721 kms Southeast of Perth

Once again, many thanks to Renae @ the Shire of Esperance for additional information.

Please note: Spelling of names, number of children, etc vary on documentation.  Where possible corrections have been made but only if it was an obvious mistake.

Memorials as a rule do not have a plot numbers.

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denotes  a Headstone or plaque is present


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Jill Bickmore 15 August 2009








RC 814

GABLE, Thomas Gordon

08-10-1975 aged 51 years

Inscription: ‘At Rest’


Lawn 1790

GALBRAITH, Heather Jean


Inscription: ‘Sleeping Peacefully’


Lawn 2115

GALLOP, Iris Verna


Burial: 28-01-2004 Minister: Jillian Beale

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services


Uniting 508

GALNA, Graham John

23-12-1963 aged 19 years

Inscription: ‘Cut off by a stroke of lightning at Esperance. ‘And the spirit returned to God, who gave it.’


RC 798 (white cross lying on top of unmarked grave.)

GAMBA, Luiginna

26-06-1975 aged 45 years

Burial: 03-07-1975 Minister: Rev. W. K. Glover

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Parlour

Place of Birth: Albina, Italy; 10 years in WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Angella (MRD employee)

Spouse: (1) m: in Italy (no details)

Spouse: (2) Guiseppe m: 12-01-1965 Kalgoorlie, WA

Issue: Anna & James


Lawn 1203 (white cross hand written)

GAMBA, Anna  shire records say GREASLEY


Inscription: ‘R.I.P’


RC 709

GAMBA, Guiseppe

22-04-1972 aged 62 years

Inscription: ‘In Memory of a Champion Miner’


Anglican 501

GAMBLE, (baby)

10-06-196310-06-1963 stillborn (sex unknown)

Burial: 13-06-1963 Minister: Rev. Bryant

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth & Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Keith (farmer)

Mother: Dorothy Ann (Emmerson)


Anglican 881

GAMMON, Denis John

03-12-1977 aged 30 years

Inscription: ‘Treasured Memories Forever of Denis John Darling husband of Marion Devoted father of Scherie, Maurita & Craig. Only son of Ted & Evelyn. Accidentally killed….


Lawn 2324

GARE, Francis Alan (Skeet)


Burial: 22-09-2007

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Service Minister: Jillian Beale

Place of Birth: Boulder, WA

Place of Death: Esperance District Hospital


Lawn 1246 

GARE, Joan Philmenia


Inscription: ‘Wife of Francis. Mother of Patricia & Janis’.


Uniting 915 & 2286


30-10-1978 aged 62 years

Inscription: Beloved husband of Thelma. Dearest father of Evelyn, Mavis, Lyn and families.


GARRETT, Thelma Evelyn


Burial: 25-01-2007

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Service Minister: Jillian Beale

Place of Birth: Day Dawn, WA

Place of Death: Esperance, WA


Lawn 1141



Inscription: ‘Loved husband of Mary. Loved father of Christine and family’


Lawn 2021

GELLARD, Robert George


Burial: 20-08-2002

Funeral Director: EFS

Minister: Jim Kelman

Father: Walter Herbert Gellard

Mother: Enid Joyce


Lawn 1286/1100

GELLARD, Walter Herbert

15-12-1983 aged 68 years


GELLARD, Enid Joyce

01-05-1988 aged 69 years

Inscription: ‘Loved father and mother of Dorothy, Margaret, Warren, Raymond, Robert, Lynette. Treasured Memories. R.I.P’


RC 687


10-09-1971 aged 18 years

Burial: 14-09-1971 Minister: Rev. Father W. K. Glover

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros./exhumed by Bowra & O’Dea (1998)

Place of Death: St. John of God Hospital, Perth, WA

Father: Sam (railway fettler)


RC 1184


01-05-1896 Ireland10-09-1985 Esperance.

Inscription: ‘Loved mother of Shena


Lawn 1123

GETTINGBY, Margaret (Nanna)

25-07-1984 aged 69 years

From all her loving family.

