721 kms Southeast of Perth

Once again, many thanks to Renae @ the Shire of Esperance for additional information.

Please note: Spelling of names, number of children, etc vary on documentation.  Where possible corrections have been made but only if it was an obvious mistake.

Memorials as a rule do not have a plot numbers.

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Jill Bickmore 15 August 2009








**Lutheran 748/2086

JAAROLA, Christopher Sebastian

15-04-1972  - 29-08-1973

Inscription: ‘Accidentally killed (Giki) Erected by his loved ones’


BERNITZ, Airi Kyllikki

15-11-1932 - 06-09-2003

Burial: 11-09-2003 Minister: Mr. Ken Collier

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services

Inscription: “In Memory of our beautiful mother …of Terijoki Finland…Forever in your children’s hearts. John*Anne*Katruna*Erica*Esa*Raymond*Christopher (Deceased)”



Anglican 2175

JACKSON, Elsie Elizabeth


Burial: 05-01-2005

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Service Minister: Chris Boland

Place of Birth: Kookynie, WA

Place of Death: 12 Hamersley St, Esperance


Anglican 1055

JACKSON, Kate Mary


Inscription: ‘Lord, Abide with Me’


Uniting 926

JACKSON, Henry John

22-01-1979 aged 71 years

Inscription: ‘WX21113 PRIVATE INFANTRY Loving husband of Elsie, father of Leslie & Margaret’


Uniting 574

JACKSON, Loveday J.

25-08-1967 aged 86 years

Inscription: ‘Wife of T. S. Jackson WANDEAPAH, South Australia


Lawn 1463

JACKSON, Olive Emily Jane


Burial: 27-12-1991

Funeral Director: EFMS

Minister: Rev. F. Roe


Anglican 1044


01-04-1982 aged 70 years

Burial: 05-04-1982

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Kirkby Stephen Cumberland, England; 51 years in WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Frederick (farmer)

Spouse: Olive Emily Jane (Knight) m: 31-05-1945 Kensington, SA

Issue: Robert, Wendy & Peter


Anglican 649

JACKSON, Thomas Edward

30-04-1940 aged 70 years

Burial: 02-05-1970 Minister: Rev. B. Griffiths

Funeral Director:  Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: St. Kilda, Victoria

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: (caretaker)

Mother: Isabella (nee Matthews)


Uniting 199

JACKSON, Thomas Lamb

07-09-1934 aged 76 years @ Esperance Hospital

Burial: 08-09-1934 Minister: Rev. J. W. Henderson

Funeral Director: W. G. Hearne

Occupation: farmer

Place of Birth: Armagh, Ireland

Father: Thomas Jackson (farmer)

Spouse: Sarah Jane m: Armagh, Ireland aged 39 years

Issue: Arthur, Alice, Robert.

Siblings: 2


**Old Methodist 442/437

JACOBS, Alan Gibson

07-06-195907-06-1959 aged 5 hours

Burial: 09-06-1959 Minister: Rev. R. S. Schenk

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth & Death: Esperance Hopsital

Father: Harold Gibson (farmer)

Mother: Glenice Maureen


GOSSAGE, Marrianne Jayne

14-03-195915-03-1959 aged 16.5 hours

Burial: 17-03-1959 Minister: Rev. K. Aumount; Emery

Place of Birth & Death: Norseman Hospital

Father: Charles Les

Mother: Ellen Jayne (nee Nowell)


Uniting 553/772


16-05-1966 aged 79 years

Inscription: ‘Beloved husband of Mabel, loved father of Les & Queenie (dec’d). R.I.P’



05-09-1974 aged 84 years

Inscription: ‘Ever Remembered’


Lawn 2271

JACOBS, Glenice Maureen


Burial: 19-10-2006

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Service Minister: Frank Roe

Occupation: Self-funded Retiree

Place of Birth: Broad Arrow, WA (sic)

Place of Death: Esperance Aged Care Facility

Inscription: ‘Dearly loved wife of Harold. Beloved mother of Graham & Jennifer.  A Wonderful Person’


Pioneer 273/1011

JACOBS, Queenie Mary

13-01-1946 aged 18 years

Burial: 15-01-1946 Minister: Rev. M. Thomas & E. Griffith

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Occupation: farm assistant

Place of Birth: Norsman, WA

Place of death: Treslove (farm 37 miles north of Esperance)

Father: Ernest William (farmer)

Mother: Elizabeth (nee Dannan) known as Mabel.

