721 kms Southeast of Perth

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Memorials as a rule do not have a plot numbers.

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Jill Bickmore 15 August 2009








Uniting 1017

KANE, Alexander

19-05-1981 aged 89 years

Inscription: ‘In Loving Memory…’


Uniting 896

KARGER, Victor Melrose

23-06-1978 aged 75 years

Burial: 26-06-1978 Minister: Rev. K. Fahaki

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Occupation: retired farmer

Place of Birth: Melrose, SA; 22 years in WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Johann Ernest (farmer)

Mother: Caroline Wilhelmine (nee Bauer)

Spouse: (1) Effie Jessie (Argent) m: 10-03-1927 Cleve, SA

Spouse: (2) Margaret E. G. (Fraser) m: 13-01-1949 Wudinna, SA

Issue: Yvonne, Brian (m: Hazel Kent), Colleen & Patricia


Uniting 2089

KARGER, Margaret Elizabeth (Grace)


Burial: 24-09-2003 Minister: Rev. Fred Mullins

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services


RC 230


06-06-1939    aged 63 years

Burial: 07-06-1939 Minister: J. Odgins, W. Wegner, W.H.Thick.

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Occupation: Rigger

Place of Birth: Wauakala Viborg, Finland; 21 years in WA

Place of Death: between two jetties. Esperance


Old Methodist 241

KEAY, Kenneth William

24-10-1940 aged 41 years

Burial: 25-10-1940 Minister: W. Price

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Occupation: Ex-Royal Australian Navy

Place of Birth: Perthshire, Scotland 36 years in WA

Place of Death: Esplanade North, Esperance

Father: John (retired)

Mother: Christina (nee Lodar)

Spouse: Margaret Mona (nee Oliver) m: Perth, WA @ 29 years


Lawn 1744

KEENAN, Darren Wayne

12-09-197327-11-1997 aged 24 years

Inscription: ‘Loved son of Lynda & Colin. Stepson of David. Brother of Allan, Lisa & Simon. Your lovely smile is gone but never forgotten’


Lawn 1988

KEEVIL, Mary Jane


Inscription: ‘Wife of William. Beloved mother of Ray, Mary and families. In God’s Care. Sleep Peacefully’


Lawn 2265

KELLY, Barry John


Burial: 22-09-2006

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Service Minister: Jillian Beale

Occupation: Labourer

Place of Birth: NSW

Place of Death: Esperance District Hospital

Inscription: ‘BARRY J. KELLY 1935 – 2006 R.I.P’


Lawn 2027

KELLY,  Cleone Helen

1945 – 08-09-2002

Burial: 12-09-2002 Minister: Jillian Beale

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services

Spouse: Edward John Kelley

Inscription: ‘Beloved wife of John. Loving mother of David, Helen & Jenny. Darling granny of 6’


Uniting 503/646

KELLY, George

02-08-1963 aged 83 years

Inscription: ‘Loving husband of Ellen and fond father of Fred, Doreen, George & Bill. Peacefully Sleeping’


KELLY, Ellen

19-03-1970 aged 86 years

Inscription: ‘Our Loving Mother. Re-united with Dad’


Old Methodist 50

KELLY, Richard

23-08-1899 aged 40 years

Burial: 25-08-1899 Minister: Rev. S. R. Rooney

Funeral Director: James Horton.

Occupation: Labourer

Place of Birth: London, England

Father: John

Death Reg: 742


Uniting 72

KEMP, Mary Kate

05-06-1905 aged 59 years

Burial: 06-06-1905 Witnesses: H. Bliss, W. E. Hughes, S. Saunders.

Funeral Director: James C. Burman.

Place of Birth: South Australia

Father: James G. WILSON (Engineer)

Mother: Sarah (nee Spottiswood)

Spouse: Walter Kemp m: 04-03-1869 Wesleyan Chapel Woolsheds Encounter Bay, SA #78/701

Issue: Emma Spottiswood 23-11-1869, Lilian May 20-05-1873, Nellie Woodcock 25-11-1875, Annie Wilson 27-08-1877, Kathleen Theodora 22-06-1885. All born S.A.