Burial: 29-07-1984 Minister: Father McDonagh

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral & Monumental Services

Place of Birth: York, WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: James Edward (Haynes) (farmer)

Mother: Catherine Mary (nee Woodburn)

Spouse: Arthur m: 04-09-1939 Norseman, WA

Issue: Barbara & Patricia


Lawn 2170

GIDGUP, James Richard


Burial: 27-11-2004

Service Minister: Father Marian

Occupation: Parcel Contractor Australia Post

Inscription: ‘Dearly loved husband of Susan Devoted father of Darren, Deanna & Daniel Loved Poppa of Ella, Aidan, James Jacob & Chloe. Special Fried to Leonie & Zoe. “Dad, Your Life, Love and Humour Inspires Us Always” May Eternal Life And Happiness Be Our Reward, Lord’


Lawn 1939

GILCHRIST, Margaret Joan (Marnie)


Inscription: ‘Beloved wife of Cyril. Loving mum of Suzanne & Philip & families. Gone from our sight but not our hearts’


Anglican 950

GILES, Charles Thomas

1908 – 08-10-1979 aged 70 years

Burial: 10-10-1979 Minister: Father A. Gibbons

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Norseman, WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Thomas (carrier)

Mother: Lucy (nee Fletcher)

Spouse: Jean Emily (Pratt) m: 21-01-1939 Kalgoorlie, WA

Issue: 1 child (dec’d) & Peter


Lawn 1485/1828

GILES, William Playford


Loved husband of Edna Annie. Loving father of Glenice, Kevin, Trevor and Marilyn.

Place of Birth: 1903 Norseman, WA #2067

Father: Thomas

Mother: Lucy (nee Fletcher)


GILES, Edna Annie


Inscription: ‘Loved wife of William Playford. Loved and remembered always. Rest in Peace’


Lawn 1081

GILL, Benjamin

19-07-1983 aged 77 years

Burial: 22-07-1983 Minister: Father F. Roe

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Undertakers

Place of Birth: Batley, Densbury, England; 15 years in WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: John (rag grinder)

Mother: Nevada (nee Walmsley)

Spouse: Margaret (Connell) m: 16-03-1929 Batley, England


Lawn 1592

GILL, Cecil Morton

27-10-190829-01-1995 aged 86 years.


Lawn 1217

GILLEN, Doreen Jean

25-05-1986 aged 49 years

Inscription: ‘Beautiful wife of Brian. Loving mother of Sharyn, Shane and Casey.

Forever in our Hearts’


Anglican 425/1067


24-12-1957 aged 66 years


GILLESPIE, Blanche Sybil Whitehead

20-02-1983 aged 95 years

Inscription:  ‘Together. Erected by loving son Edward & families’


Lawn 1668

GILLIES, Raymond Jack


Inscription:  ‘Loved husband of Dawn. Loving father and grandfather. R.I.P’


**Pioneer 57/291 ( unmarked grave at front of Anglican section near gate also Gilmore 291 so perhaps Annie is actually buried there but mentioned on other headstone)

GILMORE, Frederick William Henry

28-04-1902 aged 12 weeks

Burial: 28-04-1902 Minister: James R. Sinclair & James Smith

Funeral Director: James Horton

Place of Birth: 1902 Esperance #1954

Father: Frederick (coach driver)

Mother: Annie (neeTucker)

Death Reg: 945


GILMORE, Mary Annie

14-11-1947 aged 82 years

Burial: 16-11-1947 Minister: L.Daw, J. McLeod

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Chard, England

Place of Death: Esperance

Father: William TUCKER (mill foreman)

Mother: Louisa (nee Symmonds)



Anglican 965/1089

GILMORE, Gordon Roy

05-10-1983 aged 88 years


Dad. Margaret, Maurice, Geoffrey & Faye.