Sibling: Leslie Ernest.

Inscription: ‘As result of accident. Daughter of Mabel and Ernest’


JACOBS, Lyle Ernest


Inscription: ‘Brother of Queenie, son of Mabel and Ernest’


Lawn 1996

JAEKEL, Alexis Geraldine (Lexie)


Inscription: ‘Beloved partner of Robbie’


Uniting 943/1263


12-08-1979 aged 60 years

Inscription: ‘Wife of Frank. Beloved mother of Michael, Elinda & Alexis’


JAEKEL, Earnest Francis (Frank) (sic)

03-01-190807-08-1987 aged 79 years

Inscription: ‘Beloved husband of Jean. Always loved and remembered. Reunited with Mum’


**Lawn 1130/1585

JAMES, Heatherbel Vera Eliza

16-05-190412-09-1984 aged 80 years


SMITH, Gloria Vera (Jimmy) nee JAMES


Inscription: ‘Wife of Jack and mother of Sherryl. Sleeping Peacefully’


Lawn 1247

JANSSAN, Gregory Philip

05-03-1987    aged 32 years

Inscription: ‘Forever in our Hearts’


RC 498

JARRETT, Kevin John


Inscription: ‘Our Loved husband & father’


Old Methodist 47

JARRETT, Thomas Edward

27-04-1899 aged 36 years

Burial: 28-04-1899 Minister: Rev. S. Ray Rooney.

Funeral Director: John Morgan.

Occupation: Chaff & Forage Merchant.

Place of Birth: 1-12-1863 Tam O Shanter, near Adelaide, S.A #31/39. 5  years in W.A.

Father: Matthew Jarrett (farmer)

Mother: Maria (nee Ellard)

Spouse: Mary Ann (nee McConnell) m: 21-09-1887 @Tam O Shanter , SA #152/1035

Issue: Ethel Josepha (10 years), Albert Edward (9 years)

Death Reg: 739


Uniting 623/Mem only




JARVIE, Elizabeth

04-02-1970 aged 85 years

Inscription: ‘They loved for those they and those they loved remember’

Cremated Karrakatta App No. KC00033885


Anglican 335

JASPER, Samuel

13-08-1951 aged 75 years

Burial: 15-08-1951 Minister: L. Daw, J. McLeod

Funeral Director: Hearne  Bros.

Occupation: farmer

Place of Birth: 1876 Tennyson, Victoria #24942 Pinegrove, 55 years in WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Henry (farmer)

Mother: Mary Ann (nee Sleep)


Anglican 667/1568

JEHU, Ida Violet

15-10-1970 aged 63 years

Inscription: ‘Loved wife of  John’


JEHU, John Champion

10-07-1994 aged 89 years

Inscription: ‘A.I.F. VX42970 SERGEANT 5 AUST. CHIEF ENGINEER WORKS Loved husband of Ida’


Anglican 1637

JEHU, Joseph (Bo) Marcus

10-12-193307-10-1995 aged 61 years

Inscription: ‘A very special Brother’


Lawn 1897

JEITZ, Barry John


Inscription:  Treasured Memories. Beloved husband of Beth

Devoted Dad of Katie & Carissa

An Exhilarating journey spreading enthusiam love & humour

We Love You Forever’


Lawn 1801

JEITZ, Emily Catherine


Inscription: ‘Loved mother of Roger & Barry. ‘Our Lady of Love’


Pioneer 110

JENKINS, Essie Alexandra

22-02-1916 aged 11 years

Burial: 23-02-1916 Minister: C. D. Sherard.

Funeral Director: T. Edwards.

Place of  Death: on the road from the Gibson Soak.

Father: Henry Joseph (farmer)

Mother: Sarah (nee Jones).

Inscription: ‘Beloved daughter of H. J. & S. Jenkins’


Pioneer 196

JENKINS, Henry Joseph

30-04-1934 aged 73 years

Burial: 01-05-1934 Minister: Rev. J. W. Henderson.

Funeral Director: W. G. Hearne

Place of Birth: Sandy Creek, NSW; 15 years NSW, 5 years QLD, 53 years WA..

Father: Thomas (station owner)

Mother: Jane (nee Dunstan)

Spouse: Sarah (nee Jones) m: Melbourne aged 35 yers

Issue: Gladys, Norman, Marguerita, Sadie & Thomas (twins), Edward, Gwyneth + 1 m & 1 f  (dec).

