721 kms Southeast of Perth

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Memorials as a rule do not have a plot numbers.

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Jill Bickmore 15 August 2009








Lawn 1836

FAAHAN-SMITH, Barry Herbert

02-08-1999 aged 58 years

Inscription: ‘Devoted husband of Joy. Adored father of Kelly, Cindy (dec), and Glen. Memories will last forever. Dearly loved – sadly missed’


RC 763



Inscription: ‘Baby daughter of Barry & Joy. Sister to Kelly & Glen.

‘Our little Angel not meant to be with us.’


RC 550/1701

FAAHAN-SMITH, Herbert John

03-04-1966 aged 63 years

Inscription: ‘WX8655 SAPPER 2/6 FIELD COMPANY. R.A.F. Dearly loved by wife Margaret & sons John & Barry’


FAAHAN-SMITH, Margaret Cecilia

31-12-1996 aged 92 years

Inscription: ‘At Rest’


Lawn 2444


Burial: 12-08-2009

Funeral Director: EFS

Service: Graveside


Lawn 1392

FAIRALL, Clarice Victoria


Inscription: ‘Loved wife of Percy. Mother of Ray, Maurice & Annette’


**Lawn 2076/2041

FARMER, Annetoinique Mindy Lameesha Helena


Burial: 08-08-2003 Minister: Sonny Graham

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services


HARRIS, Dwayne Edward James


Burial: 07-12-2002 Minister: Pastor Sonny Graham

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services


RC 855

FARRELL, Mary Lillian (Lil)

15-04-1977 aged 74 years

Inscription: ‘Erected by her loving son Eric’


RC 597/1445



Inscription: ‘Died suddenly. ‘Rest in Peace’. From loving wife Freda & family’


FATTORIN, Alfreda Phyllis (Freda)

1912 – 19-06-1991 aged 78 years

Burial: 24-06-1991 Minister: Rev. Liszka

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral & Monumental Services

Inscription: ‘Loved parents of Gary, Glennis & family.  Remembered always’


Lawn 1873



Inscription: ‘Dearly loved husband of Pauline. Loving father of David, John, Mary, Peter, Bernard, Joseph (dec) & Anne. Rest in Peace’


Lawn 1977

FEDOROW, Glen Peter (Fed)

03-04-197719-11-2001 aged 24 years

Inscription: ‘Forever fishing. Mum – Dad Brothers Dennis & Jason’


Uniting 169

FELL, Lillian Jean



Lawn 1854

FELS, Pauline Anne


Inscription: ‘Loving mother of Anthony, Mary Anne, Susannah, Michael & Paula’


Lawn 1672

FELTON, Charles Francis

20-08-1996 aged 92 years

Burial: 26-08-1996

Funeral Director: EFS

Minister: Rev. Frank Roe

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital


RC 741

FENN, Brad

25-04-1973 aged 10 years

Inscription: ‘Our darling. Dearly loved son of Maxine & John. Brother & Pal of  Debbie & Steven. Died as a result of an accident. No words we write could ever say how much we miss you day by day. Deep in our hearts a memory is kept, to treasure love and never forget’


Anglican 522

FENNER, Julie Marie

28-08-196430-08-1964 aged 3 days

Burial: 03-09-1964 Minister: Rec. D. Bryant

Place of Birth & Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Norman John Fenner (carpenter)

Mother: Jeanette Florence (O’Shaughnessy)


Lawn 1520


1927 – 03-07-1993 aged 66 years

Burial: 10-07-1993 Minister: Rev. F. Roe

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services

Occupation: retired Medical Practitioner

Place of Death: Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre, Nedlands, WA

Spouse: Frances Drake-Brockman

Issue: Jane

Inscription:D.St.J. M.B.B.S.FFARACS  F.R.G.S. (Eng.) FRACS., FRANZA’


Anglican 415

FERORS, William

05-07-1957 aged 83 years

Burial: 08-07-1957 Minister: Rev. W. J. Maloney

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: South Australia

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Luke Brown (labourer)

Spouse: Mary Louise (nee Terry)

Issue: Mary M.


Uniting 567




Anglican 831  

FERGUSON SCOTT, Margaret Merie


‘Loved Flower of James – Margaret Ivan – Melva and Marilyn Loved Nan of 15 and Great Nan

(sadly this lovely memorial was placed behind glass in a handwritten Book.  Glass now shattered & white ants into wooden frame so photos taken 20.5.2004 may be the last.)