Burial: 17-10-1983 Minister: R. Oversby

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: York, WA

Place of Death: Recherche Hostel, Esperance

Father: Frederick (farmer)

Mother: Anne (nee Tucker)

Siblings: Elfreda

Spouse: Frances Effie (O’Donovan) m: 20-06-1936 Kalgoorlie, WA (divorced)

Issue: Ann, Maurice, Geoffrey & Fayee


GILMORE, Elfreda (Freda)

  (no dates)

Inscription:  ‘Beloved sister of Gordon. Loving Auntie of Margaret, Maurice, Geoff and Faye. ‘Rest in Peace’


Lawn 1658

GILPIN, Samuel John


Inscription:  ‘Loving husband of Glenys. Loved father of David, Allen, Kathleen, Janet & families’


Old Methodist 317

GLASSON, George Henry

18-11-1949 aged 57 years (sic)

Burial: 20-11-1949 Minister: Rev. T. Cook, J. McLeod

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: 27-02-1892 Burra Burra, SA #496/331 Kooringa; 54 years in WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: James Alfred (farmer)

Mother: Elizabeth Jane (nee Lawn)

Spouse: Rose May (nee Stevenson) m: Kalgoorlie, WA @ 23 years

Issue: Ronald, Norman, Gordon.


Lawn 1337

GLEESON, Kayleen Louise

27-05-1989 aged 8 weeks

Burial: 02-06-1989

Funeral Director: EFMS

Minister: Rev. P. Spence

Place of Death: Perth, WA


Lawn 1743

GODFREY, Gloria (Patty)

21-11-1997 aged 65 years

Inscription:  ‘Beloved wife of William (Ned) Mother of Gail (deceased), Terrance, Cindy & Colin (deceased). Grandmother of five. A Special lady who was dearly love and is sadly missed by all. Safe in God’s Care’


Old Methodist 229

GODREY, James George

11-05-1939 aged 72 years

Burial: 13-05-1939 Minister: W.H.Price & W. Wegner

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: 1867 Napolian, Victoria Reg: Durham #14540

Place of Death: Grass Patch

Father: Isaac

Mother: Ann (nee Davis)

Issue: three children.


Lawn 1597

GODFREY, Nathan Travis


Inscription:  ‘Asleep in death awaiting the resurrection. Back on a paradise earth promised by Jehovah. In a world when loved ones never have to part. (Revelation 21: 3, 4)’


Lawn 1410



Inscription:  Loving husband of Peggy. Much loved parent of Frances, Pauline & Lesley.

also a small plaque reads:



Pioneer 76

GOODLIFF, John William (headstone spelling GOODLIFF)

21-10-1905 aged 69 years @ Dalyup

Burial: 21-10-1905 Minister: W. Cockman & F. Daw.

Place of Birth: Lincolnshire, England. 30 years in Queensland, 8 years in W.A.

Issue: John (48 years), Nellie (46 years), Charles (44 years).

Death Reg: 882


Pioneer 209

GOODLIFFE, John William

19-05-1936 aged 78 years

Burial: 20-05-1936 Minister: L Daw (lay reader), Wegner, Hearne.

Funeral Director: W.G.Hearne

Occupation: retired hotel keeper (Royal), now The Esperance.

Place of birth: St. Giles, Northampton, England 50 years in WA

Father: John William (shoemaker)

Mother: Ellen (nee Adland or Adlard)

Spouse: Mary (nee Wright) m: Albany, WA @ 36 year. 1895 Reg:229


Lawn 2433

GOOLD, Trevor William

02-05-2009 aged 62 years

Spouse: Rosalie

Issue: James & Nick


GOOLD, Trevor William. The funeral service for the late Mr Trevor William Goold will be held at the "Funeral Home Chapel," Wood Street on Monday 11th May at 1.00pm. The Cortege will then proceed to the lawn cemetery for the internment. Please no flowers by request. Any donations in lieu to AH Crawford Lodge. Esperance Funeral Services, 9071 2062.
6/05/2009 Esperance Express



Anglican 979/1576

GORDON, George

1905 – 03-07-1980 aged 72 years (sic)

Burial: 07-07-1980 Minister: Father A. Gibbons

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Undertakers

Occupation: retired railway man

Place of Birth: Bedfordshire, England in 1905; 58 years in WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Spouse: Jean Messiness (Stevens) m: 12-11-1938 Wagin, WA

Issue: Alice, Kathleen & Janice (dec’d)





Uniting 62

GORDON, William Fraser

14-02-1903 aged 68 years

Burial: 14-02-1903 Minister: James Horton

Death Reg: 836


Lawn 1815 ( taken 2004 picture off plaque gone 2009)

GOREY, Stuart Anthony


Inscription: ‘-Loving Memories- son of John and Lynette. Brother of David, Andrew and Adele. Brother-in-law and uncle of Jodie, Briana and Brayden. The biggest and brightest star in the sky will be your heart above. R.I.P.’