Inscription: ‘Our dear husband and brother. ‘At. Rest’



11-04-1917 aged 20 years

Place of Birth: 1896 Esperance reg as Harry Togarmah Jenkins #298

Father: Henry Joseph

Mother: Sarah (nee Jones)

Inscription: ‘In Memory of our beloved son and brother. Killed in Action. Son of Henry & S. Jenkins’


Lawn 1607



Inscription: ‘Wife and best mate to Laurie. Loved mum and mother-in-law to Jennifer & Bill, Shaune & Lee, Sharon & Graeme, Joycelyn, Brian. Nanna to Gemma, Steven, Bruce, Jocelyn, Bruce, Sarah, Emily, Emma’


Lawn 2315 

JENKINS, Kevin Roy


Burial: 05/07/2007

Funeral Director: Bowra & O’dea, Midland

Service: St. Andrews Anglican Church, Esperance by Rev. Doug Murray

Occupation: Shearer/Farmer

Place of Birth: Willaura, Victoria

Place of Death: 91 Kilkenny Circle, Waterford, WA

Residence: Waterford, formerly of Munglinup

Inscription: ‘In Loving Memory of….Loving husband of June. Father of Kelvin, Jenny, Ian. Always in our hearts’


Uniting 975

JENKINS, Margaret Isabella (Peg)

23-10-193112-06-1980 aged 48 years

Burial: 16-06-1980 Minister: Rev. K. Fihaki

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Lithgow, NSW; 11 years in WA

Place of Death: 8 Richmond Place, Esperance, WA

Father: Harold (Williams)

Mother: Isabelle (nee Belfour)

Spouse: Alexander m: 12-04-1952 Suburne, NSW

Issue: Roslyne & Donna

Inscription: ‘In Loving Memory…..’


Lawn 1322

JENKINS, Robert James (Bob)

17-01-1989 aged 67 years

Burial: 20-01-1989 Minister: J. Kelman

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral & Monumental Services

Place of Birth: Pingelly, WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Robert Tweed (truck driver)

Mother: Gertrude (nee Greay)

Spouse: Dulcie Beatrice (Hodges) m: 05-06-1943 Boulder, WA

Issue: Robert, Geoffrey, Neville & Kerry

Inscription: ‘Loved husband of Dot. Loving parent of Rob, Geoff, Nev, Kerry & families’


Lawn 1426/2026

JENNER, Hubert Reginald (Reg)

1904 – 02-03-1991 aged 86 years

Burial: 05-03-1991 Minister: John Barlow

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral & Monumental Services

Place of Birth: England

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Inscription: ‘JENNER In Loving  Memory of Reg 1904 (Eng.) to 1991. Loving husband of Dora. Father of Victor’


JENNER, Dora Elida


Burial: 30-08-2002 Minister: John Barlow

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services

Spouse: Hubert Reginald Jenner


Anglican 481


30-10-1961 aged 59 years

Inscription: ‘Sadly missed. From his wife Marie, sons Ted, Ross, Don & Chris’ 


(Memorial Only)



Inscription:  Went home…aged 103 yrs. What a Mum! With love from her sons & family. Ted, Ross, Don, Chris & Marie and Wally’



Lawn 1377

JEWELL, Rueben John (Jack)

1925 – 14-04-1990 aged 64 years

Burial: 17-04-1990 Minister: Father Stuglik

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral & Monumental Services

Place of Death: 122 Burton Road, Esperance, WA

Spouse: Joan

Inscription: ‘Loved by his family. At Rest’


Old Methodist 239

JOHNSON, Caroline


Shire Record says died 6th

Burial: 07-09-1940 Minister: W.H.Price, W.H.Thick, W.Wegner

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Morphett Vale, SA 50 years in WA

Father: Thomas SQUIRES (farmer)

Mother: Esther (nee Gentle)

Spouse: (1) William ROUSE m: Kalgoorlie

Spouse: (2) George Langley JOHNSON m: Espernae @ 39 years

Issue: Lulu, Elizabeth, Evelyn + 1 m child (dec)

Inscription: ‘A Pioneer at Rest’


Lawn 1610

JOHNSON, Daniel Ronald

Born & died 05-05-1995

Inscription: ‘Mummy’s Little Angel’


Uniting 710


01-04-1972 (stillborn)

Inscription: ‘Daughter of Don & Glenice Johnson. In God’s Care’


Anglican 352


23-11-1952 aged 83 year

Burial: 25-11-1952 Minister: L. Daw. A. Bell snr

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Status: widow

Place of Birth: Waterford, Ireland

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Edward Grace (upholsterer)

Spouse: George John m: 14-05-1892 Surrey Hills, Sydney, NSW

Issue: Alan Edward (dec)


Pioneer 225/464

JOHNSTON, Austin  Murray

10-10-1938 aged 49 years

Burial: 12-10-1938 Minister: W.H.Price, Wagner, Hearn Bros.