Death Reg: 878


Uniting 627

KENDALL, Arthur Walter

1893 – 30-07-1969 aged 77 years

Burial: 31-07-1969 Minister: Pastor B. S. C. Pepper (Seventh Day Adventist)

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Occupation: retired farmer

Place of Birth: Southampton, Ringwood County, England; 58 years in WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Frederick (gardener)

Mother: Ellen (nee Cutter)

Spouse: Jessie (Tucker) m: 04-07-1917 Boulder, WA

Issue: Arthur, Edith, Albert, Matilda (Mrs. Erceg), Charles, Ronald, Jessie (Mrs. Logan), William (dec’d) & Frances

Inscription: ‘In Loving Memory….’


Lawn 1569

KENDALL, Albert James

1922 – 01-08-1994 aged 72 years

Burial: 04-08-1994 Minister: Pastor I. Royce

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services

Occupation: framer.  (should this be farmer?)

Place of Death: Shenton Park Hospital, Perth, WA

Inscription: ‘Dearly loved son, brother and uncle’


Lawn 2152

KENDALL, Edith May Sharp-Croker


Inscription: ‘In Loving Memory of….Dearly loved and sadly missed by all her family and friends’


Lawn 1324


26-03-189801-02-1989 aged 90 years

Inscription: ‘Loved mother & Nanna’


Uniting 902

KENDALL, Natalie Cherrie


Inscription: ‘Sleep tight little love. See you in the morning’


Lawn 1740  

KENNEDY, Myrtle Jean


‘Our dear mother now at rest. You really were the very best. June, Evelyn, Nellie, Billie, Alma, John, Margaret, Diane, Pat and Betty’


Lawn 1548

KENNEY, Lindsay Gordon

1928 – 29-01-1994 aged 65 years

Burial: 02-02-1994 Minister: Rev. F. Roe

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services

Inscription: ‘Loved husband of Margaret. Father of eight. R.I.P’


RC 183


14-09-1931 aged 42 years @ ‘The Residency’, Esperance.

Burial: 16-09-1931 Minister: Rev. J. W. Henderson, R. Gordon, E. Hearne

Funeral Director: W. G. Hearne

Occupation: Medical Practitioner

Place of Birth: Perth, WA 5 years in NSW, 35 years in WA

Father: Daniel (medical practitioner)

Mother: Katherine (nee Horgan)

Spouse: Mary Dorothy (nee Brown) m: Perth aged 26 years

Issue: Elizabeth (8 years old)


Lawn 1253

KENT, Allan John

06-10-195228-04-1987 aged 34 years

Inscription: ‘Dearly loved husband of Colleen. Treasured daddy of Larissa, Felicia and Rechelle. Forever in our thoughts’


(Memorial Only)

Wall of Remembrance

KENT, John William
23-12-1951 -  27-12-2008

Inscription:  “Dearly loved husband of Neryl, father to Ian, Tim & Jeanie Loved son of Bill & Jean Kent.”


My John you fought with such bravery and
courage in your battle with cancer. Now you can
know the comfort and sweetness of peace.
Your loving wife Neryl and children Ian, Tim,
Jeanie, Kristy, Brett, Rosie and partners
and all eight grandchildren

Our dearly loved son passed away after a
brave battle with cancer. John will be sadly
missed and always remembered and
loved by his mum and dad.
KENT, John William.
23.12.1951 to 27.12.2008
No more pain to endure our friend, confidant
and bro. Fly high.
Sis Heather, Darrel and family.
31/12/2008 Esperance Express


Uniting 874

KENT, Maisie Jean

15-09-1977 aged 71 years

Inscription: ‘Beloved wife of Morton. Loving mother of Ron, Bert, Bill, Roley, Iris & Peter.