Pioneer 187   (only a white cross. Number 70 marker at base but Shire map says 187)

GORMAN, Ellen Matilda

21-07-1932 aged 70 years @ Dempster Street, Esperance

Burial: 22-07-1932 Minister: Rev. J. W. Henderson.

Funeral Director: W. G. Hearne

Born: Bremer Bay, WA

Spouse: Peter John Gorman. m: Ravensthorpe aged aprox 40 years.

Father: John Avelstead (farmer)

Mother: Ann (nee Crawford)


Uniting 753

GORRETT, Francis Charles

18-11-1973 aged 62 years

Burial: 20-11-1973 Minister: Dan Laurence (Johovah’s Witness)

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Cottesloe, WA in 1911

Place of Death: Norseman, WA

Father: Ernest Charles (railway employee)

Mother: Kate (nee Wallridge)

Spouse: Lorna Minnie (Hatch) m: 09-11-1940 Leederville, WA

Issue: Ernest & Pamela


**Old Methodist 437/442

GOSSAGE, Marrianne Jayne

14-03-195915-03-1959 aged 16.5 hours

Burial: 17-03-1959 Minister: Rev. K. Aumount; Emery

Place of Birth & Death: Norseman Hospital

Father: Charles Les

Mother: Ellen Jayne (nee Nowell)


JACOBS, Alan Gibson

07-06-195907-06-1959 aged 5 hours

Burial: 09-06-1959 Minister: Rev. R. S. Schenk

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth & Death: Esperance Hopsital

Father: Harold Gibson (farmer)

Mother: Glenice Maureen


Lawn 1859

GRAFFIN, Grace Amelia


Inscription: ‘Beloved wife of Alan. Much loved mother of Frances & John. Until we meet again. May God hold you in the palm of his hand


Lawn 1093

GRAHAM, Constance Scott

1899 – 22-09-1983

Beloved wife of Hal Scott (dec. England). Dear sister of Ken (dec) & Kath.

Burial: 02-11-1983

Funeral Director:  cremated @ Karrakatta; interned by council staff

Siblings: Ken (dec’d) & Kath

Spouse: Hal Scott (dec’d)


Uniting 1106

GRAHAM , George Davies ‘Farmer’

1932 – 27-02-1984

Inscription: ‘Born Victoria.Cherished husband of Jill. Loved & admired father of Rory,  Steven,  Shelley &  Wesley’


Anglican 684


13-08-197113-08-1971 aged 8 hours

Burial: 16-08-1971 Minister: Rev. B. Griffiths

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth & Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Phillip William (farmer)

Mother: Cherie Rita (nee Pieper)


Lawn 1608/1080

GRAHAM, Kenneth James


Inscription: ‘R.A.A.F. Only son of Thomas and Isabella. Loved husband of Nancy. Devoted father of Kenneth, Peter, and Jeffrey. Forever in our Hearts’


GRAHAM, Jeffrey Justin


Inscription:  ‘He tried so hard’


Anglican 341 

GRAHAM, Isabella Smith

04-02-1952 aged 73 years

Burial: 06-02-1952 Minister: Rev. S. J. Shearer, J. McLeod

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Edinburgh, Scotland; 44 years in WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: James Constable (carpenter)

Mother: Annie (nee Smith)

Spouse: Thomas m: 25-10-1899 Leeds, England

Issue: Constance, Kathleen, Kenneth


(names at base of grave nothing else)

GRAHAM, Thomas

(no dates)

Memorial Only. Shire has no record of him.


