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Jill Bickmore 15 August 2009












Uniting 712

NAPIER, Robert

30-06-1972 aged 64 years

Inscription: ‘Father of Robert, Gwen & Ron’


Lawn 2382



Burial: 12-09-2008

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Funeral: Seventh Day Adventist Church by Pastor Maunu

Occupation: Labourer

Place of Birth: Williams, WA

Place of Death: Esperance District Hospital


Lawn 2080

NAYLOR, Gilbert


Burial: 13-08-2003

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services

Occupation: retired mine foreman

Inscription: ‘GILBERT (GIL) 18TH July 1931 to 7th August 2003 Beneath this Branch youre now at rest A man who made each day his best You left your mark upon life’s wall A legacy of strength for all Your soul at rest and spirit free So missed by friends and family

I will always love you

Your Loving wife Marleen


Uniting 893/1741

NEAVE, Robert Langslow


Inscription: ‘Loved husband of Annie & families’


NEAVE, Annie Terris

1902– 20-10-1997

Burial: 25-10-1997 Minister: Rev. J. Cudmore

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services

Place of Death: Valencia Nursing Home, Carmel, WA aged 93 years

Inscription: ‘Beloved mother of Margaret, Alison & families. At rest with Dad’


Lawn 2195

NEBRO, Donald Arthur


Burial: 03-06-2005

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Service Minister: John Beck

Place of Birth: Esperance, WA

Place of Death: Lamington, WA


Uniting 1005

NEILSSON, William Axel

22-02-1981 aged 72 years

Burial: 26-02-1981 Minister: Rev. K. Fihaki

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Port Stanley, Hull, England in 1905

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Axel

Spouse: Anne May m: 1955 Adelaide, SA

Issue: William


RC 1016/1423

NEILL, Edward Kenneth

1906 – 12-05-1981

Burial: 16-05-1981 Minister: Father Kaz

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Undertakers

Occupation: pastoralist

Place of Death: 20 Corry Street, Esperance, WA aged 74 years

Inscription: ‘Beloved husband of Doreen. Father of Gordon, Murray (dec.), Patricia & Glen’


NEILL, Laurel Doreen Sophia



RC 1757



Inscription: ‘Loving  husband of Peggy. Father of Ken & Tracia. ‘With those he loved’


Old Methodist 349 

NELSEN, Thorvald Carl

18-09-1952 aged 75 years

Burial: 20-09-1952 Minister: A. Bell snr.

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Sandlejord, Christians and, Norway; 58 years in Australia

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Jacob (nee Kings Pilot)

Mother: Arletta (nee Hansen)

Spouse: (1) Ruth (Healey) m: Mareeba, Qld

Spouse: (2) Elizabeth (Edgell) m: Wiluna, WA


Anglican 354

NELSON, John (Jarad)

09-01-1953 aged 46 years

Burial: 12-01-1953 Minister: L. Daw, J. McLeod

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Occupation: Main Roads Dept. employee

Place of Birth: Coolgardie, WA

Place of Death: Twilight Cove, Esperance.

Father: William (labourer)

Mother: Catherine (nee Doherty)


Uniting 82

NELSON, William

08-10-1908 age unknown @ Esperance

Burial: 11-10-1908 Ministers: Clarence Dynes, Isaac Palethorpe

Occupation: Mariner


Anglican 572

NESTLER, Raymond C.

26-07-1967 aged 29 years

Inscription: ‘Accidentally killed. From Mum, Dad, Vin, Wife Maureen, sons Michael & Mark


Lawn 1742

NEWBORN, Robert Walker

28-10-1997 aged 61 years

Burial: 31-10-1997 Minister: Jillian Beale

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Services

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital


Infant Memorial Garden  1971

NEWBURN, Katelyn Louise


Inscription: ‘Baby of Leanne & Robert. We will all miss you’


Uniting 642


04-02-1970 aged 68 years

Burial: 06-02-1970  Minister: Rev. G. Butler

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: (Dabb) (farmhand)

Spouse: Murray Newman


Lawn 1066/1951

NEWMAN, Edward Vernon

25-09-1982 aged 76 years

Inscription: ‘Loving husband of Billie. Father of John, Sally and Bob’


NEWMAN, Beatrice May (Billie)

08-05-2001 aged 90 years

Inscription: ‘Loving wife of Vern. Our loving mother’


Lawn 1349

NEWMAN, Robert Thomas (Bob)

05-07-194404-08-1989 aged 45 years

Inscription: ‘Beloved husband of Helen. Adored father of Andrea, Carl and Phillipa. Sleep gently our darling man ‘You are the wind beneath our wings.’


Lawn 1719

NEWMAN, Roma (Billie)


Inscription: ‘Loved Mother & Nan. In Jesus. Mary & Joseph. R.I.P’


Anglican 736

NEWTON, George Edward

1909 – 25-02-1973

Burial: 01-03-1973 Minister: Rev. B. Griffiths

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral Parlour

Occupation: business manager

Place of Birth: United States of America

Place of Death: Rancho X, Epserance, WA aged 64 years

Spouse: married twice – details unknown

Inscription: ‘In Loving Memory of George E. Newton 1909 – 1973 of U.S.A. and RANCHO X’


Uniting 90

NICHOLLS, Phillip James

06-01-1911 aged 61 years @ Esperance

Burial: 07-01-1911 Minister: Rev. J. P. Davoren.