Beyond the sunset no clouds will gather. No storms will threaten no fears annoy. Day of gladness day unending. Beyond the sunset eternal joy’


Old Methodist 455

KENT, Mildred Catherine

29-10-1960 aged 47 years

Burial: 30-10-1960 Minister: Rev. W. Fawell

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Kalgoorlie, WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Guy (Francis) (miner)

Mother: Jane Frances (nee Johns)

Spouse: Rowland Basil Kent m: 23-11-1931 Kalgoorlie, WA

Issue: Basil, Shirley & Hazel (twins) & Noreen.


Uniting 2102

KENT, Morton Norris


Burial: 18-11-2003 Minister: Peter Kent

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services


Lawn 1968

KENT, Roland John (Roley)


Inscription: ‘Darling husband  of June. Father of Allan (dec), Margaret & Bob. Forever in our Hearts’


Lawn 2081/2091

KENT, Rowland Basil



KENT, Kathleen


Inscription: ‘Much loved parents of Basil, Shirley, Hazel, Pearl &  Brian (dec) & families. So dearly loved’


Old Methodist 1020

KENTISH, Charles Carmichael

20-06-1981 aged 55 years

Inscription: ‘Loved husband of Janice. Father of Sylvia, Malcolm, Douglas & Leander. Poppy of Nathan’


RC 1091

KEOGH, Leo Cornelius

25-10-1983 aged 73 years

Inscription: ‘Husband of Edith Grace, father of Con, Jim, Ted, Aidan and Wayne (Jack). Goldfields Engineer & Pioneer of the Esperance district’


RC 154

KEOGH, Thomas John

05-09-1927 aged 45 years @ Esperance

Burial: 06-09-1927 Minister: E. J. McCarthy (Lay Reader), J. P. Piretti

Funeral Director: W. G. Hearne

Occupation: labourer

Place of Birth:  @ a mine in Victoria #24649; 27 years in WA

Father: William John (labourer)

Mother: Johanna (nee Keeting)


Uniting 738

KERBER, Amy Florence Mary

05-03-1973 aged 59 years

Inscription: ‘Beloved wife of Rudy. Mother of Shirley and Barbara. Forever in our Hearts’


Uniting 1068

KERBER,, Rudolf Daniel

11-03-1983 aged 75 years

Inscription: ‘Rest in Peace, Dad’.


Lawn 1277

KERR, Dick (A.A.)


Inscription: ‘Beloved  husband of Marge. Dear father of Terrie, Pauline, Richard and Noel’


Lawn 1274

KERR, Marnie Nicole

Born and died 16-01-1988

Inscription: ‘Daughter of Brian and Jill. Ours always to love, but not to keep’


Uniting 925/1215

KERR, Ronald John (Ron)

21-01-1979 aged 72 years

Inscription: ‘Loving husband of Millie’


KERR, Amelia Edith (Millie)


Inscription: ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’


RC 263

KEVERN, Elizabeth

24-04-1945 aged 90 years

Burial: 25-04-1945 Minister: J. Rintoul

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place  of Birth: Abbey Feats, Limmerick, Ireland; 4 years in WA

Place of Death: Pink Lake Road, Esperance

Father: Patrick HESTENO or HESTEW (farmer)

Mother: Mary (nee O’Sullivan)

Spouse: John Kevern m: Brisbane, Qld @ 38 years


Uniting 51

KEYSER, Charles Donat

20-06-1900 aged 68 years

Burial: 21-06-1900 Ministers: James R. Sinclair & Frederick Douglas

Occupation: Hotel Keeper.

Place of Birth: Philadelphia, USA. 48 years in W.A.

Father: Christopher (builder)

Mother: Priscilla (nee Tyson)

Spouse: Elllen (nee Billing) m: 1897 Grass Patch, WA #314

Death Reg: 793


Uniting 24

KHAN, Marium Saidnesa

13-09-1897 aged 1 month

Burial: 13-09-1897 Minister: Pero: Mahomedan

Father: Adam (camel proprietor)

Mother: Mary (nee McLaughlin)

Birth Reg: Esperance #709

Death Reg: Esperance #758


Uniting 25

KHAN, Mary

18-09-1897 aged 26 years

Burial: 18-09-1897 Minister: Pero: Mahomdedan.

