Old Miles Cemetery


Data and Photo gathered and compiled by Veronica Jones


Surname Given Name Photo Photo Death date Age Notes
BEST Arthur John photo photo 2-4-1919   born July 1900. son of James Henry & Ellen
BICE Walter Piggott photo   8-12-1914 35 y  
BROWN Ethel Naomi photo photo 10-3-1953   born 26-12-1879. wife of Philip Henry BROWN.
BROWN Philip Henry photo photo 1-12-1916   husband of Ethel N, youngest son of Walter BROWN M.D, born Brislington Parramatta 9-7-1875
CAMPBELL Adelaide Amealia photo photo 27-5-1919 57 y wife, mother of Alfred Milton St Clair CAMPBELL
CAMPBELL Alfred Milton St. Clair photo photo 28-6-1919 19y son of Adelaide Amealia CAMPBELL
CAMPBELL Arthur Francis photo   7-1-1954 80 y  
CARNANSHENKO Nicholas photo   11-8-1913   erected by fellow workers Miles-Taroom Railway. Report "The Northern Miner" 12-8-1913
CARVEY James Thomas "Little Jim" photo   18-5-1918 13 mths 13 days only son of Sydney & Anne CARVEY
COATES Olive May photo   22-10-1917   born 3-6-1907. died from diphtheria
COBB Stella Meryl photo photo 1916   born 1889. daughter of Caroline Amanda REDDINGTON & Stephen Montgomery COBB
COOLING Clyde Cavanagh Thomas photo photo 17-12-1911 1 y 4 mths son of Alice CAVANAGH & George Henry COOLING. Born 23-7-1910
COOLING Isaac John photo photo 17-4-1915 20 y second son of A & C H COOLING
DAVIDSON Mary photo photo 16-6-1919 58 y born Killarney, Ireland. Erected by husband & three children Clara, Maud & Jack
DAVIDSON Violet photo   15-11-1915 20 y 4 mths 4th daughter of Peter & May DAVIDSON. Died at Brisbane
GEARY Denis Robert photo photo 15-11-1911 35 y son of John & Hanora GEARY, brother of John
GEARY Hanora photo photo 22-3-1913 70 y born Bishopswood, Ireland 14-4-1843. wife of John
GEARY John photo photo 18-9-1924   born Gympie 1871, son of John & Hanora GEARY, brother of Denis Robert
GEARY John photo photo 27-12-1923 85 y born Waterford 1838, died Miles. Husband of Hanora
HANRAHAN Nellie photo   10-8-1914 23 y  
HILL William photo   29-10-1918 26 y died at Dulacca. Late A.I.F.
KURTZ A photo   1935   born 1862. BDM Anton KURTZ. Died 4-5-1935 parents Josephine MOUSA & Peter KURTZ
KURTZ D L photo   1932   born 1862. BDM Deborah. Parents Ann BARNETT & James SYPHER.wife of Louis KURTZ
KURTZ L photo   1936   born 1856. BDM Louis KURTZ died 6-8-1936 parents Josephine MOUSA & Peter KURTZ
KURTZ S photo   1919   born 1861. BDM 1-2-1919 parents Margaret GORE & James CASTLES. Wife of Anton KURTZ. Married 23-6-1884
LINDSEY Cecil Patrick photo   6-8-1929 23 y grandson of Mary A MAGUIRE
MAGUIRE Mary Ann photo photo 29-1-1940 91 y wife of Thomas, grandmother of Cecil Patrick LINDSEY
MAGUIRE Thomas photo photo 3-9-1915 75 y husband of Mary A MAGUIRE
McCREANOR Charles Bernard photo   4-10-1916 46 y`  
McMULLEN Muriel photo   3-3-1919 17 y 6 m born 13-8-1901. Muriel Maud Mabel McMULLEN daughter of William McMULLEN & Kathleen O'BRIEN
McMULLEN William photo   28-12-1933 68 y husband & father
MYLES Violet "Vi" photo   27-3-1918 27 y wife of Jack MYLES
O'BRIEN William F photo   25-3-1916 54 y our great uncle, erected by Virgil, Lorna & Edna O'BRIEN
PARSONS Margaret Jane photo   8-12-1921 46 y  
RAYNER Clara photo photo 2-8-1937 43 y daughter of Mary DAVIDSON
SAUNDERS Henry John Herbert photo   25-8-1914 4 y son of George & Lily SAUNDERS
SAUNDERS Leslie John Herbert photo   22-8-1920 1 y 3 mths son of George & Lily SAUNDERS
Unknown   photo       plot near roadside fence
Unknown (Geary plot)   photo       same plot as Dennis Robert & John GREARY
Unknown (Geary plot)   photo       same plot as John & Hanora GEARY
WALTON Elizabeth photo photo 12-8-1914 28 y wife of William WALTON

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