Old Methodist 422

FERNIE, Barbara

08-11-1957 aged 81 years

Inscription: ‘Mother of Agnes, Leonard (dec’d) & Robert. Passed away at Esperance’


RC 589

FICKLING, Sheila (Bobbie)


Inscription: ‘In Loving Memory of a wife & mother’


Lawn 1161

FIELDER, Anne Elizabeth

10-03-189524-04-1985 aged 90 years

Inscription: ‘In loving memory of NANA. R.I.P’


Lawn 1160/2035

FINLAYSON, Helen Charlotte

1911 – 16-02-1985 aged 74 years

Burial: 17-04-1985 Minister: Father F. Roe

Place of Death: Esperance – Coolgardie Highway, WA

Spouse: Allan

Issue: Margot

Inscription: ‘Wonderful Memories’


FINLAYSON, Allan Harvey

Burial: 25-10-2002 Minister: David Norrie

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services

Occupation: self funded retiree

Issue: John


Uniting 514


1899 – 18-06-1964

Inscription: ‘Beloved husband of Winifred Ellen. Father of Jon, Julian & Robert’


RC 836

FISHER, Maude Eileen

10-07-1976 aged 84 years

Inscription: ‘In Loving Memory of Mother. From all her families. R.I.P’


Lawn 1113

FISHER, Dale Guildford

05-05-1984 aged 20 years

Inscription: ‘Dearly loved son of Val & Murray. Special brother of Mark, Lee & Justin. Accidentally killed. The sunshine of your beautiful smile will live in our hearts forever’


Lawn 1435

FITZROY, Steve (Fitzy)

14-05-1991 aged 35 years

Inscription: ‘Killed underground. Loved husband of Helen. Devoted dad to Jaye, Cody & Temby. When you were born they broke the mould. Love you always’


Anglican 658

FLEAY, William James (Bill)

16-07-1970 aged 59 years

Place of Birth: 1911 Beverley, WA

Father: William Walter (farmer)

Mother: Elizabeth (nee Eyre)

Inscription: ‘Beloved husband of Jean. Loving father of William, Laurel & Jeffrey’


Lawn 1112

FLEAY, Edward (Kelly)

19-04-1984 aged 40 years

Inscription: ‘Beloved husband of Maria. Loved father of Noeleen, Jodie & Helen. In Gods loving care’


Anglican 489

FLEAY, Marjorie Jean


Inscription: ‘Devoted wife of Roland, loved mother of Edward & Keith. Silent thoughts hold sweetest memories’


Lawn 1121

FLEAY, Roland Oakover (Roley)

12-07-1984 aged 66 years (sic)

Burial: 17-07-1984 Minister: Rev. Roe

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral & Monumental Services

Occupation: retired farmer

Place of Birth: 1918 Beverley, WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: William Walter (farmer)

Mother: Elizabeth (nee Eyre)

Spouse: (1) Marjorie Jean (White) m: 18-03-1939 Mt. Samuel, SA

Spouse: (2) Sheila Emily (Greenham) m: 20-03-1963 Victoria Park, WA

Issue: Allan (dec’d), Edward (dec’d) & Keith

Inscription: ‘Taken from us. Devoted wife Sheila. Family & grandchildren. Forever in our hearts’


Lawn 2225

FLEMING, James Stanley

08-02-1944 - 03-11-2005

Burial: 10-11-2005

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Service Minister: Father Marian

Place of Birth: Jarrow on Tyne

Place of Death: Esperance, WA


3 years gone by. We all still miss you heaps. Love you Dad. Robert, Graham, Jenny, Carolyne, families.
5/11/2008 Esperance Express


Uniting 218

FLEMING, John Morris

29-05-186326-06-1937 aged 74 years

Burial: 28-06-1937 Minister: J. Gilks (Lay Reader) & W. Wegner

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Occupation: farmer

Place of Birth: Hobart, Tasmania #6150

Place of Death: Esperance

Father: John

Mother: Agnes (nee Miller)


RC 1073

FLEMMING, James (Dagwood)


Inscription: ‘Born Reading, England. R.I.P’


Old Methodist 439


28-04-1959 aged 61 years

Burial: 29-04-1959 Minister: Rev. R. S. Schenk

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Occupation: yardman @ Pier Hotel

