Salvation Army Section


Data compiled and gathered by Kerry Hall


Surname Given Names Date of Birth Date of Death Age  Remarks
ABBOTT George Henry   6-May-1968 54  
ABBOTT Mary McIlwraith   16-Sep-1985 70  
ANDERSON A. Elizabeth   25-Nov-1985 76  
ANDERSON Eileen   24-Apr-1960 72  
ANDERSON George      14-Dec-1950 39 Accidentally Killed
ANDERSON Robert   7-Aug-1953 68  
ARMSTRONG H.   17-Mar-1967 78 9 Private 15 Battalion
ARMSTRONG Kevin W.   14-Dec-1956 24  
BARRETT Charles A.   25-Mar-1963 49  
BARRETT Ivy O. K.   3-Oct-1992 79  
BESGROVE Annie Jubilee   20-Dec-1960 63  
BIRCH Frederich   3-May-1971 78  
BIRCH Phyllis M.   3-Apr-1967 75  
BLAINE John Westly   15-Nov-1966 66  
BLAINE Lillian A. A.   5-Apr-1962 56  
BOWDEN James   11-Jul-1952 70  
BOWDEN Kate   11-Sep-1972 74  
BYHOLM Bernadette   30-Aug-1972   Buried with Esther THOMPSON
CHAPMAN Murray   26-Nov-1962    
CLIST Clifford John   11-Dec-1948 7  
CRAIG Charles Milton     18-Sep-1969 75  
CRAIG Charlotte Florence   13-Jun-1952 56  
DAVIES Edna Ruby   8-May-1985 72  
DAVIES John      3-Feb-1963 56  
FULLER Emily Mary   7-Dec-1966 88  
FULLER Eva Eliza   30-Jan-1982 101  
GIESS Virginia   25-Dec-1953 81  
GILLETT Irene Maud   4-May-1969 78 Wife of Percy George GILLETT
GILLETT Percy George   19-Jul-1965 77 Husband of Irene Maud GILLETT
GROUNDS Lynda Merle   2-Aug-1964 11 Accidentally Drowned
GULEY Alvia (Alf) Lindsay   17-Jun-1990 92  
GULEY Esther Emma   25-Feb-1961 62  
GUSE Charles W   22-May-1968 64  
HARPER Norman K.   28-Sep-1952 40  
HENSELIEN Joseph A.   4-Jun-1955 54  
HENSELIEN Mary (Ma)   2-Jul-1958 78  
HUTCHINS Elsie   4-Nov-1982 81  
HUTCHINS Roy Francis   24-Aug-1961 59  
ISLER Marietti A.   16-Jun-1974 76  
ISLER Robert   12-Aug-1954 63  
JEHN Francis   3-Nov-1960 72  
JEHN Lucy D.   19-Jan-1969 82  
KILPATRICK Gregory Allan   28-Dec-1963 7 Accidentally Drowned
LIPKE Maria   25-Feb-1961 82 Accidentally Drowned " God has her in his keeping we have her in our hearts Alf & Eva" Buried with Florence Arabella PEARDON
McCOOMBES Chas   30-Jul-1948 64  
McCOOMBES Mary Ann   15-Feb-1963 73  
McDONALD Eileen                1969    
McDONALD Niney                1972    
McNEILL Arthur 29-May-1899 19-Nov-1968    
McNEILL Elsie Maud 8-Jan-1902 2-Apr-1972    
McNEILL Lillian May   7-Jun-1966 66  
MESSENGER Ada Mary 28-Oct-1900 10-Apr-1971   Buried with Keith Carlton & Lily SCHAFER
MESSENGER Arthur Henry 26-Nov-1907 30-Nov-1989   Buried with Keith Carlton & Lily SCHAFER
MESSENGER Margaret E.   23-Jan-1951 7 yrs 10 mths  
MESSENGER William T.   22-Jun-1960 55  
MILLER Emily      18-Aug-1949 69  
MORRISON Robert             1861              1948    
MORRISON Robert Gilmore             1902              1985    
MULLER Emilie   27-Jul-1951 79  
NEALE Edwin William 16-Oct-1891 16-Dec-1981    
NEALE Rachael Emma Vera 31-Mar-1898 5-Feb-1968    
NEUENDORFF Albert Robert   5-Dec-1953 72  
PEARDON Florence Arabella (Florrie)   2-Oct-1994 94 Buried with Maria LIPKE
PENNELL Catherine Elizabeth   9-Nov-1961 83  
PENNELL Catherine Ivy Moss 23-Sep-1906 14-May-1990    
PENNELL John Edward   20-Sep-1977 92  
RULE Elma J. M.   8-Sep-1951 25  
RULE Elsie R.   15-Mar-1989 89  
RULE Robert C. I.   9-Mar-1986 88  
RUMSEY Alice May 7-Mar-1897 12-Dec-1985    
RUMSEY Donald Francis 23-Nov-1905 23-Aug-1962    
SAUNDERS Charles R.   24-Aug-1962 74  
SAUNDERS Elwyn Roy   30-Dec-1963 19 Accidentally Killed
SAUNDERS Emma A.   5-Dec-1964 70  
SAUNDERS Gladys M.   16-Jan-2004 87  
SAUNDERS May   21-May-1948 52  
SAUNDERS Wayne Kenneth   12-Feb-1950          8 mths  
SCHAFER Keith Carlton 14-Mar-1911 29-Sep-1989   Buried with Ada Mary & Arthur Henry MESSENGER
SCHAFER Lily 29-Apr-1910 18-Oct-1996   Nee MESSENGER Buried with Ada Mary & Arthur Henry MESSENGER
SHARD Annie May      24-Feb-1976 75 Buried with Gladys May WATSON
SHARD William Francis   16-Mar-1980 87 Buried with Gladys May WATSON
SIMPSON Gertrude 9-Jul-1892 31-Mar-1948   Row 1, Grave 1
SIMPSON Walter 24-Feb-4895 27-Nov-1968   Row 1, Grave 1
SMITH Francis E.   19-May-1958 68  
SMITH Phillis Shakerley   23-Jun-1974 79  
SMITH Wallace Robertson   20-Sep-1969 89 Husband of Nell (Deceased) & Marjorie Father of Margaret & David
STEWART Alice  M.   4-Jul-1962 81  
STEWART Daniel   8-Aug-1965 89  
TAYLOR Susannah   4-Nov-1948 78  
THOMPSON Esther   16-Sep-1968   Buried with Bernadette BYHOLM
TURNER Colin J.   21-Aug-1968 56  
WATSON Gladys May   24-Dec-1962 41 Buried with Annie May & William Francis SHARD
WHITE Percival F.   18-Oct-1962 80  

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