Funeral Director: George Daush

Place of Birth: Adelaide, S.A. 16 years in W. A.

Occupation: Farmer

Father: James (miner)

Mother: Jane (nee Harris)


Anglican 1192/1351

NICHOLS, Herbert Charles

19-10-1985 aged 85 years

Burial: 22-10-1985 Minister: Tony Leach

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: Harrow, Middlesex, England in 1900; 36 years in WA

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: Stanley

Spouse: Viola Isabel (Randell) m: Uxbridge, Middlesex, England

Issue: Cynthia & Yvonne

Inscription: ‘Devoted husband of Viola. Dearly loved father of June and Pam’


NICHOLS, Voila Isabelle

29-08-1989 aged 88 years

Burial: 31-08-1989 Minister: Rev. B. Fernley

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral & Monumental Services

Place of Birth: Harrow, England

Place of Death: Esperance Hospital

Spouse: Herbert Charles m: Uxbridge, Middlesex, England

Issue: Cynthia & Yvonne


RC 842


19-09-1976 aged 50 years

Inscription: ‘Erected by his loving wife Franca, daughter Maria & son John’


**Lawn 1439/1218

NIPPARD, Mary Margaret

02-06-1991 aged 62 years

Burial: 07-06-1991 Minister: Father J. Liszka

Funeral Director: Esperance Funeral & Monumental Services

Place of Death: 38 Westmacott Street, Esperance, WA


SAM, James

24-06-1986 aged 21 years

Burial: 01-07-1986 Minister: Father McDonagh

Funeral Director:  Hearn Bros. & Esperance Funeral & Monumental Services

Occupation: farm labourer

Place of Birth: Port Hedland, WA

Place of Death: 139 Dempster Street, Esperance, WA

Siblings: Charles & Sue (m: E. Sticca)


Old Methodist 446


28-11-1959 aged 30 years

Inscription: ‘Wonderful daddy of Trevor, Roslyn and Annette. Died tragically. ‘Deep in Our Hearts, Bas You Remain For Ever Mary.’


Lawn 1582/1458

NOBLE, Charles Grant

19-11-1991 aged 82 years

Inscription: ‘Beloved husband of Caroline. Dear  dad to all the family’


NOBLE, Caroline Louise (Bonny)

17-10-1994 aged 81 years

Inscription: ‘Dear wife of Charles. Dear ‘mumma’ of all the family. R.I.P.



Lawn 2210

NORTHROPE, Graeme Gladstone


Burial: 24-08-2005

Funeral Directors: Esperance Funeral Services

Service Minister: John Cudmore

Place of Birth: Victoria, Australia

Place of Death: Epserance District Hospital


Lawn 1811

NORTON, Keith Edward

22-10-192403-03-1999 (sic)

Inscription: ‘Loved husband of Bethel. Dear father & father-in-law of Jeanette & Nick, Dot  & Kevin, Ken & Bobi, Sue & Ray, Pat & Cliff, Bev & Max. Dear Pop of 12 & great Grandpop of 1. Forever loved & missed’


Uniting 740

NORWOOD, twins (male & female)

21-04-1973 aged 1 hour

Burial: 25-04-1973 Minister: Pastor Kraa

Place of Birth & Death: Esperance Hospital

Father: George Armitage Norwood (farmer)

Mother: Frances Lorraine (nee Kendall)

Siblings: David, Jenelle, Nigel & Stewart


Lawn 2437

NORWOOD, Arnold Edward (Tubby)

09-01-1939 - 14/06/2009

Burial: 19/06/2009

Funeral Director: EFS

Minister: Trevor Boyd

Occupation: Farmer

Place of Birth: Quairading, WA

Place of Death: Esperance District Hospital


Lawn 1308/2104 

NORWOOD, Daisy Belle


Inscription: ‘Beloved wife of George’


NORWOOD, George Edward


Inscription: ‘Beloved husband of Daisy (dec.)

Mother & father of George, Arnold, Noel, May, Merle, Cliff, Rodney, Colin, Lance, Lorraine, Murray. Mother-in-law & father-in-law of Fran, Imelda, Graham, Laurie, Sue, Anita, Sue, Murray. Grandmother & grandfather to David, Jennelle, Nigel, Stuart, Gary, Bruce, Sonia, Bradley, Donna, Dean, Scott, Kym, Blake, Shaun, Rebecca, Leanne, Wayne, Jaron, Tegan,  Baden, Heidi, Curtley, Zanita, Chloe, Denzel, Toria, Ryan, Dylan, Josh & Nichole’


Anglican 419


15-10-1957 aged 71 years

Burial: 18-10-1957 Minister: Rev. W. T. Maloney

Funeral Director: Hearn Bros.

Place of Birth: County of Waterford, Ireland

Place of Death: Esperance, WA

Father: John (farmer)

Mother: Bridgett (nee Donnell)


Lawn 1932

NULSEN, Nell Corinthia


Inscription: ‘Beloved wife of Albert (Bert). Devoted mother of Richard Robert and families.  Rest in Peace’


Anglican 1008

NUTTALL, Leslie James


Inscription: ‘God Have Mercy’







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