Lawn 1883

GRAHAM, Marquise John

01-06-2000 stillborn

Burial: 01-06-2000 Minister: Pastor E. Kingdon

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital


Old Methodist 155

GRANT, Christina


Burial: 26-12-1927

Funeral Director: W. G. Hearne

Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland.  43 years in Victoria; 33 years in WA

Spouse: (1) Frazer

Spouse: (2) Grant (blacksmith)

Issue: Alfred, Christina, John, Ada, Mary.


Old Methodist 358

GRANT, James Miller

20-07-1953 aged 84 years

Burial: 21-07-1953 Minister: Rev. E. Green, W. Bale

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Esperance.

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: William

Mother: Isabella (nee Frazer)


Uniting 854

GRANT, Margaret Elizabeth

27-03-1977 aged 56 years

Burial: 30-03-1977 Minister: Rev. Cox

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: North Fremantle, WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Charles Denton (plasterer)

Mother: Elizabeth (nee Fettes)

Spouse: James m: 15-06-1939 Perth, WA

Issue: James, Alan, Carol, Brian, Campbell & Noel


Lawn 1492

GRANT, Thomas


Inscription: ‘Sleeping Peacefully’


Uniting 38

GRAY, (stillborn)


Burial: 27-05-1898 Minister: George Riley.

Funeral Director: George Riley.

Birth Reg: 1114

Death Reg: 820

Father: George  Washington Gray

Mother: Emily Sophia Gertrude (nee Lean)


Niche Wall

GRAY, Ethel Cunningham



GRAY, James


Inscription: ‘In Loving Memory of Ethel Cunningham Gray (nee Mason) 2 September 191110 April 1998 and

James Gray 14 February 1912 – 23 August 2005 Both born in Scotland, arrived in Esperance December 1969. Parents of James, David and John. Grandparents of nine. Now at Rest.’


Anglican 820

GRAY, Keith Grafton

10-12-1975 aged 54 years

Burial: 19-12-1975 Minister: Rev. A Atkinson

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Occupation: caretaker

Place of Birth: Grafton, NSW

Place of Death: Esperance Hosptial

Father: John William (Zietsch) (labourer)

Mother: Bertha Mary (nee Avery)

Spouse: Ruth Evelyn (Watson) m: 03-04-1943 East Maitland, NSW

Issue: Beverley, Dawn & Christine


Lawn  1643

GRAY, Jessie Daisy

28-05-191901-11-1995 aged 76 years

Inscription: ‘Born Norfolk, England passed away Kalgoorlie. At rest with God’


Uniting 203

GRAY, John Chas

17-05-1935 aged 62 years Esperance Hospital

Burial: 18-05-1935 Minister: Rev. E. Burbridge, Orr & Martin.

Funeral Director: W.G.Hearne

Occupation: Railway Pensioner

Place of Birth: 14-03-1874 Kadina, SA; 30 years in WA

Father: John (Miner)

Mother: Elizabeth (nee Billing)

Birth Reg: 133/292

Spouse: Florence Gertrude (nee Peckering) m @ 59 years


Lawn 2123

GRAY, Vivian Frank


Inscription: ‘Much loved husband of Rhoda (Simmy). Father of Ted, Ian, Kim & families’

‘WX18783 SGT. V.F.GRAY


24.2.2004 AGE 83’


Lawn 1687/2233


09-10-1996 aged 77 years

Burial: 11-10-1996

Funeral Director: EFS

Minister: Rev. Frank Roe

Occupation: retired Plumber

Place of Death: 6 Queen Street, Esperance



25-10-1921 – 2006

Burial: 09-03-2006

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Service Minister: Jillian Beale

Place of Birth: UK

Place of Death: Esperance District Hospital



Lawn 1370

GREEN, Dylen Peter


Burial: 23-02-1990 Miinister: Rev. F. Roe

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral & Monumental Services

Place of Death: Esperance aged 17 weeks

Inscription: Memories don’t fade they just grow deeper we loved but couldn’t keep you in our hearts forever love Rosalyn, Mike, Jason & Zoe