Place of Birth: Kinross, Scotland

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: David (railway man)

Mother: Janet (nee Goodwillie)

Spouse: Annie (Anderson) m: 01-01-1924 Dunfermline, Scotland

Issue: Helen, Janet & Shirley


Lawn 2061

FLORISSON, Johannes Cornelius


Burial: 19-04-2003

Funeral Director: EFS

Minister: Jim Kelman


Lawn 2147 & 2368

FLORISSON, Petrus (Peter)


Burial: 29-07-2004

Funeral Director:  Esperance Funeral Services

Service held 10am @ Bay of Isles Christian Fellowship.

Occupation: Retired Businessman

Inscription: ‘ In Loving Memory of Peter Florisson 1925 – 2004 Dearly loved husband of Beryl. Dear Dad of Trevor & Cathy, Steven & Jennifer, Simon & Kaye, David & Nicole, Mark & Helen, Michael & Gillian. Loved Grandpa of 20. Friend of Many. With Christ Our Saviour




Funeral Service: Bay of Isle Christian Fellowship 07-06-2008

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services’

Inscription: ‘In Loving Memory of Beryl Margaret Florisson 1925 – 2008 Dearly loved wife of Peter Dearly loved mum of…Grandmother of 21 Great Grandmother of 2 With Christ Our Saviour’


Lawn 1202

FOLVIG, Peter James


Inscription: ‘Beloved husband of Jean. Father of John, Wendy, Peter & Jeanne. Pop of 9’


FOLVIG, Jean Evelyn


Inscription: ‘Farewell little mother. Wife of Peter. Child of the forest. Woman of the bush. Highway to heaven’


Lawn 1692

FONTANELLA, Arthur Frank

1913 – 05-11-1996 aged 83 years

Burial: 08-11-1996

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services

Place of Death: Unit 2, Eldorado Flats, Esperance, WA

Inscription: ‘Father of John & Robert. Grandfather of Craig, Vanessa, Sandra, Lisa & Alan. Remembered always’


Lawn 2071

FOOTE, Archie Stephen


Burial: 21-06-2003 Minister: Father Francis

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services

Spouse: Mrs. J. Foote


RC 1306

FOOTE, Norman Walter

16-09-1988 aged 61 years

Burial: 19-09-1988 Minister: Father Eugene Gaytner

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral & Monumental Services

Place of Birth: Norsman, WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Oliver John (blacksmith)

Mother: Lydia Mary (nee Lewis)

Spouse: Doris Audrey (Willis) m: 03-09-1955 Kalgoorlie, WA

Issue: Ian, Charles & Adam


Anglican 796

FOOTE, Hubert William

08-06-1975 aged 77 years

Inscription: ‘A Gentle Giant at Rest’.


Lawn 1543

FORBES, Bridget Louise

14-12-1993 aged 92 years

Inscription: ‘Beloved wife of Hycon. Burial @ Pootilla, Victoria 1975. Dearly loved mother of Richard, Barbara & Anne’


Uniting 622/1382



Inscription: ‘Beloved husband of Alison. Loved father of Ken, Bob & Jean’


FOSTER, Alison


Inscription: ‘Loving wife & mother’


Lawn 1482

FOSTER, Hugh Charles


‘My gentle love. Doreen’


Pioneer 63


1835 – 12-09-1903

Burial: 14-09-1903 Ministers: H. C. Sims, Patrick O’Connor.

Born: Ryde, Isle of Wight, England 2 years in Victoria, 32 years in S.A. & 5 years in W.A.

Children: Rolland, Coraline, Ellen, Mary, Elizabeth, Leonard.

Occupation: Municipal Employee

Death Reg: 837

Inscription: ‘Husband of Elizabeth Foster. A kind husband and  father’


Anglican 921

FOUNTAIN, Caroline Joan

14-12-1978 aged 16 years 3 months

Inscription: ‘Loved daughter of Jenny & George Fountain tragically taken. Sister of Margaret, Sheila, Dianne, Monica & Boyd.  And in God’s House for Evermore My Dwelling Place Shall Be’


Peoples Church 923

FOWLER, Thomas William

29-12-1978 aged 48 years

Burial: 02-01-1979 Minister: Pastor Roose

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Occupation: truck driver

Place of  Birth: Subiaco, WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Thomas William (brewery labourer)