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Occupation: miner

Place of Birth: South Hamlet, Gloucester, England

Father: Alexander Robert (railway worker)

Mother: Sarah Jane (nee Rushworth)

Spouse: Florence (nee Brown) m: Boulder, WA @ 38 years.

Inscription: ‘In Loving Memory of Austin Murray Johnston who passed away 10th Oct. 1938 Aged 49 years. Sadly missed by his wife, daughter and son-in-law. Rae and Len Synnot


JOHNSTON, Florence

18-01-1961 aged 78 years

Burial: 19-01-1961 Minister: L. Daw

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Cobar, NSW; 50 years in WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Francis Ingston (mines warehouse man)

Mother: Florence Sarah (nee Allen)

Spouse: (1) Sommerville (Brown) m: May, 1907 Parkes, SA

Spouse: (2) Austin Murray Johnston m: October, 1928 Boulder, WA

Issue: Sommerville & Rae.


Lawn 2387

JOHNSTON, Cathryn Mary

25-02-1942 - 23-09-2008

Burial: 01-10-2008

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Service Minister: Father Marian

Place of Birth: NSW

Place of Death: Esperance District Hospital


JOHNSTON. The Requiem Mass for the late Mrs Cathryn Mary Johnson will be held at

The Star of the Sea Catholic Church Esperance on Wednesday October 1 2008 commencing at 10.30am.

The cortege will then proceed to the Esperance Cemetery for interment. Esperance Funeral Services 9071 2062.
25.2.1942 to 23.9.2008. Passed peacefully, surrounded by her treasured family. Beloved wife and soul mate of Charlie for 44 years.
Proud and loving mother of Louise, Robert, Jacinta, Kathryn-Anne and Gemma.
Mother-in-law of Kevin, Linda, Carl, Michael and Leighton.
Cherished granny of 21 and great granny of 1.
Forever in our hearts.


Lawn 1518 & 2122

JOHNSTON, Dorothy Hazel



JOHNSTON, Charles Percy


Inscription: ‘Beloved wife of Charles Beloved husband of Dorothy

Beloved Mother & Father of Charles, Marie, Donald, Dianne and Jill’


Lawn 2327

JOHNSTON, Edna Wilhelmina


Burial: 02-10-2007

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Graveside service.

Place of Birth: Milfordhaven, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Place of Death: Esperance Aged Care Facility

Inscription: JOHNSTON Edna Wilhelmina (Billy) ..Beloved wife of Bill (dec) Devoted Mother of Warren


Lawn 2105

JOHNSTON, Margaret Caroline (nee Drake-Brockman)


Inscription: ‘Loved wife of Ted. Loved mother of Ross (dec), Julie, Sue, Helen & Robbie. Devoted Grandmother oto Many. Always in our hearts’.


Anglican 526

JOHNSTON, Ross Bradley

07-12-1964 aged 22 months

Inscription: ‘As the result of an accident’


Lawn 1369

JOHNSTON, Thomas (Bill)


Inscription: ‘Beloved husband of (Billy)’


Uniting 232

JONES, Alice

10-07-1939 aged 83 years

Burial: 11-07-1939 Minister: Rev. Morris, Thomas Wegner, Pyke.

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Geelong, Victoria; 41 years in WA

Place of Death: Esperance

Father: Harry Collins (resevoir keeper)

Mother: Sarah (nee Hopkins)

Spouse: James m: Steiglitz, Victoria @ 18 years

Issue: Lettie, William, Elsie, Roy + 2 male children (dec)


Pioneer 840/849

JONES, Cecilia Ethel (Sinclair)


Place of Birth: 1892 Esperance #1684

Father: Laurence

Mother: Julia (nee Playle)


JONES, Royal Norseman Vance


Inscription: ‘In Loving Memory of Cecilia Ethel Jones (Sinclair) ..Royal Norseman Vance Jones ….’