Niche Wall 2029

GREEN, Edward Alexander


Placement of Ashes: 01-10-2002

Inscription: ‘Much loved & cherished husband of Margaret. Father of 5 & Grandfather of 10’


Uniting 245

GREGG, Richard

25-08-1941 aged 77 years

Burial: 27-08-1941 Minister: L.Daw & W. Wegner

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Perth, WA

Place of Death: West Beach, Esperance

Father: John


Lawn 1807& 2251

GREGORY, Mabel Grace


Burial: 16-06-2006

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Place of Birth: Northam, WA

Place of Death: 12 Blackland Street, Esperance, WA


HAMILTON, John Stephen


Inscription: ‘Much loved Darls of Dot. Devoted stepfather of Bill, Pudd, Greg & families. R.I.P’


Lawn 1450

GRIEVES, Kelvin Barker


Inscription: ‘Founder of Esperance Abattoir. Obtained pilots licence at the age of 60. Dearly loved husband of Barbara. Much loved father of Ken, Robyn, Warren & Janine. Father-in-law of Roslyn, Terry, Michelle & Geoff. A determined achiever’.


Lawn 2218

GRIEVES, Maria Anne


Burial: 28-09-2005

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Service Minister: Father Marian

Place of Birth: Yarrawonga, Victoria

Place of Death: Esperance


Lawn 1642

GRIEVES, Wayne Quinten

24-10-1995 aged 18 years

Inscription: Son of Ken & Ros. Brother of Barbara & Jeffrey. Deeply missed’.


Anglican 447/678


29-11-1959 aged 73 years

Burial: 01-12-1959 Minister: Rev. Jackson

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Occupation: retired labourer

Place of Birth: Esperance

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Mick (labourer)

Spouse: (1) Mary (Wyne) m: 05-11-1912 Epserance

Spouse: (2) Sarah Kathleen m: 20-10-1923 Esperance

Issue: Edward (dec’d), Elizabeth, Margaret, James, Thelma, Eliza & Robert (dec’d)


GRIFFIN, Sarah Kathleen

06-06-1971 aged 80 years

Burial: 07-06-1971 Minister: Rev. B. Griffiths

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Katanning, WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: (Evans) (labourer)

Spouse: (1) Mr. Cox

Spouse: (2) James Griffin

Issue: Margaret, James, Melva, Thelma (Dolly) m: E. Dixon, Eliza m: R. Addison


Lawn 1985

GRIFFIN, Kevin Michael


Inscription: In Loving Memory of Michael Griffin

Passed away 3rd February 2002 aged 51 years Loving father of Shannon & Tanya. Adored husband of Lyn (Sweet Pea) See ya in Heaven, Sugar Plum.’


Old Methodist 412

GRIGG, Albert George


Inscription: ‘Loved brother of Ethel & William.’


Old Methodist 397/980

GRIGG, William Henry

02-05-1956 aged 63 years


GRIGG, Elsie Maud

31-03-1978 aged 68 years

Inscription: ‘Loving daughters May, Dawne, Lorraine & families’.


Lawn 1524

GRIGOR, William Alexander


Inscription: ‘A quiet worker for the community’.


Lawn 1471


09-03-1992 aged 65 years

Burial: 17-03-1992

Funeral Director: EFMS

Minister: Pastor J. Barlow

Place of Death: The Esplanade, Esperance, WA


Uniting 287

GROVE, Frances

28/06/1947 aged 78 years

Burial: 30/06/1947 Minister: F. Binney, J. McLeod

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: 1873 Geelong, (Batesford) Victoria #21973 under Fanny

Place of Death: Maritana Cottage, Esperance

Father: Peter Schwab (gardener)

Mother: Sarah (nee Butler)

Spouse: George m: Geelong, Victoria @ 22 years

Issue: Coral + 1 f child (dec)


Uniting 262

GROVE, George Thomas

24-01-1945 aged 70 years

Burial: 26-01-1945 Minister: Rev. Walsh.

