buried with Edward & Hanora McCARTHY & Catherine, Hanora & Thomas SHERMAN
SHINE Catherine   11-Oct-1921 75 Wife of Daniel SHINE
SHINE Catherine   15-Aug-1923 76  
SHINE Catherine   25-Jun-1939 58  
SHINE Cecelia Julia   24-Jun-1895 12 yrs 8 mths  
SHINE Daniel   5-Aug-1932 86  
SHINE Edward Joseph   10-Oct-1949 71  
SHINE Hanoria   18-Feb-1878 5 Daughter of John & Catherine SHINE
SHINE John   27-Feb-1904 61 Father of Hanoria SHINE
SHINE Thomas   21-Sep-1877 7 days  
SHINE William   30-Nov-1873 13 mths  
SHIPPERLEY Gertrude Mary   26-Oct-1956 66 Buried with Michael & Mary O'BRIEN & Annie BURROWS
SIDDINS Denis James       Son of Margaret Mary SIDDINS
SIDDINS Margaret Mary   25-Feb-1944 62 Mother of Dennis James SIDDINS
SLACK Agnes   19-Apr-1887 26  
SLACK Gertrude   13-Jul-1935    
SLACK James   16-Mar-1926 89  
SLACK John   10-Sep-1913 73  
SLACK Mary   7-Apr-1881 46 Wife of John SLACK (Daughter of CASEY)
SLACK Mary   29-Jul-1916   Wife of William SLACK
SLACK Sarah 17-Feb-1840 23-May-1906   Born County Limerick Ireland Wife of James SLACK
SLACK Thomas 11-May-1874 11-Oct-1888   Son of Sarah & James SLACK
SLACK William   30-Oct-1880 43 of Walloon Husband of Mary SLACK
SMITH John   10-Mar-1896 74  
STACKPOOLE Mary Ann   1-Jul-1940 66  
STACKPOOLE Bartholomew   27-Dec-1950 75  
STACKPOOLE Annie   17-Mar-1877 4 mths Daughter of M. & B. STACKPOOLE
STACKPOOLE Michael   6-Sep-1906 76  
STACKPOOLE Bridget   2-Nov-1924 82  
STEWART James   21-Sep-1900 24  
SURAWSKI Joseph   1-Jan-1914 89 Husband of Mary SURAWSKI
SURAWSKI Mary   15-Jan-1914 88 Wife of Joseph SURAWSKI
SYDES George Joseph   27-Mar-1953 57  
SYDES Mary   1945   Died in Infancy
SYDES Mary Kathleen   7-Apr-1992 89  
TAYLOR Mary   25-Oct-1945 71  
THYNNE Edward   18-Jul-1884 95 Formerly of Ballinagrave House Co. Clare Ireland Died at Ipswich
TOBIN Mary Ann   26-Oct-1896 26 Died at Walloon
TOOHEY Michael   6-Apr-1885 16 (Son of Micahel TOOHEY & Mary O'BRIEN)
UNKNOWN Mary        
UNKNOWN Mother        
UNKNOWN Father        
UNKNOWN Eva        
VISOKINSKY Paulina   11-Jan-1949 74 Buried with Czeslaw & Jan WYSOKINSKI
WALSH Annie Teresa   9-Mar-1916    
WALSH Darby   5-Jan-1901 70  
WALSH Joseph Michael   31-Jul-1945   Killed at Amberley Aerodrome
WALSH Philomena   31-May-1911    
WARD Ellen   13-Sep-1903 71 Wife of Thomas WARD
WARD Maria   4-Apr-1948 78  
WARD Patrick   20-Dec-1933 70 Son of Thomas & Ellen WARD
WARD Thomas   13-Feb-1894 73 Husband of Ellen WARD
WARREN Catherine   8-Feb-1970 80 Buried with Mabel BALAAM and John O'BRIEN
WATKINS Charles   3-Oct-1876 77  
WATSON Ann Jane   30-Oct-1945    
WATSON Margaret   30-Jan-1917 68 Wife of Samuel WATSON
WATSON Samuel   9-Sep-1927 86 yrs 6 mths Husband of Margaret WATSON
WHEELER Henry   16-Mar-1888 56  
WILLIAMS George   21-Jun-1887 51 Native of Corfu
WILLIAMS Mary Ann   22-Jan-1879 8 Daughter of George WILLIAMS
WINKS Eileen 10-May-1908 3-Nov-2000    
WRATTEN Thomas A.   16-Jan-1954 70 Buried with Catherine & Thomas HOOLAHAN & Theresa WRATTEN
WRATTEN Theresa A.   26-Jul-1966 78  
WYSOKINSKI Czeslaw   16-Feb-1913 17 or Cecil VISOKINSKY, Drowned, Buried with Jan WYSOKINSKI & Paulina VISOKINSKY
WYSOKINSKI Jan   25-Jun-1941 72 Buried with Czeslaw WYSOKINSKI & Paulina VISOKINSKY
YOUNG Bridget   17-Nov-1922 33 Daughter of John & Johanna QUINN

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