Mother: Linda Noble (nee Harris)

Spouse: (1) Mary Jean (Keating) m: 12-12-1952 Perth, WA

Spouse: (2) Phillis Ann (Dean) m: 04-01-1969 Inglewood, WA

Issue: Theresa, Raymond, Kim, Andrew, Michelle, Dean & Phillip


Lawn 2053

FOWLES, Kenneth Lloyd


Inscription: ‘Youngest son of James & Winifred Fowles. R.I.P’


Lawn 1528/2439

FOX, Edward Roy


‘Beloved husband of Honor. Father of Susan, Peter, Irene & Jenny’


FOX, Honor Evelyn



Wife of Ted (dec) Much loved and devoted mother of Susan, Peter, Irene and Jenny.

Respected mother-in-law of Terry, Fred, Colin, Vic and Denise.

Precious Nana to Gemma, Chad, Kara, Alistair, Heath, Nicole, Tim, Kylie, Shaun and Natasha.

Passed away Royal Perth Hospital 21.06.09.

A loved and respected member of the Esperance community who will be missed by everyone she touched.


24/06/2009 Esperance Express


Lawn 1283

FRADEY, Patrick John

22-03-1988 aged 63 years

Burial: 29-03-1988

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral & Monumental Services

Minister: Father McDonagh

Place of Birth: Roma, Queensland

Place of Death: Car Park, Bandy Creek, Esperance


Old Methodist 254/275

FRANCIS, Edward Spangler

29-05-1943 aged 80 years.

Shire Records have death 23-05-1943 & Burial: 24-05-1943

Occupation: carpenter

Place of Birth: 02-01-1863 Wheal Ellen Mines near Moonta, SA #28/174

Father: Richard (engineer)

Mother: Caroline (nee Spangler)

Spouse: Eliza (nee Robinson) m: 31-07-1890 @ Alfred Padgett Robinson’s residence (bride’s father) #164/350

Issue: Alice, Myra, Amy, Harold + 1 f child (dec)

Inscription: ‘Beloved husband of Eliza  At Rest’



23-02-1946 aged 78 years

Burial: 25-02-1946 Minister: T. Binney, A. Bell & W. Quinn

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: 07-11-1867  Coromanel Valley, SA #58/244

Father: Alfred Padgett Robinson

Mother: Jane (nee Hodge)

Inscription: ‘His loving wife A devoted mother. At Rest’


Lawn 1657

FRANCIS, Malcolm

28-03-1996 aged 57 years

Inscription: ‘Dearly loved husband of Val. Much loved dad of Heather & Kevin, Bruce, Kelvin & Tracey & David. Dear Grandad of Caitlin. Promoted to Glory’


Lawn 2316



Burial: 06-07-2007

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Service Minister: Jillian Beale

Place of Birth: Italy

Place of Death: Esperance District Hospital


Lawn 1309/1655

FRANK, Phillip James

1907 – 03-10-1988 aged 81 years

Burial: 05-10-1988 Minister: Father A. McDonagh

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral & Monumental Services

Place of Birth: Maylands, WA

Place of Death: Esperance District Hospital

Father: Joseph Henry (timber contractor)

Mother: Alice (nee Templar)

Spouse: Wilhelmina Catherine May (Vonthien) m: 12-11-1935 Kalgoorlie, WA

Issue: Patricia & Phillip


FRANK, Wilhelmina Catherine May

1909 19-03-1996 aged 83 years

Burial: 23-03-1996 Minister: Father J. Mazurek

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital


Lawn 2073

FRANKLIN, Herbert James (Bert)

1921 – 06-07-2003

Burial: 09-07-2003 Minister: Jim Kelman

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services

Inscription: ‘Loved brother of David & Eric. A true gentleman’



Anglican 1087

FRASER, Anna Freeman (nee BUNTING) 

01-03-1900 - 08-09-1983

Inscription: ‘Our sister born Gladstone, Queensland


Lawn 1451



Inscription: ‘From his loving family’


Anglican 329

FRASER, Charles Fitzgerald


Burial: 28-03-1951 Minister: Rev. T. Wright, J. McLeod

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Occupation: Land agent

Place of Birth: Jubblpore, India; 48 years in WA

Place of Death: Esperance

Father: Henry (Army Colonel)