Funeral Director: E. Colgate.

Place of Birth: Narrandra, NSW; 2 years in W.A.

Father: Andrew McLaughlin

Mother: Emily (nee Harris)

Spouse: (1) COPLEY

Spouse: (2) Adam Khan m: 06-09-1894 Wesleyan Church, Pirie St, Adelaide, SA #180/798. She was a widow aged 24. Adam a widower aged 38.

Death Reg: 759


Lawn 2099

KIDDIE, Ernest Lionel

30-10-2003 aged 84 years

Burial: 05-11-2003 Minister: Rev. Doug Murray

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services

Inscription: ‘Loving husband of Elsie’


Pioneer 220

KIKIROS, Andrew Constantine

19-12-1937 aged 30 years

Burial: 24-12-1937 Minister: L. Daw, A. Wood, W. Wegner

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Occupation: labourer

Place of Birth: Zaverda, Greece. 25 years in WA

Place of Death: West Beach, Esperance

Father: Constantine George (retired)

Mother: Mary Sylivia (nee Koovares)

Inscription: ‘In Memory of …Tragically drowned after saving another 19-12-1937 aged 30 years’


RC 533

KING, Bradley John

07-06-196507-06-1965 aged 18 hours

Burial: 10-06-1965 Minister: Rev. Father Van Oss

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth & Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Graham Lindsay (transport driver)

Mother: Daphne Faye (Langdon)


Lawn 1813 

KING, Deanne Susan


Inscription: ‘In memory of my sweetheart Dee who will always be the true love of my life. Love Richard. Our beloved daughter and sister Margaret and Barry. Colleen, Rodd and Sonia. Forever in our hearts’


Lawn 1264

KING, Horace Bowman

18-08-1987 aged 79 years

Inscription: ‘WX8797 GUNNER. 2/3 FIELD REGIMENT R.A.A.

Loving husband of Eileen, loved father of Kaye, Bruce and families. R.I.P.’


Anglican 1029

KING, Mary Cecelia


Inscription: ‘Loved wife of Arthur’


Uniting 844/1476

KING, Percy Edward H. (Ned)

13-10-1976 aged 69 years

Inscription: ‘Beloved husband & father of Mena, Ron, Bill, Barry & Tom. 10 Grandchildren. R.A.A.F. 1942 – 1946’


KING, Mena Elizabeth

03-05-1992 aged 77 years

Inscription: ‘Mother, Grandmother & Great Grandmother. At rest with Dad’


Lawn 1498

KING, Theona Larrelle


Inscription: ‘Beautiful daughter and sister. Always remembered by Dad, Mum, Graeme, Jan, Allan, Tricia, Sandy and Gary.

Count the stars in Heaven. Grains of sand upon the ground. Lets walk the Earth together. With new strength we have found.’


Lawn 2333

KING, Thomas Henry


Burial: 27-10-2007

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Service Minister: Rev. Sally Buckley

Occupation: Retired Waterside Worker

Place of Birth: Kununoppin, WA

Place of Death: RPH, Perth, WA


Lawn 1522/1855

KING, Ralph Everard

13-07-1993 aged 89 years

Burial: 13-07-1993

Funeral Director: EFS

Minister: Rev. F. Roe

Occupation: Retired Farmer

Place of Death: Esperance Community Nursing Home, WA


KING, Alice Elizabeth

18-11-1999 aged 90 years

Burial: 24-11-1999

Funeral Director: EFS

Minister: Rev. W. Warfield

Place of Death: Esperance Community Nursing Home, WA


Lawn 2238

KINGMA, Wytze Jan Dirk Ignasious


Burial: 13-04-2006

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Service Minister: Jim Kelman