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Occupation: farmer then labourer

Place of Birth: 1875 Ballarat, Victoria #339

Place of Death: Gibson Soak Hotel

Father: Eusebuis

Mother: Alice (nee Wingrave)

Spouse: Frances (nee Schwab) m: Geelong, Victoria @ 20 years

Issue: Coral + 1 f child (dec)


Lawn 1796/1417

GRUNDY, William Roy



GRUNDY, Doris May


Inscription: ‘Too dearly love to be forgotten. Loved husband of Doris. Treasured father of Rosemary, Heather, Brant & Nevione.

& Loved wife of Roy. Treasured mother of Patricia, Billie (dec), Donna (dec), Rosemary, Heather, Brant & Nevione’.


RC 321




Lawn 1469/1187

GUEST, Arthur Ivor

21-06-1915 26-09-1985


GUEST, Irene


Inscription: ‘Loved husband of Irene. Loving father of Victor, Carol, Merle, Nancy & Stephen.

Loved wife of Arthur.’


Uniting 894/1753

GUEST, May Joan

18-05-1978 aged 50 years


GUEST, Geoffrey Victor


Inscription: ‘Beloved wife of Geoff. Loving mother of Judy, Peter, Terry & Leanne.

Beloved husband of May. Loving father of Judy, Peter, Terry & Leanne. Poppy of 13.’

Place of Birth: should it read Bassendean?


Lawn 1928

GUEST, Ruth Amy


Inscription:  ‘Beloved wife of Ken. Mother of John & Sue. Mother-in-law of Marilyn & Peter. Loving grandmother of Vernon, Leon & Sharna. In Gods Care’


Lawn 1361

GUILD, William James

21-10-1989 aged 72 years

Inscription:  ‘Loved husband of Doris.  Father of Bruce, Janette & Billy’.


Lawn 1771

GUILD, Bruce

17-06-1998 aged 60 years

Inscription: ‘Loved husband of Lorraine. Dearly loved father and stepfather of Jennifer, Bruce, Robert, Pat, Kaye and Judy’.


Anglican 542

GUILD, Jean Florence

01- 01-1966

Inscription:  ‘Wife of William Guild mother of Bruce, Janet & William’.


Methodist 705

GURNEY, Frederick Edwin Benjamin (Roy)

06-02-1972 aged 60 years

Burial: 11-02-1972 Minister: Rev. J. Dunn

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Occupation: retired grazier

Place of Birth: Wookata, South Australia; 22 years in WA

Place of Death: Rossiter Bay, Esperance

Father: Frederick Edgar Betham (farmer)

Mother: Eliza Janet

Spouse: Dorothy Mayman (Webster) m: 18-02-1939 Prospect, SA

Issue: Harvey, Dorothy, Reva, Heather & Heath


Lawn 1550

GURNEY, Joan Estelle


Inscription:  Dearly loved wife of Bill. Dearest mother of Pam, Heather, Bill & Robin’.


Anglican 713

GURNEY, Heath Milton


Inscription: ‘Beloved husband of Joyce. Father of Kevin & Robert.’


Anglican 398/570

GURNEY, Henry Hubert Hudson

19-05-1956 aged 72 years

Burial: 21-05-1956 Minister: Rev. R. S. Judge

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Streaky Bay, SA; 23 years in WA

Father: Edward (farmer)

Mother: Emma Catherine (nee Green)

Spouse: Jessie Agnes (Cabor) m:  28-12-1912 Genelg, SA

Issue: Blanch, Grace, Emma, William, Esther, Avis (dec), Patience, Joy.


GURNEY, Jessie Agnes

14-04-1967 aged 75 years

Inscription: ‘Our Beloved Parents. All their family.’


People Church 856

GURRIER-JONES, Joseph Moysey (Paul)





Inscription: ‘Jesus said ‘I am the way, the truth & the life. No man comes to the Father except through me.’ John 14:6’


Lawn 1648

GUY, Lennard James

08-02-1996 aged 67  years

Inscription:  ‘Husband of Jean. Loving father of Michael, Irene (dec) & Arthur. forever in our hearts. R.I.P’.







See also: Grass Patch & Salmon Gums for further burials in Esperance Shire.




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