Mother: Katherine Mary (nee Fitzgerald)

Spouse: Anna Freeman (nee Donting) m: 31-03-1937  Armadale, WA (Matron @ Esperance Hopstial)

Inscription: ‘Late A.I.F. born at Jubbulpore died at Esperance.  Abide with Me. Anna Fraser’


Uniting 730

FRASER, Elsie Goode


Inscription: ‘At Rest’


RC 1024

FRAZER, Michael John


Inscription: ‘Beloved son of Mary & Frederick. Loved brother of Laurie, Fred, Inez & Doug. Treasured Memories’


Lawn 1867

FREEBAIRN, Margaret Rose

03-02-193527-01-2000 aged 64 years.

Inscription: ‘Much loved mother of Warren & Tammy, Craig & Yvonne. Beloved grandmother to Shane, Karina, Haylee, Sophia & Chloe. Friend of Bil


RC 95

FREEMAN, Elizabeth



Uniting 83


27-01-190927-01-1909 aged less than 1 hour @ Esperance

Burial: 28-01-1909  Minister: J. C. Burman

Father: James Lorendar Freeman

Mother: Clara R. (nee Daw)


Anglican 269

FRENCH, Edward William

04-08-1954 aged 77 years

Burial: 05-08-1954 Minister: L. Daw, W. H. Haugh

Place of Birth: Cooyal, NSW

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: James Charles (sawyer)

Mother: Harriet (nee Johnson)


Lawn 1748

FREWEN, Malcolm Robert


Inscription: ‘Husband of Joyce. Loved father of Wayne, Karen, Warren, Denise, Michelle & Deane. Loved Pop & Little Poppy’


Lawn 1929

FREWEN, Joyce Winifred (MOREY)


Inscription: ‘Loving wife of Malcolm (dec). Loving mother of Wayne, Karen, Warren (dec), Denise, Michelle & Deane. Much loved Nanna & Little Nanna.

‘Forever in our Hearts’


Peoples Church 726/1101

FROST, Barton Hopetoun

03-10-1972 aged 71 years

Burial: 06-10-1972 Minister: Mr. K. V. Davie(s)

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Collie, WA in 1901 #5419

Place of Death: 82 Burton Road, Esperance, WA

Father: William Thomas

Mother: Nelly Agnes (Holloway)

Spouse: Ellen Maud (Savell) m: 12-11-1941 Osborne Park, WA (suburb varies on shire record)

Issue: Shirley, Brian, Norma & Kevin (dec’d)


FROST, Ellen Maud

18-12-1983 aged 63 years

Burial: 22-12-1983 Minister: D. B. Clarnette

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Directors

Place of Birth: Bruce Rock, WA

Place of Death: 82 Burton Road, Esperance, WA

Father: George William (Lovell) (packer)

Mother: Dora Charlotte (nee Parrot)

Spouse: Barton Hopetoun m: 12-11-1941 Mosman Park, WA (suburb varies on shire record)

Issue: Shirley, Brian, Norma, Kevin (dec’d), Pamela, Gary, Judy & David


Old Methodist 248

FROST, William Edward



**Lawn 2114 (also under MATUSEICH-FUIT)

FUIT, Anna Matusewich


Inscription: ‘Loving mother of Alexandra & Tamara.

Peacefully sleeping until the resurrection Rev 21:4’


Lawn 1598

FULLER, Geoffrey Eric


Inscription: ‘A caring loving family man. At Rest. Dearly loved & sadly missed by his family & friends.  Memories are ours to keep. Goodnight darling’


Lawn 2222

FULLER, William Jarvis (Bill)


Burial: 26-10-2005

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services Graveside service.

Service Minister: Jillian Beale

Place of Birth: Norseman, WA

Place of Death: Esperance District Hospital

Obit: Uncle to Ron, Bill, Barry, Tom & families. Well remembered for his sporting activates & community involvement. Angles watch your line calls

Inscription: ‘In Memory of …. Beloved son of Joseph and Emily (both dec). Brother of Aub, Ina, Alma, Ken, Vic, Mena, Fay (all dec) and Tom. Fond uncle of many. A well respected and generous community member and sporting identity’


Lawn 2023

FURNISS, Gregory Andrew


Buried: 24-08-2002

Funeral Director: EFS

Minister: John Barlow

Occupation: Hospitality Industry








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