Grass Patch Cemetery



78 kms from Esperance


Cemetery is situated approx 9 km off the Coolgardie/Esperance Highway

Transcribed by Jill Bickmore & Carol Riley

September 2004


Application No.147


12-03-1926 – 12-03-1926 aged 2 hours @ Swan Lagoon, Grass Patch

Date of Burial: 13-03-1926 Minister: Samuel Brenton (father)

Place of Birth: Swan Lagoon, Grass Patch

Father: Samuel Brenton (farmer)

Mother: Patricia (nee O’Byrne)


CALEB, Foster

01-06-1921 aged 80 years in Norseman to Esperance Coach.


Application No.116

HARRISON, Esther Ann

01-12-1917 aged 39 years @ Grass Patch

Date of Burial: 01-12-1917 Minister: Jane Taylor, G.H. Sweet, W.L. Freeman

Funeral Director: G.H. Sweet

Occupation: Domestic

Place of Birth: Scalford, Leicestershire, England 7 years in WA

Father: Foister (labourer)

Mother: Elizabeth (nee Brooks)

Spouse: John Robert Harrison m: Johannesburg, South Africa 1904


Application No.136

HARRISON, John Robert

06-02-1924 aged 53 years


KIRKALDY, Robert Scott

20-03-1931 aged 83 years


MARTIN, George

10-05-1927 aged 46 years.


Plaque @ this cemetery listed 5 occupants. The 6th John Brenton is simply listed as an unknown baby. His name comes from Esperance Shire records.


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