Occupation: Retired Wool Presser

Place of Birth: Indonesia

Place of Death: Esperance District Hospital


Uniting 144

KINGSMILL, William Davies

03-09-1925 aged 75 years @ Esperance

Burial: 04-09-1925 Minister: Len David (Lay Reader), Hughes & Cosson

Funeral Director: W. G. Hearne

Occupation: Drover & prospector

Place of Birth: Red Hill, SA 30 years in WA

Father: William David

Spouse: Sarah Ann (nee Butler)


Lawn 1626

KINZEL, Frederick Charles August

07-08-1995 aged 84 years

Burial: 11-08-1995

Funeral Director: EFS

Minister: J. Kelman

Occupation: retired Aircraft Mechanic

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital


Lawn 2106

KIRVAN, Ronald Murray


Burial: 08-12-2003

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services

Minister: Sue Starr

Occupation: Farm hand


Lawn 1886

KIRWAN, (baby)

16-06-2000 stillborn

Burial: 16-06-2000

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services


Anglican 364

KJOVSTAD, Olav Norman

27-02-1954 aged 44 years

Burial: 01-03-1954 Minister: L. Daw, W. Bale

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Occupation: Motorman (sea)

Place of Birth: Huagesund, Norway


Lawn 2365

KLEEMANN, Annemarie


Burial: 20-05-2008

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Place of Birth: Germany

Place of Death: Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth, WA


Lawn 2162

KLINGBERT, Mark Anthony ‘Klingy

23-01-1961   12-03-2004

Inscription: ‘(formally of Robe S.A.) Deeply Loved Father of Dale & Rhyan. Loved his Family, Friends & Fishing.’


Peoples Church 2381

KLOEDEN, Betty Lorraine


Burial: 10-09-2008

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Place of Birth: Ceduna

Place of Death: Esperance District Hospital


Condolences to Colin, Debbie and Mal and family. Love from Julie, Ivan and family.

12/09/2008 Esperance Express


Old Methodist 378

KNIGHT, Amy Louisa Ellen

19-01-1955 aged 82 years

Burial: 20-01-1955 Minister: Rev. E. Green, A. Emery

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Status: widow

Place of Birth: Goulburn, NSW

Place of Death: Esperance

Father: Albert Mason (contractor)

Spouse: William m: August, 1892 Ryde, NSW

Issue: Ivy, Henry (dec)

Inscription: ‘Wife of William Knight Mother of Ivy’


Lawn 1898

KNIGHT, Donald Stuart

03-09-2000 aged 79 years


Loved husband of Fran, father of  Don, Ken and Laraine


Old Methodist 191


14-12-1932 aged  63 years @ Esperance Hospital

Burial: 15-12-1932 Minister: Ray Perry, R. Gordon, S. Griffiths

Funeral Director: W. G. Hearne (Govt. contract burial)


Old Methodist 21



Burial: 12/06/1897

Father: Arthur

Mother: Mary Alice (nee Peek)

Birth Reg: 699

Death Reg: 755


** Lawn  2438 & 1819




The funeral service for the late Jillian Joy Kohlhagen will be held at the Funeral Home Chapel on Friday 26th June at 9:30am. The cortege will then proceed to the lawn cemetery for interment. Esperance Funeral Services, 9071 2062.



24-09-199924-09-1999 aged 4 hours

Burial: 29-09-1999 Minister: J. Kelman

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services


Lawn 1270 & 2261

KOPPENJAN, U. Leendery

16-11-1987 aged 75 years

Burial: 20-11-1987

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral & Monumental Services

Minister: Rev. F. Roe

Place of Death: Kalgoorlie, WA


KOPPENJAN, Leuntje Dina


Burial: 23-08-2006

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Place of Birth: Netherlands


Wall of Remembrance 2144

KROGMANN, Gerhard Alfred (Fred)


Burial: 18/07/2004 (ashes)

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Service Minister: Private Ceremony

Occupation: Brick Layer







See also: Grass Patch & Salmon Gums for further burials in Esperance Shire.




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