Old Methodist 104/125

JONES, Davis Elias

03-02-1915 @ Esperance aged 74 years

Born Rhyberois Cardigan, South Wales. 26 years in WA.

Burial: 04/02/1915 Minister: J. Campbell.

Funeral Director: W. G. Hearne.

Occupation: Supervisor (pensioner)

Father: Samuel (minister)

Mother: Ann (nee Davis)

Issue: Samuel (33 years)

Inscription: ‘In Affectionate Memory of A Loved and Devoted Husband and Father. A Patient Sufferer at Rest’


JONES, Isabella

17-12-1921 aged 74 years

Burial: 18-12-1921 Minister: W. S. Chambers (Lay Reader)

Funeral Director: W. G. Hearne

Place of Birth: Front Street, Pembroke Dock, Parish of St. Mary, Dyfed, Wales

Father: James

Mother: Agnes (nee Cochrane)

Spouse: David Elias Jones m: Cardigan, South Wales @ 23 years.

Issue: Samuel

Inscription: ‘Wife of the late D. E. Jones  ‘Thy will be Done’. Erected by her loving nephew John L. James Liverpool’


Lawn 1792/2440 

JONES, Donald Harold


Inscription: ‘Loved husband of Mary. father of Sylvia, Douglass & Vanessa. DANCE ON BELOVED’

JONES, Mary Kathleen

02-07-2009 aged 79 years

Cremated Karrakatta

App No: K000175212

Ashes interment: 16-07-2009

Old Methodist 404

JONES, Elizabeth

08-12-1956 aged 89 years

Inscription: ‘Elizabeth Jones Passed away 8th Dec. 1956 Aged 89 Years’


Lawn 1714

JONES, Elizabeth (Bet)

27-02-1997 aged 94 years

Inscription: ‘Beloved wife of John. Always remembered by Rene, John, Chris, David family & friends. Their love for each other was not diminished by distance – now in spirit they are together eternally’


Pioneer 285/1378

JONES, Graham Ronald

23-04-1947 aged 9 months

Burial: 24-04-1947 Minister: L. Daw & J. McLeod

Funeral Director: Hearne Bros

Place of Birth & Death: Esperance

Father: Owen Herbert (hotel manager)

Mother: Florence May (nee Giles)

Inscription: In Meory of Darling GARHAM 23-4-1947 age 9 months from loved ones’


JONES, Florence Mary (nee Giles)

02-10-191208-05-1989 aged 77 years

Inscription: ‘In Loving Memory of Our Mother FLORENCE MARY (nee Giles) …from loved ones’


Lawn 2005

JONES, George Maxwell (Joe)


Inscription: ‘Loved husband of Maise. Dearest father of Rosemary, Peter & Anita. Grandfather of Stephanie, Kim, Tanya & Greatgrandpa of Luke. Always loved. You were our rock’


**Pioneer 742/216      

JONES, Gwendoline Maud

17-05-1973 aged 85 years



05-01-1937 aged 83 years

Inscription: ‘In Loving Memory of Rosa Backlund died 5-1-1937 aged 83 yrs  Our dear Mother Gwendoline Maud JONES died 17-5-1973 aged 85 yrs “At Rest” Erected by their loving family’


Lawn 1145

JONES, Ion John

29-12-1984 aged 50 years

Inscription: ‘Beloved husband of Dorothy. Loved father of Lloyd, Shane, and David. Our memories will last forever’


Uniting 71

JONES, James

05-01-1905 aged 53 years

Burial: 07-01-1905 Witnesses: G. Gill, Peter Brown, H. McHowe.

Place of Birth: Lancashire, England

Father:  Henry (Quarryman)

Mother: Hannah (nee Spencer)

Spouse: Alice (nee Collins) m: 1874 Steiglitz, Victoria #1586

Issue: Henry 1874 Steiglitz Vic, Herbert Victor 1877 Barry’s River Vic, Letitia Maud 1879 Barry’s River Vic, William Arthur 1882 Gordon, Vic, Elsie, James & Royal.

