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This Church dates from 1837 and was designed by well known convict architect James Blackburn. It ceased use as a Presbyterian Church at the time of Church Union (1977) when the congregation moved to the more modern (1911) Methodist Church. There appears to have been about 160 burials in the churchyard between 1842 and 1872 when Cornelian Bay Cemetery opened. In the 1950s the headstones were removed and the site cleared!! More recently the Glenorchy Council have purchased the property and are renovating the Church to be used as a community facility. They have located 17 of the original headstones and these will be relocated on the property but obviously will not be in the original location.

Lookups from the copy of the funeral services that have been conducted during the period mentioned, is Available from link above. The burial register as such does not exist, so precise locations for remains are NOT available


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