Old Hopetoun Cemetery



Situated on the left/hand side of the Ravensthorpe Hopetoun Road before coming into Hopetoun walking distance through bush. An oblong area closed in with a wooden white picket fence represents all but one grave. Brass plaques have been placed down one side of the fence.

A fire went through on the 19th June 2003 that seriously threatened the cemeteries.


BASTIAN Cyril Edwin died 18/10/1909. (plaque has fire damaged)

BOULD Harold died 02/10/1910 aged 26 years. (there is still part of his original headstone inside surround)

COCHRANE John died 05/01/1909.


FRY Harry died 14/06/1907.


MOE Fritz died 17/01/1910 aged 49 years.

WALDEAU August Hermann died 16/07/1908.

Grave in Old Section away from others:

WESCOTT Samuel Edward died 02/03/1917 aged 48 years. [this grave is in the bush surrounded by a white picket fence. This is the only old grave remaining with itís original headstone.

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