Death Reg: 877


Uniting 179

JONES, James Sydney

17-03-1931 aged 37 years @ Esperance Hospital

Burial: 17-03-1931 Minister: Rev. J. Henderson, W. G. Hearne

Funeral Director: W. G. Hearne

Occupation: fisherman

Place of Birth: Lethbridge, Victoria; 31 years in WA

Father: James (miner)

Mother: Alice (nee Collins)


Anglican 898/1213

JONES, Kathleen Joyce

06-07-1978 aged 73 years

Burial: 07-07-1978 Minister: Rev. K. Fihaki

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Adelaide, SA; 68 years in WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: John (Dench) (storekeeper)

Mother: Kathleen (nee Smith)

Spouse: William Alan Jones m: 04-04-1931 Gwalia, WA

Issue: Ion

Inscription: ‘Beloved by husband Allan & son Ion’


JONES, William Allan

25-04-1986 aged 78 years

Burial: 30-04-1986 Minister: J. Kelman

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral & Monumental Services

Occupation: retired accountant

Place of Death: Valencia Nursing Home, Carmel, WA

Spouse: Kathleen Joyce (nee Dench)


Lawn 2067

JONES, Kevin Brian

12-05-1941 - 16-05-2003

Burial: 24-05-2003 Minister: Father Richard

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services

Occupation: salesman

Inscripton: ‘KEVIN BRIAN JONES 12th May 1941 to 16th May 2003

Loved husband of Caroll Cherished father and father-in-law of Belinda * Timothy & Fiona * Annissa and James. Idolized grandfather of Shannon * Chene * Caleb * Bailey * Tagen. Gone, from our lives, but never our hearts.’


**Anglican 380/Mem only

JONES, Lily Mary formerly GODLEY nee JONES

1884  - 15-02-1955

Place of Birth: Guildford, WA #25387

Father: Edward

Mother: Mary Jane (nee Best)


MORTON, Laura Louise nee JONES

1887 – 16-08-1973 aged 85 years

Place of Birth: Guildford, WA #1045

Last Address: Carlisle, WA

Application Number: KC00043083

Cremated: Karrakatta

Father: Edward

Mother: Mary Jane (nee Best)

Inscription: ‘Lily Mary Jones formerly Godley nee Jones 1884 – 1955  Laura Morton nee Jones 1887 – 1973. Loving and Loved’


Lawn 1629

JONES, Robert Clive (Tubby)

17-08-1995 aged 83 years

Inscription: ‘Your smiles were forever. You will stay in our hearts. We love you Tub. R.I.P’


Uniting 286

JONES, Thomas

10-02-1947 aged 70 years

Burial: 10-02-1947 Minister: Rev. T. Wright, W. Kent

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Pendleton, England

Place of Death: east of Rossiter Bay, Esperance


Memorial Gardens 2282

JONES, Winfired Mary


Burial: 06-01-2007

Private Cememony

Place of Birth: England

Place of Death: Esperance, WA


Anglican 606

JORDON, Robert Llewellyn

07-10-1968 aged 76 years

Burial: 09-10-1968 Minister: Rev. B. Griffiths

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Abidair, Wales, UK

Place of DeathP: Esperance Hospital


Lawn 1506/1615

JORDAN, Frederick (Blue)

15-12-191020-02-1993 (sic)

Inscription: ‘Loved husband of Bertha’


JORDAN, Bertha Amelia Maud


Burial: 12-06-1995

Funeral Director: EFS

Minister: Rev. D. Dowling

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Inscription: ‘Loved wife of Frederick. Loved father & mother of Dorothy, Alan, Raymond, Elvie & families’


Lawn 1159

JOSE, Christopher Neil

30-03-1985 aged 48 years

Inscription: ‘Beloved husband of Judy. Devoted father of Robert, Graeme & John. Gramps of Shane and friend of Lynda. Our pillar of strength’


Lawn 1907

JOSE, Robert Arthur (Bob)


Inscription: ‘Beloved husband of Judy. Father of Chris, Michael, Anne, Lizzie &  Valerie. Uncle of Robert, Graeme & John. Poppy to 20 grandchildren. In our hearts forever’


Uniting 487

JUGGINS, Thomas Henry James

12-03-1962 aged 65 years

Inscription: ‘From his loving family’



Lawn 1170 & 2394

JUON, Ernest Frederick

03-07-1985 aged 73 years


JUON, Mabel Evelyn


Cremated Karrakatta KC00169740

Burial: 23-10-2008

Place of Birth: Perth, WA

Place of Death: Perth, WA

Inscription: ‘ JUON Ernest Frederick Beloved husband of Mabs Passed away 3rd July 1985 aged 73 years – Mabel (Mabs) Evelyn Beloved wife of Ernie Passed away 13th December 2007 aged 88 years Loved Father and Mother of Anne and Nick Forever in Our Hearts’








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